With FIFA 20 on the horizon, we decided to share with you, the top tips that you’ll need to get to grips with straight away in order to adapt to the game quickly and efficiently. We have been playing the FIFA 20 Beta and testing the new mechanics day and night so read on below to get an idea of what you need to be focusing on when the full version of the game is released.

Manual Defending

Manual defending on FIFA 20 is excellent and will definitely increase the skill gap on the game. If you were had any sense at all, and wanted to win many games on FIFA 19 then you will have allowed the AI to do a lot of defending for you. Now, because of the new mechanics, you’ll have to get used to manual defending quickly in order to not be left behind.

No Chained Skill Moves

No more chained skill moves means that for those of you who relied on this, you’ll have to adapt your play style. FIFA 20 allows skill moves to be combined but as you do, your player will lose more and more control of the ball and therefore, will become more susceptible to losing the possession of the ball. Skill runs can still be achieved, however, you will have to allow your player to take a few strides before performing the next skill move to ensure the ball stays close to your players.

First Time Shots and Shooting

EA have rightly nerfed the shooting mechanics for FIFA 20. In the past versions of the game, it has been easier to score form outside the box than in, in many cases. This obviously needed addressing and EA have. In FIFA 20, you’ll have to build up your attacks better and not be as reliant on abusing the mechanics of shooting. It should also be mentioned that timed finishing is now harder to time and the gap on this has more error built into it also.

So, there you have it, FIFA 20 is very,very promising in the early BETA build and we can only expect and hope that with feedback from the community and players of the BETA, FIFA 20 will be a huge improvement on FIFA 19.