FIFA 15 FUT Guide

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What to expect from this guide: Our FUT guide is over 50 pages long with content including chemistry style tips, a huge trading guide walkthrough, best formations to use and MUCH more.

You won’t find a better, more extensive range of tips, diagrams and thorough explanations to help you improve at the game you love.  This is our third guide and we have spent hundreds of hours writing, designing diagrams and testing our tips to ensure they are the very best and we offer huge value for money.   This guide, for FIFA 15 has had several contributors: A vastly experienced graphic designer; an up and coming football writer who has had his work published in several multi-national newspapers; a worldwide top 100 FUT trader on PS3 & 4 on FIFA 12, 13 and 14; a top 50 ranked player on FIFA 14 for online seasons and a whole section on pro clubs written by th captain of a club in the top 20 worldwide.  Couple this with our fantastic records (you can see pictures on the website) and this guide is bigger, better and full of even more tips than our previous guide.  We made sure we covered as much of the game as possible from as many different sources as possible.

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FIFA 15 FUT tips for all your Ultimate Team needs! Ultimate team or FUT as it is affectionately known to the millions of people playing this game mode is the most popular of the several different game modes you can find for FIFA 15.

You can use this comprehensive FIFA Ultimate Team/FUT guide and tips to help you make a brilliant squad and make coins in the game through trading.  This is definitely one of the most fun game modes to play and we have found ourselves spending more and more time on this game mode each year that passes.  It combines an old pastime of ours, collecting Panini Sticker Books and playing the game we love, FIFA. What is not to enjoy about that?!

We also have an extensive list of trading tips to cater for all types.  Whether you only have a limited coin total or you have a million coins (or more!) then there will be trading tips for you to easily build that coins total so you can buy more exciting players, or numerous squads within your club.

If you want to find out a whole host of different chemistry style tips; we also cater for this.  We tell you the best types of chemistry styles for different types of player as well as which chemistry styles suit different positions.

We have a section on team maintenance where we provide tips on how to manage your club as well as possible.  This will save you valuable coins that you want to be saving up to buy the premium players with.  We also talk about which formations suit Ultimate Team the best with full explanations and a diagram to go alongside.

There’s more – we also talk about how to make sure you’re putting the best club items in your club to make the game as easy as possible as well as EA Sports catalogue tips to make sure you’re spending your hard earns coins/xp points as effectively as possible.

If you’re a novice or haven’t even played Ultimate Team before then reading this guide will be extremely beneficial for you.  If you’re a seasoned pro, there are still going to be many, many pointers or tips that you can apply to your existing knowledge of the game.


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