FIFA 20 Tactical Guide

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FIFA 20 Tactical Guide is part of our premium line of FIFA 20 guides. It features over 150 pages of tips on custom tactics and formation tips for FIFA 20. The guide is split into four main sections:

  1. Detailed formation breakdowns for 32 formations (including player instructions, ideal work rates and best suited players)
  2. Custom tactics tips to help you get your team functioning as you desire
  3. Vintage formations and set ups to get you playing like some of the classic teams from the past 50 years
  4. Our personal favourite custom tactics to get you playing a certain style of football (counter attack, tiki taka, possession etc)

Every section is supplemented with in-depth visual diagrams to help explain ideas. Areas include Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Seasons, Co-op and Pro Clubs. Tips are also explained in great detail for both Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Every one of our guides is assembled with the knowledge of our expert team and specifically designed to help you get better at FIFA 20.


This FIFA 20 Tactical guide will help you choose the custom tactics, formations and player instructions to help you win more games.  Tactics can often be the difference between winning or losing a game so it’s hugely important that you get this right.

Read below the full list of contents that you will find in this FIFA 20 tactical guide:


  • 32 full FIFA 20 tactics and formation breakdowns (detailed diagram, explanation & player work rates and player instructions)
  • Vintage team set-ups
  • Custom Tactics Tips and examples
  • Custom Tactics Tips for the worlds best teams
  • Position attributes guide
  • Position attributes

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