Why playing FIFA offline game modes can make you an easy opponent to play online

We must start by saying: Playing FIFA offline is not something that we’re slagging off, or critiquing. We’re just simply addressing the fact that, playing offline game modes such as Career Mode can affect your online prowess.

This is something that we have seen a lot of people struggle with and a question we get asked an awful lot. Playing FIFA online isn’t something that you can just dip in and out of, not if you don’t want to take some serious beatings, anyway.

So why does playing FIFA offline affect you? Offline game modes are obviously games played vs the AI of the game. They defend in similar patterns and they attack in similar patterns. Yes, these are getting better and less repetitive as each new version of the game is released. However, it is just human nature that if you play 50 games offline and you are winning that way, scoring goals and creating chances, then as soon as you jump online, then you’ll look to these methods to score goals and win your games. What if your opponent, who is now human controlled, defends the way you attacked, in offline game modes, really well? You’re screwed.

One of the most crucial areas for success, on FIFA 16 online game modes is to be adaptable. If you get stuck in a repetitive cycle of play, the more experienced online player will quickly recognise this and you’ll be in for a very frustrating 15 minutes or so.

By all means, play offline as Career Mode can be very fun. However, if you’re wanting to experience ANY SORT OF SUCCESS online, in FIFA 16 then make sure you play mainly online game modes. Either that, or make sure you’re not leaving it too long between online sessions.