FIFA 15 attacking custom tactics tipsĀ and getting them right is a great way to get your team set-up and playing exactly how you want them. Many of the experienced players who play online seasons, FUT and Pro Clubs will use these tactics to their advantage. It only takes a couple of minutes to set them up then you can easily change the whole strategy of your entire team to suit whichever style of play you suits you or the game scenario you find yourself in best.

There are 3 main items here which are build-up play, chance creation and your defensive settings. You can set these sliders to whichever level you want depending how you want your team to play. You get to choose a number between 1-100 for numerous different items within the 3 categories we listed above.

For attacking play your main focus will be on the build-up play and the chance creation settings.

Build-up play lets you select settings such as speed, passing style and player positioning.

Chance creation lets you select settings such as passing, crossing, shooting and player positioning.

Defence lets you select items such as pressure, aggression, team width and organisation.

So, as you can see, you get a wide variety of choices to set your teams up a certain way. By adjusting these slider settings you can get your team defending deep and breaking quickly when in possession to achieve that counter attacking style to perfection. If you want to pressure the ball high up the pitch to try and win the ball back quickly as teams like Dortmund and Barcelona do this can also be achieved. The options are limitless.

We have fully explained several different styles of play you can adopt with slider settings for EVERY category available in our FIFA 15 guide (available to purchase through the site). That means you can just simply copy these styles to get your team playing a certain way.

FIFA 15 custom tactics tipsĀ allow you to have one style assigned which you can put on before you kick-off, or in game, via team management and then tactics tab.

We hope you can use these basic FIFA 15 custom tactics tips to get more success from the game and really take control of your team on the pitch.