Shooting and Finishing Guide

FIFA 15 allows players to shoot, pass and chip the ball with even more realism and even more variation.
In this guide we will provide with tips on how to score like a pro.

What to look for in a striker
First you’ll need to pick the best forward on your team or sign one in career mode. You’ll want a footballer that has high ratings in the following:
• Finishing
• Shot Power
• Long Shots
• Volleys
• Reactions
• Ball Control
• FK Acc. (if you want to score from free kicks)
• Heading Acc. (if you want to score from corners etc with your head)

The following traits are useful:
• Long Shot Taker
• Finesse Shot
• Power Free-Kick
• Power Header
• Flair

As are these specialties:
• Distance Shooter
• Clinical Finisher
• Complete Forward
• Aerial Threat (for headers)
• Acrobat (for bicycle kicks etc)
• Poacher
• Free Kick Specialist

When to shoot
Using the shoot button is not really enough to get you through the game, but knowing when to shoot can make all the difference.

Generally you’ll want to get into a position that:
• Has a clear space in front of your player
• Isn’t too far out (the edge of the box is fine, but halfway line stuff is rarely ever worth it)
• Has you facing the opposition’s goal (unless you want to do a bicycle kick or other acrobatic shot)
• Presents you with an angle that isn’t ludicrous (shooting from the corner flag is a waste)

How to shoot
Once you’re in a good spot, hold down the shoot button for less than a second and aim towards goal. If you’re running and have kicked the ball slightly ahead of you, you can hold it a little longer before releasing.
Don’t hold the button down too much or you’ll sky it.
Hold the left analog stick up or down slightly while shooting to change the shot’s direction. Push it too far and the shot will go wide, too little and it will hardly move. Not at all and your shot will go towards the centre of the goal. Pushing towards the goal will add topspin, pushing away will add backspin.
Remember – every player is different. Some will keep shots low even when you’ve held the button for a while.

There are of course, many different types of shots and button variations that work better than others, you can read more of our FIFA 15 shooting tips in our guide but for now these will be enough top tips to get you scoring more goals on FIFA.

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36 Responses to Shooting and Finishing Guide

  1. Ilia says:

    Does ‘positioning’ not matter at all for a striker?

  2. Martin Hamilton says:

    I play fifa regularly until last year my fifa 13 broke on me cause i no internet updates. so i had to back track to fifa 12. The difference between the games in huge and i am finding it extremely difficult.

    I am playing on provisional but finding even creating a chance hard and can only score via headers. When my player has 3 yards of space in front when he receives the ball the opposition catch up every time so even having the space to shoot is difficult and i am finding frustrating

    Any tips in general would be appreciated

    Ps I am usually a World class player on career mode

  3. Glenn says:

    I can tell you that 14 is very different from 13 especially in that just about every sharp turn or change of direction slows your player down while in possession and gives the defence an opportunity to tackle you. I’ve been trying different things and so far switching analog sprint on helps AAAALOT for starters. I also realize that using the LT(protect the ball) on offense is good wen trying to regain control wen the defender is trying to challenge u. Idk if this helps but its been helping me thus far.

  4. Martin Hamilton says:

    Thanks Glenn will try that when i get home. What about the shooting still cant score unless its a header . all shot straight at the keeper or over the bar so frustrating

  5. King says:

    How do you shoot when yoy whant the top corner?

  6. Mick says:

    Love this website! After following these tips and the skill tips and the header tips, basically all of them, the magic has started happening. last night online i got the ball with Hernanes and had no room to pick a pass so dragged it back flicked it past a player and played a perfect L1 Triangle ball to Neymar and lobbed the onrushing keeper off the bar and in on the volley, THANKS! buying the guide next week…

  7. Tommy says:

    how do you keep the ball on the gorund with a powerful kick? such as kicking it under the wall in free kicks

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Hold L1 when taking the free-kick and under 1 bar of power is required. Normal shots you need to make sure you’re sprinting or have a decent touch in front of your player and then don’t hold too much power. HAs to be in and around, or under, 2 bars of power.


  8. david says:

    How do u switch analog sprint on. I hammer a team but cant score than the last 5 mins they score

  9. Peter says:

    Lol I cannot score a single goal I hold circle down all the time it does not go in? keeper saves it

    • FIFA Expert says:

      You need to make sure you’re leaving yourself enough room to get the shot off, there is no pressure from defenders and your aiming your shots to the corners by the sounds of it. Hard to say without actually watching.

  10. Feyenoord4Life says:

    Hi, how can I do a low shot over the ground? I saw a video on Youtube that it’s a good way to score on 1-on-1 situations in the box. But which buttons do I need for it? I play on the ps3.


  11. ob says:

    I cant get a x box or an ps3 and i use a tablet and i want to know how to do a low power shot

  12. Ndivhuza says:

    Guys I’m good on creating chances but my problem is that I dnt know how to take powerful shot using analog coz every time I shoot it curl……… How do I take powerful shot to the corner?

  13. mureed says:

    How to score amotonaye goal?

  14. Tom says:

    Hello Fifa Expert,

    I am new to Fifa 15 on the PS4 and I was just wondering If you could help me on how to get better at the game – I’ve always been a FPS gamer and Fifa is new too me I’m not rubbish but everyone online seems to dominate me like 3-0 etc.

    Any tips would be appreciated, I’ve read some of the articles on here.

  15. freddie says:

    I got one question when I’m winning at the end of a game i mostly let a goal in and it ends in a draw how could I defend better on counter attacks??

  16. peter says:

    Playing career mode on fifa15. Its the first time i have played fifa and im really enjoying it. My player has made 10 appearances and has scored 32 goals so far this season. I am not a skillful player but what ive noticed is that this game is very realistic. i have read books that focus on striking and in the games i apply what i know and it really works. e.g always staying between the two centerbacks and “splitting” them. i have knocked in three or more goals per game ranging from easy tap ins to wild through ball breaks. My advice to other players is to familiarise themselves with player roles and just keep it simple the rest will follow.

  17. Teo says:

    How do u do acrobatic??

  18. Saif says:

    How to score long goals

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