Learn how to improve your defending of corners on FIFA 15 with our original defensive tips. EA Sports introduced the several new attacking features for FIFA 15 so make sure you get to grips with these changes right here to ensure you aren’t conceding lots of goals.

Controller Settings
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The goalkeeper
The best thing to do to begin with is to leave your GK on the line. See which areas the opposition are delivering the ball into and then decide if it will be best to use your GK to try and claim the cross. Using the GK can be extremely helpful if you have a team full of smaller, more technical players rather than strong, powerful players who can head the ball well. Especially as strength is a more dominant factor of FIFA 15.

Use the shoot button ONLY
When you’re heading the ball from corners you should only be pressing the SHOOT button on your controller. This, as we explained in our heading tips, will make your player attack the ball more aggressively.

See corners as a chance to attack
If you see defending a corner as an attacking opportunity (which you will as soon as you’re comfortable using the above tips in conjunction with the defensive heading tips) then you will soon be building counter-attacks and catching the opposition unaware. What was a good scoring chance for them will see them on the back foot in a matter of seconds.

Good luck using these tips to help you stop conceding as many goals from corners in FIFA 15. Use these tips as well as our other tips to deal with any type of cross coming into the box.

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