FIFA 15 Ideas

Post your FIFA 15 wishlist here.

FIFA 15 may seem a fair while away at the moment and, if like us, you’re still enjoying FIFA 14 then you may not have even given the next game in the FIFA series a second thought.

However, we are always thinking of new ideas and a whole host of things EA could improve on across all areas of the game. With the next gen consoles now fully functioning and in the public domain EA Sports SHOULD, like they did last year, listen to the FIFA Community to improve their game to the best of their ability. This will be the case again this year and by posting your ideas/wishlist here we will then be able to forward these to EA Sports senior producers etc and get the things that are really important to us into the next game.

With the changes made for FIFA 14, which do you think worked best, if any?
– Precision Movement?
– Pure Shot?
– Ball Physics?
– AI Intelligence?

Now, with next gen consoles, what would you like EA Sports’ dev to look at?
We personally think the crowd and living worlds stadia looks amazing but is that what we really want? Shouldn’t we be looking for improved game play and the ironing out of bugs and referee intelligence to stop those ridiculous decisions they give far too often? What are your thoughts? We want to hear them.

We love the game but there are certain areas which always niggle us while we are playing.

Which areas of the game would you like to see improved? Be as specific as you like.

Here are a few ideas to get your brains ticking over, what do you want to see improved for Fifa 13? Post your comments below

Career Mode
Pro Clubs
Virtual Pro
Ultimate Team
Head 2 Head Seasons
Co-op seasons
Online Friendlies
EA SPORTS football club
Gameplay changes

62 Responses to FIFA 15 Ideas

  1. jim says:

    In career mode make it the you can tell you players what to train.
    example: you cant score because you keep shooting wide and you want your player/team to become better then you choose after each match what they must train.
    like shoot,crossing ,defending,passing, tackling…

    • Tommy says:

      If you want in career mode at half time go into dressing room and type what you want to say to the players

  2. Azamat says:

    FUT: Please add coins for the quantity of passes, it will increase passes + change the style of game for a lot of gamers.

    FUT: Please renew the cards/players as they are, i mean if i got El Shaarawy with 3 stars skills, after upgradint up to 4 stars, i would like to see my El Shaarawy with 4 stars, so it will give a lot of appartunities for those players who likes to find stars in lower teams.

    CM: Please add more young players, teams like U17, 18, 19. Or add these teams to Catalog of FIFA, so if i will reach the high levels i could buy these teams, + it will inspire us to reach these levels…

    Gameplay: Please add more ball boys

    CM: Please upgrade the Youth Academy. Like in Football Manager, I would like to open my clubs academies in all around the world, so i can have more youngsters, it will also inspire us to have a choice: Buy stars or Collect money for Academy

  3. Azamat says:

    CM/FUT: Please let us to change players positions, for ex, Lahm, i can change his position in FUT LB-LWB ets, but i cant in CM. Just give us this appartunity, to change players positions to any position wo would change to, with new stats for new positions…

    Sorry for my english)

  4. marc Harrison says:

    Online career mode!!! Surely we can get that. I dont like ultimate team etc as I prefer a simulation environment when playing Fifa.

    There are many people who play career and its about time fifa catered to us.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Really like this Marc, unfortunately, Career mode doens’t make EA additional money, FUT does. We think they’ll continue to improve FUT as a game mode because they make additional millions on top of actually selling physical copies of the game. It is the same situation as Pro Clubs, they don’t make extra efforts to improve it year on year. It’s disappointing as other game modes have such great potential.

      • marc Harrison says:

        Great response Fifa Expert and with that response you have shattered my dreams lol

        I’ve always held out in hope they would introduce it as it would become a great mode.

        Its even more annoying as NFL have done it for years and I awesome.

        If you could lend the online career mode any support, it would be most welcomed.

        • FIFA Expert says:

          HA, sorry Marc!

          They could go ahead and introduce it, I guess it depends on how many of their fans and loyal players of the game they want to retain.

          We’ll lend support to this idea, of course. We have been suggesting it for years now.

    • hamid says:

      i agree one hundred percent! online career mode is the best idea ever

  5. mani maran says:

    while playing as a pro player I am not able to suggest the manager to play me in that particular game.also if i want a salary raise I am not able to do it and there are no options do it.And I am not able to renew my contracts.

  6. mani maran says:

    Doing skill moves are difficult in keyboard,many keys have to be used .i have only ten for passing,shooting,lob pass,four for moving up,right,left and this itself i have used my two could have some solutions if possible.

  7. mani maran says:

    one more important thing.while playing in the pro player mode.icreated a player with my name and when i played in the barclays premier league even if i do a small foul i am not being warned i get a direct red card.iplayed in manger mode by doing the same foul
    i just got a warning. see to that please.

  8. Patrick says:

    1. Ball physics can be exaggerated at times, especially when crossing.
    2. Floating lob passes not just driven passes with square button (like pes does with R2 and lob pass button)
    3. Shorts and socks variations when kits clash Eg: Man Utd white socks or black shorts; Chelsea blue socks etc
    4. Improve animations and fluidity especially when dribbling with L1 or L2 and remove the weird jerking/twitching animations eg: when placing a goal kick.
    5. Add and improve animated advertising boards to all stadiums. And connect the adboards in the corners of Old Trafford 🙂 And team specific adboards for home ground.
    6. Improve character models. body shape. kits and hair
    7. Dirty kits
    8. More stadiums in major leagues eg: La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga
    9. Better Net physics
    10. Improve Referees
    11. Accurate Manager Faces seen during game and build up
    12. More realistic looking grass. And grass damage during games
    13. More realistic looking rain
    14. More player faces
    15. Better commentary
    16. More Unique player specific animations during gameplay.
    17. Better passing animations
    19. Redo skill animations with right stick (they getting a bit stale)
    20. Sky sports presentation for Premier league games.
    21.Bring back tournament mode
    22. Bring next gen to pc!!!!

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Some superb suggestions here, in particular: number 3, 6, 7, 10, 14, 17.

    • Arthur says:

      I agree Patrick. They should also add a kit customisable on CM and change the the sponsors of the club. Like someone previously said they should add in training day. I think on CM as a player or a manager you should be able to spend the money you earn on stuff like charities, cars, boots and houses. Also as a player when you are creating your player your should have more than one nationality choice, a favourite club and a rival club, a trail day to see what club wants you, should be able to have your own customisable boots, gain a sponsor, do stuff while waiting for a next match eg goto a hospital to see sick children, go on holiday, ect…… Lastly you should have the ability to start as a sub and request to come on if a another player is tried, injured or not inform

  9. reegeee says:


    More single player modes and tournaments – There should be a mode like the expedition modes from the World Cup and Euro games where you go around a specific league playing all the teams from that league on a map of that country earning coin bonuses and random player cards/kits/stadiums/ball cards from that league as you play matches.

    ‘Featured seasons’ – Like the featured tournaments in FUT, but instead in the seasons mode. So every week there would be a different featured season, for example one week you could only have silver players or players from Seria B etc. This would give much more variety to the current FUT seasons mode were you always play against the same players.

    Career mode

    Use skill games for training – In the youth acadamy you should be able to improve your players attributes using skill games. This must be done sensibly so you can’t break it and grow all your players to 99, but if its done properly I think it could work well.

    More immersive news & press conferences – The current news stories you see in career mode tend to just be random stories about transfers. This needs to change and all the news stories should be tailored to the players character. The press conferences should go into much more detail with back and forth mind games between you and your opposing manager in the week leading up to a match. Depending on what the opponent manager says and what you say in these press conferences your player morale should increase or decrease accordingly. This would make the actual matches really feel like they mean something rather than just being another match like they currently feel.

    Different AI for different teams – There should be about 5 or 6 different play styles for the opponent AI. I don’t want to see Stoke passing it around like Barca.

    Radically different atmosphere around different grounds – The volume of all the grounds is the same. It shouldnt be like this. When I play Fulham the atmosphere shouldnt be the same as it is at Celtic. When I play at the Brittania I want it to feel like a cauldron, with long balls flying into the box and the crowd baying for anything that looks remotely like a free kick.

    EA Sports App

    Carrer mode integration – It would be great if you could negotiaite transfers, sign contracts with players, talk to the press etc while at work. It could really build up the hype for your next game if you could create your game plan in your dinner hour.

  10. TheJhomar says:

    real referees

  11. Holmesy says:

    1. The ability for forwards to tackle the keepers on 50-50 balls, forward always back out, more chances of a spilt ball as well as more sending offs.
    2.A Cup competition that does a Home and Away Leg, each round consists of 2 games.. Home and Away with away goals counting. The chance for revenge and also high aggregate scores …. players who dip out lose tie automatically irrespetive of score.
    The ability to just search for an oline player ( who is not a friend ) and play online, seems to have disappered from XBOX ONE VERSION.

  12. trey says:

    FUT: Wager matches (coins), you can find people in different sections, wagering from 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, etc.

    FUT: Wager matches (cards), players enter a game to play each other, and both put up cards they are willing to wager. Both players have to click ‘agree wager’ then you go on to the game, and the winner automatically has the cards put in their transfer pile.

    CM: A story line that you can follow, similar to NBA 2k14 with endorsements, and other options.

    Game Play: More commentary, also a few more different commentators.

    Game play: Players have facial expressions as they play, not just a straight face.

    Game Play: Nerf the corners, headers, and air through balls.

    Career Mode: Have player stats available instead of having to scout them.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Really great ideas here, I think they might add some of the items for FUT as this is where they make their money, the more people that play it, the more money they receive!

  13. mani maran says:

    i was playing as manager for aston villa.I spent some amount.remaining budget was 100,000.Then i was appointed as AS Monaco’s manager.then my new budget is supposed to be 100,000,000.but it was the same 100,000 please make sure you do the changes in fifa fifa.

  14. stefan baker says:

    I think fifa is great but I think more things should be added like maybe expand your stadium like u could on lma manager and create a club for cm would be cool start from bottom league and work your way up. Better cup emotions and celebration like pro evo used to have not sure as don’t play them anymore. Ad maybe have commentators say ur name when ur a manager like they do if your a player

  15. Ruben G says:

    I have been playing FIFA for 7 years now. I like to play online but what I LOVE is career mode. I am a youth Futbal coach at a club for the last 10 years. So I love to develope teams. I like to take a 1/2 star team and work them up to a 4-5 star team. The England league is best for this only because it has 4 different Levels to climb through (FL Championship-Barclays PL) So I like to take a team like Yeovil Town and take them to the PL!
    So one thing I would like to see are the ARM BANDS progress as well. The current example of Yeovil I’ve had in the PL for now my 3rd season and they still wear FL Championship arm bands.

  16. mani maran says:

    i)In manager mode i must be able to apply for all the teams that i wanted to become as a manager and there could be statistics such as probability that i would be appointed as that particular team’s manager.
    ii)Also i do not have any use of manager’s must have something.
    iii)And if a player’s stamina is low then accuracy and shot power must get reduced so that it looks slightly real.

  17. mani maran says:

    the people in the stadium must also appear real.

  18. mani maran says:

    i)About the weather if it rains in the the starting of the match it need not rain for the whole match it can get sunny after a while.

  19. Avelonrodrigues says:

    my suggestion is that we must be allowed to create a new club of our own in any league with new players and new stadium
    Another thing is that we must be allowed to create new jerseys after the season ends in manager mode

  20. Ross says:

    I have left a current game to message my concerns:

    Players NEVER come to the ball while waiting for a pass – please fix that

    The passing accuracy can be god awful. It’ll just pass to somebody else around, or someone much less likely to make a play. Sometimes I’ll tap (A) to pass, and it will blast a full power through ball, and the opposite for when trying to pick out someone far ahead, it’ll just lob a little dink 5 feet ahead. Also, if there are two players making runs, and one is offside, I feel it ALWAYS picks the player who is already offside.

    It seems players always need a second to process that they have received a ball before they can start sprinting – this causes you to get beat out to the ball, even if you are someone fast, like Messi or Walcott, against someone big, lanky, and slow.

    I love FIFA. It’s practically the only game I play. FIFA 14 has been no exception for the regularity of my play, but it has been the most frustrating installment in recent years.

  21. Shmeluizze says:

    Okay, I’ve been playing fifa for quite a long time now and i had some ideas for what could be improved, my suggestions are:
    1.More leagues and more teams. For example, the Bulgarian League.
    2.Customization of kits and badges on fut.
    3.Playing skill games with your pro and playing online with other people..

  22. Will says:

    1. In finals (in career) make crowds even. Unrealistic when three quarters of stadium is filled with one teams supporters.
    2. More leagues. It gets kind of boring just playing champions league with same teams almost every season. Add new European leagues and you get more challengers.
    3. More stadiums (especially for major leagues) . I’m just not a huge fan of the generic stadiums as most hardly look like club’s actual stadiums.
    4. More international teams. Just to make international tournaments better really.
    5. Better commentary and add presenters and maybe pundits. makes it feel more realistic.
    6. Improve Referees. Add real FIFA refs in and it just feels more refined.

  23. Nathan says:

    Fix players growing to fast and old players decreasing too quick and also only decrease in physical stats. All teams be active in transfers. Teams with less depth in their squads will be more active. Players want to join a club more if they are in champions league and could leave a club if they don’t get champions league, but out clause added, players are worth less if there team has just been relegated also teams who are relegated have to release players to cut their wage bill, no potential players only grow based on their performance for example if they score 20 goals they gain finishing or Their passing accuracy is high they gain passing stats, old players still grow if performing well

  24. Bob says:

    I like the wager ideas mentioned above as well as more coins for passes.

    Personally I would like them to improve the pack opening % for people who pay money, I spent quite a bit of money and out of the hundreds of packs I only got like 2 rares and then the majority of the players were crappy or repeats.

    They also need to improve defender intelligence, it’s really annoying how poor they are at marking and tracking a players run. They leave people wide open and run right past marks on crosses leaving them open to make an easy goal.

    I would alright like the player switching to be improved, particularly on defense. I will try to grab a guy who is in good position to cut off a player with the ball and it will give me one of the outside backs on the far side who isn’t even close to the ball. I don’t really understand the players that it switches me to and sometimes I can’t get the player closest to the ball (even if I use the right stick) and they’ll just run in and get an easy goal. Also, they need to fix the auto-switch setting I have it set to only switch on air balls and sometimes it switches me on ground passes too which really throws me off since I don’t expect it.

    It might be cool if they gave us a way to switch formations on the fly just like custom tactics.

    I would like if they allowed us to switch players positions in FUT to any position rather than just the positions on their side of the field. On that note, it would be cool if we change players attacking/defensive mentalities. Also I would like to be able to edit the formations in FUT directly from my squad screen to set a custom formation, tactics, and all the stuff you can do from the edit team screen.

    I probably could go on and on but I’ll stop there.

  25. Alex Archer-Wiley says:

    I think Pro Clubs needs improving massively. The default players that you get when you play each game are so inconsistent, one game you have a big, strong CB and another game he’s gone from your squad.

    They should give you one squad with an average overall of 70-75 but you have to keep that squad of players, maybe give you a bench as well.

    When playing in-game with your one set team, you should be able to upgrade certain stats to a certain level, but only to a certain extent so that players don’t over power attributes (Pace, heading).

    I think making these improvments will give a more realistic and life-like approach to the game and will keep the players (manager) more to do and will give them a chance to decide on a strong first eleven and alter formations in-game without putting players out position.

    Let me know what you think!

  26. Marco Stuggan says:

    In player career mode, let the player be interested in what team he wants to go if he wants to be transferred. So eg Marco wants to go to Barcelona, the. We will get a response if they want the player or not

  27. martin says:


  28. scott says:

    I would love to see be a pro career mode where you have a chance of winning the ballon d or and other acolades using your players average overall rating where you can compare it to the players players throughout the the course of the season to try and trump them by getting a better average rating effectively showing better form.

    which also leads to other things like all time scorings charts from past legends like pele. alan shearer the all time leading scorer of the premiere league while also taking into account other player currently in the games statistics. give you something to strive towards.

    also a status within your club and country like a potential talent all the way upto club legend which obviously youde need to work your way upto again if you moved to another club. and also be able to captain club and country and in turn gives you the power to change some basic tactics or give orders like what a captain would be able to do in real life.

    also to be able to do basic interactions with the manager or players and have a relationship with them good or bad (even just graded from 1-100) obviously 1 being the person hates your guts lol wand if the manager hates you then your your out the team. talk to the media like you can in manager mode where a wrong word can effect the managers and fans view of you on the above mentioned player status and manager/players relationship. doesnt have to be anything compicated just something basic.

    also what annoys me is that managers never get fired and they also never ever change tactics from the original tactics the game started with either considering they end up with a completely different team after a few years due to retirement and so on. have it so they change the tactics to suit the players.

    wouldnt it be cool if your club wasnt doing so well and they fired the manager of he retired and they hired a manager that completely hates you. or vice versa you have worked with him before and he knows how to utilise you best ?

    another flaw is you are either picked in the matchday squad or your not. you never get on the bench for a match either which just isnt realistic, wouldnt it be cool if you were an important player getting rested but you needed to come on to try and rescue the game. i mean you get on the bench in pro evo or you did when i played the game years ago.

    proper player contracts like length, salary, goal bonuses that sorta thing which is lacking in be a pro career mode plus some form of basic interaction with your agent to tell him your favourite clubs youde like to play for. maybe you want to finish your career at a low league club that otherwise wouldnt come in for you. like if you where a complete legend at 34 and you wanted to finish your career at a club you support that perhaps isnt a big club.

    all of these things would just make the game so immersive although it has improved alot in the last few years like the international fixtures are far more realistic with proper qualifying campaigns for international tournaments and so on.

    i dunno how doable it is to have interaction with players/manager and agents and the like but the rest of the stuff i mentioned is very doable and would just make it the career mode the best ever.

    but i fear since ea make all there money from fut they dont care so much these things. but at the end of the day if you cant play online all the time and sometimes want to play alone.

  29. NB16 says:

    How about proper commentary and team celebrations?
    When you make it all the way to the Champions Cup Final, (Come on EA, get the rights to the UEFA Champions’ League), and you score, I don’t want to hear the commentator say, ‘And he’s scored. That’ll be important in this game.) I want to feel the commentators’ passion and excitement. Also, after I score, I don’t want to see only three of my teammates running behind me. I want to see the whole squad and bench pile up. That will make a passionate final.

    Also, try and do PES type celebrations. Show us the passion. That’s probably the only thing I love from PES. After I score, I want to drop the controller and just celebrate without having to direct my player towards a corner or area, and put in a button combination. EA talk about player authenticity, program them to have their own celebrations and make them do it automatically. Plus, I want to see a close up camera angle on my player straight after I score, not have a camera over the top of him from 50 metres away while he is running, and then only zooming when you do a finishing celebration.

    That’s what EA can do to make this a better game.

  30. Ryan Lo says:

    Here is an idea concerning ultimate team, and perhaps an alternative to the idea of no more trading within FIFA 15.

    As the sale of coins, and the use of Auto-buyers are clearly not aspects of Ultimate team that were intended to be a part of the game, I propose an idea that would remove these issues, and overall created a more pleasant experience for the consumer.

    Fixed Player prices – No market, but rather a set Buy and Sell price on all players in ultimate team. This value would be determined by EA.
    For example, if I wanted to purchase Ronaldo, his purchase price might be 500,000 coins from the day the game is released, until the game no longer supports ultimate team.

    If I were to get him in a pack, I could sell him back to EA, and use my 800,000 to purchase a new player.

    Essentially this will prevent coin traders (how will they carry through transactions), and will still allow players to craft their ultimate team without purchasing a ridiculous number of packs.

    Hope this makes sense… 🙂

  31. Ndumiso says:

    When you ‘time-waste’ with your goalie, let them get a yellow card instead of them automatically kick the ball.

  32. Stevie.b says:

    Pro clubs…could be so much more…an open world were uyou train either alone or with other users across the world…could do mini games like one on one …keep ups ect or better yet use the skill games section and turn that into pro clubs…were more u improve better you become

  33. Alex says:

    Bring back offline team creation and team edit for CM.

  34. Big-D says:

    Online career mode is the big must!!
    Custom kits and badges in pro clubs
    Custom boots
    Champions league licences
    More coins or bonus’s after a FUT match.

    Tweaks to career mode like if your players are bid on you can ask for one of there players plus ex amount of money.
    Better press stuff
    More player and board interaction.

  35. ruairi tumelty says:

    If your a bpl team on manager career and you win the league with Liverpool you should be able to then have the gold bpl crest the following year

  36. Peter says:

    I would love to see the players on the bench and the coaches as well. the coach going up and down coaching during the game. some frustrations by the players. real fans reactions. pls no racism. improved celebrations when you won the cup. Champions league like it is. pls hear our voice.

  37. venkat Anurag says:

    For me the most necessary thing is that they provide more managerial positions. If i want to start with a small club and i improve the rating of the club from 3 to 5 star …still there are no offers from giants. I would like EA to provide managerial jobs as the team progresses.

    I think to make the game more realistic some transfers should not be allowed what ever the price you bid. For a person managing real madrid ,it is very easy to buy most of the players, that should be avoided.

  38. Rajan says:

    Ok so I’m kind of disappointed with the career mode,on FIFA 14, there has to be major improvements on both player and manager career mode, show the player and manager talking to the press, make the crowd more realistic (If Manchester United win the title, there should be a pitch invasion that would be cool) There should be better crowd reactions in general. You should be able to change your kits every year, on career mode because you get tires of seeing the same kits each time, on player you should be able to customize your boots. And all that money you make you should be able to buy new houses, cars and more. You should be able to have practice sessions, sort of like nba 2k14 but not exactly the same becuz at the end of the day they are two different sports, but the ideas that are in career for nba are pretty cool

  39. prk says:

    in the player career mode, a player should be able to play from bench, & the player should control his morale, if he is happy or not.The last

    is that the manager must give a new contract, and the player would tell his demands & also if he wants to stay or not.

  40. Khodani Nemalamangwa says:

    Creating a pro – please make a system/engine that allow us to use a photo from our photos in our consoles while creating a pro so that the player looks like ourselves.

    • Khodani Nemalamangwa says:

      and that happening or the system being available is very likely on fifa 16 as fifa 15 used a face scanning of players, very soon my pro will look like me

  41. rikee says:

    (1)Unveiling of new signing should be brought into fifa15 ……..(2)release clause and buy out clause ……….(3)change of kit sponsors every season or contract with kit sponsors

  42. paul says:

    pro clubs : why cant more than one player play on any , it would help a lot , rather than relying on the computer players .

  43. abc says:

    Online career mode
    world cup bidding
    Super-league support(a super league is a league with all the world’s best teams if you didn’t know)
    more commentators
    club transfers
    Online career mode would have the difficulty locked to whatever you choose when you open the session
    super league support would have a toggle option at the start and would feature turning off the champions cup(to avoid playing Portsmouth in the group stage), renaming the league you choose and changing its symbol
    EA should add more commentators and even their matches out, also commentators not on your match in CM would provide goal news
    club transfers would let you buy clubs (eg. city own new york and Melbourne) and use the b and c teams in Spain
    World cup bidding would allow you to join in a non timed auction for International competitions(the world cup especially) host rights if you manage an International team. The FA you work for would have a budget with bns. FAs you oppose would have a determination rating based on their last hosted tournament. eg. Brasil wouldn’t push far for the 2030 world cup and Uruguay and England would push very far. This would prevent it being down to the richest. also an FA can’t get 2 tournaments very close together.

  44. abc says:

    Fifa 16 by the way

  45. asdf says:

    In career mode you should be able to do the skill games and choose the player to do them. This player will then get better in the aspect of the skill game.

  46. Aidan Steel says:

    i think with any team on carrer mode u should get the champions badges if u win the barclays preimer legue

  47. Aidan Steel says:

    espially on fifa 15 and 16

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