FIFA Expert’s Special Edition FIFA 16 Guide Review

FIFA Expert’s Special Edition FIFA 16 Guide is one of the most comprehensive game guides I have ever read.

Created by the editor of – where some of the world’s best FIFA players gather to share their tips – the guide covers everything from skill moves to goalkeeping, and is split into several nifty sections.

Expert by name and expert by nature, the well-presented, 423 page booklet is a Godsend for both newcomers and FIFA veterans. That said, I think it will be most useful for people like me; those who want to take their FIFA experience up a notch.

I’ve been playing soccer-sims since 1997, but I’ve never really progressed beyond the realms of Career Mode. I’m at that stage where Legendary difficulty against the computer is no longer a challenge yet, when it comes to playing friends and online opponents, I’m still struggling to string together win streaks. I honestly believe that this book could change that.

Football is all about subtlety, about minor decisions affecting the whole course of a game; one tackle can be the difference between sparking a move that creates a goal/making the mistake that leads to conceding one. FIFA replicates this idea very well, study this book and you’ll immediately start to realise that you’re getting more of these minor decisions right; timing your tackles better, winning more headers, taking advantage of set-pieces etc.

An explanation of the FUT mode begins the book, it details aspects such as Team Chemistry and Contracts in easy-to-digest chunks. Being a relative newcomer to FUT myself, it’s nice to have everything explained in one place. The game has an equally digestible tutorial, but having these tips down in writing will be a big help long after the in-game advice has been forgotten.

From the get-go you will notice the quite remarkable effort put into the guide, with information many of us would overlook examined with great focus. Crucial facts – such as peak online trading/playing times – are presented via clear diagrams and, while many may skip past these to get to the more ‘interesting’ segments, those who choose to study them will profit massively in-game.

The Pro Clubs section features a glossy image explaining which areas of the pitch are best suited to one-twos; no more explaining to your less-experienced friend where about he/she should be trying to pull them off, just show him/her the image and you’re good to go.

These graphics are in fact a common feature of the guide and they work hard to offer a fresh perspective when the reading gets a bit heavy. Presented in a Football Manager tactics-board style, I often found myself observing them as I played the game; especially while learning the new passing mechanics.

I’ve always thought of myself as a long-range specialist, so imagine my dismay when I learned that this year EA have changed the shot-power settings. Not to worry, the guide has this covered too. Of course, given the differing abilities of players, there is no way to guarantee the perfect strike every time, however, the shooting section does a good job of giving you the best chance of success and, after some trial and error, it’s helped me get used to the new power gauge.

I must admit, I’ve never been one for using skill moves in FIFA, I’ve always thought that they were just for showing off in front of friends. Nevertheless, while I still believe that the best way to create chances is by threading together fluid passing moves, the skills section of the guide has convinced me that tricks can be an extremely useful option.

Again accompanied by simple yet beautiful images, skill moves are explained with succinct directions. It would’ve been nice to see some Xbox instructions – the guide is written using PlayStation controls – but still it’s easy enough to translate once you get the hang of it.

FIFA Expert are clearly passionate about the FIFA series and, more importantly, the game of football itself. Other guides will undoubtedly hit the market over the coming weeks – FIFA 16 is released on September 24 (22 in North America) – but, if you want to take your game to the next level, then this is the book for you.

£9.99 isn’t the cheapest price, however, it’s by no means the most expensive and, for the sheer amount of quality information you’re getting, I’d call it fair.

Final Rating: 9/10 – The definitive FIFA 16 guidebook.

This review was written independently by Jay Michael (@Jayswriting) of

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The guide review will include full detailed tips, button explanations, diagrams and much, much more in the following areas: (please note that all guide tips have been revised but the brand NEW sections are detailed.

1. Introduction
– Our other guides
– Our website
– About us
– What to expect from the guide
2. Game Modes Tips
o FUT / Ultimate Team (NEW and revised)
– Chemistry styles
– Team maintenance
– Best formations
– Trading guide
– How to search for the best players for your teams / squads
o Career Mode (NEW and revised)
– Introduction
– Youth academy and developing players
– Youth scouting guide
– Youth academy tips summarized
– ‘Secret’ May update glitch/trick
– How to search for player types
– How to build a 5* team from the lower leagues guide
– Virtual pro tips
o Seasons
– Seasons explained
– Types of opposition
– Assessing the opposition
– Best tactics/style to employ
– How to stop a losing streak/bad run of form
o Pro Clubs
– Introduction
– Best custom tactics
– Best formations to use
– Unlocking accomplishments/Upgrading your pro
– Styles of play to use
– Traits to have for different positions
– Play as a team
– How to easily unlock GK accomplishments
– Summary of Pro Club tips
3. Tactics and Formations
– 21 full formation breakdowns (detailed diagram, explanation & player work rates and player instructions)
– Vintage team set-ups
– Custom Tactics
– Position attributes guide
– Position attributes
4. Attacking Tips
– Key for diagrams in the guide
– Controller settings
– The best camera settings
– Shooting/Finishing
– Corners
– Crossing (NEW)
– Dribbling
– Heading
– Passing (NEW)
– Free-kicks
– Scoring penalties
– The slot finish (NEW)
– Shooting from distance (NEW)
– Skill moves (edit this)
– Dribbling with speed (NEW)
– The speed boost(NEW)
– Fake shot on wing (NEW)
– Possession play
– Passing with defenders
– Build-up play & playing out from the back
– Using the 1-2 effectively
– L1 Lay-off passing
– First time lobbed through ball (NEW)
– Clearing accurately to attackers feet/chest
– Sending team mates on runs
– Using midfield runners
– Receiving the ball
– Best way to build counter attacks
5. Defending Tips
– Key for diagrams in the guide
– Controller settings
– The best camera settings
– Tackling Standing tackles Slide tackles (NEW)
– Heading
– Containing
– Jockeying
– Secondary contain
– Push and pull
– Defending from the front
– Defending with high pressure
– Defending deep (to counter teams using pace)
– Defending counter attacks
– Defending corners and crosses and Stopping crosses near the goal-line
– Free-kicks
– Saving penalties
– Defending the 1-2
– Defending lobbed through balls
– Defending vs quick attackers
– Defending around halfway
– Defending around your box
– Covering short free kicks (NEW)
– Covering long free kicks (NEW)
– Right stick switching (NEW)
– Using your defenders body
– Applying fake pressure (NEW)
– Mix up defending style to keep opponent guessing
– Using your goalkeeper effectively
– Making their goalkeeper play where you want (NEW)
– How to man mark (NEW)
6. Other Crucial Tips (Brand NEW section with tips from professional players)
– How to deal with annoying players
– Psychological factors
– Thinking in advance
– Using the radar and on screen information

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