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In FIFA 14 Career mode and any manager’s job in general (relating to football) one of the key attributes you look for in a player is potential growth. A hard thing to identify, growth can make your club a lot of money, or find that superstar of the future and help secure you titles and silverware. However, you cannot “see” growth, as it is a hidden stat. Within this list, we identify the top 25 players in the world who “grow” the most, that is to say, the difference between their beginning statistic and their final statistics when they reach their peak. These are the players you should be picking up and allowing to grow in your squad, especially at lower clubs, as they will be relatively cheap, and make you a lot of money when they hit their highest level.

Just before the article begins a quick mention to say that it may not be as detailed as others as they are generally quite unknown players, so the facts that are presented are what can be established (such as height, club, position) and a speculation on what their main attributes with be.

1. RM Shaquille Hunter – Original Rating (51) Growth (28)
Currently playing for Bristol Rovers in the fourth tier of English football, Shaquille Hunter grows the most out of anyone on the game. He becomes a 79, which is average premier league quality, so he is definitely worth either shortlisting or buying. He is 5’10, and his standout attribute is pace, already starting with 80 in acceleration and sprint speed. Expect that to go up, as well as attributes such as dribbling, ball control and crossing.

2. CB Hardy Cavero – Original Rating (51) Growth (27)
Currently plays for Colo Colo in the newly added Chilean league, this CB stands at only 5’11 which is relatively short. However, he grows to become a 78, making him another average premier league player, who will be an absolute steal. His main attributes will be strength, sprint speed, jumping and balance.

3. GK Conor Thompson – Original Rating (45) Growth (27)
Currently plays for Torquay United, in the league 2 of English football. He stands at 6ft in height, and his main stats will be Diving Reflexes and positioning. He begins at such a low level, but will eventually reach a 72, so he may be worth the investment to sell on.

4. ST Tyler Harvey – Original Rating (54) Growth (27)
Striker for Plymouth Argyle again in the fourth tier of English Football. He is 6ft tall, and his main attributes with be his sprint speed, jumping and balance, alongside main striker stats of Finishing, Heading accuracy and shot power. Grows to an 81, which is a very good rating (same rating as Adebayor) so definitely worth a look.

5. GK Andrew Dawber – Original Rating (47) Growth (27)
Goalkeeper for Accrington Stanley, stands at 6ft again. Will grow from a relatively low 47 to a 74 which is high end Championship level. His main stats will be his diving and reflexes.

6. RM Jacob Murphy – Original Rating (53) Growth (27)
A pair of brothers (the other also appears in this list further down) who play for Norwich, Josh and Jacob Murphy are both wingers. Jacob stands at 5’9 , and his main attribute with be his pace. Grows from a 53 to an 80, which is premier league standard.

7. CF Nathan Curtis – Original Rating (42) Growth (26)
Currently playing for Bradford City on the wing, Nathan Curtis is originally a CF, so will sit just in behind the striker. Standing at 6ft tall, his main attributes will be his pace, agility and strength. Only grows to a 68, which is around bottom end Championship standard, however, this is an improvement of 26.

8. RB Hector Bellerin Moruno – Original Rating (56) Growth (26)
An Arsenal Youth, Spaniard Hector Bellerin Moruno is 5’9 and already possesses a lot of pace which will only get better. This, coupled with stats which definitely will improve such as short passing, standing tackle and ball control will make him a definite purchase. Grows to a whopping 82, which is high premier league standard.

9. RW Jhoaho Hinestroza – Original Rating (50) Growth (25)
Another player from the Columbian league, Hinestroza currently plays for Alianza Petrolera, and stands at 5’8. He already possesses amazing stamina, sprint speed and acceleration, so these will look to increase. Also, other stats which should grow will be shop power, finishing, and agility. Will grow to be a 75, which is low end premier league.

10. RW Niccolo Belloni – Original Rating (48) Growth (25)
This Italian winger currently plays for Medena, and stands at 5’9. Another thing to mention is he is a left footed right winger, so cutting in from the wing will be very useful. His main stats will be balance, agility, and curve. He will grow to a 73.

11. GK Jesse Gonzalez – – Original Rating (56) Growth (25)
The Mexican goalkeeper currently plays for FC Dallas, and stands at 6’3, which is quite tall in terms of goalkeepers in this list. His main stats will be his kicking and reflexes, and he will grow to be an 81.

12. CB Ferid Matri – Original Rating (56) Growth (24)
The Swiss Centre back plays for FC Luzern in the Raiffeisen SL. He stands at 6ft3, which is tall for a centre back, and already possesses amazing strength and balance, so look for these to be very high in the end. Other stats to mention are standing tackle, heading accuracy, sliding tackle and marking. Grows to an 80.

13. ST Bruno Petkovic – Original Rating (51) Growth (24)
This Croat is quite far from home playing for Catania in the Serie A. At 6ft3 he is a definite target man, and his main stats include jumping, balance, agility and attacking positioning. Grows to a 75, which is low premier league quality.

14. ST Luca Pontigo – Original Rating (55) Growth (24)
Another Colo Colo player (Primera Divison) this striker stands at 5’9, and already possesses pretty good pace, agility, balance and jumping, so expect these to be very high after growth. Will grow to a 79.

15. CM Duane Holmes – Original Rating (53) Growth (24)
This American Englishmen currently plays for Huddersfield in the Championship of England. Already possessing pace and agility, he stands at a minute 5’6. He will grow to be a 77.

16. ST Alberto Cerri – Original Rating (53) Growth (24)
This Italian plays for Parma in the Serie A, and stands at 6’2. He already has a relatively high strength stat so expect to see this as one of his main attributes, as well as his heading accuracy and finishing. He will grow to a 77.

17. CDM Levin Oztunali – Original Rating (60) Growth (24)
A youth for German club Bayer Leverkusen, this German will become one of the highest rated players on the list at an 84, which will make him one of the best players in the premier league (or any other top flight). Standing at 5’9, he already possesses good long and short passing, spring speed, jumping, ball control and agility.

18. ST Andelko Savic – Original Rating (51) Growth (24)
The second Swiss man in the list (although he is of Serbian descent) Savic is currently on loan at Sheffield Wednesday from Sampdoria, so may not be available for the first season you start. Standing at 6’2, he possesses high acceleration, jumping and agility. Grows to a 75.

19. ST Anthony Martial – Original Rating (63) Growth (24)
The first Frenchmen mentioned, he currently plays for high flying Monaco. Standing at 6ft tall, Anthony Martial looks to become one of the highest players in FIFA at an astounding 87, so is definitely worth looking at. He already possesses high acceleration, agility, sprint speed, strength, as well as jumping and shot power. A definite player to watch.

20. ST Siebe Schrijvers – Original Rating (61) Growth (24)
The Belgian plays for RC Genk in the Pro League, which ironically is where Benteke started and look at him! However, Schrijvers stands at only 5’9 in comparison to Benteke, so will operate as a completely different striker. He has high stats in acceleration, agility, jumping and sprint speed, he will become an 85, which is very high in the world.

21. LM Josh Murphy – Original Rating (56) Growth (24)
The brother of Jacob Murphy mentioned earlier, Josh Murphy also plays on the left wing, and stands at 5’8. A similar player to his brother, he has high stats in acceleration, balance and sprint speed, and will become a solid 80.

22. CB Jonathan Tah – Original Rating (60) Growth (23)
A German footballer of Ivorian decent, Tah currently plays for German Bundesliga club Hamburg SV. Set to become an 83, which is a high defender in the world, he is a tank, standing at 6’3 and possessing 85 strength already.

23. CM Bryn Morris – Original Rating (53) Growth (23)
Another Englishman, Bryn Morris plays for Middlesborough. He stands at 5’11 and possesses acceleration, sprint speed and balance, and is set to become a 76.

24. CB Jair Zacarias – Original Rating (53) Growth (23)
This Mexican plays in the Mexico league for Tigres U.A.N.L and stands at a small 5’9. He possesses a good jumping stat, alongside standing and sliding tackle, heading accuracy and interceptions. He will become a 76.

25. ST Devante Cole – Original Rating (56) Growth (23)
The son of Andy Cole, and currently playing for Manchester City, big things are expected of Devante Cole. Standing at 6ft tall, he already possesses very high pace for a striker, as well a jumping, long shots and finishing. Will become a 79.

Use these FIFA 14 career mode player growth ratings tips to build your perfect squad. As a final word, these are estimates and players may grow with match time and the proper nurturing, let us know in the comments down below if you had this occur, or if we missed anyone out. Thank you.

12 Responses to Career mode highest potential growth players

  1. Jay says:

    How do you improve their stats?

  2. Moneymakr_syr says:

    try Rob Elliot at Newcastle in my career mode he started 67 and ended up 90

  3. Poppaw says:

    Hector Bellerin Moruno grows to 88 exciting prospect if you play him or loan him
    ST Anthony Martial-grows to 90

  4. Ibraheem says:

    Lol just buy Neymar at the beggining of your career mode, not that expensive but will grow to be 92.

  5. Ibraheem says:

    As will Balotelli

  6. blake says:

    Try Jed Wallace from Portsmouth he is Feckin sick!!

  7. blake says:

    And obviously Raheem sterling

  8. jonny mingham says:

    get luke garbutt from everton. his defence stats are awesome after a few years and hios overall i have hid him up to 93

    but u may want to wait a few years though cost u a bit but a quality player

  9. Arslaan says:

    Try Belgium winger bakkali…best growth

  10. Keith Francis says:

    Try Leandro a Brazilian Striker he starts off really cheap. I signed him in division 2 and he is now 92 rated. He is quick and a great finisher

  11. JUNINHO says:

    try parades from boca juniors. when i used him he was 70 but now he is 90. quite expensive if not bought early and the Nigerian standard liege player Ezekiel imoh is also a good one. try to buy them early in the league career and get less. for example bakkali from psv is 6m at the start of the league but after the 1st season he cost around 16-18m. so buy faster

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