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The Gameplay and Game Mode + Tactical Guide + FUT Guide will be just £5.99 for a limited time! (saving of 40% of original price)
The Gameplay and Game Mode & FUT Guide will be just £4.49
The Gameplay and Tactical guide will be just £4.49
The Tactical guide and FUT guide will be just £3.99

These prices represent brilliant savings. Just use the buy now buttons in the sidebar.

Individual prices for the guides are as follows:
The FIFA 15 Gameplay and Game Mode Guide will be available for £3.99;
The FIFA 15 Tactical Guide will be available for £2.99;
The FIFA 15 FUT Guide will be available for £2.99.

The guides are user friendly for both PS4 & XBOXONE as well as the PS3 & XBOX360 (PC also!)

FIFA Expert’s FIFA 15 Game Play and Game Mode Guide will DEFINITELY help you to become a better player and improve your experience of playing this great game. If you’re a novice then there is going to be hundreds of things for you to learn and practice. This guide is solidly packed with …. pages of expert tips and include many tips which are accompanied with our exclusively detailed instructions. Not only this, there dozens of new exclusive diagrams to work alongside some of the tips so that you’ll fully understand the process of what we are trying to explain. A huge new skills and dribbling section shows this off superbly as we walk you through exactly which button combinations and rotations you need to use and in which areas of the pitch.

If you’re fed up of conceding stupid, sloppy goals or not been able to create/finish chances on the attacking side of your game then look no further, at just £…. for …. pages packed full of the very best tips on the internet, the guide can be yours by paying securely through PayPal with a delivery time usually within 24 hours but no more than 48. The guide covers EVERY area of the game in huge depths of detail. See the slideshow above for further details.

How to get your hands on a copy?
We run all the purchasing through the secure site – PAYPAL.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

All you need to do is, choose which guides you’re wanting to get your hands on from the drop down menu and then click the buy now PayPal button in our sidebar over there >>>>>>> if there are any problems with your order then get in touch with our dedicated guide sales team through email address – using the subject title of ‘GUIDE PURCHASE’ in your email and they will help you process your order as soon as possible.

We have also worked extremely hard and spent hours upon hours experimenting with every formation and dozens of different custom tactics settings to bring you our FIFA 15 Tactical Guide. This guides details 21 of the most popular formations on FIFA 15 but, there is more, you’ll also get a whole bunch of custom tactics to employ for several styles of play. THAT’S NOT ALL. This year we’re very excited to bring you our special, exclusive VINTAGE TEAMS FORMATIONS AND CUSTOM TACTICS. In this guide, you’ll also get 10 different fully explained set-ups for 10 of the worlds BEST EVER teams such as Brazil 1970, Holland 1974 etc. To see more and an example of what you’ll get, click here….

FUT GUIDE our Ultimate Team Guide is specifically designed to get the most from your FUT 15 experience. The guide is ….pages long and, purchased on its own, will cost you just £…. In this guide, you’ll get tops tips and fully explained areas for….

If you compare that to the prices of PS3/PS4 points or Xbox/Xboxone points to buy FUT packs we promise that this guide will be much, much better value and you’ll get more out of the guides than you will with 24 average cards possibly worth the value of 25k FUT coins. EA make enough money, don’t spend more than you need to, this guide will help you spend less real money on the game so it’s massively worth the small investment.

Here are what the guides look like all together*

*Guides are sent as a protected PDF/Ebook to avoid copyright infringements. They are readable across dozens of formats and devices for your ease of reading.*

83 Responses to FIFA 15 Guides

  1. Daniel Brigham says:

    Pre order fifa 15 guide

  2. Kelvin Osuoji says:

    When do we have to pay?

  3. Jean says:

    I am trying to register with you guys but everytime I try to enter my name and e-mail adress it goes to the pre-order page, please help.

  4. Tyrone says:

    Want to place a pre order for the fifa 15 guides, the bundle pack.

  5. John says:

    Want to pre-order the guide but do you ship worldwide ?

  6. Parker says:

    Preorder for gameplay & tactical guide

  7. Nicholas Chalk says:

    Hi mate – can you deliver to Singapore? Or is there an e- guide version available?

    • FIFA Expert says:


      We ship worldwide as they’re sent as an e-version or PDF which are readable across several formats. The Gameplay and Game Mode guide is still being worked on right up until the main release in the UK as we continue to discover new tips and update the ones that we have to make them applicable for FIFA15. You can buy today though and then they will be sent on Friday for you at the very latest.


  8. Gary says:


    Can you please add me to your pre-order list? The 14 guides gave me a great heads-up and I’m hoping the 15 guides do similar.



  9. trevor says:

    first off let me say great guide as usual I am little bit confuded here in you tactical guide you label 442-2 the #1 formation an then in another part of the guide discuss three top formation which was I believe 433 was number one I forgot the others
    lost year guide you point out 4321 was number one which It lead me to div 1 didn’t win it but it was ok.

    I would also like to know your camera settings

    I also cant find 4321 in season which is my favorite formation thanks to you and that genius fifa mind of yours

    any help will be great if you like u could respond back to me thru my email.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Thanks for the feedback.

      If we’ve talked about a different formation as one of our favourites in a different area/part of the guide then it is usually in a slightly different context, i.e best formation for a style of play or a formation that suits counter attacking etc. The ones that are ranked are our favourites overall, across the game modes.

      We will tweet out our camera settings for you or do a page on our site that has them.


      Pete @ FIFA Expert

  10. trevor says:

    ok thanks great

  11. Daniel Brigham says:

    Hi guys,

    Perfect as always, worth every penny 🙂 as above could I have a link or a pm regarding your camera settings? This would be awesome

    Cheers everyone involved

  12. Dan says:

    Hi can you put me in the preorder list for the FUT 15 guide? Cheers!

  13. JERM says:

    Hi there, I just preordered and paid through PayPal. So I should expect the guides to be emailed to me on Friday UK time? I’m from Singapore by the way. Thanks.

  14. JB says:

    3rd year straight buying this guide. Awesome. Totally worth it.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Thanks for the feedback and continued custom. It is our aim to improve the guides EACH AND EVERY YEAR and we believe we’ve done that so far. We are very proud of these new guides.

  15. trevor says:

    hi guys
    i went trough all the guides this morning and i say that i am surprised with what i found
    thanks a lot keep it up i surely be one of first waiting to buy next year guide
    thus we havent even started this fifa great job guys

  16. SteveT says:

    Hi guys, just wondering (as a prospective buyer) how upto date are these guides given the game was only released yesterday? Do you cover the new tactical options (individual player instructions etc?) and controls or are these more general tips based on last years game?

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Our tactical guide doesn’t cover all the individual player instructions that you can employ in career mode etc. We have a huge section on custom tactics and formation breakdowns. Our FUT guide covers hundreds of items all relevant to FIFA 15 AND our gameplay and game mode guide is 125 pages long with 75 pages of brand new content which has all been adapted to FIFA 15. We’ve already played hundreds of hours including demo play, early access play, as well as having access to the full release for over a week now (due to a contact we have ;-). Cheers

  17. trevor says:

    hi fifa expert I notice you guys set up your gameplay assistance like this

    passing power assistance to ON but didn’t you notice when you play online FUT it got turn off automatically ?

  18. paul noga says:

    After looking around at all the free guides online by various people, which are all mainly good but time consuming as what info i wanted would be on a different site rather than in one place so i took the plunge and bought these 3 guides and now i can say that i don’t need to spend ours trailing around the internet with notepad open because everything thats worth knowing and more is these so if anyone is like i was and 50/50 will i or won’t about buying these well i’d say go for it any day of the week, it’s not going to break the bank and if you think about it logically it could save you a lot more money than you might spend on ultimate team without checking these out!!!

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Thank you very much for this Paul, we put hundreds of hours of research and editing into the guides so really appreciate you taking the time to leave some feedback.

      Thanks again.

  19. Luis says:

    Hi there , i’m interested in your guides, what do i have to do to get them? It Just goes straight to the payment. .. shouldnt i give my email first? Thanks

  20. Thomas Coleman says:

    Excellent guide! I have purchased many guides for various different games in the past and would be hard pressed to name a better one than this. Without a doubt it has improved my gameplay tenfold, in a very short space of time. The amount of knowledge gained in a few hours of reading this guide would take me years to achieve solo. Thanks for creating a great product! Very impressed.

  21. Kamil says:

    Hello, I’ve just order a FUT Guide and really looking forward to recieve it ! Cheers

  22. ramlie says:

    Hello. I’ve just order all 3 guide and really looking forward to receive it also. Thanks and cheers bro.

  23. Punshi says:

    Hi. Just purchased all three guides. I´m looking forward to reading them 🙂

  24. Nick says:

    These guides are great, I had last years guides but these have taken me to the next level .I love the skills section with diagrams and have made over 220k in trading with these tips.

    Thanks fifa expert

  25. Luther Vandros says:

    I bought the guide and have been very impressed. Loads of helpful tips and pointers, especially pointing out promising youngsters on Career mode.

  26. Trevor says:

    Hi expert do you recommend a formation to used to play season and fut .i am general playing style type of guy ?

  27. Trevor says:

    Also I am loving the new button changes .iam kill people online . I just like to change stuff up because I get bored easily

  28. Awesom says:

    I order the guide and still didn t get it.

  29. jordan says:

    Hello. I’ve just order all guide and really receive it also. Thanks and cheers bro. email me

  30. jay says:

    Hi i want to purchase the 7.99 bundle but when i click pay now nothing happens

  31. jordan says:

    Hi i want to purchase the 7.99 $ packet but when i click pay now nothing happens. help me

  32. jack says:

    hi there I purchased all three guides earlier today. When can I expect to receive them.cheers

  33. aaron says:

    paid via paypal but it didn’t ask me for an email, willl my guide b sent to the same address as my paypal.

  34. Edward says:

    I bought the fut & tactic guide, but haven’t received it yet.. Can you send the guide please

  35. Patrick says:

    Achter long searching i found you guys… how can i purchase the tactical guide? Im from holland by the way…

  36. JC says:

    hi . i wanted to buy the FIFA 15 Tactical Guide , i clicked .. but nothing happened ? how to purchase ?

  37. Barry says:

    Bought the bundle as I was struggling with the game… Some really good info and have been improving, the little tips and hints are a godsend!

    Happy purchaser!

  38. anca says:

    Hello fifaexpert,

    I interesting to buy the guide, but I have several question.

    1. What the different in your guide, with free guide on youtube by other people?
    2. Is the guide book will update later? Because sometimes EA make update for fifa 15.
    3. Is any video to support the guide book?

    • FIFA Expert says:

      All info about our guides are on the site and there is no video representation of our tips but they are very detailed and have hundreds on diagrams to go alongside them Cheers

  39. Lee Damons says:


    Would like to purchase the guides

  40. blindcant says:

    Hi guys,

    I am a bit late to post here, but I bought the guides a while ago (maybe a couple of weeks I now) and they have been really helpful. I have been playing FIFA on and off since 1996 but never online, so obviously I was terrible when I started to play online a month ago with FIFA 15. These guides as well as the YouTube guides from Dirty Mike and Ovvy really helped me to become a better player a lot quicker, I went from Division 10 up to Division 4 quite quickly (in about a week or 2) but I got relegated back to Division 5 after 3 seasons in 4. Not bad I think for someone playing FIFA online for one month only!

    I bought all 3 guides and have read most of all of them, some really good information in there especially for new players to FUT and Seasons like me. One suggestion I could make is with the FIFA 15 Tactical Guide is maybe adding the player instructions to the formations as well as having a section explaining what they are exactly for FIFA. Since these aren’t there I am kind of mixing the custom tactics in your guides with the player instructions from Ovvy’s custom tactics. Anyway it was worth the money, especially on sale, so thanks!

  41. trevor says:

    Hi, once again love the guide win couple of tourney, and when to div 2 but my biggest problem as usually like lost year is that I cant seem to get a good fit on the camera setting any suggestion?

  42. Oj says:

    Great service and will look forward to read the guides. Will leave comment afterwards.
    Keep up the good work.

  43. Kerem says:

    Hey ordeted a guide when will it arrive

  44. Martin Gerard says:

    So much useful information in thoses guides! New to Fifa or looking for special ‘expert’ tactics, just buy this guide 😉

  45. JD says:

    Cheers guys for the bundle. Big effort and much appreciated. Well worth the investment.

  46. abbas2015 says:

    how to buy The Gameplay and Tactical guide fifa 15 with paypal?

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