FIFA 15 Ultimate team guide

This guide is the one you want if you’re wanting to learn all of FIFA Expert’s VERY BEST TIPS FOR FUT. Not only this, there have been contributions from 4 of the worlds best FIFA FUT players (see their details in our guest tips pages and on the home page). What this means is, you’ll be getting access to some of the very best tips that are available to help you get better at FIFA 15, in particular on Ultimate team.

Please see the slideshow below to see some of the new sections and improved areas for the FUT guide.

As you can see, in the slideshow there is a HUGE, updated trading section with contributions from some of the worlds best legitimate traders.

The chapters in this guide are as follows:

– Introduction
– Team chemistry
– The basics
– Chemistry styles explained
– Best chemistry styles for certain positions
– Best chemistry styles for your style of play
– Building your team effectively
– Team maintenance
– Best suited formations for FUT
– Club and EA catalogue tips
– Trading tips
– The basics
– How to make coins quickly and easily
– Selling tips
– 12 page trading walkthrough from a top 100 worldwide trader on FIFA 12, 13 & 14

– FIFA Expert’s favourite trading methods
– Mass bidding
– In depth trading with TOTW
– Trading with unpopular IF’s
– Trading with IF’s
– Making coins using players with chemistry styles
– Price fixing
– Trading with consumables
– Trading using real-life player performances
– Trading using tournaments

– FIFA Expert’s hidden gems of trading
– How to pick players to trade with
– Trading with different amount of coins
– Best tips summarised

Many thanks

The FIFA Expert team

13 Responses to FIFA 15 Ultimate team guide

  1. Johan Borg says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase the TACTICAL + FUT Guide. how can i do so ? thanks

  2. Anis says:

    Most suitable chemistry style for
    lukaku n benteke?
    Which is better deadeye or finisher?

  3. Ovidiu says:

    Hi. I would like To have fut tips tactical and fifa guide. Thank You

  4. Judas says:

    A good BBVA CM for a hybrid LigaBBVA-Bundesliga,its a 4-4-2

  5. Bryan says:

    Which chemistry styles do you recommend on these players?

    Di Maria
    Sergio Ramos
    SIF Godin


  6. luke says:

    Hi what’s the best chemistry style for messi

  7. damien says:

    I want a England team. what are the best players I should use for my England team. I would like all platinum gold or over 81+ rating so id like a list of the players u recommend for me and what chemistry style. thanks a lot if u can help me

  8. damien says:

    also I bout a team of the week Rooney for 250 000 coins and I lost the coins and didn’t get him so what should I do.

  9. Alex says:

    Most suitable chemistry style for Vitolo

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