This blog post is going to be an ongoing thread throughout the year where we provide you with our list of FUT Bargain Players so be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back.

FUT Bargain Player #1

Victor Wanyama – CDM

Wanyama is a physical beast. With 91 Physical on his base card stats which includes 92 strength and 88 stamina you can see he’s going to be a brick wall. We have used all throughout EA access and he is unreal in the CDM role. Standing tackle of 86 and Interceptions of 84 mean he is defensively as capable as the best CB’s in the world.

Recommended chem style – Catalyst.

You want him to be able to pass the ball and having Catalyst also makes him more mobile. Pick him up for your BPL sides today!

FUT Bargain Player #2

Kwadwo Asamoah – LB

Asamoah has been a well rounded FUT player for a fair few years now. At 78 rated he has a very high combined stats of 2197, which is more than most 80 & 81 rated players. He is physical, agile and can do all areas of the game very well.

Recommended chem style – Anchor.

Gives him 89 acceleration and defending stats that are all in the mid 80’s.

FUT Bargain Player #3

Shane Long – ST

Long is a really great striker and you can get him for under 1,000 coins (1.5k with our recommended chem style). Long is quick and despite him having only a 2* weak foot, it definitely feels better than this in game. He is also a threat in the air as he has 93 jumping and 75 heading accuracy as base stats!

Recommended chem style – Hawk.

This chem style gives him 94 acceleration and 87 sprint speed so he’ll be a huge threat and his jumping gets a boost to 99!

FUT Bargain Player #4

Fabian Delph – CDM/CM

Sticking with the BPL theme, Deplh is another midfielder who you can add to your side for under 500 coins. Delph is a well rounded midfielder who does every area of the game well. He has excellent balance, agility and his dribbling is tidy so he will feel very easy to move the ball around with.

Recommended chem style – Gladiator.

This will give Delph an even more well rounded base set of stats all +70. Try him out today if you’re on a budget.

Use these FUT Bargain players to help you build the best cheap side around.