Mission statement of FIFA Expert

FIFA Expert’s mission statement
A key theory behind our tips for FIFA 15 & 14 is: we have placed huge emphasis on both on our website, in our guides and as a company, is based around the British Cycling team (I hear people reading this saying, WHAT?!) Here at FIFA Expert we love all sports and all have a huge interest and background in the sporting world, I guess it’s why we all started playing/writing/gaming on FIFA and other games/sports. We absolutely love events like the World Cup and the Olympics but we don’t just watch the games, we analyse them and try to take concepts from real life into the gaming world, believe us, it helps.

We wanted to talk about perhaps one of the most interesting “theories” to come out of this analytical thinking we have just discussed. This was, as we mentioned, based around the British Cycling team’s marginal gains theory. To quote Dave Brailsford (the head of British Cycling team at the Olympics)

“The whole principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together”.

Again, you may think, what the hell has this got to do with FIFA? We have taken this theory on board and we have written our guides with this at the forefront of our thinking. If we can help to improve each area of the game of FIFA by even just 1% then you’re going to see huge improvements overall. Just as the British Cycling team have done.

As you can see in our tips, we cover every game mode as well as providing extensive tips and detailed diagrams for that all important game play. Of course, we have saved our premium tips for our guides (you can read more information on these here). It is brilliant knowing which career mode players to buy or making loads of coins trading to build a great FUT squad but if you can’t play the actual game very well then it isn’t going to be fun for you. That’s what this guide is all about, helping you improve your results and levels of enjoyment.

We provide you with all the tips and information but it is down to you to put them into practice and improve at the game. After all, we all play the game to win don’t we? People who purchased our FIFA 13 or FIFA 14 guides were thrilled with the outcome and hopefully you will be too with this updated and improved version.
By using this guide we GUARANTEE that you WILL win more games and you WILL improve. The beauty of the guide is that it not only applies to FIFA 15 but previous versions of the game AND more than likely the next couple of versions at the very least. You’ve made a sound investment. Now, get a cup of tea and start reading up in the area(s) you want to improve your 1%’s in!

Good luck and thanks again.

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