FIFA 18 is on the horizon and even though FIFA 17 has been an enjoyable game overall but it seems like there were more complaints than ever, from the FIFA community.  We have to agree that it has, at times (more often than we would like), been an incredibly frustrating game to play! FIFA 18 needs to be improved and here are our thoughts on the issue.

So, what needs to change/be improved for FIFA 18? Frankly speaking, a lot.  Just because we provide a product based on the game, we will not lie and say that something is brilliant, when it so clearly not.  Specifically speaking these are just a few of the changes that we would like:

Corners – We really like the creativity that EA showed with this, for FIFA 17 but they were just too powerful.  Everyone hitting hard crosses into the near post area and winning the majority of the headers just isn’t right.  On the defending side of this, why an earth does the defending player either head the ball straight out for a corner OR straight back towards the guy who took the corner?! We wouldn’t mind if the left stick is being aimed that way AND sometimes they will head that ball out for a corner, when facing that way but 80-90% of the time? NO, this needs fixing!

Another thing from corners is the ability to state, before the game, how many people you would like to stay back when you have an attacking corner.  This could easily be changed, for FIFA 18, in the ‘player instructions’ settings in your squad screen.

Goalkeepers – Jack Butland is one of the top 5 goalkeeper’s on the game (including all IF’s and MOM cards throughout FIFA 17) !!! He is 82 rated.  Surely EA have to look at this and think, what has gone on here.  We understand the complexity that must go into providing us with good GK’s but something is seriously wrong with their mechanics. This also needs fixing for FIFA 18!

Referees – Much like goalkeepers, the referees need looking at.  Again, this must be so hard to get right but a company this big, making this much money, should be able to get the best in the world to fix it, right? They owe it to us, as players.

They often only give yellow cards for horrendous tackles from behind and fouls where the attacking player is through on goal.  Players are hacked down in the box one minute, with nothing given, and then a slight nudge is called for a foul.  The use of strength in the game is also ludicrous and bears much of our frustration.  Some players seem able to swing off your players’ backs and just get away with it, unpunished for them you to try and muscle someone off the ball but for a foul to be given every time.  Easily the most frustrating part of the game.  Fix it!

Servers – We never really experience huge issues with this but, on FUT Champions, we have been 10 wins out of 10, for example and then been kicked out of the servers twice on the trot and received losses, when our internet connection is stable and still working?!? It makes you not want to play the game.  EA are a HUGE company with pretty much unlimited income, they need to invest a big back into the game.   Make dedicated servers for regions AND allow a reconnect timer to games to stop these horrible, heart-breaking losses.

FIFA 18 has the potential, as always to be a truly remarkable game but EA have to pull their finger out and get this sorted well in advance and not just for after FIFA 18 has hit the shelves.