The first FIFA 18 New Gameplay Feature is Real Player Motion Technology.

EA Captured Cristiano Ronaldo (as well as several other tops players) to introduce these FIFA 18 new gameplay changes.  See below for more information.

The next change for FIFA 18 is Player Personality. This will see 5 different main styles of players which will determine how to run, dribble, jump, sprint etc.  This means you won’t get the generic run style for EVERY player and is something that we’re really excited about.

Next for the FIFA 18 New Gameplay features is a Dribbling Overhaul.  This will make defending even trickier as players will feel more agile and will explode into spaces better.  See the video above for more in game footage. Animations are now captured frame-by-frame rather than each step that the players take when they are dribbling on FIFA 18 so that will obviously increase the speed in which they can change direction etc.

Crossing has had an overhaul too and you can now access several different types of crosses by using different button combinations. L1/LB now sends a floated. high cross into the box and holding R1/RB will see you be able to perform the old triple tap cross.  See video below:

So there you have some more information of the FIFA 18 New Gameplay features! It should be noted that changes have also been made to defending on FIFA 18 with the AI receiving an upgrade as well as changes to secondary contain and tackling features. Click the links to read more on these tips.

More news coming on FIFA 18 for FUT Live On August 1st so be sure to check our blog posts then!