Gamescom FIFA 20

Gamescom FIFA 20 news featuring the event in Cologne. The yearly event always attracts big interest from the FIFA community as the excitement builds in anticipation of the release of the full game in just over a months time, in September. Gamescom will also include information on a whole host of other games, from a whole host of gaming giants. Konami will be showcasing their latest efforts to knock FIFA from its perch but this is likely to fall flat, as has been the case for the best part of a decade now.

The event starts on Monday 19th August and over the following days Electronic Arts will provide information on FIFA 20. Their will be a press event and a trade event that usually takes a couple of days before the event is opened up to the public and people will be able to get their hands on FIFA 20 for the very first time, unless they were fortunate enough to be given a FIFA 20 Beta access code. Typically, Gamescom is used to promote new features and changes in more detail than previously. Content producers will get to play what is close to around an 85% finished version of the game as well as interviewing producers of the game.

So, we already know what new changes EA are making and we will likely see a Gamescom FIFA 20 gameplay play along where a producer will sit and show physical examples of the changes made such as: free kicks and penalty systems, composed finishing, manual defending, changes to tactics, new legends, changes to FUT challenges and much, much more.

Be sure to tune in to the event on either YouTube or Twitch and keep up to date with the huge influx of videos on FIFA 20 that will follow the event.