FIFA 17 needs a fairly decent overhaul when this years game is released in September of 2016, we think that’s something most people will agree on. ┬áRead on below for our FIFA 17 wishlist.

Here is a list of things that we personally feel are needed to be addressed by EA and so here is our FIFA 17 wishlist:

1The introduction of ONLINE CAREER MODE

This is something EA have done for other games within their huge empire so why they haven’t introduced this yet, is beyond us. Online Career Mode, for FIFA 17, would send the FIFA community nuts. Whether they do this (fear of losing revenue from FUT may stop it), is something only time will tell.


Our main bug with FIFA 16, is the passing. It’s totally broken, we say totally, it isn’t, but it is shocking. Particularly, the through balls. Half of the through balls won’t even go where you’re aiming them. Definitely needs re-working for FIFA 17.

3Bring down the price of FIFA points

This isn’t something that affects us greatly, as we don’t really open packs, certainly not with real money (EA make enough from us, we think!). They would still make a ridiculous amount of money from the community and they’d certainly score lots of brownie points for this!

4Improvements to the AI

Tech moves forward every year, EA need to address the player AI. They should be able to write code to make the AI learn how you play and adapt to your style so your teammates actually recognise this. This could be introduced to all game modes but altered slightly. In FUT, for example, once players have played 50 games together for your club, then they begin to recognise each others movements better. Just an idea.


The last two FIFA’s have had terrible goalkeeping errors and glitches/bugs. This is something that we think is totally unacceptable considering the fact that they told us that “goalkeepers have had a complete overhaul and have been in development for the last 2 years.”


Pro clubs on FIFA 17, could be huge, we mean seriously huge. IF EA are worried about it not making as much as FUT, which is why they have left it rotting for the last 2 years then they could introduce some sort of customisation, to make a bit of extra money. This is something I know we would spend money on, rather than FUT.

7Improve the Impact engine

This is another thing that has been left dead for a few years. This needs a serious upgrade and in turn, that will help make referees make better decsions, something that is also in need of a huge upgrade.

There is our list of things we want changing for FIFA 17. Please comment on this post to help it receive more recognition and we can forward those on to our contact at EA, it’s still not too late. Get your FIFA 17 Wishlist hear, today.

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