The best FUT team on FIFA 16

This is the best team for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team / FUT. We’ll talk about each player in depth and tell you why it works so well. You’ll need a fair amount of coins but we’re unbeaten in 25 with it, currently. Here is the team for your viewing pleasure!!!
FIFA 16 best team

As you can see, it is a combination of Ligue 1 and the BPL. This really is the best team we’ve played with and, despite Pogba and Aguero not having 10 chemistry, it really doesn’t affect their performances. In the 25 game uneaten run they both have 29 goals and Pogba has also notched 11 assists. At the head of the midfield 3, he really is phenomenal. The best midfielder on FUT.

The PSG lads are all unbelievable and whilst this teams did cost 750k (ish), you can of course downgrade some of the players for their normal cards which will decrease the cost significantly.

Players instructions to follow soon….WATCH THIS SPACE!

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