Learn how to keep better possession of the football on FIFA 15 with our original passing tips.

Possession Play
Possession play, in FIFA 15, is even more crucial than it has been than in previous versions of the game. With even more emphasis placed on build up play to try and make the game even more realistic players that possess high stats for passing, control, vision etc will play an even more prominent role this year. Having players such as Pirlo or Alonso will only help you keep possession and move the ball around the pitch much more efficiently.

The Tips

Although it is incredibly tempting to try and get the ball into your strikers as soon as possible this will only lead you to a relatively small amount of success on FIFA 15. In real life the best teams play back and forth, probe around the pitch and work the ball sideways to find the best opportunities for openings in the opposition defence. This should be how you’re trying to play in FIFA 16 and not just abusing the fast players. Be patient, keep the ball, play short 5-20 yard passes and try work the opposition defence around. It will lead to gaps and will also tire/frustrate your opponent into making silly mistakes or diving in to try and regain possession.

Use your key players
If we are using a team such as Italy, for example, we try to focus all our play in the midfield through Pirlo. He has a great vision field and rarely will misplace or over hit passes. This is crucial, to your success. If Pirlo is playing the ball then you know that it is going to be of good enough quality for the player receiving the ball to get hold of it and then make his next pass or have a shot etc. A player of the quality of Pirlo or Schweinsteiger of Man Utd will be able to keep your play ticking over or pick that crucial through ball out from most areas on the pitch.

Think ahead
When keeping possession it’s important to try and think one or two passes in front. The attacking AI players now do this after the update from Fifa 14, 15. So, they will be looking to move ahead of the play so this should make your job easier. When you are passing the ball check the other areas of the pitch (use the radar or widen your camera angle) whilst you are in possession. This will enable you to see the runs of players or see if their formation has become organised and fractured. You can then work the ball into the correct area of the field where the opposition might be outnumbered or have a huge gap left for you to exploit.

Good luck keeping possession of the football better on FIFA 15 using these tips.

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