FUT / Ultimate Team Bargain Silver Players

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team / FUT, Silver Bargain Players! ! !

If you are looking for bargain players, you have come to the right place. This article details the best players in each position, who are selling for less than 1000 coins, and are specifically in the silver rating cap (between 65 and 74) Each position has a fast player, a strong player, and then a player who is clinical in whatever position they are in. For example, the most important aspect of a striker is his finishing, so the best finisher is the one titled Clinical. Hopefully this will help you uncover some beast players, and win more games!


David N’gog (70)

Standing at 6ft3 inches tall, possessing 82 pace, N’gog is a scary player to see on the opposing team. He is the only player over 190cm, and with 80 pace, who doesn’t cost more than 1000 coins, and this is precisely why you should be considering him. He also plays in a common silver league, the English Championship, and sells on average for 244 coins. He has the pace to beat defenders, as well as the height to contest for headers, so there is no reason not to consider him for your silver team.

Kim Shin Wook (73)

At 6ft5 , and with 93 strength, Kim Shin Wook is an absolute tank upfront. What’s more, he has 75 pace, proving he is no slouch around the field either, making him perfect for the target man role. He will dominate defenders and midfielders with his strength and height, as well as having the pace to run away from them. Worth only 500 coins at the moment, he is a bargain striker who is surely not one to overlook.

Roman Pavlyuchenko (74)

The ex Tottenham Hotspur striker, Pavlyuchenko is statistically the best finisher in the silver rating cap, with a crazy 78 long shot and 79 finishing, coupled with 78 heading accuracy, just making him a beast in front of goal. He will put away chances in almost every situation, being inside or outside the box, and with his feet or his head. Perfect if you find yourself not scoring your chances. Worth just a measly 300 coins, there’s no harm in picking up the Russian.


Carlos Sánchez (69)

With 93 pace, he will be ripping up other midfielders, and more importantly defenders in style. He can blaze past them, and if a through ball is put through, there is no doubt who will win the race to get to it. He is simply a speed demon, and this is how he should be utilised. Worth only 500 coins, an absolute bargain considering his pace, and also taking into account there is only one other player who is worth under 1000 coins with that kind of pace, and Sanchez has better stats than him.

Kalilou Traoré (71)

CDM is a role in which it is almost required for you to be a bully to other players, and that is exactly what Kalilou Traoré is. Standing at around 6ft3, and with 93 strength, he will be a solid defensive midfielder who will come out on top of a tackle more often than not with the ball. With a solid 71 rating, his other abilities are average, but it is his height and strength which put him apart from other defensive midfielders. Selling for 300 coins, you will barely notice the damage to your budget, but you will notice his presence on the pitch.

Marcos Assuncao (73)

Now you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but Marcos Assuncao has better passing than a lot of golds, and is the best passer as a silver card player. Told you, but it is absolutely 100% true. He has a staggering 86 short passing, and 83 long passing, making him a complete midfield maestro. His ball control is also 82, meaning he resembles the play style of Pirlo, picking up the ball and distributing it. He will cut defences open and will hardly ever misplace a pass, and all this is just for 750 coins, incredible.


Gordon Bunoza (66)

If you were thinking that you would get a small player filling the “Fast” spot, then you are completely wrong. Bunoza stands at a gargantuan 6’4, whilst also possessing 83 pace, which for a centre back is just incredible. This allows him to win headers comfortably, whilst being able to defend against pacey strikers. Did I also mention he has 92 strength? In all honesty I have considered playing Bunoza centre back for some time, and I believe he would be truly unstoppable there.

Moustapha Sall (73)

Sall is another beast, but this time for one reason only, his strength. He has 94 strength and he isn’t afraid to use it. You may recall that name if you have read some other of our articles, and this is because he is one of the highest strength players in the game, and is still only a silver card player. Worth just 340 coins at the moment, he is an absolute steal.

Andy Wilkinson (74)

Although you would expect a centre back to have this title, the most clinical defender in the silver rating cap is RB Andy Wilkinson. He has an amazing 84 standing tackle, and 81 sliding tackle, which I have to say is brilliant for his rating. He will miss hardly any tackles, and you will find him time and time again winning possession back for you. Worth 440 coins, he will definitely pay you back in ball winning.

Martin Olsson

Team-Norwich City
Normal position-LB
Our favoured position-LB
Overall rating-73

Martin Olsson is the most complete fullback on the game, yes I have said it this man is just brilliant he is insanely fast and can catch nearly every winger on the game. Even the likes of Walcott, Biabany etc, you name it and he’ll still be able to catch them. Accompany this with his brilliant strength and he is the all-round fullback, made even better that he is in the BPL so getting him in a squad is pretty simple.
Player review by Hamaad Karim (Twitter – @HamaadKarim)

Casto (68)

This is a list of bargain players, and this is exactly what I would class Casto as. He has an unprecedented 82 diving and 81 reflexes, although only being a 68 rated goalkeeper. His kicking may be poor, and his handling not great, but he will save shots time and time again, and has the ability to get to shots which many silver keepers would just stand still at. Worth just 300 coins, he is a total steal, and worth investing in.

Use these FIFA 14 Ultimate Team / FUT tips to pick up some great silver players to build your squads around. Get them picked up for your squads even if you aren’t planning on using them just yet as their price could rise and they become unearthed and discovered by the FIFA community.

Article researched and written by Mitchell Awbery (Twitter – @MrAwbery).

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  1. hamaad karim says:

    guys i frikin love u thanks so much absolutly loving mr.wooky and n’gog i already discovered but pavlu whatever is out of this world its like ure rolling back the years to euro 2008 love Fifa Expert thanks you

  2. virisan says:

    hey friend.. did some tried juninho?? he’s awesome with long shot and passing.. he’s a winner.. just give a try

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