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This Fifa 15 crossing guide will help you find your team mates more consistently from a variety of areas on the pitch. Combine this with the attacking headers area of the site and you’ll be causing all sorts of problems for the opposition.

The very basics of crossing are as follows.

-Press the cross button once and this will swing a cross towards the far post and beyond.
-Double tap the button and this will send a lower trajectory ball towards the near post area of the goal.
-Triple tap will dispatch the ball in with pace along the floor.
-Hold L1 or LB while crossing from outside the crossing zone and an early cross will be delivered for your attackers to run onto.

Many of you reading this will already know these basic fundamentals and will know that crossing isn’t just choosing one of those options and boom; you’ve got a free header/volley/shot on goal. The power bar does still affect where the ball ends up. Tap the cross button and the cross will be dinked into the area whereas holding the cross button down will result in the cross more than likely floating over every player in the area and out for a throw-in on the opposite side.

Player stats
It is important that you know who to cross the ball with. Obviously, important statistics here are crossing, curve and vision. If you know a player doesn’t have the greatest stats for crossing then don’t use him to cross with. Sounds fairly obvious but a lot of people WILL do this.

Know who is in the box
There is little point in crossing the ball if you see that your speedy 5 foot 5 inch winger is the only player in the box. More often than not a tall, strong, powerful centre-back or full-back will easily deal with the danger and you’ll end up losing possession.

Crossing angles and player positioning
This is probably the most crucial tip to remember. If your player if running away from goal at an angle with the sprint button held down and you try a cross the ball it will have little accuracy and you will be lucky to keep the ball in play.

It is important that your player crossing the ball is on his stronger foot and if possible, is facing towards the area he is crossing or at least on an angle to it. This will result in the optimum accuracy for the cross. Running parallel to the area is also good if you want to whip an out-swinging ball away from the goalkeeper.

This is key; we have experimented with crosses from all over the pitch with different players. You’ll get to know which type of crosses work best in which situations and you’ll soon start scoring more goals from crosses.

Use these Fifa 15 Crossing Guide tips to help improve your attacking skills vastly. To improve even further, you can purchase our guides >>>

4 Responses to Crossing Guide

  1. eric rooney says:

    Thinking of getting rid of fifa and Xbox because of this problem
    cant cross propperly cant defend propperly
    goals keep going in on 45
    Shooting all over the place

    • Paul says:

      I feel the same. It is frustrating. Every time I try to cross, the ball goes over and almost to the sideline. But when the other team gets a corner, it is a goal.
      Another thing is when the other guy just go forward and dribbles. I can never reach them. He just speeds and pass close to my defender, but can’t stop it.

  2. stifler says:

    on ps3 is impossible to cross..always too long with no potence did straight and goes instead of the center outside the area..ridicolous

  3. dipa says:

    To fix this problem, just go to the setting menu >gameplay assistance settings,>on cross assisstace chose “semi”, it would help u alot

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