FUT / Ultimate Team Bargain Bronze Players

Bronze Bargain Players for FIFA Ultimate Team / FUT 14

If you are looking for bargain players, you have come to the right place. This article details the best players in each position, who are selling for less than 1000 coins (currently). Each position has a fast player, a strong player, and then a player who is clinical in whatever position they are in. For example, the most important aspect of a striker is his finishing, so the best finisher is the one titled ‘Clinical’. Hopefully this will help you uncover some beast players, and help you to win more games of ultimate team on FIFA 14!


Frank Nouble (64)

Standing at 6ft2 and a half inches, and having 80 pace, Frank Nouble is statistically the fastest player for his height. There is no other player in the bronze card section who is as tall (with the pace of him). This means he is perfect for your team if you are needing a striker who can do everything, a complete forward. He has the pace to beat bronze defenders, but the height to contest for headers and hold the ball up, and at a cheap 890 coins (on average) you cannot grumble for someone who will be a world-beater at this level.

Michael Hemmen (64)

If you want a solo striker for a bronze team, this is the man, standing at a whopping 6ft4 inches, and possessing 93 strength, he will not be hustled off the ball by anybody. Perfect for players who prefer to cross, or like a taller man to play a long-ball game with. Please note that he is not fast, and therefore should be used for the holding up of the ball, and scoring headers, lobbed through balls will definitely not work. Selling at a ridiculously low 150 coins, grab this man and watch him tank teams.

Martin Pusic (64)

This man is one thing, and one thing only, a finisher. If you find yourself going through on goal with other bronze players, and missing, then have a look at this man to fill the goal scoring void. He has 74 finishing, 67 long shots and 73 shot power, which are all much higher than his rating. He is statistically the best finisher in the bronze section, and should be considered for your team if you want a poacher. Once again at only 150 coins how can you miss the best finisher in bronze out of your team?


Georg Teigl (63)

If you want pure pace down your wings, then look no further. Teigl is the joint fastest bronze in the game, possessing 93 pace. Nobody will catch him once he starts running, and especially in lower rated teams, he will simply blaze past the right and left back. Understandably pace has taken a slight back seat in FIFA 14, but down the wing there is nothing better than angling a through ball to someone like Teigl. Like everybody in this list, he is below a 1000 coins, selling for an average of 400 coins. Insanely cheap for such a fast winger, keep your eyes on him.

Herold Goulon (63)

The strongest midfielder in the bronze section of midfielders, this man will be an enforcer at CDM. The fact that his strength is so high will mean he will bully players off the ball, especially his direct opposite, the CAM, who generally don’t rely on strength. In a low rated team which you will be playing against, Herold will be a dominant player, and one to look out for. Once again, available for only 150 coins, he is a steal if you want a solid CDM.

Carlos Lazaro (64)

The most clinical bronze midfielder, this man possesses better passing than a lot of silvers, making him vital in the build-up play for your team. You will never find him misplacing a pass, and will shine amongst other midfielders who simply cannot cut defences open like he can. With 76 short passing and 74 long passing, there is a question as to why he is in fact a bronze. Worth just 175 coins (avg price), he will be the maestro you need in midfield.


Kasper Larsen (57)

Being just 57 rated, many would overlook Larsen for the position of defender. However, his stats say that he is the tallest, fastest centre back worth under 1000 coins in the bronze rating cap. This means that whilst being tall to stop crosses, he also is faster than any other centre back (for his height) allowing him to deal with multiple types of teams. With 74 pace, and standing at 6ft3, he will be a scary defender to run at, and worth just 150 coins, have a look at him now!

Djibril Konate (63)

93 Strength, as a centre back, is just monstrous, and using strikers who will usually have no more than 65 (based on their maximum overall being 64) he will simply stop attackers in their tracks. If they challenge him in the air they will get beat, and if they try to go anywhere near him they will be dragged back and stopped. Standing at 6ft4, he is simply a machine and worth only 150 coins, perfect for any French/Ligue 2 squad.

Andrey Semenov (63)

This man is statistically the best tackler in the bronze rating cap, with 78 standing tackle, and 72 slide tackle, which incidentally is a lot higher than many silver centre backs. If you need somebody who will miss less tackles than anybody else, this is your man. The strikers will not skip past him, and he will be able to cut out more attacks than most defenders. With 79 strength, and 62 pace, he is no slouch in either department, worth just 150 coins, he is a bargain.

Pierre-Emile HØjbjerg

Team-Bayern Munich
Normal position-CM
Our favored position-CDM
Overall rating-64

This guy is an absolute brick, we have always tried to look for a cheap Schweinsteiger and we have finally found him, this man is such a good player to have in front of your back 4 as he protects them so well. We would recommend him to anyone who is building a Bundesliga team, he also has a good pass to start a counter attack or just if you prefer to play tiki-taka style of play.

Player review by Hamaad Karim (Twitter – @HamaadKarim)


Dwayne Miller (62)
With an insane 78 reflexes and 73 diving, this man will reach the most saves out of anybody who is considered a bronze. This is much higher than his 62 average, which is due to the fact his handling is poor, but who cares when he can reach shots no other bronze keeper will get to. Worth once again, 150 coins, he is not a keeper to be overlooked when making a bronze squad.

So, there you have some bronze bargains for your FUT squads. Use these FIFA 14 Ultimate Team tips to get the cheaper players before others in the market realise their potential.

Article researched and written by Mitchell Awbery (Twitter – @MrAwbery)

Player 1
Erik Mjelde
Default Position – CM
Nationality – Norway
League – Tippeligaen
Club – Lillestrøm SK
Skills – 3*
Weak Foot – 4*
Attacking work rate – High
Defensive work rate – Medium
Stand out attributes – Stamina, Shot Power and Jumping.

A Bargain?
Who could turn down statistically the best bronze player on the game and for under 1000 coins?! Mjelde excels past most gold players in many of his statistics as an extremely solid CM, CAM, CF or even ST. Don’t let his obscure league and relatively under used Nationality put you off, as players such as Tarik Elyounnoussi and Erik Huseklepp are both Norwegian also. 4* weak foot and 74 long shots also gives him an incredible shot for a bronze and he will certainly be one to look out for this year.
Price: Under 1,000 coins

Reviewed by Jack.
Twitter – @Baxta97
YouTube – BaxtaHD

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  1. Niall says:

    Try Steven smith 60 shooting 60 heading 60 passing 60 dribbling 62 defending 62 pace. He is a left back that plays for rangers and goes for 300 coins also amazing at free kicks and penalties

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