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FIFA 14 Career Mode tips are right here for your use. Find all you need to make career mode the most enjoyable experience possible. We’ll provide you with information on the best teams to start with, the best players in career mode including the fastest and best youth players to develop. We have even more news to follow here in the coming weeks so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updated content every week on this game mode.

How to sign players on pre-contracts.
In a brand new feature to Career Mode, players can now arrange to join clubs on a pre-contract deal. What does this mean and how do you do it? Let us explain it for you.

A pre-contract is the way in which you offer a contract to a player at another club entering the final months of his contract. Once a player has 6 months or less remaining on his contract, you are free to approach the player and offer him a deal, which allows him to join your club for free once his contract expires in the summer. So, that’s what a pre-contract is, but how do I use it to my advantage in Career Mode? Here’s how.

First things first, only players above the age of 23 can be signed this way, but don’t let this put you off as there’s a bunch of good players you can still sign. Once you’ve reached the December – January period, set up instructions for your Global Transfer Network scouts using the following criteria: Any position, aged between 23 and any age (we would recommend no older than 31-32 as players stats decline at this age), and 0-1 years remaining on their contracts. Now send your scouts to the top leagues around Europe and South America and wait to see who they find. Once the scout returns with a list of players, select the player that interests you and you will notice the option of ‘Approach to sign on pre-contract’.
Below is a list of some players who can be aquired this way in the first season of Career Mode.

Blaise Matuidi (PSG)
Clement Grenier (Lyon)
Juan Sanchez Mino (Boca Juniors)
Ever Banega (Valencia)
Sebastian Rode (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Camacho (Malaga)
Mateo Musacchio (Villareal)
Ibrahim Afellay (Barcelona)

Of course, there are many more players available to sign this way. These are only examples to wet the appetite. If you come across other players available this way, do let us know in the comments section, and of course, enjoy this amazing new feature to Career Mode.

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75 Responses to Career Mode Tips

  1. Marc says:

    I Will like When you Can Chose whitch teams you wil meet in the friendli matches. And you Can Chose How many friendli matches you Will play.

  2. andrew says:

    whats the best players to if your a team like newcastle

    • daniel says:

      the best players to sign with Newcastle i think would be, if your looking for a midfielder who can pass the ball well and is not expensive go for Darren Fletcher for ManUtd he will only cost around 2.5m -5m

    • Deanoo says:

      I’m a Newcastle fan :) I bought a player from FC Porto called Quintero.. Plays CAM! He’s fast, got good control, good passing and long shots.. Can’t remember how much but his potential is like 88

      • FIFA Expert says:

        Quintero is a great player!

      • Affulito says:

        I agree with you. Juan Fernando Quintero is the name. I’ve played with many clubs and I always sign him at my new club. He’s awesome. I took Portsmouth from league 2 and now in Championship. instead of Quintero, I’m using Ryan Gauld from the spl. he ain’t bad.

    • Syafiq says:

      In my first season at Newcastle, I bought Radja Nainggolan!! might have to bust your transfer budget with that signing tho. A great partnership alongside Cabaye, and a great investment for the future!! Now 4 seasons in, got some youths running well and bought players like Abdennour, Shaw, Santiago Arias and Schrivjers! oh and I bought back Remy from QPR in the second season, cos he is simply good. Got 30 odd goals in the same season and sold him for around 25mil pounds. with that I bought an even better striker, sturridge. Boss’d my 3rd season with 38 goals in all competitions! – all on professional though. I’m being honest

    • Læx says:

      I got Abdennour, Nainggolan and Nico Gaitan. You have to sell some players and add players to it. But you can pull it off and you can keep the best players in your squad.

  3. daniel says:

    what team should i start with on career mode (manager), i don’t want big teams like Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, ManUtd, ManCity, Liverpool or Everton, i want mid tableish teams, but not teams battleing for relergation, maybe Stoke or Norwich give me mor options and what players to sign that fit into the team well

    • André Lima says:

      Me and my father like to start this mode with teams of the fourth division (of England of course). Football managers never starts in big clubs.
      Sorry about my English, I’m Brazilian.

    • Pedal says:

      Southampton is a good team in the middle and they have some bright talents.

      Swansea is also a good midder team, with some very good players.

      Aston Villa may struggle for relegation in real life, but they have some very good players, and few bright talents

    • Nabil says:

      Start with PSV. Now, I’ll tell you a dream team for the future, that you can buy, but PSV has already got Locadia,Maher,Bakkali, and that left back whom I never remember the name. But a dream team for the future, that I bought in 2 seasons if I remember welll…
      Gk: Bonilla/Butland(though Zoet goes up to 81)
      Rb: Adam Matthews
      Cb: Kaya(Rekik goes to 84 so there’s really no need)
      Cdm: Junior Malanda
      Cdm: Leon Goretzka
      Rw/Rm: Bakkali
      Lw/Lw: Bruma
      CAM: Adryan(though you got Maher)
      St:Antony Martial

  4. kaybee says:

    Can someone plz help!!!
    How can I get my offline career player attributes up? Im struggling to get my pro past 79 ovr points. he is getting old and I can breakthrough the bigger clubs.its annoying. I would ideally want my pro to reach atleast 88 ovr points. is that even possible???

    • JoeyPop says:

      Finishing accomplishments increases ur overall for ur pro char….mine in currently 88 overall. Also sign on to EA sports and earn levels…there are bonus points ur pro can earn at different levels. They are back at the beginning menu on the third page over….

  5. andrew says:

    I took over crystal palace and I am struggling to score and keep clean sheets so when january came round I got kaboul agger and drogba for next season all on pre contract will theese three be enough just to get atleast 15th or higher next season?

  6. Paulius says:

    Hi, what if I can be thrown out of the team despite all the orders had been fulfilled?, Sorry my English is not good.

  7. JoeyPop says:

    Im playing pro mode like most here and I am having issues with getting the CPU to give me passes in the air….how am I suppose to get my headers and volleys done if all they want to do is pass me the ball on the ground? Is there a way to get them to pass the ball in the air, other than hoping enough defenders between u that they have to pass it in the air.

  8. Limit1 says:

    i signed lebanowski from borrusia dortmund on a pre-season contract, nice profit to be made selling for 48 million the following window

  9. Sammy says:

    I got Suarez cerci Walcott ramsey reus koke mangala tiago silva david luiz Matthew lowton jordi alba matuidi Sergio busquets bale cuardado ryan gauld Cavani

  10. Sammy says:

    Get bruno he is from Holland and is 19 he has a 92 potential and get brad freidel he is from America he is 42 and in 1 season he gets to 43

  11. pedro says:

    Geet mssi annd ronaldo andd Balle theyrew god annd ery chep
    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIGHLIGHTS Dkkdjdjdkkdmdmdjdkdkdkdkdmmdmdkdkdocdkcj8ddkjc I no speek England
    HahHahahahahahajahahahajshejjxndjeoppoiuyrtewqasdfghjkl., mnbvvcgjnhh123546890000?))))));:( :):))”@-!””:??’@””””+_×÷=% £€¥₩)(*&^/$#@-‘”:;?!,.`~\|{}[]♥♡■□●○⊙·¤:);)=):D:Px):(:-[lol

  12. Lewis says:

    Starting of career mode with QPR

    Wondering which players I should get?
    Or should I stick with the team i have until i have enough to buy big names?

    List players –

    • Collin says:

      Definitely wait a season to start doing some damage. QPR has remy , taarabat, park, and holiett on loan for your fist season, so it’ll be difficult to do a whole lot of damage right off the bat. Definitely scout some younger players to bring over, especially defenders. Plus Charlie Austin is a great player and develops quickly!

    • Bambam4901 says:

      i bought benzia, bruma and bakkali immediately, they grew to 79 and 78 respectively after their first season (for some reason Benzia only grew to a 69). then i sold hoilett and picked up ola john , salah and memphis depay. then the next season i sold taarbat, careno, and a few other people, picked up Jetro Willems, Musa, Junior Malanda, Iiori, ter Stegan. My front line is set for the next decade, QPR in my second season is in the Euro League and I think is about two star players away from winning the premier league. I really need a CB, CAM and RB now though…then I’ll be unstoppable.

  13. lrx says:

    I have Real M.Benzema is in top form,but reallly want Cavani,same for ozil and wilshere ,what to do,as i want less players in the squad???

  14. Marcus says:

    I got both Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta by this method, totally free (they are both 30 yrs old atm)

  15. angelus says:

    I found players with 4 months left on contract n cant approach them like u say i only get the optio. Of (enquire about…..) n by the way atl mineiro has good players with contracts expiring on the second season start on the 70s but have 80s potential

  16. Joe says:

    What happens if I miss a player after the January transfer and the contract says he has only 3 months left. How can I sign him?
    Can I sign him after in the new season for free?
    Does he become a free agent? Or would his parent club offer him another contract?

  17. Liam Dobbs says:

    I have applied for a job offer and they have accepted. I am unsure whether to accept the offer because I am coming towards the end of the season with my current club and I don’t want to go to the club I want to go to until I finish my season at my current club. If I accept the offer, will it let me finish my current season?
    Could you reply ASAP. Thanks

  18. Jose says:

    How do I increase the players form???

  19. hasso says:

    Omg i bought gareth bale on contract
    expiry in 3th season

  20. Rafro says:

    Mathis Bolly is a really good and cheap player, hes got 97 pace and acceleration the rest of his stats are mediocre but hes the fastest player in FIFA so get him if you need pace on the wings, he costs like a million in career mode and plays for Fortuna Dusseldorf in bundesliga 2

  21. Arun Stuart says:

    Robert lewandowski is available to buy on it for pre-contract

  22. Sangzelafanai says:

    I made oscar a pre cont. Nxt season he still n chelsea bu i pay his wage. How can this happen?

  23. Kyle says:

    I am in my 3rd or 4th season with qpr and have developed a quality side, we have won bpl and are now in champions league. I need a new striker in january and its september atm, i have benteke to swap for any striker i just dont know who to get, i was thinking of trading koke for shaqiri or james rodriguiez. Can someone help what striker i should get somebody young and quite speedy with a good eye for goal though

    • Morten says:

      I always go for Lukaku. Great speed, good header and deadly in the box. I think he goes to about 88. Benzia is another good young striker, or there is A. Martial, cracking prospect, bad stamnia though.

    • thabo says:

      buy jese rodriegues from real madrid or morata

  24. Tim says:

    I’m new to career mode. When you are doing a player career what does the transfer deadline thing do? The thing that has 10 hours and shows players in and out from the teams in your league . Also is it possible to have a player career and a manager career going at the same time and if yes how.

  25. Pingback: Career Mode Banners | Jeff Matthews

  26. YOYO says:

    i trade lewandowski with benzema at first transfor window and sell lewandowski after one year for 96M euro

  27. moscar manjax says:

    why fifa doesn’t show teams lifting the trophy ,as pes do

    • jbo says:

      They do. You just have to be patient and not press any buttons once the game ends and the celebration animations begin

  28. Bob says:

    Can someone explain this to me please?
    I made a pre-contract deal with this brazilian striker called Henrique, from Botafogo (I manage Bayer Leverkusen). When the new season started and the transfer window opened I got a message saying he had arrived and was available for selection but I checked and he isn’t available to me…
    Over 4 weeks (in the game) later and he still isn’t available to me. Does anyone know why this is?

    • Stoo says:

      Was your wage budget set high enough to complete the deal? If so, its just another EA bug.
      Go to Transfer negotiations and see if you can revive the deal from there. Sorry that’s all I’ve got.

    • Mahmood-iranian says:

      If you buy a pre-contract player , You only give his wage (not transfer money)[you know it]
      He is not joined your team in this season , next season he will come to your team
      who know top players Rating on 2020 ?

  29. Football says:

    Hey sahko the real life LFC defender is able t be gained for free amd is rated 85 worth looking ar

  30. Footy Mad says:

    I got Portsmouth to the championship and have won 3 domestic cups and I am also in charge of the Northern Ireland National football team. I find it quite annoying that you can’t move your substitutes to the reserves as I am ending up with a lot of suspended matches and dropping points. Anyone know how to do so?

  31. Ryan says:

    I’ve been playing as Portsmouth because I wanted to get them back to the prem. I’m in the 3rd season and Ive just been promoted to the championship last season. The bored have give me £475,000 and they want me to finish high. I don’t have enough money for all the 68+ rated players and also I can’t sell players because of me having a bare 11 and subs. What should I do?!?!

    • Ab Gir says:

      #ryan Request funds from the board ! something like £ 5,000,000 they will not grant you all but might offer like £ 3,000,000 or less !

  32. Ab Gir says:

    Guys , I am managing RealMadrid & Ronaldo left just as i was begining the season ! I rejected his appeal to leave but the board sold him for € 55,000,000 ! Why does this happen ? Bought Suarez & Lewandowski though !!! :-)

  33. lolz says:

    I don’t have QPR in my FIFA 14.. what shd I do?

  34. lolz says:

    I have started my career with Napoli . which player should i go forward to …??

  35. Vishu naoz says:

    I change my club at the end of my 1st season to MC from liverpol, but can’t change club anymore…am at Mc for the 3rd season

  36. TheHutch says:

    Just started a manager career with southend united and was wondering what players I should sign?

  37. A-ARON says:

    If I sign with a county’s team (USA), can I return to Newcastle (club)

  38. makes says:

    How do I get man utd to give me a contract to coach the club while at barca?

  39. Dante says:

    I was kicked in career mode as a coach. Can I get back to my old team I build up?

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