FUT 15 Overpowered teams


FUT 15 overpowered teams tips. Examples of the most OP squads to use on FIFA 15. Use these tips to help you get the best team possible to help you win more games.

Here are our first squads, thanks to Ovvy. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to FUT 15 Overpowered teams

  1. Jack / Hunt TZ says:

    Any silver team, they are all really strong this year, I have got a Argentinian team that is so pacy and cheap and are very fluent in how they play but you have to have Villava up front, he’s pacy, amazing shot and 4* skills…
    I also have a Brasilver team with Wellington Silva who is amazing up to now, I think everyone will be building silver squads soon as they can easily beat the majority of gold teams, I think I am unbeaten up to now with the Brasilvers and all there prices are rising quickly so grab them while you can at decent prices!

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