FUT / Ultimate Team Bargain Of The Week

FUT 14 Bargain Player of the week, each week our dedicated FUT expert will provide you with a bargain of the week player for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

He will outline the player details including estimated prices on consoles (at the time of writing), main attributes, position and many more things so you can try and get yourself a top performing player at a bargain price.

Be sure to check back weekly to see who the next player he picks will be.

Week 1

Duvier Riascos
Default Position – ST
Nationality – Colombia
League – Liga MX
Club – Pachuca
Skills – 4*
Weak Foot – 3*
Attacking work rate – High
Defensive work rate – Medium
Stand out attributes – Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Strength.

A Hidden Gem?
At 5’10’’ and with good strength and heading, Riascos is suitable to be a ‘classic’ target man. However, with great pace and 4* skills, he should be extremely handy on the ball as well. Players such as Moreno, Perea and Quintero, to mention a few, could give people good reason to make Colombian teams in FIFA 14, and so this player is not one to miss. The Mexican league has also been known for its pace over the last few years and so is relatively popular. If he remains relatively unknown until the game comes out, he could be a great buy on the web app during its early release.

Price Estimation: 3,000 – 5,000 coins.

Week 2

Maximilian Beister
Default Position – CF
Nationality – Germany
League – Bundesliga
Club – Hamburger SV
Skills – 3*
Weak Foot – 3*
Attacking work rate – Medium
Defensive work rate – Low
Stand out attributes – Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Balance.

A Bargain?
Beister is a pacey CF with great speed, unlike many other silvers, he has an overall shooting statistic over 70. His 72 strength will also help him to hold up the ball, an important feature in FIFA 14. Being from a popular league and country, he could potentially be a great investment for you. A great player who even has reasonable heading could be a top player and investment for FUT 14.

Current Price: 4,000 coins. Potential Price: 10,000+ coins

Week 3

Cheikhou Kouyate
Default Position – CB
Nationality – Senegal
League – Pro League
Club – RSC Anderlecht
Skills – 2*
Weak Foot – 3*
Attacking work rate – Medium
Defensive work rate – Medium
Stand out attributes –Strength, Sprint Speed and Jumping.

A Steal?
As a silver CB last year, with similar stats, at times he sold for over 50,000 coins, with an upgrade, he can now be picked up for less than 1,000. One of the fastest CBs on the game and with insane strength and heading, especially for a 75 non-rare card, he is an incredible bargain. Doubtless he will be the pro league CB to have and he could be deadly in a hybrid with perhaps a league with more depth, as there may be relatively few chemistry links for Kouyate. Also at 6’3’’, he will certainly be unstoppable in the air, whether clearing your
defensive lines or when heading for goal.

Price: Under 1,000 coins

Week 4
Victor Ibarbo
Default Position – ST
Nationality – Colombia
League – Serie A
Club – Cagliari
Skills – 3*
Weak Foot – 3*
Attacking work rate – Medium
Defensive work rate – Medium
Stand out attributes – Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Strength, Ball Control and Dribbling.

The beast of Serie A
At 6’2 and with good strength and pace, this make Victor Ibarbo a real threat for opposition defences. His finishing feels better than his in game stats (and they aren’t shabby, 81 shot power and 75 finishing) and his link up play is superb. If you couple him with either Muriel or Di Natalie you’ll cause your opponent so many troubles that you’ll find it hard not to score with these! A must buy for your Serie A or Columbian teams ladies and gentlemen.

Price Estimation: 1,000 – 3,000 coins (dependent on chemistry style).

Week 4
Ross Barkley
Rating – 77 (upgraded card)
Default Position – CAM
Preferred Position – CAM/CF/ST
Nationality – England
League – BPL
Club – Everton
Skills – 3*
Weak Foot – 4*
Attacking work rate – Medium
Defensive work rate – Medium
Stand out attributes – Acceleration, Strength and Dribbling.

A great upgrade
This man is the complete package and can cut it with the best of CAM/CF’s in the game after his deserved upgrade. Barkley also does a great job as a ST, his pace feels so much better than 80 (feels about 85) accompanied with his strength and height he is very powerful. The amount of times you come up against the likes of Luiz, Kompany, Ogbonna etc etc is uncountable so we think we have found a man who can give these guys a rough time. His power and finesse shots are brilliant in the box and he feels like a predator so if you have a BPL team, we urge you to pick up a Ross Barkley either in CAM, CF or ST. You won’t regret it.

Estimated price – 1,000 – 5,000 coins depending on position and chem style.

Player review by Hamaad Karim

7 Responses to FUT / Ultimate Team Bargain Of The Week

  1. The Fifa BEAST says:

    Riascos looks amazing definitely going to buy (:()

  2. hamaad karim says:

    guys could you please please please post some more players

  3. hamaad says:

    guys i just wanted to ask if i could help out with the bargain of the week and bargain players pages I would be a regular poster.

  4. dean says:

    Carrick is a bargain. Around a million

  5. NemoZ9110 says:

    Gomez from serie a and so underrated! give him a try.

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