FIFA 14 Tactical Guide

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FIFA 14 Tactical Guide

This guide will provide you with all the tips you need to improve and get your team playing the way that you would like, for FIFA 14.  There are 16 full formation breakdowns with detailed diagrams of each including: key positions, areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as examples of custom tactics we use to win lots of our games!





Here is where you will find the VERY BEST TIPS around to help you improve at the game you love.  We spent a huge amount of time compiling this FIFA 14 Tactical Guide and have put EVEN more hours into typing this up to make sure it was full of tips to help you get better at the game.  We made sure we covered as much of the game as possible (hence the reason for the small charge!).  A lot of websites or FIFA ‘Tipsters’ offer generic tips for the game whereas we break them down into specific areas so you can become a great all rounder.  If you have problems winning headers we provide specific tips for that area of the game so you can work on that before moving onto the next area you’d like to improve.

It is brilliant knowing which career mode players to buy or making loads of coins trading to build a great FUT squad but if you can’t play the actual game very well then it isn’t going to be fun for you.  That’s what this guide is all about, helping you improve your results and levels of enjoyment.

We provide you with all the tips and information but it is down to you to put them into practice and improve at the game.  After all, we all play the game to win don’t we?

A complete guide for 16 x FIFA 14 formations, full breakdown of custom tactics as well as examples of slider settings to use for different styles of play.

We know that there are a fair amount articles in terms of formation guides out there but nothing as extensive and helpful as this will be for you.  The first section of the guide outlines the strengths and weaknesses for 16 of the most popular formations.  Furthermore, it details the key players/positions for each formation, it is important you take this into account so you can make sure you have strong players in these positions so you can get the most out of a) the players and b) the formation.


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