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Visit this page regularly to see who FIFA Expert’s FUT expert is suggesting are the best gold ultimate team player bargains. We’ll tip why they will be one of the cheapest players that will still give you great performance. Much like Ben Arfa, Esswein and dozens of others on FIFA 13. Watch this space.

Player 1

Pace – 91
Shooting – 71
Dribbling – 86
Passing -76
Defending – 43
Heading – 50
Weak Foot – 4*
Skill Moves – 5*
Average price from current date (24/9/2013) – 11,000 – 13,000

Team – Shakhtar Donetsk
Nation – Brazil
Normal Postion CAM
Our favoured postion – CF
Overall Rating – 80

Bernard is an extremely quick, nippy player with a low centre of gravity his pace and acceleration feels even quicker than the suggested 91! He is a great CAM player, but we find using him at CF really gets the most from him playing in between the lines of the opposition defence and midfield.

His attacking work rate is high and medium defensive work rate means, using him as a CAM can seem to leave you short in midfield and a bit lightweight so that’s why we suggest playing him at CF. This is a great way to utilise his stats. Out of the 8 games we have tried so far we have scored nearly 2 goals a game with him. His weakness would be strength being ONLY 21 but we find we tend to win many free-kicks because of the agility (93) and Balance (94).

Player 2

Pace – 83
Shooting – 83
Dribbling – 78
Passing – 56
Defending – 42
Heading – 68
Weak Foot – 3*
Skill moves 3*
Average price from (10/1/2013) 3,500- 4,000

Team – Spurs
Nation – England
Normal position – ST
Our favoured position – ST
Overall Rating – 81

Defoe is an excellent goal scorer, he has great finishing and Long shots. We have Defoe to be a great player for someone that does not want to spend to much on a team. His positioning as a striker is great vs most defences.
His attacking work rate is MED and so is his defence so we find sometimes he is not always up the pitch but most of the time he will be waiting on that defence line ready to counter attack and create a chance on goal. Out of the 12 games we have played with Defoe, we have scored 8 and created 7 assists. Defoe’s weakness would most likely be his height as he only stands at 5 ft 6 but his strength for a little guy is still decent at 62.

Player 3

Pace – 86
Shooting – 69
Dribbling – 81
Passing – 64
Defending – 45
Heading – 70
Weak Foot – 4*
Skill moves 4*
Average price from (10/1/2013) 500-1000 coins

Team – AC Milan
National – Senegal
Normal position – RW
Our favoured position – RW
Overall Rating – 75

Niang is one of those players you need to try out, for only around 600 coins it’s almost a steal. Niang was a high rated silver on FIFA 13 with some great pace and decent shooting, well it seems everything has stayed the same when moving on too FIFA 14, the only thing that has seemed to change is the price because of him becoming a 75 rated gold player.

With Niang standing tall at 6 ft and has decent strength (75) along with great pace he is everything you want in a player for FIFA 14, he also has decent heading. We have found him to fit great into a decent Serie A squad. We have found the only problem with Niang is that his he has both High attacking and defending, this is great for 1 game but we have found his fitness levels appear to go down much faster than other players in the team. This is fine is you have endless amount of coins but for those just starting it would be wise to have a back up player to rotate your squad so you aren’t spending loads of coins on fitness cards.

Player 4
Leroy Fer
Pace – 75
Shooting – 70
Dribbling – 72
Passing – 73
Defending – 75
Heading – 85
Weak Foot – 3*
Skill moves 4*
Average price from (14/11/2013) 350 – 500

Team – Norwich
Nation – England
Normal position – CM
Our favoured position – CDM
Overall Rating – 76

Fer is a well rounded midfielder, he’s relitively quick for a CDM (where we use him). He is capable of playing the CDM role on his own but coupled with Ramires or Yaya Toure, if you have the coins, you’ll have an extremely solid line in front of your defence.

His attacking work rate is HIGH but with the defensive HIGH work rate also he is more than capable of getting up and down the pitch and not being caught out of position. Fer is strong and powerful which is obviously a desirable couple of traits to possess in FIFA 14.

As we have been SO busy recently with various things we haven’t been able to bring you detailed bargain players lately. Here are several more quick gold bargains for you.

Player 5
Santi Cazorla
Pace – 78
Shooting – 77
Dribbling – 86
Passing – 85
Defending – 50
Heading – 62
Weak Foot – 5*
Skill moves 4*
Average price from (16/12/2013) 15-16,000

Team – Arsenal
Nation – Spain
Normal position – CAM
Our favoured position – CAM
Overall Rating – 85

Cazorla, you may say, because of his price, is not a bargain. Here is why we have him as a bargain. We have tested and used, Mata, Silva, Ozil and many more CAMs in the game. Cazorla is by FAR the best value. You can dictate the flow of the game with him and he has a lethal long shot on both his LEFT and RIGHT foot. If you play a 4-1-2-1-2 then he can feed those strikers really well too. If you have a spare 15k, invest it in Santi!

Player 6
Alessio Cerci
Pace – 84
Shooting – 77
Dribbling – 84
Passing – 81
Defending – 52
Heading – 58
Weak Foot – 3*
Skill moves 4*
Average price from (16/12/2013) 1,500-1,800

Team – Torino
Nation – Italy
Normal position – RW
Our favoured position – RW
Overall Rating – 81

Cerci is a brilliant winger for your SERIE A teams. He has that left foot ability on the right wing which means he is dangerous when cutting inside to fire off shots. His dribbling is close and he can deliver the ball on his right foot with quality also. Many people will go for Cuadrado for their RW but having Cerci is definitely an option that everyone should use also.

Player 7
Marco Verratti
Pace – 68
Shooting – 62
Dribbling – 81
Passing – 79
Defending – 72
Heading – 60
Weak Foot – 3*
Skill moves 3*
Average price from (24/2/2014) 500-1,000

Marco Verratti is the most essential player for your Italy or Ligue 1 teams. He is outstanding his passing is immense and to be honest it felt even better than Xavi’s. His long shots are also amazing being so small you might wonder how he would generate so much power but his long shots are brilliant. Being 5ft 4in you may also think he would be too weak but in game, he is very strong and his dribbling rounds off a brilliant player for such a small outlay.
Review By Hamaad Karim (Twitter @HamaadKarim)

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  1. Stern says:

    Only one person?

  2. robbie says:

    defoe for 750

  3. salim haddad says:

    There’s jerome boateng 5k(overall 82) , rafinha 1k

  4. Danovic says:

    Cavani for 2200-2700 and torres for 1500

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