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Are EA Sports Killing FIFA? The FIFA community is very angry

Many people who play FIFA 20 and older versions of the game feel very passionate about the game they invest in every year. Therefore, it is more than reasonable for them to ask: Are EA Sports killing FIFA ?

Every year the EA Sports team roll out the new, shiny version of the FIFA franchise but within weeks, it often feels like there are already several versions of the game for people to adapt to and learn all over again. For some, this is deemed a good thing but when EA make so much money from the FIFA franchise, is this acceptable? For us, it’s a no.

How is EA killing FIFA ?

We all know that EA Sports dominates this market as Pro Evolution doesn’t get anywhere near in terms of licensing, content and gameplay options. Then there’s the beast we all know as FUT. For us, this is the main reason behind killing FIFA. EA seem more interested in making money from this (who can blame them, I hear you say as you’re reading this?!) and releasing dozens of wonderfully coloured cards with high stat boosts etc. FIFA 20 is a prime example: It’s January and there are TOTW, TOTY, Ultimate Scream, OTW, Gamechangers, Flashbacks and many many more.

What this leads to, in our opinion is a game that has overpowered teams after only a couple of weeks and the squads, although they have variation, often lead to the same sort of games each game you play.

Is there a fix?

We think not, not whilst so many YouTubers and professionals playing the game are pounding money into packs. EA can simply concentrate on making sure the content of FUT is enough to secure YouTubers their vital viewing figures and EA will profit from this. The downside of this is that the gameplay will always be sporadic and unfinished when the game is released. Here at FIFA Expert, we are obviously passionate about this and we are incredibly frustrated as to how we will end this cycle year after year, as a community. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear them in the comments.