Career mode bargain players

Find out who our tips are for the bargain players of FIFA 14 for your career mode squads right here.

Career Mode bargain buys.
Below is a list and brief description of some good bargains available in the first transfer window of Career Mode. All players will cost you below 10 million (euro and sterling) and are exciting prospects with very good potential.

Adnan Januzaj
One of the most exciting youngsters in the game. Januzaj can operate in a number of positons, on either side of midfield or behind the striker. His great acceleration and balance stats, combined with good dribbling and control make for a very good player. If played often he will blossom into a fantastic player. He’s available on loan in the first season and can be signed for a small fee of 2.5 million euros. Bargain.

Alexander Merkel
A great central midfielder who is good going forward. Fantastic ball control and good passing stats, Merkel’s style of play is similar to that of Wesley Sneijder. Very promising potential and still only 21 years young. More expensive than Januzaj, but more developed as a player and has the ability to plat deeper. Can be signed for at least 7 million euros.

Joao Cancelo
Solid young right back. Cancelo has the potential to be one of the games best right backs. His fantastic speed and good dribbling qualities make him a threat going forward, and with decent defensive stats, is no slouch going back either. Cancelo also has great shot power, making him more of a threat going forward than most other right backs, and can be yours for as little as 2.5 million euros.

Another undervalued gem. Kelvin is a fantastic young winger who could play on either wing if needed. With great dribbling and curve stats, he may be more useful operating from the right, cutting in one his favoured left foot. Kelvin possess great speed to make him a huge threat, and can be highly effective as an impact sub. Amazingly, he is available for as little as 2.5 million euros.

Faouzi Ghoulam
A very balanced left back. He possess all the attributes to make him an exciting full back, such as pace, tackling and is also a quite a good crosser. Standing at 6’1, Ghoulam is very useful in the air, and can be picked up from as low as 4.6 million euros.

Fabian Schar
An exciting young centre half. He’s very quick across the ground for a centre back, with good strength and defending stats. Schar has fantastic heading accuracy abilities which you will benefit from at set pieces. He has the potential to be one of the best defenders in the game and is available for at least 5.5 million euros.

Federico Cartabia
If you’re looking for the next Arjen Robben or Angel Di Maria, look no further. Cartabia, 20, is one of the most exciting young wingers in the game. He’s very agile, balanced and quick out of the blocks with great acceleration. A wonderful left footed dribbler, only costing you a mere 3.5 million euros.

Mattia Perin
A good Goalkeeper is vital for Career Mode. He will play In every game and have the most important job, keeping the opposition at bay. Perin is a young keeper with bags of potential to be the next Gigi Buffon. His excellent reflexes and tall stature combine to make him an outstanding keeper and can be signed for as little as 6.5 million euros.

Rodrigo Caio
One of the most exciting defensive midfielders in the game, Caio is one to look out for. He possess great tackling and interception stats, vital for the all defensive midfielders and is a very good passer of the ball. Great in the air and good pace, Caio has the ability to become the next Lucas Leiva and for 6.25 million euros, really is a steal.

Patrick Ebert
Ebert is one of the most undervalued players in the game. Rated 80 overall, he epitomises the modern day right sided midfielder. With great pace, fantastic crosses and long range shots, Ebert could fit easily into any team on career mode. He is also a master of the set piece and a fantastic long range passer. At 8 million euros, he is one of the best bargains in the game and if you’re lucky, can be signed on a pre-contract in January. Highly recommended.

Pajtim Kasami
We all saw his wonder goal recently, and it’s no suprise that he’s a promising youngster in the game. A left footed attacking midfielder, Kasami has great control and is a great passer. He is tall, strong and has great stamina and will develop into one of the best attacking midfielders in the game if played regularly. Kasami can be signed for an incredibly cheap fee of 3.5 million euros.

Alexandre Lacazette
22 year old Lacazette is a fantastic prospect. With incredible speed and balance, he’s a hard player to dispossess. With decent finishing and dribbling abilities, he can be utilised up front or an either wing. Lacazette has all the qualities to be the next Thierry Henry if played regularly and for as cheap 6.5 million, you can’t go wrong.

Valentino Lazaro
17 year old attacking midfielder, Lazaro is one of the most exciting prospects in the game. Great speed and a good dribbler, he can be easily used on either wing as well as behind the striker. This player is showing great promise to be on the best players in the game and can be signed for as little as €1.5 million.

Siebe Schrijvers
Like Lazaro, Schrijvers is a very promising youngster. Only 16 years old a the start of career mode, Schrijvers can be used up front or just behind the striker. He has decent pace for his age and current rating but will flourish into a great player if played often. Also cost €1.5 million.

Alfred Finnbogason
For €6 million, this guy is a real bargain. He possess great finishing and very good attacking positioning stats, making him one of the most underrated strikers in the game. Other than going forward, his stats are quite balanced. Get him in the right places or feed him the right passes and he will score. Poacher.

This player reminds me a lot of Oscar, looks and player wise. Jorginho operates in the middle of the park and if needed, could play in the defensive midfielder role. He has great control and passing stats and has very decent pace too. Very exciting young player and can be yours for €5 million.

Granit Xhaka
Tall defensive midfielder with great vision. Xhaka has very balanced stats and is not to dissimilar to Jorginho, but is perhaps a more physically stronger option. Not the fastest of players but what he lacks in pace, he makes up for it everywhere else, in particular his fantastic shot power. Only €8 million.

Jonathan Biabiany
Biabiany is in the form of his life right now. He is a fantastic winger with great pace and dribbling stats and is a decent crosser too. If needed. he could play up front as he possess very good positioning qualities. Perhaps not the cheapest of ‘bargains’, but for €9.5 million you will be signing a very good player.

Izet Hajrovic
Quite similar to Biabiany, but cheaper. He’s a very fast player with very good dribbling and is also a very good set piece taker. Very good in the air also, which can only aid your team. He’s left footed and a right winger, so don’t be afraid to cut inside from time to time and unleash a shot on goal as he has a very strong shot. Only €7.5 million.

Perhaps the most exciting young right back in the game. He’s fast, strong and a very good tackler. As well as right back, Danilo can play on the right and the middle of midfield and like Hajrovic, has a very strong shot. He has the potential to be the best right back in the game and can be yours for only €8 million. Bargain.

Jeremy Ménez
This guy is surprisingly cheap, and with Cavani, Zlatan and Lavezzi to chose from, he is not so hard to sign. Can play up front but is perhaps better suited for a a wide position. He’s very quick, a great dribbler and a decent crosser and for €6 million, you’d be a fool not to snap him up.

We’ll take your comments on board (and give you a mention on the site) if you suggest someone we then take a look at and feature with a scouting report on this very page. We have a dedicated career mode writer to cater for all your career mode needs such as the fastest players, strongest players, richest teams, best formations, best finishers, best defenders, best attackers, best goalkeepers, best young players and much, much more.

168 Responses to Career mode bargain players

  1. rick says:

    Kee from burton albion strong n good finisher

    Derby Countys will hughes

    Jonathan williams from palace

  2. keivn says:

    wellington nem is an amazing striker.crazy physical stats.
    Pizzi from portugal in LM position- 83+

  3. Rannjodh says:

    Guys Stephan El Sharawvy is really good player he is 81 and grows up to 91ish sometimes 93 and u can get him easily for around 6m50k…

    PRO TIP—
    U can buy Ronaldihno yes ronaldihno very easily for 7ook but he is 33 years if age OOPS!!!!!!!

  4. josh says:

    Get sterling he became a 91 and he’s 25yrs old

  5. Elias says:

    Buy Joel campbell he grows from 76 to 80 in ond season

  6. baba says:

    zakaria bakalli from ajax good pacey and perfect finisher.

  7. Damar says:

    Stevan Jovëtic from Manchester City from 81 to 89 ish

  8. Brett Mccarthy says:

    Anthony Martial is the one to buy.
    Starts at 63 rating and goes up to 87 rating.
    Scores goals for fun!

  9. Aasik says:

    You should prefer stephen el sharrawy from AC milan he went from 81 to 91 in just two seasons.
    Also Ivan Ranketic will be one of the best midfielders, hes from Arsenel.
    Rapheal Varane From Juventus is the best defendre of all With Sliding Tackle and Stand Tackle Attribute of 93 and 95 respectively.

  10. deb mit says:

    buy marco verrati best cdm of game will became sorry for bad english

  11. Marko says:

    guys you should buy pedro obiang from sampdoria in the very beginning you can get him ofr 8.5 mil euros after 4 seasons he grew to 91 in my game

  12. saiharsha says:


  13. Bob ward says:

    Jese Rodriguez from Madrid. Easy to sign and amazing when player from the left of a three ronaldo style.

    Stefano Denswil is a brilliant defender. Best playing left side of a three

  14. lolz says:

    I had started my career with Napoli.. which player should I approach?

    • carlos says:

      Best buy is a good Ball-Winner. Even though Behrami has decent stats and lovely ball-winning ability, he lacks what others have. Pace. So buying David Luiz and using him as a ball-winner can benefit the team like anything. And after the expiry of Jose Reina’s Loan, you need a commendable GK. So, better than anything to sign the free Ospina.I also recommend Shaqiri to go along for the Right Wing, cuz Napolians like to cut back in and shoot, like Mertens or Insigne. And sell Callejon, first chance you get, possibly in the Winter Transfer Window.

    • domza says:

      dybala and lapote two sick players and sell hugain for someone really good like hummels

  15. Anish says:

    alex oxlade chamberlain is also very good. age 20 and rated 78.

  16. Vishu naoz says:

    Buy rui patricio from sporting cp mine reach upto 92

  17. hassan al bazzal says:

    eriksen is a brilliant forward midfielder

  18. Caleb says:

    Chiquinho from porto fc

  19. Wes says:

    Paulo Dybala is amazing. Bought him for Liverpool and he has almost made Coutinho expendable as a CAM…

  20. jakes Darwin says:

    i signed eden hazard 85 and zakari bakkali 75 as napoli boss.. In my third season now. Hazard is a 92 rated, bakkali 91 rated..

  21. Chris says:

    Try nkoulou he is just a beast at defence. Not expensive. £4.6m

  22. Manuskittles22 says:

    It would be a lot easier to find players if it included the teams they play for. Other than that it was pretty much amazing.

  23. Evan says:

    Buy Rolando Aaron’s really good. had him for a two seasons and finished 80 by the end of it. Probably get him first time with around 5 million.

  24. Evan says:

    Serge Gnarby is an ultra good RM. He has great skills and passing good shot aswell. He’s young, cheap and from Arsenal.

  25. jaden says:

    Good players listed but buy coutino sterling delafeu from barca b erkisen vertongen alderwireld dier Ali and of course get the man who scores for fun riyad mahrez he goes for around 750k he stats are 56 and rises to 85 in 2 seasons he is awesome take my advise if u have extra money buy Diego Costa about 25million and kills defences he scores 35 goals a season with no injury but mahrez scores around 19 20 goals so if u can play u will win with these players no problem

    Jaden out peace

  26. DevD says:

    MANUTD in 2nd Season
    Guaita 84
    Hart 85
    De Gea 82
    badstuber 83
    boateng 83
    Rafael 81
    Fabio 81
    sokratis 81
    Evans 81
    PJones 82
    Vidal 87
    gundogan 88
    wilshere 83
    Lucas 86
    Eden Hazard 86
    kroos 86
    draxler 86
    Oscar 85
    Sanchez 88
    zaha 79
    Sharaway 85
    suarez 87
    benzema 86
    benteke 86
    Jess Rodriguez 80
    welback 81

  27. Aleksandar says:

    Started with PSV, moved to Real Madrid,
    I’m in the year 2025 and here’s my squad
    Gk) Nicola Leali – 91
    RB) Zouma – 90
    CB) Nastasic – 91
    CB) Lopo Garcia – 88
    LB) Luke Shaw – 89
    CDM) Zarko Vuksic – 87
    RM) Correa – 92
    RCM) Milad Juricic – 87
    LCM) Ruiz Barrero – 89
    LM) Juan Moreintes – 91
    ST) Kagelmacher – 91

    GK) Ondoa – 89
    ST) Elvby – 88
    ST) Gouweleeuw – 88
    CB) Da Silva – 87
    RB) Lehmann – 86
    CAM) Kelvin Maher – 86
    CM) Cuenca López – 85

  28. ayush says:

    david alaba from Bayern is really good. goes from 81 to 88-89.
    paul pogba from Juventus is another good player.potential goes to 89-90.

  29. Hlahla says:

    I started with QPR I bought Sterling and Buntwai in the first window got promoted then sold Jonson to serero from ajax n patosi from gent got phala a free agent musona pre contract Musona and patosi can grow up too 90+

  30. James says:

    Lewis Macleod from Rangers

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