How do I get better at FIFA? Since we started this company 5 years ago the amount of times we have been asked this question is insane! By reading this blog post it will hopefully go a little way to answering that question of ‘How to get better at FIFA.’

Firstly, we have many, many tips on our site and in our guides and these will definitely help you to improve your game dramatically. If, however, you’re wanting a whistle stop tour of these tips then you’ve come to the right place. ¬†Here are our top 10 tips on how to get better at FIFA.

  • Get comfortable with a formation (or two) and stick to them;

This will help you to become familiar with where your players will be in attack and defence.

  • Learn some basic skill moves;

Learning 1x  2*, 3* and 4* skill moves, to begin, will help you add more variety to your game.

  • Practise skill games, offline and in online friendlies;

If you’re completely new to the game then this is essential to success. Learn the button mechanics and start to form some muscle memory patterns.

  • Learn all the variations of buttons;

What we mean by this is: Learn all the button combinations for passes, through balls, crosses etc. By learning these early, you’ll begin to fathom out which pass or which type of shot to use in certain situations.

  • Experiment with different styles of play;

Not only will this help you to find ‘your style’ but it will also mean if you come up against an opponent who is causing you difficulty or you are struggling to break them down and create chances, then you can flip to a different style and try something different rather than failing over and over again.

  • Be patient;

In many games we find our opponent trying to blitz us with high pressure and speed of play. This is the wrong thing to do, of course, if you get an early goal or two, then it puts you in a good position but if not, the players become tired very quickly and this can lead to lots of gaps appearing. Start patiently and take your time. Not only will this tire the opponent but also, most likely, lead to frustration which will lead to mistakes.

  • Don’t play tired or fatigued;

Linked, in a way to the previous point. Playing tired or fatigued will only result in you becoming frustrated. With the speed of the game, particularly in FUT, you’re likely to suffer from slower reactions and poor judgement which, in turn, will likely to lead to losses.

  • Get to know the players in your team;

This may sound daft but honestly, it makes perfect sense. Knowing what * weak foot or what * skills a player has will benefit you no end.

  • Play different game modes;

Playing different game modes will help you pick up FIFA tips and learn how to get better FIFA. FUT plays so differently to Seasons and Seasons plays so differently to Pro Clubs so make sure you experiment with each game mode and it will help you become better at the game.

  • Have Fun;

We think this is something that a lot of people forget. You play the game to win, yes, but it’s very important that you play to have fun too. We understand the flaws in the game can be frustrating but the quicker you come to terms with the fact it is a computer game and mistakes will be made will lead to you having more fun, being less stressed and that, in turn, will lead to you getting more wins.

So there you have it, how to get better at FIFA with our top 10 tips.

We have hundreds of pages of tips for attacking and defending as well as FUT and Career Mode, on the site that cater for all abilities and dedication levels as well as our FIFA Guides which are full of diagrams, detailed button explanations from not only ourselves at FIFA Expert but from some of the world’s best pro players. So, go have a read of our other tips, take these top 10 tips on how to get better at FIFA and go have fun!

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