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This guide is the one you want if you’re wanting to learn all of FIFA Expert’s VERY BEST TACTICAL TIPS. Not only this, there have been contributions from 4 of the worlds best FIFA players (see their details in our guest tips pages and on the home page). What this means is, you’ll be getting access to some of the very best tips that are available to help you get better at FIFA 15.

Please see the slideshow below to see some of the new sections and improved areas for the tactical guide.

As you can see, in the slideshow there are 10 brand new vintage team set-ups, you’ll be able to copy the formations for your teams on FUT, H2H and Career Mode, copy the runs they make (for career mode) and also use the custom tactics we have worked extremely hard (over many, many hours of research) to get you as close as possible, to playing like the team you have chosen. More details on this very soon.

See below to see what you’ll get from this guide.

• A complete guide for 21 x FIFA 15 formations.
• A complete guide for 10 of the world’s best ever football teams formation set-up and custom tactics to get you playing exactly as they did
• Full, detailed breakdown of how custom tactics work as well as examples of slider settings to use for different styles of play.

There are plenty of articles in the public domain in terms of formation guides out there but nothing as extensive and helpful as this will be for you.

The first section of the guide outlines the strengths and weaknesses for 21 of the most popular formations on FIFA. Furthermore, it details the key players/positions for each formation, it is important you take this into account so you can make sure you have strong players in these areas. This will enable you to get the most out of a), the players and b), the formation.

Also, please take note on the type of style that each formation suits best. Having suggested these with each formation, this isn’t to say you won’t be able to play a certain way with your favourite but just outlines our personal opinion after having experimented with each formation extensively throughout the years.
With this guide you don’t just get these 4 great tips per formation you also get an exclusive visual diagram designed by us for each formation and a detailed shaded area of where each of the formations has strength as well as areas of weakness. The areas in red are the areas of danger for the formation and where the set-up has a weakness and the areas in white are areas where the formation is strongest and most powerful. You should take this into account when selecting your players for your team.

A brand new section this year focuses on 10 of the world’s best ever teams from the last half a century. Here, we explain the greatness of the team and how they went about being such a dominant team. Not only this, however, you also get a hugely detailed formation diagram with correct team colours and player likeness. AND also, detailed player movement arrows AND full slider settings for custom tactics for each team to get your players playing and moving as close to the vintage team of world beaters as possible. See below for a free one, because we’re so kind!

Brazil 1970 formation and tactics

You’ll get an explanation like this: Often described as the greatest team of all-time and it is easy to see why when you watch old clips of this team. Every player was comfortable in possession and they were all extremely athletic.

They played an expansive 4-2-4 which meant that sometimes the shape of the team would baffle journalists around the world. Carlos Alberto (the scorer of that wonderful 4th goal in the final of 1970) would bomb on down the right hand side which would allow the powerful Jairzinho to come in off the wing and join in with Tostao and Pele. Tostao had a very unselfish role and often dropped deeper to allow the movement and creativity of others to flourish.

Gerson and Clodoaldo controlled the midfield, much as a modern day Pirlo or xavi would do with the latter almost never progressing into attacking positions. Rivelino had somewhat of a free role although the extremely skilful left sided player would operate on this side of the field more often than not. All the back four could play and they would shift across to make a tight back three when Carlos Alberto was flying down the right hand side.
They were truly, a phenomenal side.

You’ll also get our hugely researched CUSTOM TACTICS for the team to help get you playing like they did!!

That’s not it!!! This year we have expanded and modernised our section on custom tactics. This year we have kept the breakdown and explanations for each area of the custom tactics sliders so you fully understand how to adjust your sliders to suit your style best. Not only this, we also offer several different styles of play and tell you where to set your sliders to achieve the optimum performance from your team for that style of play. We’ll help you set your teams up to play possession, counter attack, high pressure, defending deep, defending compact and many, many more styles.

Many thanks

The FIFA Expert team

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