FIFA 20 changes are always a huge talking point and with all the negative press, particularly surrounding gameplay from FIFA 19. FIFA 20 changes need to be huge and relevant if EA Sports are to win back a large proportion of their paying public.

What changes need to happen then?

We believe that the problem doesn’t just lie within gameplay (although issues there are obvious!). There are changes needed in Career Mode, Pro Clubs also. FUT, understandably takes the majority of EA Sports’ attention because of the sheer revenue it creates for the company but they HAVE to make FIFA 20 changes in the game modes mentioned above, if they want to win back a large percentage of the public across the world.

EA Sports recently released some pitch notes named ‘changes beyond FIFA 19’ which indicates they are looking at making big changes ahead of the new game, likely (or you’d hope) these changes are likely already in the early versions of the game.

These are the FIFA 20 changes that we think are an absolute priority and we’d love to hear what you think needs to be addressed. We will compile the comments below into an email to the community manager at EA Sports, Corey and we can hopefully get our voice heard.

Our FIFA 20 changes would be:

– A completely revamped defensive system with FAR LESS AI input – lets put the reward back into defending!

– Improved shooting consistencies with no overpowered functions like first time shots from September.

– Nerfed crossing outcomes – it always seems that there is one overpowered cross in the game. Take chipping the ball up and volleying a cross into the box. So unrealistic and so frustrating that these things are in the game.

– Take manual goalkeepers out of the game. Keep that to pro clubs if people want to do that.

– Improved player switching function.

– Big changes to Career Mode and Pro Clubs game modes.

So, what key changes do yo want Comment below and we’ll get the list sent off at the end of July so it’s well in time for developers to consider.

Tips coming very soon to our FIFA 20 pages so bookmark this link and be sure to check back in when the game goes live!