Post your FIFA 15 wishlist here.

FIFA 15 may seem a fair while away at the moment and, if like us, you’re still enjoying FIFA 14 then you may not have even given the next game in the FIFA series a second thought.

However, we are always thinking of new ideas and a whole host of things EA could improve on across all areas of the game. With the next gen consoles now fully functioning and in the public domain EA Sports SHOULD, like they did last year, listen to the FIFA Community to improve their game to the best of their ability. This will be the case again this year and by posting your ideas/wishlist here we will then be able to forward these to EA Sports senior producers etc and get the things that are really important to us into the next game.

With the changes made for FIFA 14, which do you think worked best, if any?
– Precision Movement?
– Pure Shot?
– Ball Physics?
– AI Intelligence?

Now, with next gen consoles, what would you like EA Sports’ dev to look at?
We personally think the crowd and living worlds stadia looks amazing but is that what we really want? Shouldn’t we be looking for improved game play and the ironing out of bugs and referee intelligence to stop those ridiculous decisions they give far too often? What are your thoughts? We want to hear them.

We love the game but there are certain areas which always niggle us while we are playing.

Which areas of the game would you like to see improved? Be as specific as you like.

Here are a few ideas to get your brains ticking over, what do you want to see improved for Fifa 13? Post your comments below

Career Mode
Pro Clubs
Virtual Pro
Ultimate Team
Head 2 Head Seasons
Co-op seasons
Online Friendlies
EA SPORTS football club
Gameplay changes