Learn how to improve your defensive heading on FIFA 15 with our original defensive tips. EA Sports introduced the several new attacking features for FIFA 15 so make sure you get to grips with these changes right here to ensure you aren’t conceding lots of goals.

Defending crosses and corners on FIFA 15 is a crucial skill to possess when you’re defending your own area. Many players use the wings and deliver ball after ball into the box. With even more emphasis on pace and strength in FIFA 14 it is even more important that you can win headers when you’re defending. If you can’t defend crosses and corners then more than likely you are going to concede at least 2 goals a game at the very least (perhaps more!). This obviously leaves you at a huge disadvantage and you’re going to have to score 3 or 4 just to draw or give yourself a chance of winning.

So, to improve this area of your game?

Use the shoot button to head in your own box every time
This is probably the most vital tip for defending headers in FIFA 15. By using the shoot button your player will attack the ball more aggressively than just using the pass button. This will therefore stop you getting pushed/nudged off the ball by an attacker when they are trying to head the ball. Yes, you may surrender possession but the opposition will be 30/40 yards from your goal (depending how good a header or clearance it is). This is surely better than having to hope your GK stops the header on goal?!?

By all means if you can definitely see your player is going to have a free header then use the pass button to find a team mate and get the ball down. If you have space to do this though I would suggest either bringing the ball down or perhaps heading to ball back to the keeper which can work really well.

Attack the ball
It is vital that when the ball is coming into the box you don’t wait for it to arrive at your defender and just press the button hoping he will clear it. Use the left stick to move your defender towards where the cross is coming from and hold the shoot button down for the full length of time. We find a tap on the shoot button followed by holding it down works superbly. Do this, couple with moving towards the ball and then directing the header out of the box and I promise you will start to win the vast majority of aerial duels in your box.

Use these simple but effective tips for defending crosses on FIFA 15. You will be winning more headers and conceding less goals from corners and crosses into the box in no time at all. Good luck.

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