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  1. Matthew Corbett says:

    If you start a player career and you’re not yet good enough for the first team, instead of getting loaned out, you could make an indoor pitch as a feature and play as a reserve for the team you chose….

    • aaron says:

      should put a online career mode so everyone will have to play ten matches in 7 days {Monday-Sunday} and if your team is in the bottom 3 you get relegated.
      if i am man city and someone else is man city they will get put in a different league so the whole league will be different teams.


      • Paddy says:

        Put in online career mode, and make sure that the same teams can’t be in the same league. You should also be able to, when signing a player you have to buy them off another user playing as the team the players are from. There should also be a private option so that you can play with your friends

        Another Idea is have private leagues in ultimate team, so that you can play with your friends in a competive way. The Winner, the runner-up and the third place should all receive rewards I.e premium gold pack and 5k for the winner, premium silver pack and 2.5k For the runner up and a premium bronze pack and 1k for the third place. And after every game the players should receive 300 to 650 coins depending on there performance. I Would Love If EA Decided to Include this in FIFA 14

      • FelixTheWinner says:

        Yeah I agree with aaron, that would be fun, competitive, and would stop the NIGHTMARE of always coming up against Real and Barca every time you play Seasons! 🙂

      • matthew clewe says:

        that comment by arron is a very good 1

        • matthew clewe says:

          i think thay shud sort out the music and thay shud sort out the crowds and make the game more real like when you get injurd first adiers come out and strecher you of

      • ryan says:

        dude u got to remember not everyone is gunna be on fifa 7days a week well at the moment im not coz of the poxy lag

      • matthew b says:

        This won’t work because of how bad the ea servers are

    • kiz says:

      i agree with mathew corbett

    • Joseph says:

      For FIFA 14 or just 2 perhaps make improvements:

      1. You can create your own kits for the next season with the option to just maybe stick with the one u have.

      2.for the champions league/europa league, they SHOULD CALL IT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND THEN A EUROPA LEAGUE AND WITH THE LATEST scoreboard design

      and this may be a very good idea… IF THE GAME IS A 2 LEGGED TIE (aggregate) when the scoreboard is on during the games as always, for the 2nd leg it should have the aggregate score on the scoreboard so what happens if the gamer just SUDDENLY FORGETS THE SCORE OVERALL? 😉 AND SO IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS: IF MANCHESTER CITY WERE PLAYING ARSENAL IN THE CHAMPIONS CUP/LEAGUE SEMI-FINAL 2ND LEG AND IT WAS 3-1 TO ARSENAL(in the 1st leg) in the 2nd: leg BUT CITY WERE 2-1 UP IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS:

      ARL 1-2 MC (agg: 4-3) (TIME HERE) ADDED TIME

      I think that this would be a better idea rather than just haveing the agregate score @ the bottom of the half time/full time score board @ the end of the half/game
      good idea so people may understand the scores more. good idea it took me 3 hours to think of this awsome idea, please use this in FIFA 14 THANKS 🙂 i also have a twitter account

      • Luke says:

        They can’t use the names for the champions league as it is a license held by Konami.

        • Justin says:

          it’s not owned by konami it’s owned by UEFA. Champions League ball designs etc. are owned by adidas. both adidas and UEFA probably have an agreement with konami that knowone else may use the license for designs etc. but EA could try a little harder it would be reall y cool.

    • Joseph says:

      When the scoreboard comes up at half time when for exampl messi scores 2twice and the whole scoreboard comes up dont have the players name twice if he scored 2 times cos it would be better if u had for example:

      Barcalona 3-2 Real Madrid have it like this…. barcalona 3-2 real madrid
      Messi,(77) Ronaldo,(4) (pen) messi, (77′,90) and so on etc.
      Messi (90) Benzema, (53)

    • KIZ says:

      if your in player career and you are a rubish player there should be a indoor pitch also can you use this idea in career mode please be in career you can use this idea if you do an option traning you could do this idea it would be epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic etc 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE THIS IDEA PLEASE PLEASE

    • James says:

      You know how you choose the kits league too.for the playLeague.ers I think you should be able to do it for the goalkeepers too. Better graphics and have Champions League and Europa.

      • James says:

        sorry. You know how you choose the kits for the players, you should be able to do that to the goalkeepers aswell. Have Champions League and Europa League. Have better graphics and show the fans coming into the stadium. Do propper training and before the every match aswell.

        • dylan says:

          I agree with James with changing the goalkeeper jersey please use this because if utd were playing spurs if utd were away de gea could use his yellow jersey it would be more realistic

    • Mu'aaz says:

      A feature where the commentary is intelligent will be superb! The commentary is the same if not a sentence or two different in each and every game, its gets monotonous quickly. The commentators should speak about actual events taking place in the games and in the leagues and over the years that passes. for example, If David Villa scores 10 goals in 4 league matches, this is realistically an incredible performance which should be acknowledged by the commentators. There are many other details that should be mentioned by the commentators, so the amount that is said should basically increase, alot, like times fifty! I believe that this idea will make the gaming experience more realistic and less monotonous. Looking forward to seeing “intelligent commentary”:)

      • Ben says:

        Smartest comment yet
        Recent player performances
        Complementing players (great tackle or pass etc)
        Activities within the squad (players arguing or staff retiring or leaving)
        Commentators describe and talk about a goal when the replay is showing
        Player mistakes
        Should have a big build up before the game ( like what you see on TV) squads, tactics, statistics, form

        Agree with the crowd comment too
        Need to be much better
        More realistic (maybe short clip of the fans reaction to the game, abusing players for making mistakes etc

        Also think the referees should get decisions wrong which leads to player reactions(could get booked for it)
        Crowds reaction
        Commentator reaction and replays of it
        Managers reaction(also to scoring and conceding goals)

        I also would like to see new headlines in career mode
        Sometimes out of question of football
        (Balotelli punished for behaviour for partying day before game)

    • James Weekes says:

      There should be a option to chose your assistant manager in a career, Also you should be able to make your self into a ultimate team card and you should put ultimate team back so you can delete your club as many times as you want.

    • Adam Nicholls says:

      That’s a pretty good idea

    • patrick birk says:

      I think that if you start a player career mode you start on the team you voter’s U-17 team so you can play games and be selected to the first team with a contract of 1-5 years instead of starting on the first team

      • Michael says:

        yeah i hope it to. like u start un the youth/reserve squad like fifa 10(?) and u build u up and get noticed by the first team and the national team Youth/reserve/first team. like fifa 10(?) but more than 4 years.

    • James says:

      1) You know how you choose the kits for the players, you should be able to do that with the goalkeepers. Choosing the Home, Away and the Alternative kits. Have the player and the goalkeeper standing next to each other representing their teams.
      2) Goal line technology.
      3) Champions League and Europa League.
      4) REF Mode.

    • ben says:

      you should be able to watch the under 21 team playing or watch your own team playing without controlling it

  2. Jinky says:

    You should be able to request a player as part of a transfer.
    For example if Barcelona offer £20million for Suarez, you would be able to request £25million plus David Villa.
    The crowd should also have better graphics and be more emotional… They should neither be 2D or be jumping up and down with a scarf when you concede a goal.

  3. Macca says:

    There should be a ‘ Be a referee’ game mode and career. Also the croons needs to be improved since the graphics are poor.

  4. Lee Lambert says:

    Yes I agree with what Jinky says above. Thats one feature I would like to have.
    Also, when you win things as an international manager, it should show up in the “My Career” area, as well as having an affect on you reputation.

    I think FIFA13 is the best version yet.

  5. Lee Lambert says:

    And Also maybe more job openings throughout the season. With the option to quit your current job then just sim to the next season.That way you can get offered a job etc.

    For example, if I quit as manager of a team in November, I would then just carry on ( as in advance with the calendar) and either apply for jobs, or recieve job applications.

  6. On Manager Mode on the second season, you should be allowed to change the style of the teams kits.

    • SVF says:

      THANK YOU!

      • Josh says:

        The reason you can’t edit kits is because of sponsors and kit manufacturers. As well as a game, Fifa is a massive advert for the latest kits and boots available for teams, that’s why the kits can be the same from season 1 to season 20

        • John says:

          Ok well lets say youre in a career with Man City, the kit manufacturer is umbro and Etihad is the sponsor, they should just allow you to change the kit style and name/number style while keeping the same kit manufacturer and sponsor.

        • Delboy says:

          Well they should at least let you mix and match the kits as this is done in real life for example, when Man Utd travel to the Etihad, they will change from white shorts to black shorts, if Everton travel to Old Trafford, they will wear all blue etc. This happens in real life so why not allow this? Also i believe it can be done in Maddens American Football game and PES so why not Fifa

    • Justin says:

      or fifa could just put new kits up to download like you can get classic kits in the catalogue. sponsors like nike and adidas are designing concept kits all the time maybe we could download these concepts or even actual kits

  7. Kedric Harris says:

    I would like to see the second tier league in the United States on the game. I think America has started to gain respect from the world through MLS. I would like to see the NASL on the game. Considering that MLS’s Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, Montreal Impact, and Vancouver Whitecaps all just came from the league within the last 5 years. Although there is no promotion/relegation format at the moment, it would be cool to play with the Tampa Bay Rowdies!!!

    • Angel Saenz says:

      I agree we should get this idea moving so that other people can see it and therefore we can see it on fifa 14

      • aaron says:

        sorry but is there really a big enough market for 2nd tier in america?
        i would think theres more of a market for the scottish leagues, welsh leagues, even the blue square premier

        • Fifa Addict 13 says:

          I agree with you aaron they should have blue square in fifa for local supporters

        • Phoenix says:

          I disagree. There should be more leagues in the game that currently aren’t, i.e. Turkish League, Greek League, J League, as opposed to additional lower tiers in league systems already in the game.

          It’s probably better to avoid going too far down the ladders, as the qualities decline too much and all the players are more or less the same (check out the worst teams in League 2, as well as leagues such as the Irish League).

  8. AFCA says:

    @Kedric Harris
    In Creation Centre you can download teams, players and leagues.
    I downloaded the Dutch Jupiler League and turkish süper lig.
    You can use them in carreer, matchday and tournaments but not online.

  9. LG says:

    they should make the first touch more smoothly to keep quick close controle this is somthing barca should be very good in and maybey its an idee to make the acceleration whit the right stick more quikely so you can realy profit from somone hiss mistake and i think the defending should be more reliable in maintaning bud not wite the a 360 ore the x whit ps3 bud whit the left and right trigger because this sytem is to easy and totaly not that good to realy see a difrence between players cose now its mostly the automatic sytem doing the job and i think u should be responseble for youre defence and above this i say you should be able to defend every thing bud away is away and i dont mean everybody should get an free run bud in real life you cant get an bal of someone whos totaly more quick and just past u white a move and running the opposite way so its impossible to get back at him and i know that when you got real and messi passes you having marcello you always get the messi this is NOT realistic so thx for reading hope you do somthing white it

  10. LG says:

    ow yhe the juggeling whhite the triggers got to be more quick white signature players sutch as van persie and messi and ronaldo have great controle on the ball and in real lifi they realy take an advantige when they are juggeling ad that moment its creating rest on the pitch they are so good that an defender got to think twice before running in

  11. Andrew Mc says:

    I loved the new manager options added to the game but take it further with a proper manager carreer allowing you to control the manager on the sidelines even directing the team or celebrating when they score.

    Secondly, I’d like to see more interviews post match and more variety to the news feed. perhaps making it easier to access the stories you care about or showing your position in the group stages of say the euro league rather than having to search for it.

    • Andrew Mc says:

      Oh forgot to add, they need to bring back the club improvement options in FIFA 09 where you could upgrade your training staff and perhaps add to it by selecting training squeduals for players to improve on certain traits

      • Jason Davis says:

        I agree with Andre Mc’s second comment. They should make training scheduals for players so that they can improve their skills and get in a better form.

  12. Will says:

    I think that now they should make it so that the computer can offer players as well.For example, if the computer wants to buy Hart it should be able to offer 10 million plus Howard (the everton keeper)

  13. Dominic says:

    I think there should be more drama. Example, if a person gets transfered we should be able to see them talking to the press and signing the contract etc. And also they could show the manager talks in the locker room.

  14. Daire says:

    I think there should be a ‘referee mode’
    It would be quite fun but there should be a restriction of how many cards you will them.

    • Ollie says:

      this will be very hard to make and It will have to take up a lot of memory space so if EA are going to go ahead with this they will have to make it a separate game like fifa street

  15. jack says:

    i think u should be able to by stadiums on career mode like u could offer like manchester city can offer around £50,000,000 to to swap or just bye the tottenham stadium !! and if tottenhm accsept that offer tottenham will have to try to bye a new stadium or will just have to play at there training ground !!! and u can start with 2 stadiums !!!

  16. jack says:

    oh and i fogot to add that u should be able to unlock kits and make your stadium bigger by doing challanges

  17. Angel M says:

    Add the lounge mode (the one that came in fifa11) again. It would be great to have stats with the friends (…or brother) you play all the time with at home.

  18. jack says:

    you should be able to create your own formations

  19. jack says:

    there should be more players that play in more positons

  20. Rich says:

    1. Make it so that you are able to run training sessions in career mode
    2. Include many more leagues
    3. Have proper loan periods in career mode that’s in real life
    4. Staff creation, i.e. hire coaches that are goal at shooting etc.
    5. More stadiums in the game to be used instead of just Ivy Lane for teams when being realistic
    6. In game career mode features like game called off due to water logged pitch, and pitch invaders

  21. Mike Dellar says:

    have a fifa14 fan chant store built into fifa14. It sucks having to download from disc to xbox360 harddrive.Because of Microsoft copyright laws I can’t even get my fanchants burned from cd to my hard drive. No option of rip cd exists on my harddrive.

  22. FIFA Fanatic says:

    Referee mode would b awesome I’ve been wanting one for years. In ultimate team the packs you buy should not be such a rip off by making it more likely yo get a good rare player it’s so bad for me that I’m giving up ultimate team if it’s still rigged.

  23. Jokki says:

    The “Become a Legend” feature should be more like it is in the NBA2k games, so that you can choose what attributes you wan’t to focus on.

  24. Ryan says:

    Add the Blue Square Premier, i know loads of people who play in the lower leagues. Not just the prem, I would not put the game down if conference clubs were in it.

  25. MR.0320 says:

    I thinke the player mode goalkeeper is boring u don’t get action u just stand ther whole game atleast let the other team attack n take shots, plz reply

  26. Tom iles says:

    Bring back TEAM CHEMISTRY!! For example, at the moment Dortmund are a brilliant European side, and yet on FIFA they get hammered in Europe! They don’t have the best players in real life, but there should be some way in which team understanding and method can be factored in to a teams whole performance?

    Bring in something to do with experience?

    Bring back the camp nou?

    I HUGELY agree with the transfer request, so instead of only being able to offer players , you have the ability to request players in transfer bids! Also, make it more realistic, e.g on my FIFA 13 Man City have bought RVP and Rooney, and realistically, this would NEVER happen. Also, a possible inclusion of “buy out” clauses?

    I also enjoyed the ability to increase a teams facilities/upgrade trainers and stadia in previous games like 2008… That was a great move, also it allows you to keep an eye on the clubs finances, which as a manager you would be aware of! On the subject of managers, people trying to lure you away from your current club? Maybe a phone section on the manager mode menu where you could check messages to make it more realistic where you would be able to arrange training, pre season tours amount other things!

    I also agree with crowd graphics, that has needed to be sorted for MANY years! And bring back to dive button!! Also some mistakes in decisions by officials would be nice, so much more realistic!

    Peace. Any thing else, email me ilesta123@gmail.com

    • Eke says:

      These ideas are brilliant. I’d love to see more depths to career mode. Maybe getting booked for celebrating with fans. Pitch invasions when getting promoted. I’d like a lot more team talks, upsetting managers… Responses from other managers. Like a FIFA with a football manager , manger mode. That’s be perfect

    • minecraft4speed101 says:

      Yeah that be awesome having a dive button, but you some times get away with it. Also i agree with crowd graphics to improve. And if you win the league or a cup the crowd runs onto the pitch

    • steed stylin says:



      * carry over VP from 2013 to 2014
      * selectable shirt, shorts and socks to customise kit against opponents
      * choice of goalkeeper kit (annoying when your yellow GK is playing Arsenal in their yellow kit)
      * bring back the lounge league so you can keep tab of how you go against your mates without going online and set-up round robin matches for when a bunch of mates are over
      * be able to approach clubs to take your players on loan, especially your young promising players, in Career mode.

      • James says:

        make new kits with the badge on them for a new season as i’m in 2019 and still wearing celtic’s black kit

      • Dom says:

        Great ideas

      • Justin says:

        i agree i left a similar idea where you could mitch-match the socks shirts and shorts so that no colours will clash do this for goalkeeper and normal players kits so you will have three player kits and three goalkeeper kits where you can mitch-match. Also how about if you e.g. playing an FA CUP game the badge on the sleeves change to an FA CUP badge or “Champions Cup” the badge changes and so on and so on.

    • frazj2012 says:

      Yeah, when I play manager career mode it´s like:
      Man.City just bought Ronaldo!
      Man.City just bought Messi!
      Man.City just bought Rooney!
      Man.City just bought Neymar!
      Man.City just bought every other great player in the entire world!

  27. will says:

    Stil think keepers are a let down and when players are on back post they never kick the
    Ball away. Fifa 13 has bugs in the game, its a bit
    Of a joke with the same goals going in, as the keeper never saves it when 1 on 1 and
    Just by the outside of the box. Keepers go down to easy
    Fifa has never been ato to put the keepers right.
    Wil they ever ?

    • Stevo says:

      My ideas for FIFA 14
      * Bring in the lower Scottish leagues
      * I also like the idea that if you go to a big team in a player career you can play with the reserves.
      * Goalkeeper kit selection
      * A stretcher if a player get seriously injured
      * if you get a team premoted or win the league a pitch invasion could happen!

  28. Scott Drake says:

    You should be able to run a league with salaries, transfer windows, a online website where you can run a league w/ stats. You should be able to do a draft of players etc

    I used to run a league and we did all the games and stats through a secondary source.

    Having all this at your finger tips including your own league website along with the game itself would be ideal.

    So say I have 10 owners I can run my own barclays league and draft players through out the world all while having a salary cap, transfer window, way to earn dollars by sponsorships etc.

  29. sean says:

    I think there should be pitch invaders and you should be able to pick one gokd player out of a selection of them in ultimate team for a booster and make pack prices cheaper and lastly make informs easier to get in packs

  30. sean says:

    Another thing is kinda like the inform thing but i think if u spend coins on a pack EA should guve us a player to make our money back coz i have had good luck but not anyone over 88 so make it easier plz coz their should be people not gettkng jealous coz i got a message when i put up my 2 fabregasses saying they were jealous and its a bit unfair

  31. Jed says:

    Make there be a place where you can buy a certain player for a certain amount like a shop but have the auction house aswell

  32. Sebastian says:

    I think it would be good to put the celebration of iniesta in the final of the 2010 world cup in fifa 14 but should be sole accecible championships finals

  33. Louis says:

    in career mode my player, you should be able to request a loan to a team you want eg. crystal palace.
    also in my player when teams are offing you contracts, you should be able to say what wage you want and how long your contract will be eg. 2 years £9,000 wages per week

    • minecraft4speed101 says:

      Yeah i agree because if i started at arsenal and then wanted to loan to Bradford for a season it would be better and i think you should ask for your wage but you have a max of £10,000 in the first season maybe. And a other awesome feature would be if you could ask the manager for more or less playing time

  34. Louis says:

    you could play for the academy then reverses then the first team

    • minecraft4speed101 says:

      I think in manager mode you should have a reserve team who games sim but it comes up on the stats of who’s playing well or not ( and there games,goals and assits)

  35. stevo says:

    Career mode is good when it works with no bugs . As morale and form are important i would like to be able to see the players morale and form before you play a game .Instead of having to go to team managment all the time . It should be in the same place as player energy when your picking the starting line up . As going into team manangment page where the squad ranking is, seems to slow the game down .

    • Naveer says:

      The energy in fifa 14 should be full. Cause if its yellow in one game then in a game two days later the players energy won’t be full. In real life your energy would be fine after 3 hours. Also in career mode you have a game every 2 days. Please fix these things.

  36. Chad says:

    Career mode: if your team gets a take over you should have a choice to a bigger stadium.
    Sponsors should play apart to weekly and yearly money earnings.
    Youth players should not be 72 over all at 17-18 and if they are it should be very rarely but should between 55-65 over alls but youths should a fast player growths.
    Older players should have role like team experience because players like boffon and puyol become very poor very quickly, older players should reduce to a stabel over all depending on how much playing time the player gets example boffon age 38 played 27 games of the season should be a min overall of 83 but if he played 7 games overall should be min 78.
    Last thing if your team win European titles the club budget should get more stars. And there should be a world board of wich team is the best In the world that could drive players to sign for a certern type of club and keeps transfer less predictable.

    • callum squire says:

      you should be able to change hair styles and create styles as players like cristiano ronaldo have different styles every game create new boots and style you be able to change kits as it gets boring after a couple of seasons .
      creating a stadium would also be great and buying a new stadiums with the money from trophy winning i like everying new to fifa 13 but some players don’t look very realistic and even players aren’t on the game like willian from shaktar donesk
      training sessions more realistic fans like better reactions ( booing cheering ) with club chants
      you should be able to go away from football life like in new star soccer ( houses cars girlfriends ) over all fifa is a good game but it could be improved ,i think that the players should be more humanized because my virtual pro where in the f.a cup final and we beat chelsea and mikels face was happy so they should make them cry and be sad .

      what do you think

      • minecraft4speed101 says:

        Yeah i agree that you should have a girlfriend and stuff on the game and you buy stuff with your wages like houses and cars.
        And you should have to pay £1000 for every 10 or 100 seats for the stadium and you should be able to pick the colours of the chairs

    • James says:

      yeah if you win the cl you expect to get 80-90 mil but you get 20

  37. Will says:

    I’d love to see a referee mode on fifa 14 because EA have represented all aspects of the game except the referees, which is an aboloutly vital part of the game. It should work like a player career, as you become a better ref, you climb the leagues until you get to international football. There was talk of it going on fifa 13 , but sadly it wasn’t added.

  38. Steven says:

    Something which truly annoys me…on pro clubs goalkeepers are never ever sent off! Several times my player has been flattened by the goalkeeper and I haven’t been given a free kick or penalty and he’s not been sent off! The refereeing needs to be improved drastically! The goalkeepers also need more animation and fluidity, when a goalkeeper drops the ball to his feet, he looks like robocop.

  39. Steven says:

    And I understand why there is not a dive function in the game as fifa do not condone dining but how about a button where you can go down easily when under pressure or when being tackled

  40. MR.0320 says:

    Da be a goalkeeper is boring I play for newcastle and I vearsed Man city and my team won 3-0!!! Plz reply 2 my E-mail:)….invite me on bbm: 27221162

  41. Jamie says:

    1. Be able to do training sessions.
    2. To design your clubs kits after first season of manager mode.
    3. Loan back option example offer 6 mill for Wilfred Saha but loan straight back to palace.
    4. Boot creator and be able to change colours of current boots and design your own.
    5. Overhaul of player ratings and team management systems.
    6. Better camera options.
    7. Club improvement options like in fifa 07.
    8. More realistic first touch so it’s a little smoother.
    9. Transfer amounts are slightly unrealistic 8 mill for joe hart? Pfft
    10. Be able to Respond to news stories, and negotiating table w/ player agents, club presidents etc, actual press conferences like f1 2010 but better and more press conf topics.
    11. Be a pro contract counter offers ie ask for more money etc
    12. Better crowd animations
    13. Cut the player ratings editor and re add the age editor, makes be a pro worth doing with real players.
    14. Edit transfer budgets if you wish, keep the starting budgets but allow the player to add more money if they wish.
    15. Income from stadiums etc and ticket price settings etc .
    16. Bigger player-manager interactions ie wayne rooney is unhappy being played as a cam, so should be able to negotiate as to where he wants to play, or be able to try and convince him to switch positions, and when u make a player captain for there to be a reaction like in real life

    • minecraft4speed101 says:

      I agree with all of them. It be fun replying to the press but you probably have like three options of how you want to answer though

  42. James says:

    A BIG new feature should be included with career mode where you as a player recieve money, purchase houses externally, drive around in your car but some aspects should be restricted as we don’t want to move away from the main aspect of the game.

    And also there should be training session gameplay within the club you are in, in Be a pro and the other modes where you train with other players with the likes of rooney, van persie etc. That should add a lot of realism to fifa and put all the critics down who say that fifa lacks ambition in my opinion.

    • Lefty123 says:

      I agree with you

    • john says:

      So you’re saying you want FIFA 14 to turn into Sims?
      I think you should be able to lead training sessions but you shouldn’t be able to drive around and go home on an evening and cook and clean. It has absolutely nothing to do with football.

  43. Crunchieman says:

    I would like to see that in offline manager career,
    When using a division 2 team and trying to take to the top that the objective on your first season in the premiership isn’t “win the leauge”
    Followed by (after failing and coming 12th) “win the leauge”
    And then “win the champions leauge” when you manage 4th

    Dag n red should be give a few seasons in the prem before that’s expected dispite how good the squad is, you can’t win them all.
    Unless you play below world class like a sissy 😛

    • Crunchieman says:

      Sorry to double post but the commentary can get very repetitive aswell,
      And sometimes they haven’t a clue what they’re talkin about…
      Although the Innuendo is really funny sometimes

      After a good few seasons omly 1 in 10 players actually can have they’re name said when they get the ball.

      Also maybe Ive missed it but can any youth academy players get traits? Really want a power free kick taker every now and then

  44. Ivan says:

    When you win the League or Cup I think the celebrations
    could be better its needs to be more of major thing to do because its the pinnacle of any footballers and football teams dreams and aspirations to do so.

  45. martymar says:

    First of all i used to play legacy defending similar to how tactical defending is done in the fact that i would jockey until just the right moment to press the press/tackle button and try to take the ball. so for me (and most good players) there was none of this mindless continuous holding of the press button. it still took skill to play legacy defense well. that being said i do like tactical defending (now after finally getting the hang of it) and think its a brilliant idea and concept. but i do think there has to be a much more effective way to pressure the man with the ball. not auto tackle. you should still have a seperate button to tackle. Just have a button that brings more pressure onlybut theres nothing more frustrating than having the man with the ball in or around your box and having no effective way to close down the space quickly all you can do is sit back and give him all the time in the world to make a play. sorry for such a long post but the almost impossible task of closing down space has got me very frustrated! hopefully EA will address this issue in fifa 14.

  46. owen cocker says:

    I think there should be a be a referee mode and a feature where you. Can make your own kits

  47. EpicsAndMe says:

    I think the players should be able to get better stats e.g pace 91 to pace 95 if that atribute has been improved

  48. kacy says:

    i think they should make clubs alot like fifa 12, bring back assisted goalkeepers because now you have an option to play goalkeepers, since semi goalkeepers the intelligence of players have dropped they dont even attempt skill,fake shot or even pass across and its really boring so i hope they bring back assisted goalkeepers for fifa 14 just not 6ft 10 giants tone height and rating down but deffo bring back assisted!

    plus you can just search for no gk so the little noobs wont be annoyed

  49. shiv says:

    there should be more game modes off line

  50. Jtizzle says:

    1. There should be a way of upgrading the pro team around you in your club. (The computer controlled players).
    2. I would like to see a seasons option where you can have two vs two.
    3. Ive never seen a handball been given a free kick for. And I have seen them happen. 4. There has got to be referee feature where you can control the referee this would be great fun!
    5. On and just a little fun one I always used to like tacklin people after the wistle was always good laugh.

  51. hazard says:

    the exchangeable player

  52. Harvey says:

    I think they need to add a 5 a side mode and I think they could put a make your own kit on manager mode.

  53. Jacob says:

    Blue square prem, all scottish divisions, Stadium editor and creator

  54. karl young says:

    Make it impossible for pace whores online. especially in Ultimate team. players have 11 88+ pace players but no team chemistry and just long ball it. and with the diabolical ai defending it works everytime. as they pace whore then just square it across goal.

    • Shrimp86 says:

      In pro club seasons too, i always play against some small retards with afro running like fuckin Usain Bolt.

  55. Loading says:

    I really think that the commentators should be able to say more names. Also, with ultimate team, you should have an option to see a persons team. For example, say if someones team is on the leaderboards, you should view there team. One last thing, Maybe you could have an option to ask a team to trade or buy that player even if it isn’t in the auctions.

  56. abdul says:

    in player career mode you should more player actions like complaining aboutother players, or requesting a higher salary. also in ultimate team you should be able to edit player numbers and contracts should last more.

    i also think that crowds should react more to players. such as when adebayor always comes to the emirates he gets boos, and when players go to there previouse clubs they get boos.

  57. abdul says:

    in player career mode whats the point in earning salary if your not going to spend it. you can pay for diffrent hair styles or more training

  58. Rory says:

    there should be be an owner and you should be able to go bankrupt too

  59. Bouba says:

    It would be great to have better graphics.
    Players do look better in Fifa12 and in Pro evolution !!!

    We have improve the all playability of the game, but the graphics got a coup and are not that great…!!

  60. Angel Saenz says:

    This Is What I Think This Needs To Be On Fifa 14

    In Game Playing –
    • Stretchers: A seriously injured player cannot always exit the pitch on his own. So what about implementing stretchers and/or medical staff.

    Manager Mode –
    • Manager mode: While starting manager mode instead of just choosing a team and typing your name why not select a manager that you want to be for example (Sir Alex Ferguson, Josep Guardiola, José Mourinho, and Arsene Wenger) or just create your own manager.
    • Manager appearance: ability to customize managers’ appearance (stance, clothes, skin color, hair) only very basic.
    • Scouting: when scouting for players in Fifa 13 the scouts only find players that only play one position. In Fifa 14 scouts should find players that can play more than one position except for goalkeepers.

    EAS FC –
    • Catalogue: When buying items on the catalogue for example like the Financial Takeover on level 13 Instead of only being redeemed once why not make it re-purchasable so therefore the gamers (us) don’t have to wait 13 more levels to buy it again just for it to only be redeemed once. Why not put the entire financial takeover from level 11-20 so when the gamers play manager mode we can choose what Financial Takeover we want for the team.

    More Leagues –
    • There need to be more leagues with promotion and relegation like the English leagues.
    • More European League: Germany-Bundesliga III, Greece-Super Liga and B Ethniki, Romania-Liga I Ukraine-Premier Liga, Serbia-Superliga, Bulgaria-Vyscha Liga, Czech Republic-Gambrinus Liga and 2. Liga, Cyprus-1.Division.
    • More South/North American Leagues: Argentina-Apertura and Clausura, Uruguay-Apertura and Clausura, Colombia-Aperura and Clausura, Mexico-Liga Ascenso MX
    • More Asian Leagues: Japan-J-League, China-Super League, Vietnam-V-League.

    UEFA –
    • Change the name from Champions Cup To Champions League also Euro Cup To Europa League

    • Baz says:

      Agree with most of above but to include so many leagues is a bit mad!! How could they fit them in. A few more south american teams and african teams wouldn’t go astray but i dont think the conference is needed. There are better leagues out there and who can imagine a 30 rated player!! Or a centre back with 7 pace!!

  61. Tevin says:

    Please Add The South African Premier Soccer League.
    It would be nice to play an african league for a change.
    *Create A Team(Applicable Only In Manager Mode). Also create your own stadium or use a local stadium, the clubs reputation must start of as they team not having a lot of supporters and enhance its reputation as it wins.
    Should also be able to create the team’s kit and should also receive sponsorship contracts for the created team.
    *3D Fans/Supporters (who cry if team is losing or bust out of joy when a crucial goal is scored)
    *when they talk about manager they should show his face.
    *the ability to create a stadium when u create a team, but funds must be allocated.

    And junior international teams maybe u23

    *All international teams must wear their original branded kits not these funky kits.

    • john says:

      I agree, also I think you should be able to have more interaction with the local community. For example having charity events where the players go out and see the fans, and go to local schools etc

  62. fiflover says:

    i would like to have GHANA and ivory coast in Fifa 14 rather than having southafrica or india

  63. mickyblueeyes says:

    1.agree with an online manager mode,make it similar to seasons
    2.a higher difficulty level than legend,Master maybe
    3.be more open and honest about controls,how to header harder how to keep power shots low and finesse header etc.
    4.training mode that incorporates all the skill moves available so we can all learn how to master them.
    5.awards for top goalscorer boot sponsorship for players who perform well.

  64. Sam Jones says:

    There should be a team celebration where more than 2 players can take part rather just standing and clapping at the oher 2 players celebrating together.

    Also there should be better graphics in the crowd.

    And when a player is running after a bouncing ball and just handballs it in mid air

  65. Eoin Doherty says:

    In UT there should be single matches. With out them UT is more competitive but that is a bad thing because it takes out the fun. Counter attacks and possession are the only ways to score. U get the ball back and try to counter but if you don’t succeed then play it stopped out side the box and it take ages. You said in a video u stopped this but it has some how made it worse. If you lose the ball you see that you have 2 or 3 players back even when some have a high defensive work rate. Because of this people go ultra defensive and sit back and then counter with fast players. Another thing in 2 player contain combined with first touch control. It is a good way to defend but with first touch control it is over powered. You will not take it out of the game but make the 2nd player less effective. Make shooting in general better so that strikers are judged on shooting ( like in real life than pace) rather than pace. More formations in UT. Better touch and passing so that better quality of football can be played. If these changes can not be made or considered in time for fifa 14 then carry them on to fifa 15. Thank you

  66. Sam says:

    There should be a: Be a ref mode, design your own kit for the second season in career mode,more realistic crowd,more countries, more new leagues such as blue square bet premier and improved game play with injuries were stretches come on

  67. kicking the ball over the line and blowing the half time or full time whistle that is pants happens alot.
    offside is not very good half the time its not on point and drifts in and out of games despite the pace of the game.
    choosing players not always on point as sometime the closest players do not ”wake up” before its to late and the play is gone or you let in a goal
    free kicks take little to long to if advantage is played..
    making subs could be easier like switching takers with maybe the select button
    being brought into the play

    • mickyblueeyes says:

      play career mode online against other players be able to play all premier teams twice a season against every team in the league being every single team in that league and see how well u do how class would that be think about it having to play 2 matches a season with united or qpr. and every team inbetween.

  68. Sean says:

    You should be able to change the teams kits at the end of each season in career mode

  69. Curtis stillwell says:

    Youth team and return of reserve matches for both pro and optional in manager mode also bring back being able to use vp in manager mode
    Also a great addition would building a team from ground up and stadium and entering a league like Ryman or blue square

  70. mickyblueeyes says:

    im sorry but be a ref mode are you out of ur fing mind this whole game is about the beauty of football not effing refereeing get the hell outta here.more options of getting around players when one on one.

  71. mickyblueeyes says:

    ALSO a two player seasons

  72. Dan Walker says:

    At the end of the game you shouldnt have to watch highlights if your oppenent has won or lost, so many times I have lost and the oppenent rubs it in by making me watch the end of game highlights. equally as many times I have won and the oppenent will make me watch the highlights to annoy me and waste my time, and then send me messages while this is going on to tell me how lucky I am. I think it would be good if you could opt out of receiving messages from players, if people wanna abuse each other then fine but if your not interested in that you shouldnt be subjected to it, when they try abuse you it should simply say this player has opted out of messages then these idiots would probably explode in a fit of rage which would be deserved I think. I think fifa is a brilliant game but all this little things annoy me I get to division 1 every season but I would not say I am that great I just enjoy the game and these little things put me in a bad mood and ruin the game a little bit, I dont mind losing even if im unlucky only things that annoy me are people time wasting time, using all 3 pauses and making me watch everything, you shouldnt have to watch goals scored against you full stop, on pro evo years ago you could just skip it and while your oppenent is busy enjoying themselves watching everything your simply composing yourself with a view of your players waiting for kick off. and obviously bad connections are very annyoing. I like a lot of people have fibre internet so unless ive got loads of stuff going on my connection should be good but people that have really bad internet and also insist on downloading things etc there connections really should be flagged up!!

  73. lsimpson says:

    ref a match

  74. Bheki says:

    It needs more drama like Pitch invaders Matches Been called of due to bad weather and also Be a Referee. And Being able to go to training in career mode

  75. Robert says:

    You should be able to select your team(s) from career mode in exhibition mode so you can use these teams to play against your mates. You should also be able to select them to play online with. Maybe have a seperate online league for this so you play other career mode teams of similar quality/progression.
    Not wing able to select your career mode teams like this is my main fault with Fifa.

  76. usman says:

    *You should be able to select your friendlies in the career
    *Change the world xi team so it is at least comparable to the classic xi team
    *Create a second classic xi team with different players ie. Cruyff Garrincha Pele Maradona Zidane Ronaldo Maldini etc.

  77. ironside says:

    I would like to see indoor matches bought back into fifa this would add a nice break from the standard games.

    Would be nice if this could also be included to FUT again to add variety.

    FUT it would be nice that players that you are unable to sell in auction have a better quick sell price because most players got in packs bought dont sell at all and the amount of coins you spend on a pack especially a gold pack it would be nice to get something back for what you have spent rather than the packs feeling like a total waste of coins/real money spent.

    Include more training games this is a very nice feature.

    FUT make the packs better value i dont know about other users but I have bought a fair few Gold premium packs and everything that i have bought except for one card has been pointless and has left me with bitter feeling towards spending money on packs, and if you dont have the money to compete in auctions it would be nice to have a helping hand from the packs to either get good players or be able to sell what is in the packs for a better price so that you can begin to compete in auctions.

  78. Aaron says:

    Take free kicks on your own half back to the keeper!

  79. ejl says:

    1. Be the Ref
    2. Goalkeepers sent off online
    3. Counter offer using swap deals
    4. Use a away kit as home kit in UT
    5. More leagues like Scotland 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, welsh league etc.
    6. More International teams like Zambia, Wales, Algeria etc.
    7. Prices for packs lower as you don’t really get good packs most the time
    8. Change Kits after 1 season
    9. Make sackings reasonable because I got sacked for doing well against the season objective
    10. Make transfers reasonable unlike Gomez to Real Madrid for £60 million
    11. Bring back player manager for career mode
    12. Watch other goals from your league in real life
    13. More skill games
    14. Make interviews better
    15. Have a button which makes you dive
    16. Have reserves in TOTW and TOTY
    There are many more as well

  80. please consider my wishes for fifa 14

    i wud luv to c the players loaned by my team how they progress in the clubs ive loaned them too.

    2. notify me as the manager on the percormances of players i enquired to buy or loan to the team so i can knw if the player us good for my tean.

    3. in the international career as a manager i shud be able to knw which players are performing well in their leagues so i can be able to select a strong national team..

    4. please bring back the sponsor just like u did before so we can be able to raise money n da selling of tickets so we can get money to be able to go for players we pursue.

    5. change the hand balls to be more realistic on the box coz we considing silly penalties, crowd change please, notify us during the play if myb arsenal n man city are tied on points during the last game of the season that whose gona win it by da way da games go in their games jst like real life.

    6. please add more commentators jst like seen on tv, i dearly like peter drury please add him please and last thing add the strecthers coming to take a injured player.

    7. add the doctor who notifies u on wellness of players. I LOOOOOVEEEE UUU FIFA BEST GAME..

  81. Kelvin says:

    1. The players should swap jerseys afta champion cup and international games.
    2.Make a career mode that can be played by 2 players,each controlling seperate teams in the same league.
    3.Make it easier to load the user track to be played in the game.
    4.Make it possible in the player mode to reject international calls…also one can request a wage rise.

  82. bepperex says:


  83. David says:

    Hi, I think FIFA 13 is a really good game overall but I think EA needs to work more on Career Mode to make it deeper and a more immersive experience. So here are some ideas to possibly achieve that goal:

    1. PRE-SEASON TEAM PREPARATION: As a manager of your club you are responsible for setting up the correct training and team motivations for the upcoming season. You should be given a table of training methods to prepare each player. Then you should be able to see the player’s form meter go up a bit as he takes part in the training sessions. That way form is not determined on just any random basis or its not just determined by how much play time he gets in actual games. It’s more directly determined by how YOU train them.

    2. MANAGER’S PHILOSOPHY: Since the beginning of the pre-season you as the manager determines a philosophy for the upcoming season. This has to do with the attitude you want your team to embody. For example, one philosophy might be; work hard towards the last minute. Another one might be play smart. Yet another one could be, play as a team! teamwork! etc.. All of these philosophiesshould have their possible strenghts and possible weaknesses. But it is you the one setting up the momentum for the season. Your club will be motivated by your attitudes and philosophies.

    3. PREPARATIONS FOR UP-COMING OPPONENTS: You as manager should receive team scouting reports from the up and coming opponents and then have the task of preparing a strategy on how to defeat them. Your team scout should provide you with a host of facts about your upcoming opponent. For example, formations, starting lineups, players in form and off form from the other team, tendencies in their play, style of play and maybe some stats from their previous match. After you have studied the other team you then set up practices for your team for that week. The formation that you assign your team to practice on that week will be the one they can execute the best. If you plan on marking a player in the upcoming match then you select the defender in practice and have him practice marking one of your strikers etc. There should be a stamina meter during practice so that you as manager can intelligently train your players on the aspects that most matter for the upcoming game. In this way form, morale and fatigue is something that you can take into your own hands and its something that you can see as your own making.

    4. FORM CHART: There should be an easy way to check and keep track of your club’s form. Here you see WHY their form is the way it is and have an idea of WHAT can be done to improve their form and team chemistry. For example, under the player’s form meter you could read how many days he has trained and how many minutes does he get to play during actual matches. You should also see under “form” if this player has suffered an injury in that season and for how long etc. All of these stats will then give you the manager an idea on why their form is low and what you need to do with that particular player to get his form back up.

    5. COMMUNICATION WITH TEAM STAFF AND PLAYERS: You as the manager are in constant communication with all the team staff from your assistant manager to trainers and even the team executive. And of course your players. Your assistant manager assists you in things concerning tired plauyers and players who are in form as well as off form. You can assign certain duties to the assistant manager. Trainers let you know if a player is doing well in training and players who are likely to suffer an injury and also obey certain assignments you give to them if there are any. Trainers let you in on all that is going on within the team fitness-wise etc. Players come to you with more requests and suggestions like they don’t want to play as a SB but rather prefer playing as SM or that they want to get in he game during the match. Players can also come up with illnesss like a flu and inform you about it. Or that they wanna be subbed out etc. Now you as manager SHOULD be able to RESPOND to your players and staff. You should be able to negotiate or simply negate your payer’s requests. There should be back and forth communication with the whole team in general.

    6. FIRE STAFF: You fire a staff member that is not completing his tasks well enough or that is not a good fit for the team. Or you decide to upgrade and get a better staff member at a certain position. Money should be an issue here and evrry staff member should bring with them an attitude or personality as well as talent.

    7. POOL OF STAFF POSITIONS: When you the manager decides to hire someone for a certain team staff position you should go into a pool of people applying for that position and with a resume for you analyze and determine what is best for your club. Not just talent but what kind of attitude this staff member bring onto the team will also matter.

    8. MANAGER INTERVIEWS: You the manager attends an interview andyou get alot of things at you disposal as far as what to say and go into sub categories like talk about a player, the ref a team in general, the weather etc.. There should be press conferences evry game, one prior tothe match and one after. The build up for every match should be felt. Also, these interview and press conferences should take part in an actual setting with all the media around. It should unfold as an event just like the matches themselve.

    So these are some ideas I’ve come up with to make Career Mode a much deeper and immersive experience. Please consider these ideas EA.

    THank you 🙂

  84. David says:

    Sorry about my extra large comment but I really think I should go in-depht about each of the features I brought up. I really want to make my point clear. Thanks. 🙂

  85. Ramo says:


  86. Michael B says:

    There’s a few things I’d like to see on Fifa 14;

    1. Keep the youth academy but develop it more. It would be great to have a youth league running alongside your campaign, and see developments through there performances maybe we could take control of our youth team to see how they play, and be able to promote to the first team.

    2. More leagues. If you’s decide not to do this then make sure the ‘rest of the world’ teams are actually worthy of being on the game (where’s Fenebache? Shaktar? Etc…) Andddd the Israeli league??? Why fifa? Come onnn!

    3. Like a few others have said bring back club improvements.

    4. Strip changes/Sponsorship… I think it would be good if you were offered advertising contracts for your teams shirt. E.g. At the end of the season a company offers a sponsorship deal, you then agree fees and contract years and targets meaning bonuses, then add the sponsor to your strip.

    5. Revenue – see where your revenue is coming from and that contributes to your transfer budget e.g. Ticket sales – playing well? then more fans through the door meaning more money. Tv advertising – based on reputation maybe. Sponsorship. Etc.

    Makes a more realistic, in depth and fun FIFA!!

  87. swifty says:

    referee sucks

  88. TheMUCUSY says:

    Better EA servers, referee mode BETTER REFEREES, other clubs should offer players + cash or you can ask them to give you a player + cash, just about everything apart from skill games

  89. i think you should have the conference league and more internationals like mali and zambia and to bring back the create a team mode


  90. Mark says:

    In ultimate team, they should lower the prices of the premier packs when you buy with coins because you might get someone expensive in a pack and for example sell them for 300k. Then if you spend it all on packs, you only open around 40 packs and I never get anyone expensive. The highest rated player Iv’e ever had in a pack were sniejder and xavi alonso, but they both only gor for like 15k each. So please could you lower the price to about 6k or 5k if your generous.

  91. Cams96 says:

    Players should be able to appeal for handball, penalties etc like running to the ref and surrounding him. Keepers more realistic saves. Two footed tackles, red cards like when the ball has been played and the player follows through, more realistic faces, more divisions, more realistic player attitude like the way they run, dribble etc like Aaron Lennon. When a fast player like Ronaldo is running and they defender just happinly catches him up. Should be able to dive, when a player commits a fair tackle the ref should wave get up or point to the ball, finesse and chips should be more realistic, should be able to appeal for the wall creeping. When there is a handball the crowd should shout “handball”. Should be able to edit the players free-kick, penalty run up, more realistic ratings,

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with “more realistic faces”. EA only did a good job with big players like Messi, the rest of the players could have been done way better

  92. shaun lynch says:

    you shoul put in online career mode so you can play against your mates in career mode just like maden nfl 13, you should put HANDBALLS IN ONLINE there are so many oppurtunities where i could of scored but i couldnt of cuz there is no handballs.

  93. MickTheDon says:

    Should limit the replays to 1 time and u should be able skip the endings of games aswell nothing more annoying than when your trying to get a quick game in before work but some little annoying idiot wants to pretend hes watching match of the day plus an option to vote to cancel game due to lag so u dont end up getting a dnf

  94. PS says:

    we the common gaming people would like to see the street version of football for fifa 14 PC gamers

  95. tc1 says:

    In career mode players have there pictures next to there stats and overall ratings but the truth is there are so many players without there pics on the game not just the unknown player but there are players that are known without a picture I know it not easy to cover them all but surly someone can hit the net and get the pics send me the names and ill do it. it been a problem 4 me for the last 3 releases it really takes away the point and fun of buying a player say lenardinho of santos when you don’t even know wot he looks like would love u to fix this problem also when ur say 10 years in to career mode there’s a lot of created players that the fifa team have come up with and they also don’t have pictures why not get people to send in pics from around the world of them self and use them put a age limit on the pics say 16 to late 20s think that would add a lot cause by then half the players in the game have retired and there no pics at all

  96. David says:

    NEW ONLINE MODE: I think starting with FIFA 14 they should add a new online mode where you have your own domain like you do on facebook and make gamer friends that you trust. Then, you and your FIFA online domain’s friends could engage in tournaments, Online Career Mode, friendlies etc..

    This way you can eliminate cheaters, quitters etc. because everyone on your FIFA Online domain (like facebook) are people you trust and you should also be able to take people off your friend’s list. Also, you should be able to participate in online competitions outside your online FIFA domain.

    Please consider this idea,
    Thanks. 🙂

  97. Louis says:

    online career mode? So then you could do the FA cup etc. But play your friends aswell. Like NBA 2k12 you can do s manager mode online

  98. AF says:

    There should be a progression of leagues over time. Eg. MLS and Brazilian league become more attractive destinations. Russian teams becoming more of a presence in europe. etc

  99. Alex says:

    Make the AI more better as the AI in Pro Club Seasons cost me matches!!!

  100. majid says:

    In fifa 14 their should be champions league as a new game mode

  101. Unknown says:

    make every one start with 50,000 on ultimate team, make it easier to get better players in packs and bring back a 1 game ultimate team game like on fifa 12.

  102. Ryan Turner says:

    For Fifa 14 I think it would be awesome if on Career Mode, say if you was a lower league team like in the Npower Championship for example you might start with a Stadium such as ‘Ivy Lane’.

    Now I like the way you can change the Stadium name but I think it would be good if they added an option where you can expand and customise your Stadium to how you want it and be able to request funds and get planning permission from your Chairman to do so.
    If EA Sports created something like this and had pre-made designs to choose from for your stadium like roofing, seat layout and the shape of the stadium you would then be able to choose how you wanted your new Stadium or redeveloped Stadium would look like.

    Obviously licensed teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and Spurs for example all have their own stadiums in the game and they shouldn’t be able to be edited if this option is added.
    Only teams that have one of the EA sports default Stadiums should be able to be customised.

    Also they should change the Creation Centre from just online to allow players who haven’t got access to online play the chance to still create their own team if they wanted, like in previous Fifa titles on the PS2 such as Fifa 2006. That way you would be able to add the Create A Stadium option to that to create your own team with your own Stadium and Kit.

    That’s my idea anyway thanks guys, let me know your thoughts on my idea!

  103. william says:

    Add more countrys to the game such as japan they love fifa
    the japanese players are always playing online.

  104. Ray says:

    You should be able to choose your sponsor for your club like in FIFA 10 and you should be able to change to a different stadium during the career mode or make it it bigger and maybe a few things from FUT like fitness coahes and physio’s to make it better. Also, I would like if you could in Be a Pro career, do your training at a training ground wwith your teammates and before your match with your teamates. Manager Mode too.

  105. Mike says:

    I think EA should put in an option to create a online friends cup tournament (fa cup/champions league style) along with the fifa custom league again but more advanced.

    I like th idea of an online career mode as well. Choose your team and everyone starts with the exactly the same stats(similar to UT) money, etc and build from there whether its a stadium, players wage structure.

    Hope fifa stop making these top teams overpowered. I’m still finding alot of defenders especially CB are able to run as fast as walcott, Lennon, valencia etc. eg Barcelona are a exceptional team but their defenders/midfielders are not fast all in real life but find they can outrun fast players on Fifa unrealistic.


  106. Willbob says:

    I would quite like to see Fifa Ultimate Team include National teams, as Fifa 14 is in the world cup year , they could release special World Cup Packs. I would also like to see Fifa Ultimate Team come to PS VITA.

  107. spencer94 says:

    more customization for manager mode eg stadia kits manager appearance ect. more realistic contract negotiation with players already on you team instead of them just saying “no i want to leave” if you dont offer enough money. more realistic ai transfers. better severs because they disconnect all the time and an option to reconnect in the manager mode and ultimate team menus so you dont have to stop what your doing to reconnect. lower chance of shots being blocked, it happens a bit too often.

  108. Cams96 says:

    You should be able before match kick off pick head or tails and pick kick off or swap sides

  109. Jammie says:

    Customise your manager like customise your player, not “grey/blue suits” “Fat/thin” and please show the managers on the sidelines like you did in South Africa World Cup 2010!

    You should be able to sit on the sidelines and watch either from the crowd or on your own seat. Not play the rest of the match for players you don’t care about and not developing yourself.

    Honestly EA..You can make the players look realistic yet you can’t make a simple crowd look realistic. You did well on South Africa World Cup 2010 to show crowds and crowd camera view at the start of some games.

    Sort them out..You must know by now that the Refs aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, sure they make stupid decisions but not every game is like that. Maybe use refs that do make those mistakes and we’ll know whether we have a good ref or not. When you tell us what ref we have, they’re all bad at making decisions.

    Come on EA, It can’t be that hard. I’m sure many developers can make this happen, it doesn’t even have to be complicated.

    I know a lot of teams are hard to licence same goes for cups like Champions Cup which is owned by PES but try to get more teams, leagues and international clubs. You did it with 2010 but now you can’t get them with Fifa 13? The leagues I’d love to see are J-League (Japanese), South African League, Blue Square, All three Scottish Leagues, Chinese League. Expand on everything!

    Make more exclusive stadiums..Like Upton Park for example..And make the crowds chants to what they’re supposed to be at that crowd..Not the same old chant at almost every game.

    Make an interview cut scene before/after every game. Your views on the transfer market / player you’re thinking of buying. Or when playing be a player make some cut scenes to show how you feel at the club, what your goals are.

    Most of what the people have said on here about training I do agree with..Maybe when training the players check on their development in a chart. Check why they’re doing badly in say slide tackling.

    I know age is a problem when you’re older you get slower etc..But that doesn’t stop players like Pirlo doing well or Henry, they’re old and they’re still good..Why do they go down in rank as soon as you buy them because they’re getting old? I know this isn’t exactly something you really need to change but I feel its a bit stupid to make players crap cause they’re old. And some might just retire after you start a season, like Jung Sung Park for QPR left straight away after I started with them.

    And Finally..EA SERVERS
    Sort them out..I always get disconnected..My game freezes during matches sometimes because of it. My career gets frozen when I advance sometimes because of it so I have to turn off the system and play a match I just won again and when you want the XP you just earned winning a game the servers disconnect and you don’t get the XP..Everyones had a problem with the Servers. There are a lot of youtubers who make Fifa 13 Lets plays for other people to watch they 90% of them complain about the servers failing so I can’t be the only one with the problem.

  110. donreplay says:

    What I want in fifa 14 is:
    1# more interactions with players, staff, club president and owner.
    I mean also: see little clips of when you the coach has something to say about the next match. And have live pers conferans. Like when you can answer queations and have options A.B.C.D.
    Have personal talks with players to talk about how hey feel about the club and if they want to play jn a different position. Or contract or anything else.
    2# you can choose your own sponsers at the beginning of the season. And you will earn better when you win important matches (not to much)but when you win the cup or league.
    #3 get more emails. And have options to reply.
    #4 Exualy I want fifa 14 mixed up with fifa manager. I think that would be great.
    #5 I simulate many times a season. Like previoua fifa I thr last yime i remember is 2009 is that you can take over the match while you are simulating. Example 1-0 losing and 20 minutes left so you can take over the match and try to win.
    #6 different styles of simulating. Fifa13 has very compact simulating with not many news of the game. Only cards and goals. So have three options of simulate: easy.
    Normal. Or many information about the match whats happening.
    #7 have option yo adjust style of training. And hardness. Example. You have a week of two with many important matches to play. So you can change hoe hard the traingings are. So players wont get too tired. But also not to less otherwise players will lose there form.
    #8 when your star players are getting to old after couple of seasons. and when al he talents are in the twenty. There are not coming more talents anymore. Yea there is like scouting. But its less fun cause they not real and look ugly with cpu faces. And dont have profile pictures.
    #9 fifa needs too work with moddelators. So every monh there are new updateds for new faces. Shoes etc. I play wih ps3 controller on Pc so and i can change faces and get them changed by updates . So game looks way btter whem more players have real faces.

    Anyway make career in fifa more fun. And that you have still even much fan after 4 seasons.

    • Azz says:

      I think it would be very good to interact with the players and staff, and definately to have a system where you can have a one-on-one chat as well as team talks and post match and pre match briefing/meeting with the media.
      Good ideas donreplay 😀

  111. Nick says:

    First of all I like the feel of this Fifa 13 it’s the first one that I have got into on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms as I thought EA had got a to sloppy since the Playstation 2 versions. To make Fifa 14 blow PES well out of the market I feel there needs to be some rather small improvements to some of the options. I think firstly to make it feel more believable there should be an option maybe for users to adjust aggression or the likely hood of the referee blowing up for free kicks in particular in matches which the user my come up against bitter rivals. Secondly and this I’ve seen from other comments is why unbelievable Fifa has not introduced stadium creation as they have included pretty much everything else in creation centre it’s like receiving ketchup on a plate with no chips embarrassing. And finally this has been mentioned by so many But please can they reintroduce the Turkish league as well introducing Major football league like the Ukraine league and cups, Argentina league and cup along with the Greek league and cup. As clubs from these league come with huge reputations and appear in major club tournaments. which I’m shore EA will have an idea of those clubs if they can’t negotiate the licenses with the league or the clubs themselves then I’m sure they can do what PES does and create a random set or players and clubs for the users of Fifa to edit themselves. If Not would it be easier to expand the Rest of the world league? Also the same with national teams we’re missing the chance to manage Japan ,Ukraine ,Ghana and many others. I’m certain EA are capable of making of these impovements.

    • 1.) I think that FIFA14 should have the champions league as a game mode and they should also make another game mode like career mode but make one so its only international teams.
      2.)FIFA14 should have a special pack you can buy for ultimate teamand the pack is like … say if you have a good utimate team on fifa 13 you should be aloud to buy a pack that lets you bring your fifa 13 ultimate team through to fifa 14.
      3.)Make it look more 3D so it doesn’t look the same as fifa11,fifa12,and fifa13.
      4.)Make an achivement/trophy …. if you play 5 days in game time in either manager mode or ultimate team you get 5milion ultimate coins,or 5milion money for the transfer budget.
      5.) make the players a bit better than they are because ashley young is rated 82 or 83 overall and in real life hes amazing.

  112. mayor west says:

    Fifa 13 is great but need a few major improvements such as the graphics, you need to develop the graphics a bit so it looks distinct from the past 2 Fifa series (Fifa 12 and Fifa 13). something to help with changing the graphics are, the ball should look more realistic on the pitch, the grass especially, it doesn’t look realistic also the players faces players like Lucas Leiva, Ronaldo, Gerrard, Marcelo, etc. don’t actually look like themselves that much, also the kits should have every bit of detail, (the logos like Adidas and Nike shouldn’t look fake on the kit, also there should be slim-fit adjuster, adjust how tight you want the kit to be. also you could IMPROVE the game-play a bit.

    Add more classic boots/kits to EASFC CATALOGUE
    nike mercurial 1998 R9!!
    Liverpool Home Shirt 1995/96!!
    nike tiempo premier 94!!

    Also to have a more built physique option, so their pectorals, and muscles stand out more. like on hulk, Ronaldo and option for virtual pro’s
    also we should be able to use our ultimate team in kick off, also we should be able to use our virtual pros for ultimate team.

    also you should put Ghana in the game. and Brazil’s official kit.

    Much More promotion money when you go from championship to Premier League, much More money for winning Champions league and the league that your in. (career Mode)
    another thing we should have much more of a variety of free-kick styles that we can choose from. the average weight size should be a bit smaller because it is too exaggerated.

    we should have a monthly updates on boots, kits players, balls, etc so that they are all updated, like PES no offence. also we should be able to have the option of the size of Ankle Tape; Ronaldo’s type and more. The game should have the Nike, Adidas, under armour, umbro base-layers, and you should put in Nike field player and other Nike,UNDER ARMOR, PUMA AND Adidas gloves.
    when you are in the arena the player should be in the clubs training kit (training jacket, shorts white training socks and boots).

    Also on the game the football boots don’t look that real, the colour doesn’t even match the colour of the boots in real life for example the blue Nike vapors are too light blue when they should be turquoise if anything. and for the adizeros you should have both leather and synthetic versions. and you need to make the sole-plate of all boots MORE REALISTIC. please add Brazil’s real official kit as well 🙂


    in addition could you have more hairstyle especially Black people type haircuts (Drake type Afro, fades, level 1, level 2, level 3, etc.), maybe option for Shape up or No Shape up. furthermore, add more facial hair styles as well.
    also please dont make the kits look so baggy.

    please!! bring virtual pro back and player manager mode!!


  113. Luton Boy says:

    Add the Blue Square Bet Premier !!
    It should be on fifa with the qulaity of football there is in the league and number of ex league clubs !!
    Look what we did to Wolves and Norwich

  114. ste says:

    on FUT if the player is gold the it should be an 80 or below to a 75 but if 81 and over then a shiney gold card.
    pleaase use this
    thank you

  115. i think you should be able to react to tackles, for example. if a player gives away a foul you should have multiple choics ( b- push player, a- sqaure up to player, y- shake hand, x- quick freekick) only after bad challenges.. you need a ‘ be a ref ‘ be the best thing in fifa if it happened. also ‘ indirect free kicks inside the box, if you pass back to the keeper you should be able to push a button for the keeper to pick it up, would be a good laugh to do online or with your pals.
    please consider these ideas as i think it would help the game alot for a bit more excitment.

  116. Matty crones... says:

    There should be a few changes which should be addressed;

    1. The graphics of the crowd shoud be improved to ‘this is football’ standard, the fans should be more emotional e.g louder when you score against rivals, boo team and manager when on bad run etc

    2. The better the team does on career mode, you should get ticket sales and if your team plays well in suscession the stadium should be full and when your below expectations it should be half full and you should see empty seats and ticket sales would drop! This would make it more fun and more reall EA.

    3. In different countries fans cheer differently england they normally say yeaahhhhhhh when a goal scored and in spain they sayy goooooooal sounds differnt.

    4. Should be african cup of nations on it,

    5 shouldnt be offered a managerial job every week it gets annoying, shouldmonly be when youve won something or when your a better manager

    • joe smart says:





  117. Daniel says:

    there should be more leagues and international teams, for example the conference premier and the northern irish and welsh leagues, the Turkish league should be reinterduced as galatasary are a big name team now there is now shaktar donesk and loads of gr8 international teams missing, it wud defo expand the games caliber and make it even more big

  118. Parker says:

    Improve the bloody 2D pitch. Even PES’ pitch looks way more real. Furthermore, make the crowd more realistic EA! You better consider these changes.

  119. Gary MacMillan says:

    1. Be the Ref
    2. Goalkeepers sent off online
    3. Counter offer using swap deals
    4. Use a away kit as home kit in UT
    5. More leagues like Scotland 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, welsh league etc.
    6. More International teams like Zambia, Wales, Algeria etc.
    7. Prices for packs lower as you don’t really get good packs most the time
    8. Change Kits after 1 season
    9. Make sackings reasonable because I got sacked for doing well against the season objective
    10. Make transfers reasonable unlike Gomez to Real Madrid for £60 million
    11. Bring back player manager for career mode
    12. Watch other goals from your league in real life
    13. More skill games
    14. Make interviews better
    15. Have a button which makes you dive
    16. Have reserves in TOTW and TOTY
    17. Change team Kits at the End of the season in Career Mode and Team Shirt shirt sponsors too

  120. JJA says:

    They should add more African countries Egypt out for Nigeria and India Out For Ghana DEFINITELY and they should have the african cup of nations too and add in Algeria and Burkina Faso especially how BFA got to the final (Burkina Faso) twice

  121. danny says:

    i think the first thing they should do and master is sort out the ea servers so that no one gets bad connection and you can play an online game smoothly instead of freezing and really bad lag etc like slow button reaction, if ea sort this out it will sell even more copies of the next fifa installment

  122. danny says:

    i also think a really good edition would be when changing kits teams should be allowed to change shorts colour as well as some teams play games with different shorts colours so this could be a nice addition

  123. Jose Martin says:

    There’s a few things i’d like to see on Fifa 14.

    1 – There should be more leagues such as Blue Square Premier because people that may support the non league teams may want to be there own team.

    2 – Sponsorship should definately be involved for instance at the end of every season you get offered different sponsorships so in that way you can accept which one you want and when you’ve got that sponsor it should be put straight on your football shirt.

    3 – Stadiums – I know it’s hard for EA to include every stadium in the world but it would be so much better if they included a few more premiership because it seems to be just one stadium added each time.

    4 – Youth academy – Keep the youth academy but develop in more ways such as have their own youth league so then you can see their progress on how they are performing and you can offer them contracts.

    5 – Training – Have training sessions on different days so that it helps the players more.

    6 – Warm Ups – They should include warm ups before the game because it gives players a rough idea on what the pitch is like and how they can perform in the game.


    Jose Martin

  124. Greno says:

    they really need to improve career in the job openings and transfers e.g if your a BPL manager but you want to manage a team in the champinship you can apply instead of no job openings in lower leagues when your a BPL manager.

    also have the option to do a loan swap a player on loan for another

  125. Greno says:

    bring the shirt sponsorship deals and the sponsor is actually on your shirt

    another thing being able to edit your your kits to a certain limit like on the home kit the font of names and numbers also completly edit the alternete kit and also edit the away kit

    and still keep the club takeover thing that you can buy but have a like 5% chance in career your club can be bought and they can sack you when they take over or keep you for a while

  126. ezio says:

    I think crowd should be realastic and 3D.also c.Ronaldo must be more realastic.bcoz his face is not very real in any fifa game comparing to other players

  127. Harvey winterburn says:

    Their should be an appeal button for when u fowl someone u can appeal to the ref

  128. Jimmy says:

    – Definitely think that the crowds need some work. Not just visually but also the audio. I’d love to hear the ROAR of crowds that you get in Spain when their team scores. Bigger cheers at the final whistle, or boos at a loss. And whistling loads when they want the final whistle to be blown like in the Premier League.

    – love the booing old players etc.

    – Free kicks are better but not quite there. Ability to use outside of the boot/drill one where player puts slice spin on it. Also strike the ball in the way Ronaldo/Bale do, not just dip it. Also ball to swerve like it does these days, making it tough for keepers! And finally camera to stay put even when 2nd/3rd player runs over ball etc.

    – Download set plays uploaded by other players. Saves time on creating loads. Get them categorised and ranked. Preview them. Or I can create one and submit it online.

    – Get real referees in the game. Howard Webb and all the lads from Premier League! Also a few wrong decisions might be interesting!

    – Cut scenes STILL need work. Intro music and commentary has to be more complex and interesting, and go on for longer. Discuss line ups etc. Also WHAT ON EARTH is all the rubbish where you see 2 players from each side do some skills or score as if the game has already gone ahead? When do you ever see Rio skinning a couple of players or David Luiz chipping the keeper?!

    – Trophy Presentations – Need to find a way to increase tension in cup SF/Finals. Through commentary/crowd or whatever it may be. I like pitch invasion ideas when team wins a trophy. Team goes up into the stands to get trophy. Get rid of the team sliding and applauding fans. Ticker tape and shoddy fireworks suck.

    – I CAN’T STAND IT when a player breaks his ankle and then walks off the pitch?!?! Injuries are so much better this year but we HAVE to see stretchers, medical teams etc.

    – Give those gimps like me the chance to edit entrance music JUST for Champions Cup matches – I want to hear the Champions League music! So it would be another option in the creation centre, and I could upload a file just for those matches.

    – Love that we can choose weather in manager mode now. Just need to see players in cold/wet/ snow or even in winter sunshine wearing gloves/under armour etc.
    Or when a match starts in the evening in summer, it gets darker as match goes on.

    – Better replay angles just after players have scored, not from cameras that would technically have to be on the pitch to get the angle we see?

    – Celebrations – the players around you go a bit weird and act very unnaturally, it would be nice to get the option for group celebrations, e.g. pile on, hugging or more elaborate ones. You could be able to interact with the crowd if you want and see security trying to stop you. Or get players going close to a camera and celebrating into the lens!

    – Should have the option not to celebrate against your old club.

    – I think career mode would benefit from a proper question/answer thing when you are manager. Press conference style. Especially with the press then their reports are created from your answers. This could be when you sign for a new club, before matches, commenting on speculation on players leaving/going etc.

    – Players to actually improve when they go out on loan. And young players to actually grow physically, 5″3 at age 16 – I think he’s probably going to grow?

    – Transfers are pretty great now although suggestions on here of asking for a player are very good. More realistic transfers too (e.g. No Rooney going to Man City). Also the option to play your first season with NO transfers occurring at all.

    – It is FANTASTIC that you can play Europe in your first season. Thank you!

    – Long balls need to be more effective.

    – Better preparation for upcoming teams – in depth report. E.G. one of your staff says to you ‘Real’s danger player is Ronaldo, he will probably play CF/LW we could try and eliminate the threat by assigning a player to man mark him, I think …….. would be up to the task’

    Lots of thoughts and I bet I’ve forgotten some – reply if you agree/disagree or can develop on some of these ideas.

  129. admir says:

    more player faces like jones , hazard, ba, smaling,

  130. REZ says:

    I have been saying this for years. We want a real life broadcast camera angle. current broadcast cam is too less zoom and unlike real life.

  131. Alan says:

    Should be able to watch your friend on FIFA 14 UT and watch your friends in be a pro and normal online matches, The players in real football should have there own ball run and free kicks, When they miss or score the players should have there own style, Like rooney with he scores does his own celebration or when he gets hurt he should do his own fall, You should get me anyways, Goalkeepers should have the own celebrations when saving a peno or saving a shot or when they get scored on, All goalkeepers should have there own style diving, FIFA 13 goalkeepers are all shite, < That's a fact, I think the goalkeepers are getting worse over the years, MESSI should be skillfull and better then any player in the world but he is rubbish in fifa 13, That's what I think.

  132. Luke Arthur says:

    Need more national teams-inc Wales!!!

  133. Darren says:

    1) firstly you need to sort out the defence system because it seems like the defence has gt a big advantage over attackers unless they are extremely fast but what happen to the players who have great strength getting bullied off the ball easy fix it up!

    2) the crossing system needs to be fixed as when you just tap it it goes really far like you’ve held the cross button.

    3) have the real managers on sideline and real referees like Howard Webb , I think it’s time they should be implemented into the game as they are a huge part in football.

    4) team gets bood by own fans if in a bad form or at half time playing awful.

    5) have the cheering more separated if your playing at home it should be well louder than the away fans.
    6) more defensive tactics

    7) different career mode story lines to make bit more interesting

    8) just make a better game than last year don’t go back like FIFA 13 cause FIFA 12 was brilliant

  134. Julster says:

    When the opponent pauses and then continues play, it can take you by surprise so it would be nice to have 3 2 1 when he/she is ready

  135. Sam Beattie says:

    They should bring the official UEFA Champions League and Europa League tournaments into it, it would be the ultimate football game and should add 2nd 3rd and 4th tier of Scottish football

  136. Sam Beattie says:

    All the premier league teams should have there official staduims

  137. Daffran says:

    Please sort out the ultimate team system were some people get informs or team of the year cards were as others get nothing. Ultimate team online needs to be fixed so that in the leagues you play other teams with the same ability as your team not a 83 overall team vs a 90 overall team is clearly unfair finally please sort out the fouling system because it seems that if your player gets fouled the referee does nothing whereas if you get tackled apparently you have fouled the other team when you have the ball.

  138. skippy_disco16 says:

    i think you should have the option to dive and complain to ref. also some offside descisions are correct but, like, a mm differencce. make the officials a bit more prone to mistakes, this would make it a lot more realistic. and i love the idea of being able to create a new kit each season in career mode! thats the best idea yet.

  139. Aaron says:

    Player career: I like the idea of being loaned out, being rested because I’ts realistic, but please when you are subbed have an option to sim the rest of the match instead of having to play the whole team, I play on world class, winning 2-0 subbed of at 70′ then I have to control the team and end up drawing or losing.

  140. macauley says:

    hello I would like to ask in FIFA 14 will u be able to highe liverpools ratings and there levels on Ultimate team because there underated and will u be able to do the same for Birmingham city

  141. Chris says:

    i think the linesmen should make proper real life decisions!

  142. Dan Affran says:

    To make career mode mu interesting copy Pes2010 career mode were u start in like a trial game and you get offers. Also you .should do training with the reserves to prove yourself, because no offense the FIFA career mode is boring

  143. les says:

    walcott can’t out pace anybody, there is not enough differentation between player’s different pace stats on the pitch.

  144. Phoenix says:

    Player Career Mode ideas:

    CONTRACTS – Your player should actually be able to sign a contract lasting a certain number of months/years etc. FIFA 13 had a big improvement in that clubs can try to buy you any time in the transfer window (much better than choosing from five clubs always from the same five leagues), so why not add real contracts to take it a step further? You could negotiate a contract length, and the club could offer extensions if you are playing well or cancel it if you are playing poorly or surplus to requirements. You can also run down your contract to decrease your value so that more clubs will be willing to buy you (a problem with Player Career in FIFA 13 is that after about two seasons you’ve increased to a rating of 80 or so and only Chelsea/Man City/Barca/RMadrid/Bayern Munich will buy you)

    TRANSFERS – As a player you should have more control over your own transfers, rather than just Stall/Accept/Reject. You should be able to negotiate a contract with a potential new team. Also, you should be able to contact clubs yourself to say you are interested in playing for them and see if they are interested in purchasing you, something which could even coincide with contracts (i.e. they respond saying something like “With two and a half years left on your contract, we can’t afford you, but if you run it down and decrease your value we could arrange something at a later date”).

    SPEAK TO THE MEDIA – As a player, you can speak to the media which impacts your relationships with your manager, interest from other clubs, and possibly even strike up a rivalry with a player from an opposing team, all based around what you say. It can also impact transfers/contracts etc, e.g. saying something like “The Russian Premier League interests me” will result in Russian teams trying to buy you.

    UTILITY ROLE – As Player Career mode now solely revolves around you starting off as a youngster and building your way up the ranks, it should be more realistic. Most young players are played out of position to give them experience, and many remain utility players for years. As an utility player, you can select a player type (I’ll list some suggestions below) with about four positions under it, and the manager will experiment with you in the different positions. Eventually, he could say “You’re best suited as a _____”, and give you the option to make it your primary position (the others will still exist as secondary positions). While you are an utility player, your stats will balance out based on your potential positions, but alter somewhat (but not completely!) when you choose a primary position. Here are some suggestions as to utility roles:

    – Defensive Utility: CB/RB/LB/CDM
    – Offensive Utility: ST/CAM/RW/LW
    – Central Utility: CB/CDM/CAM/ST
    – Wide Utility: RB/LB/RM/LM
    – Winger Utility: RWB/RW/LWB/LW
    – Midfield Utility: CDM/CM/CAM/LM/RM
    – Custom Utility: (Choose four of your own positions. Unlockable at the EAS Store/Exp Exchange, or something. Shouldn’t be available from the start)

    If you don’t want to be a utility player you should still be able to select a secondary and possibly even tertiary position, which could alter your stats slightly (see ‘STATS AND MENTALITY’ below).

    SUBSTITUTE – It’s great that you can be substituted, but there are two issues:

    – If you’re playing as anything other than a defender or goalkeeper, you get substituted every match (usually around 50 – 65 minutes unless you’re a striker), which can get irritating. Maybe balance it out, so you’re not substituted every match (I can’t think of one player in real life who is substituted every match). Also, the AI managers always make the same substitutions, more often than not at the same times.

    – You can’t be on the bench, which is very annoying. There needs to be an option to BE a substitute. It would make things more realistic.

    STATS AND MENTALITY – You should start off with lower stats like all young players (around 55 – 60 average), but with more accomplishments to increase your stats and balance the lower average starting stats, so it takes longer to become a top player. Starting stats for VPs are also too generic and you should be able to answer a questionaire when creating a VP to form your Pro’s ‘mentality’ (e.g., a VP starting as a CAM could answer “What do you prefer to do: score goals or create them” with “Create them”, resulting in higher passing stats but lower finishing stats, and on the pitch it would result in the VP making less runs into the box but getting into good positions to thread dangerous through balls etc.)

    REST OF WORLD – The teams under ‘Rest of World’ should be in a ‘Rest of World’ league, so that they are available to play for in Career Mode (there’s not a great deal of point in them being in the game at all, otherwise).

    Thanks for reading

  145. Connor says:

    1) you should be able to use your online pro offline, on career and kick off like fifa 12

    2) on player career you should be able to start off as a youth with no club and have trails (such as the skill games) to find a club to buy you

  146. Danny brown says:

    If I am Chelsea and I am versing arsenal and there is another game on etc man utd vs Wigan athletic and if man utd score you should be able to see the goal

    Also there should be lots of more countries to have more competitions and many more leagues to make a champions league African champions league Asian champions league and whoever wins you could do the world club cup

    And about the countries you could do the African cup of nations the Asian cup and for qualifying for the World Cup there should be more countries in Asia, Africa ,Oceania and Europe so it would make it have more drama

  147. Bubz says:

    – i think we need more realistic looking players, also adding pericings and tattoos would be cool.
    – players life mode( where as a player you buy cars houses cloths, the real life of a footballer.

  148. Stevie says:

    Being able to buy players whenever u want. Cause most players i want have just transfers. And wont move again. In real life drogba and anekla are able to leave there asain club after few months, so why can we do that in fifa!!!

  149. Yo expert says:

    Make it different from fifa 12 on the wii because fifa 13 on the
    Wii is basically the same as fifa 12

  150. Allan cox says:

    When you start the training mode make it an indoor pitch and you can use 2 player to train with you accept just one

    Also FIFA should bring out a normal manager game like what they do for the pc and it updates the players as it does on FIFA for the stats

  151. turn3r says:

    Make a manager mode like lma manager or championship manager career mode ok but manager mode were u dont play u watch the games live would b better

  152. Danny brown says:

    All of the champions league, Europa league and premier league official stadiums and they should make an academy team

  153. harry says:

    2 points
    fans should run on the pitch at end the of the season if you go up or win the top division and in manager career say your man utd and you want to buy a player to see if hes good you could go watch him play for his team if man u are not playing

  154. Katlego says:

    I think we should have South African Commentators and To show players in the locker room, real coaches, and in career mode we must have a life game !

  155. Will says:

    Think by now all champions league teams should be in rest of the world if haven’t got the licence for the league along with the Europa teams… Iv wanted to play with shaktar for ages!!!…. Also make the transfers more realistic, with the chance to improve on both weak foot and skill moves as a player whose an exciting prospect improves…. Final improvement is for ultimate team split the positions into a similar style of pes in that forwards can play as forward positions LF/RF ST/CF and that you won’t loose chemistry in these positions… Midfielders play in midfield positions and If want more expansion have attackive midfield (AM) and defensive (DM)…. Extremely frustrating have a player whose a different position on card to that he plays and are unable to make a pure club team due to him… Robbery for instance with bayern playin 4-2-3-1… Also more formations to chose from

  156. Danny brown says:

    If there are more countries in each continent when it is the African cup of nations the players you have that are from Africa they shouldn’t play for a month

  157. Emmanz says:

    Ghana should be added in.There also needs to be more international teams

  158. Danny brown says:

    On ultimate team there should be no contracts because people with no money can not always buy contracts because people are discarding all,there crap players just to keep there best player

  159. rahul says:

    Add in the Blue Square Premier to Fifa 14 so teams such as mine, Luton Town, were once always on Fifa but since the unjust dealings by the F.A we no longer are. The Blue Square prem is as strong as league 2, and as you’ve seen recently, Luton have beaten Wolves and Norwich top oppositions therefore i strongly believe you should include BSP into FIFA!

  160. t shaw says:

    pro clubs, make yor own football shirts and logos

  161. macauley says:

    on fifa 14 can you put ultimate team on the nintendo wii u

  162. Justin says:

    I would like to see the medics. How possible is it for an injured player to walk out of the pitch by himself. The doctors should be added to help the player.. If its slight,let it be treated in the pitch if not,he should be excorted out or strecthed out depending on the magnitude of the injury..

    • dennis bortolin says:

      that would be cool but also have them taking there medical test to se if they can play the next game.

  163. James Stewart says:

    1. I think the Turkish league , welsh league and Chinese league should be added
    2. I think shaktar Donetsk should be added to rest of the world
    3. The crowds graphics and clarity should be improved
    4. You should be able to ask for a player as part of a swap
    5. You should be able to create your own training regime
    6. You should be able to create your own stadium
    7. You should have scouts that can watch players play and then give you a report
    If you make these improvements I think it would greatly improve your game.

  164. Danny brown says:

    On fifa 14 can you put decent teams like shaktar Donetsk, shanghai, etc

  165. Ste Ormo says:

    I think the crowd should look more realistic. If it was then it would create more drama. Also if you score in the last minute like the camera should shake abit like it does on TV. And i really think it would be a great idea if you were allowed to build your own stadium.

  166. Brandon Outhouse says:

    I would love to see FIFA 14 add a fantasy draft (like in madden) followed by a career/manager mode. Please take into consideration.

  167. daniel shales says:

    Add blue square bet premier north and south or have a non league mode i would love to play as my home town

  168. Alfie Smith says:

    weather should change throughout the game
    Get Champions League and Europa League
    Celebration where you dont celebrate because its your former club
    Kits dont look stuck to the skin
    Better crowd animation, mabye the fans could wear kits from previous seasons
    Managers reaction after a goal or miss.
    managers to talk about rivalries before matches.

  169. Joel McCreery says:

    Some ideas for career mode….
    1. Allow more than three scouts.
    2. Players that aren’t playing for you should grow ie. When Hazard plays on my team he grows several overalls each season but when I’m not managing Chelsea he only grows by 2 or 3 by 2020.
    3. Be able to schedule training.
    4. Have more teams looking to have your youth players on loan.
    5. Sort the development gap ie. let decent players come through other teams youth academy. none of this aged 18 60 overall.
    6.General freezing bugs fixed.
    7. When being an international manager allow an academy in that country. funded by the particular F.A.

  170. swarty02 says:

    Could EA PLEase!!!!!!! Have the South African League aka the Premier Soccer League. RSA has hosted the World Cup in 2010 and we have beautiful stadia especially the Moses Mabidha Stadium in Durban. We deserve to be in the new FIFA 14.

  171. Sam Brown says:

    I would put in a Stadium and Kit Creator for FUT 14. I don’t feel like it’s my team when I’m playing in somebody else’s kit and stadium.

    I would also like to see more Stadiums, say all the BPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, and Serie A.

    Training Grounds and training would be welcome, along with the ability to upgrade stadia and your training ground in Career Mode.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the Blue Square Premier too. Probably won’t happen, but “Alfreton Town Vs Real Madrid” sounds enticing.

    So to sum up, more personalisation on FUT, and improvements in the Stadia department.

  172. cally says:

    bring in songs (fan chants EG follow ranger) make our own team before starting carere

  173. Gavin Thurlow says:

    Improvements on youth development they dont all have to start such low stats or all be slow if there a winger make his speed better thsn others if hes gonna be fast he gonna be fast from start theo Walcott for example

    Also as manager being able to respond to players woukd be good when player wants more money or want to play more football maybe there coukd be a selection of multiple choice answer’s explaining why

  174. stefano allen says:

    to finally fix the player’s unrealistic change in direction

  175. danboy4794 says:

    you should make manager mode more fun by letting you build new stands and stadiums which you pay for out of your budget. also being able to change kit style and colours after seasons . players overall and attributes should also go up or down due to form not their age. also player creation should have more options to make our players more unique like body shape being skinny, toned, muscly, chubby etc, also more hair and facial hair options more stylish and modern cuts even tram lines and different eybrow styles, also to be able to give our creations tattos and piercings. i also think we should have more useful things to spend our xp points on like legend players to use in all game modes and set their ages to when they were at their prime so we can play them in career etc.

  176. Jamie says:

    In ultimate team there should be no contracts and DNF modifier incase connection goes also dribbling should be made easier

  177. James Stewart says:

    Bring in dynamo Kiev and dnipro or the whole Ukrainian league
    Have the Tunisian league, their teams always win the african champions league
    Also bring in the Japanese league and the south African league
    If someone’s contract is on its final year allow him to move for free

  178. Andy says:

    Online career mode

  179. Royston says:

    • Bring handballs
    • The ref should make some mistakes
    • The press conference and the media should be more realistic
    • Make some players and have an effect with the teams morale
    • Get booked for time wasting
    • And one more critical thing is, please enhance the speed of any loading systems!!! (Still slow)

    Fifa could apply massive better improvements but instead they just make small changes for the public
    to keep on buying their products and make profit
    “You smart swindles”

  180. Jordan says:

    1. Make online feature in career mode
    2. Remove scripting (e.g. if your 4-0 up your players dont turn into s**** and you lose 5-4)
    3. Single UT online matches
    4. Proper names on stadiums e.g. not ivy lane, etc
    5. More leagues, (ukraine, chinese league, etc)
    6. Proper kits for international teams as well as club teams

  181. Ed Baber says:

    I agree with Matthew Corbetts idea. Also I think you should be given the option to request to your manager to miss certain games if you want. For example, you can request to miss a capital one match if there is a champions league match soon after.

  182. Christopher Graham says:

    people need to remember this is a sports game, not a roleplaying game, buying houses and driving around in cars is nver going to happen, sounds like you should be playing GTA. The Dive option is also never going happen, as much as i would like it too, FIFA will never condone diving and intergratting this into the game, would give the apperance that they feel its apart of the game, which its not. i for one would love to see it abolished completley, next you’ll be saying that racisim is part of the game. Be a Ref would be interesting and you could get rated by the amount of correct decisions you make, also think online career would be interesting if done, properley and fairly.

  183. perkins says:

    put nigeria on fifa 14

  184. FreeFlow says:

    what to fix :
    – Player’s faces , some players have had the same face since fifa 10 (Gerrard)
    – the crowd make it look more realistic and not 2D , football is nothing without
    the crowd
    – More classic kits , i was so disappointed when there was no classic Liverpool kit yet there was a PSG ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree EA should fix every players face, specially in the smaller leagues as most people like to play in the smaller leagues and not just Liga BBVA or EPL.

      The crowd should also be more realistic and into the game, they should be more excited about goals, cheer like crazy etc.

  185. ishy says:


  186. James Williams says:

    I think that FIFA should concentrate on the atmosphere around the pitch. Make the crowd look real and have them sectioned off so it’s visible by stewards. When the away side scores make the away section go mental and vice versa. I have scored plenty of goals where there has been nobody celebrating but the players. This needs to be improved.

    I also think that there definitely should be more stadiums. How about when you buy the game you can buy a pack for each league like they used to on Adidas live season. This pack would get you every stadium for that league and you only have to the limit to buy 2 packs. I think this would be a great feature that would add that bit of class to career mode or any other online features. Imagine going to the ‘Britannia’ on a Tuesday night having to get valuable points.

    I also think that improvements could be made to the present stadiums. If you look at ‘Old Trafford’ the stands are very close to the pitch which is very realistic and same with ‘Stamford Bridge’. However, the stand at ‘Anfield’ are very far away and again the same with ‘White Hart Lane’. This just doesn’t give me the feel that you’re playing at these caldrons.

    They’re just a few ideas of mine.

  187. Mrmagical87 says:

    Really need to sort out the off the ball fouling and obstructions that the ref seems to miss completely. Its really frustrating when a player is making a run, gets blocked off completely and you dont even get a free kick

  188. ryan says:

    i think they need to sort out the lag (latency) for all online game modes …i.e pro clubs season and online fut its a joke i do like the idea of the indoor pitch aint seen them in fifa since i think 95-97 cant remember exactly

  189. Glenn says:

    What i hate in fifa 13 career mode is:

    1.when im winning in the last 10 minutes, then suddenly the computer becomes insanely good because they have switched to ultra attack. This should be taken off coz its ridiculous and often makes them score undeserved goals after being outplayed for 80 minutes.

    2. The defence blocks too many shots, and the keepers should be sent off more often when they make fouls.

    3. The ‘battle for possesion’ feature is more like get fouled constantly without the referee seeing.

    4, players fatigue too easily and dont recover fast enough for the next match

    Fifa 14 needs to improve all of these. And how about ‘match of the day’ style highhlights after a weekend of football to see some of the other matches that happened?

    • Jon says:

      I agree with the ridicilous pressing and scoring of rubbish goals in the last ten minutes of games when the computer go to ultra attack, it’s unrealistic! I also agree with ‘keepers should get sent off more when they’ve clearly made a foul stopping a goalscoring opportunity

  190. Dom says:

    Last game drama. As it stands table, alerts from other games, goal highlights from other games. International tournaments stand alone so you can access them through tournament mode. Also add more teams, license champs/Europa league. Interviews better. New commentary and bring back player-manager.

    • dennis bortolin says:

      i hope u know that player manager is a great career option
      but there is no such thing as a player-manger in reeal life

  191. cameron99 says:

    i think you should be able to train during the week and keep your teams fitness up but get them better for the next matches.career mode.

  192. khan says:

    there are several things that need to improve, in my point of view, ea have to make free kick a bit easier because 100 out of 93 person cant goal on free kick. we can understand that by making free kick hard the game attract reality. but if we highlight those points like game difficulty level amateur. while playing the game on this level make no real impact on player because it is too easy.

  193. Ben says:

    You should be able to pick your position straight away in pro season drop in matchs instead of waiting to race for your position.

  194. Louise Patton says:

    I think the Ukraine league should be on the and also I think you should be able to writh back to your player when they ask you question I.e when hummels asks for a transfer you should be able to ask him why and talk him round to stayin

  195. Jack says:

    I like the idea of having a be a refferee mode and maybe a ref career. Don’t do be ref online though cus it could be annoying if you’re playing online against say someone who is playing as man utd and you’re playing as man city and the ref is a man utd fan.

    I would also like the conference premier (BSP), conference south and conference north (my P.E. teacher and head of year actually plays for conference north team Gloucester City so it would be fun to play as or against him)

    Also EA PLEASE fix goalkeeper rating drops because its annoying when I do a bunch of good saves and keep a clean sheet yet the game thinks I’m out of position when I’m not and I end up getting a low score.
    Also when you’re the goalkeeper let the opposition have a few more shots because sometimes even when I’m gillingham and I’m playing stoke city we have way more shots than them.
    The above reasons are why I’m yet to finish a match in my goalie career with a 7.0 or higher.

  196. Theo says:

    i think training/ skill challenges should make players better and say you suffered a heavy defeat you could take them on a squad trip 2 dubai or something.

  197. Ross says:

    There should be a seperate button to jump up for the header when you want to jump so that no two challenges in the air are the same instead of the same old boring spam A (on xbox) and see who wins it, I reckon this would be a great change!!

  198. alex says:

    u should be able to hire retired players to be staff say gerrard retires u should be alble to offer them a job but they only except if they have a trait that makes them loyal

  199. alex says:

    you should be able to relocate your stadium to somewere else in your teams region and upgrade your stadium to add more space or hire better grounds men

  200. ibstar says:

    1.In career as a manager, you should have the option of watching your team play instead of playing or simming. You have a camera angle from the touchline and you could shout out commands to the players.

    2. You should make a mode were you could create a league online or on ultimate team where you compete with you friends. Aswell as the league, tournaments could be played for prizes.

  201. ibstar says:

    Also in career mode as a player, you should be able to choose whether you want to be prompted about you position. It gets annoying when you want to go to a position and the yellow arrow keeps telling you where to go. It also can take unnecessary points away. The arrow could be replaced with the manger or players complaining towards you about your position or the commentator discussing it.

    Also, if the user has a microphone, they could use it to shout out commands in manager mode. Alternately the could use on screen buttons. The microphone could be used for any mode such as career as a player to shout out commands.

  202. danny mcshane says:

    ea should do all they can to get the champions and europa league licences also would like to see the addition of the wales national team, scottish leagues 1,2&3, northern irish league plus stadiums like hampden park, millennium, aviva, windsor park, celtic park, ibrox, return of nou camp, and im dreaming here, maybe the valley?

  203. Daniel says:

    I think the teams being promoted from the championship to the premiership should change the kit numbers to prem style and teams being relegated change to football league style numbers

  204. marknway says:

    FIFA 13 is no doubt the best FIFA series but EA always leave out the best from its predecessors.

    1) Celebrations: Why would you remove close up celebrations
    * when there is a Torres celeb(Spanish archer) other players seems like mad guys
    sitting nd really idiotic…
    * where are the real celebrations that were in FIFA08 for Beckham, Gerrard ,etc
    * include Cristiano Ronaldo’ celebration of both hands pumping that he usually
    * most important (Bring back close up celebraions)

    2) Transfers :
    * Should be realistic ,,, I started my career with Chelsea and I see the most loyal player
    Ihv seen (Gerrard) asking for transfer nd leaving for Bayern.
    * Option to make a lock on few players to be club loyal like Gerrard n JT

    3) Manager Mode:
    * remove choice of choosing a club of your own… rather it should be ladder based. Do
    good with lower tier team then get offers from other bigger clubs.
    * option to choose real life managers Jose Mourinho, SAF with real life minifaces
    * also include faces for managers too. Or just remove them from the Stadium(atleast
    give an option). Often two managers looks same.

    4) Tournament:
    * include intenational tournaments (World cup,Euros) in tournament mode.

    5) Chants
    * Options to use chants on tournament basis since there will be no Champions
    League still

  205. Wrecklessity says:


    What would be nice in Fifa 14 is to remove that score board that is always blocking gameplay , secondly , i would like to see the keeper get injured . sometimes they dive or stop some ultra hard shots without a scratch. i think its only fair to make them a little human. example ,if they dive hard for a shot and their shoulder hit the pole or jump high and fall face first , or when a ball hit them point blank in the face or for instance if they run in to get the ball head first etc etc. what will also be nice is counter celebrations. if someone is celebrating a goal your keeper or captain can do something to counter act that celebration . Like waving his hands towards u callin you lucky or going to the ref and complain, lolo lololol

  206. marknway says:

    Difficulty level shouldnt be on amateur, semi pro, professional basis…It should be on Team’s basis. The bigger the team (Real, Barca) tougher the difficulty level. Since as
    of now i can beet Barcelona with 7-0 from the 2 star team at professional with ease.

  207. Alessandro Coppola says:

    I think they should make a thing called common sense where instead of playing passes to marked players and through balls to the closest player they give it to the right players and mark goal side of players. Another one should be not over rating players like rooney and millner. becaus there are better players like Bale, suares and even fellani. another one should be scouted players shouldnt be so good at first but in training improve more than other players and you should be able to pick what players focus on in paticular howevr there should be a boundary that they wont exceed. hope these get made. Thank you.

  208. francesco3119 says:

    Honestly, there are some essential thing to improve Fifa and get a way better game in term of creativity and pleasure !!

    – Champions League and Europa League licenses
    – Copa Libertadores
    – World cup, Euro, Copa America, African National Cup licenses
    – More international team
    – Real team coaches, Mourinho, Guardiola, Ancelloti, Conte, Kloop,
    – National Coaches
    – Real players warming up next to the bench,
    – Violent Group complaint between the referee.
    – Smoke bomb from the crowd on the pitch !!
    – Update for haircut and shoes
    – Choose jersey short and socks

    The big change has to be done regarding the CPU:

    – Real team strategies ( barcelona does high pressure straight when they lose the ball and play in small triangle passes, Real Madrid play more counter attack, some teams play with their defense very down waiting for counter attack as chelsea between barcelona but they change between lower quality team)

    – All the leagues are playing in the same way, in the real life the Barclays premier league is more about physical impact and long passes, referee is more clement than other leagues)

    For the french league, most of the team are fickle, miss a lot of passes or control, lack of technic, this is where some technical players such as Payet, Valbuena, Aubameyang make a difference.

    In Spain, the team play more in small passes, Barcelona style or they try, and we notice a lot of complaints with the referee, the crowd and player between players;

    In Italy, teams focus on the defensive aspect except Juventus and Napoli, when they score they defend more than keep attacking to go for a 1 – 0.



  209. Toplad213 says:

    I think that In career mode if you are playing with a side that has b side for example Real Madrid you should be able to bring players through to the main side.

    Also there should be a youth setup in place already,

    Should have the choice before you start the career mode to choose whether you want to manage international

    Also I think of you do manager mode you should be able to upgrade your manage like you would a virtual pro, for example his negotiations skills, his man management of the player, tactical awareness in a game, likeability so that players are more then likely to stay at the club,

  210. Jon says:

    I also very much agree with an option to change your kit. I think you should be able to not just choose between home, away or alternate but choose individually which shirt, shorts and socks you wear out of the options, a sort of mix’n’match because in real life teams aren’t allowed to wear the same colour socks/shorts

  211. Jon says:

    In player edit i can’t understand why every boot on the game isn’t available! also the option of having a short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved under-shirt would be nice as well as a mid length sleeve option as the likes of ronaldo, bale, giroud and ashley young have.

    Also how about instead of just being able to edit a player in their home kit, have an option for each kit they have (home/away/alternate) so you could give a coloured glove to a player that wouldn’t then look stupid when they play in their away kit!

  212. Jon says:

    I think in stadium edit you should be able to assign a pitch pattern for that certain stadium instead of having to change it in game settings before the match

  213. Jon says:

    I think it would be good if after the ref has blown his whistle for a foul,etc, you should get a yellow card if you kick the ball away for dissent

  214. Hasan says:

    For the internationals I think u should have continents, like the different divisions in other leagues so we can have every national team in the world and all continents, especially Africa.

  215. gkstar says:

    there should be a fifa club world cup!!

  216. Steve says:

    Though it’s not realistic I would love to be able to change a players age and go into Career mode (not online obviously) and have a longer time to play with certain players. I like bringing up the younger players and developing them, but it’s not the same as having Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Forlan, Pique, etc.

  217. Mohammed says:

    I think FIFA 14 should add the other more leagues of Asia, South America, and Europe, and also adding the rest of the international teams worldwide.

  218. jonathan solitei says:

    give us a feature that can enable us to create and design our own boots. and also bring back the old virtual pro, where you can use him in the kick off option and not only in career mode. also to be able to have more editing options e.g whether you want the shirt to be tight or loose and also the under armor option.
    AND CAN YOU PLEASE HAVE THE UEFA CUP IN FIFA 14, where you can play a UEFA tournament or just a kick off – UEFA match.
    and also more mercurial boots, you only give us one..

  219. Chad says:

    Career managers: mangers move to different clubs with that the manger takes is own playing style and formations with him. The style and formations would be per set to each manger.

  220. Chad says:

    Career: enable team of the year
    World team of the year
    And world player of the year.
    Set up pre contracts with players in other clubs and other clubs can do the same to your players.
    If you win European titles more player would want to join your club

  221. Prodijy says:

    i think they should do a ultimate career mode where as if you are player you get your own house your own car and you drive around to matches and stuff and if you’re player is not good enough for his international team then he could gain reputation to be in the first team like in fifa 10 “be a pro seasons” and also when you’re playing abroad like england v spain you have to drive to the airport then board a plane to spain because that would be very very very cool!!


  222. James Sleep says:

    how about adding more half time options, such as being able to motivate certain players and enforce how you feel the team is doing more! would make it so much more interesting and more of a challenge!

    tar, James

  223. Tommi says:

    My ideas/suggestions for fifa 14:
    1) at least 2-3 classic kits for the top European teams e,g, Manchester United 1968 European cup final kit, the 99 treble winning season home kit and also the 2008 home kit (with option of buying the fifa world club cup badge for like 250 easfcp).
    2) more leagues such as scottish 2nd division, English blue square premier, welsh league, Ukranian, croatian, icelandic etc.
    3) let the player change the kit a few times, like once every 2 seasons on career mode. (they are licenced so this probably won’t happen) for example, nike, adidas, puma, umbro etc have kit designs on creation centre so EA put them in the game so we can create our own kits with licenced brands but just have the same sponsor e.g. Aon, Fly Emirates, Samsung or whatever.
    4) Training mode in career would be great! being able to test out your top players vs the reserves and see how the reserves are doing so you can call them up to the first team if nescasary.
    5) Online career with anyone? e.g. normal career just online and no games with e.g. man utd vs man utd, it gets on my tits!
    well thats all i have to say, thanks!

  224. Cams96 says:

    Show us the added time on the acctual clock like PES

  225. macauley says:

    On fifa 14 make on Ultimate Team that u don’t need internt to play it you can go on and there’s players updated by EA or the people who make it tht would be better and to have UT on ninitedo wii u tht would be great 🙂

  226. Samuel says:

    Cheaper players, ways to earn fifa points, more special packs and just more packs

    All in fut

  227. Martin says:

    1. More drama and depth off the field in Career Modes e.g. Press Conferences, FA Bans for slagging of the Ref, Making Training schedules, having managers and players getting training ground bust ups, players turning up late for training, a news story of a player seen out in town at 2:00am when they have a game the next day.

    2. Player personalities; Flashy, Cocky, Arrogant, Old Fashioned, Hard Worker, Focused etc.

    3. we need other things in Career mode to spend our money on, at the end of the season and you win the Prem, you win £14m (i think) and all you can do is contracts or youth academy, bring back like staff upgrades and Gate Receipts, i miss them from the previous games, or maybe stadium renovations e.g more seating, build a couple of stores on to the stadium.

    4. an actual training ground.

    5. have wage demands on Player Career, and apply for clubs to be interested in buying you, or go on trial at a club!

    6. the commentators really do my head in (mainly when i am losing and they state the obvious) so how about a little mode where you can record your own commentary and then put it into the matches.

    7. where the pictures of the players faces are, i dont like the blank black ones you get for the youngsters, i think it should go back to animated pictures for career but keep the real life pics for online.

    8. if your simming a game, every now and then have a situation happen where you have to intervene, or maybe bring back intervening in simming matches like in 07.

    9. lower the gold packs on FUT slightly.

    10. LOL, hi there!

    11. more stadiums, as half of the world do not play at Ivy Lane. (only a 1/3 do!)

    12. better celebrations at cup finals, not only with the players, but show the fans in tears of joy or despair.

    13. have a news story every week in career mode saying a new shenanigan by Mario Balotelli.

    14. Pre- Cup final hype, have clips of all the fans outside having fun, then walking up and into the stadium, then a highlight reel of how they got there and their star players on the cup run!

    15. Kit editor for career mode is a must!

    16. Player reactions in game. be able to hold your hands up and say ‘yeah that was a foul, i’m sorry’ and help the player up, run over to the ref and say he dived, just run off back to your position etc.

    17. players have a sportsmanship rating, which changes based on how you treat them, the playing time, their pay and how happy they are.

    thats all i can think of right now, as its midnight and i am shattered

  228. Stephen says:

    what they need to put in is the conference and the 3 scottish leagues (div 1, 2, 3) and in career mode after every season you do you can change your kit, like eg change kit maker from addias to nike or sponsor from ethiad airways to fly emirates (but only would be able to use sponsors that are on teams that are in the game) and if a championship team gets promoted to the pl, you can change their kit, the badges (from championship to pl) and also change the writing from championship to pl and also could be able to use special writing for cup games

  229. Hisham says:

    I think that there should be a Ref career mode……. that would be really nice to have, a whole new different experience!

  230. Fifa Addict 13 says:

    Bring back player-manager so u can be both

  231. andy north says:

    I think the transfer deadline day should be slower and make the stadium names real and reallife refs

  232. andy north says:

    I also think the own goals need sorting say if someone crosses the ball and the opposing player puts it in his own net its an own goal not the player who crossed it goal

  233. Rocco says:

    1. Uniforms are not getting dirty when slide tackles are peformed
    2. Should be able to change goalie jersey from game to game
    3. Long sleeves automatic due to type of weather, and cold weather gloves
    4. Authentic coaches , and have coaches get up fom technical area give direction to players
    5. European language pack for play by play broadcasting IE. if I am playing in the German league game play should be heard in German
    6.international games played during season play for World Cup qualification
    7. Show sweat coming off players faces and show jerseys being wet
    8. Player gets a “knock” if it is bad enough he should be taken off and treated on sidelines
    9. Show therapists treating players on sidelines
    10. Show substitutes warming up on sidelines
    11.have a Legend league where you can play players from the past IE. Pele, Beckenbauer, Paolo Rossi etc….
    12.in the player accessories section offer Italian, Spanish,made soccer cleats, etc…
    13. Players going up for headers together at the same time , if they hit heads should show them getting injured, then having head bandage worn
    14.show coach and players talking in dressing room pre-game with audio
    15. Show coach player interviews post game, in the respective language. IE. if Messi is giving interview after game we should hear it in Spanish . If you want to include sub titles that could be a option.
    16. Make a European speaking Fifa to cater to European football fans commentary, player interviews etc…
    17. Give players “on field audio” when they don’t agree with ref’s call. Foul Language will mean you change your rated type
    18. Have weather changes during game play
    19. I have yet to see “six studs” cleats being worn.
    20 . Why not make “cleats” more realistic/authentic.
    21. Player uniforms, hair can wave if playing in windy condition and get wet if playing in rain more realism
    22. Have players doing their thing when being substituted IE. in Serie A soccer when a Italian player gets sub in he will reach down flick the turf and then do the sign of the cross. Maybe this is too religious, but other players do certain actions when they “score” they jump on the advertising banners around the pitch and wave to crowd
    23. Have advertising banners around the pitch.
    24. Show the pitch designs in the grass X cut etc…
    25.of course have fans more interactive throwing flares onto pitch, or smoke bombs etc…
    26. Show police /security around the pitch
    27. Have a half time 2min. Scene where commentators discuss first half of play, maybe show some other game highlights and goals
    28. Show ticker board with other games being played and scores around the league
    29. Have all team uniforms available and new ones downloaded from the web
    30. I believe you can give players more detail, to their physiques. More leg muscle definition.

    Thank you

  234. Adam Perkins says:

    The Turkish League and Ukranian League HAVE to be on FIFA 14!

  235. Phoenix says:

    I think set pieces could be much much better. They are quite poor in comparison to most other gameplay aspects. Here are a few suggestions I have to make set pieces more realistic and enjoyable:

    1. In real life, most teams send five or six players in the box for a set piece under normal circumstances (i.e. the equivalent of the ‘Balanced’ setting). Not four.

    2. On the Balanced setting in FIFA 13, the four players who go up for the corner are always the two centre backs, the striker, and either the other striker (if it’s a two-striker formation) or the tallest midfielder (who is always at the back post). In real life, some full backs are dangerous from set pieces (such as Patrice Evra and Mikael Lustig), but in FIFA they won’t go forward for them, because full backs are automatically used as break-defenders. If I create a tall Virtual Pro, who has good heading ability because of his height, he still won’t go forward for corners except when ‘Attack’ or ‘Ultra Attack’ are commanded. Aerial prowess should be taken into account when determining who goes forward for a set piece.

    3. The two players who stay back to defend (usually the full backs) are positioned on the halfway line in FIFA, but IRL they are usually positioned further forward, about 40 yards (I don’t have a great sense of distance…) from goal? Because they are positioned so far back, it’s extremely easy for the CPU to make a clearance which easily reaches the CPU team bloke hanging about in the acres of space between his own box and the half way line.

    4. The centre backs who go forward for the corner immediately run back into their own half to defend if the ball does not reach them. In real life this does not always happen. Usually they are not particularly quick to retreat if their team’s possession is retained, and if their team is chasing a goal, at least one will stay in the box as long as his team have possession.

    Free kicks:

    1. Still practically impossible to score directly from a free kick. In fact, since FIFA 11 scoring directly from free kicks seems to have become increasingly difficult. Adding second and third potential takers does nothing to fool the CPU. Also, the Power Free Kick Trait seems to make it even more difficult to score free kicks.

    2. In Player Career mode, your Player needs to get +5 or something for scoring a free kick the first time, because the CPU rarely gives away free kicks in positions you can shoot from anyway and the starting stat is too low. There’s also absolutely no possible way for any VP players not strikers/CAMs/wingers to become free kick experts whereas in real life some defenders/defensive midfielders/(players who don’t score regularly from open play) are free kick experts (see Alexander Kolarov, Andrea Pirlo, Ian Harte, Mikel Arteta etc etc). Why can’t your Virtual Pro get that chance? (See an earlier post I made regarding more creativity with VPs)

    3. Why do full backs go forward for free kicks instead of centre backs if they are further than 30 yards from goal (a distance you’re not going to score from, but perfect for lobbing the ball into the box for your big centre backs to contest)? It seems a little strange.

    4. Significantly more difficult to score from a free kick crossed into the box than from corners, even from wider positions. In real life, there’s little difference here.

    Set piece general grievances:

    1. Too easily cleared by the CPU.

    2. CPU win the aerial duels in the box far too easily, especially from corners, but conversely if you actually win the aerial duel (note – aerial duels you win where the ball stupidly flies into row Z do not count) you have at least a 70% chance of scoring, probably higher if you’re not playing on the ‘Manual’ control setting.

    Also, this isn’t really to do with set pieces but CLEARANCES! CPU clearances were about as perfect as they could get in FIFA 12. In FIFA 13 you guys decided to make them worse for some reason. Clearances always seem to home in on a CPU player whether your team or the CPU team made them (unless it goes wide for a throw in in a useless location). The CPU will never, ever clear the ball out for a corner, and even in the most ridiculous circumstances they always somehow clear the ball halfway up the pitch. I’ve seen several situations where the CPU defender magically rotates 180 degrees at superhuman speed to clear the ball halfway up the pitch (always finding their striker, too) when in real life the most that defender could have done is knock it out for a corner. You don’t need to try and overhaul the clearing system – just revert it back to the way it was in FIFA 12, when it was perfectly fine.

    Oh, and while I’m at it…more leagues and international teams in this year’s edition, please. I find it insulting that you can’t be bothered to include Wales.

  236. Phoenix says:

    Forgot to mention in my other comment:

    For Player Career, it would be good to list the games you played in each season with stats i.e. how many goals (if any) you scored in that match, and have it accessible under ‘My Pro’.

    Kinda this but include Assists also: http://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=37300

    Would look really cool.

  237. ben says:

    1st: there should be a 1st person mode where you can only see the players legs and arms
    2nd: when you do a player career mode, at half time you should be able to walk the player through the tunnel and into the changing room and listen to the manager half time team talk.
    3rd: when you do a manager career mode, before you start a match you should be able to choose a option where you can be the actual manager and stand on the sideline
    4th: you should be able to be a reff and forth official,
    5th: build a stadium, and get a free roam mode when doing career, where you could go to diffrent countries and walk around diffrent stadiums,
    6th: if your injured u should get to sit on the bench and watch the match from first person, and if your a youth you can play matches like youth cups.
    7th: lastly, you should be able to loan money from the bank to buy players and go into debt, and have to pay bills

  238. Ash siddall says:

    I think they should set up 3 types of career mode, 2 of them obviously being player and manager but they should add a third one in, this being you starting off as a 14/15 year old and having to complete shooting, passing, dribbling drills etc to impress scouts and go to an academy and build yourself up and then either get signed up for your club or sold somewhere else, I think it will make people play career mode a lot more if I’m honest. I’d be glued to my screen with this!!!

  239. sam says:

    you should be able to choose what friendly match you want play with on carrer mode

  240. Josharsenalfan says:

    Here are some Improvements for FIFA 14 I would like to see.

    Career mode

    1. The ability to change the “value” or asking price of a player. This could either help a player receive interest from other clubs if his price is lower or try to ward off teams with a high asking price. This would really help in getting rid of unwanted players as well as trying to hold onto more valuable players.

    2. How players improve-I would like to see more change and improvement in players in a realistic way. Players typically improve more in the beginning of their careers and over time, the amount of improvement decreases or stops all together. Too often in FIFA 13, as well as past editions of the game, players don’t improve at all or the way in which they do is so unpredictable. Shouldn’t loaning out a player where he plays week in week out help him improve? I would hope so.

    3. I would love to see the ability to establish relationships with other clubs whether good or bad. Good relationships would be helpful in sending players out on loan or buying players. The way in which transfer activity was carried out could affect such relationships.

    4. I would like to see an ability to solicit my players to other clubs. For example, if I have a player I want to sell or loan, I should be able to not only loan or transfer list him, but also go directly to other clubs themselves to offer the services of my player. I know if I have a young prospect with great potential that a lower division team would be happy to have him in their side. Yet, rarely do these teams come forward and offer to take him on loan.

    5. Improve loans all together. Highly rated youngsters should be valued and sought after. Too often I have young players who I want to send out on loan for experience and match time, yet they stay on my bench because they aren’t good enough. I would like to see more offers come in for these players.

    6. In order for loans to be improved, I would like to see something implemented similar to the way in works in Europe and around the word. I want to see an ability for clubs to subsidize or pay a percentage of the wages of a player out on loan. Let’s say I’m a club like Manchester United or Arsenal who has an 18 yr old with a 75 rating making £35,000 a week. More than likely this player wouldn’t be good enough for the starting 11 of any top level team. Yet he is likely too expensive for a bottom level team who would value his services and would likely be one of the first choices on the team sheet. Why not make it so that the parent club can subsidize the wages of the player so that he not only gets experience and goes out on loan, but also makes it easier for the lower level side to bring in loan players. As a club makes it clear that they are willing to subsidize a percentage of his wages, the interest in the player should go up exponentially.

    7. I would like to see reserve leagues as well as youth leagues. A place where my youth team could play and improve. A reserve league would be a great addition to give valuable match time to players on the fringes of the first team. Currently, squads can have a maximum of 42 players, unless you send out 10-15 players on loan, it is difficult to get all your first team players match time. Creating a reserve league as well as a youth league would greatly help

    8. Scouting- I would like to see scouting improve. One thing I would like to see in FIFA 14 is being able to use scouts for more than just scouting youth players. Being able to scout potential transfer targets would be a great addition to the game. Also, the quality of the club should reflect the type of youth players brought in. Yes, a team in League One or Two in England could in earth a gem, but rarely does this happen. Often the best youth prospects flock to the best clubs. This has not been the case in past editions.

    9. Being able to improve facilities would be a great feature. Using transfer funds to expand or build a new stadium would be very neat. The option to improve the training ground if needed would be also be a great addition.

    10. I would like to see the option to hire other coaches to work along side you. Youth team coaches, as well as reserve team and assistant first team coaches would bring new flavor to the game. These coaches could influence the way your team performs.

    11. Being able to dictate training sessions and to focus on certain things (I.e. defense, set pieces, offensive play, etc.) . For a team like Arsenal, with typically poor defending, using training sessions to work on defense should help to improve that aspect of their game.

    12. As a club succeeds, I would love to see how the fan base or popularity improves. This would help influence decisions regarding stadium construction or expansion. Being able to negotiate shirt, stadium and corporate sponsors would be a great part of career mode. This would bring in more revenue for transfers, and all aspects of the club. As a fan base increases and success on the pitch increases, the revenue from corporate sponsors should increase.

    13. Do whatever is necessary to work with UEFA in order to use the Champions League logo, music, ball, and all things associated with the competition. Enough of this “champions cup” nonsense. FIFA is already on board with the game, now do what you have to with UEFA. Also do the same with the European championships and the World Cup.

    14. Allow the scheduling of a preseason tour.

    15. Allow the manager in career mode to negotiate with international managers regarding selection and match time on national team duty.

    16. Allow players to change positions and improve accordingly. For example, a in years past Sergio Ramos was a right back. Now in the game he is a center back. The manager should be able to change the position of a player in ways such as this.

    17. Being able to tap up players or influence transfers by talking about such a player openly to the media.

    18. I would also love to see more head to head battles for transfer targets. It sometimes seems a bit too easy to get the targets I want if I have the money. Also, no offense to lower tier teams, but as Reading or Norwich, I shouldn’t be able to bring in Edinson Cavani or Falcao. Make it a tad more realistic.

    19. Being able to have more than 42 players on a team. What I mean by that is being able to have a separate reserve team and youth team as well as the first team and being able to bring players up or send them down if they aren’t performing or getting match time. This could be done for certain matches or allow them to move between the various teams interchangeably.

    20. Clubs should be able to be taken over more frequently by big money investors. When this happens, the profile of the club and the quality of players it has should also improve.

    Outside of career mode-

    1. Improve the ability and ease of performing skill moves.

    2. Change the way teams approach certain games. As a top team when I play a team at the bottom end of the table, typically they will sit back and try to deny me space to play my game and hope to hit on the counter attack. A realistic approach to each game would be a great addition to the game. If a team is behind and needs a goal, shouldn’t their tactics also change? Constantly changing and having to adapt would be a great part of FIFA 14.

    3. Please, please improve defending. It is soooooo easy to just easily turn a defender regardless of game difficulty or the quality of the defender.

    4. Improve set pieces. I like the recent addition of being able to create your own set pieces. You should also be able to define how you want to DEFEND set pieces. In example, being able to assign players to mark specific players of the opposition would be awesome. Or putting your larger players or whomever you want in specific positions in the box Also, being able to specify whether you want to do zonal marking or man marking would be a great addition.

    5. Make the style of play of certain teams more realistic. Stoke don’t play like Barcelona. Style of play should be more accurate and consistent. The manager in charge should also be able to influence the style of play or change it all together.

    • Justin Ronne says:

      i agree with the champions league thing why are they not wanting to put it in the game??? i want Champions League balls ect.

    • RUSS says:

      Great ideas wish they make all of them it will make the game x10 better
      Not one bad one in the whole lot

  241. Adam says:

    Crowd needs to be sorted, more grounds need to be added not enough & boring playing at the same stadiums all the time & also better camera angels.

    • Justin Ronne says:

      are these comments even being sent to EA because if not this would be a waste of time

      • admin says:

        Yes they will be getting sent as they did last year. Probably in the next month or so.

        • Anders Høje says:

          Are they sent? I really hope they bring single matches back to fut, where you could see the opponents rating. The essense of fut where really to build up your team and both to could use Bronze, Silver and gold players like you could in fut 12.. Now evere match has to be sooo serious and you cant really relax and just have fun while playing.. Last year FUT was just PERFECT except the in-game graphic is better this year.

        • Justin Ronne says:

          that’s really cool i typed in ideas in april 2013 if chosen will they be sent through?

  242. Plz add more commentators ( i love peter drury)

  243. kyle.A says:

    i think you should make the make the first 3 packs you buy really good ones and you should give people one chance on ultimate team to create there own player and there skill ,speed and the rest and once you have done that you can sell him but you carnt create a new one or delete hit/her also you should add women footballers

  244. meleka says:

    i strongly feel it also would be better to add more african countries(which have good fifa ranking currently eg Zambia)… and at least 2 or 3 strong african clubs. NOT clubs and countries which are low ranked or are not even CAF champions, as is the case in past fifa games. thank you for the platform!

  245. Jw123 says:

    On career mode i think the developers should tweak the transfer system to how real teams would go about acquiring players. For example a player that Chelsea would go for realistically instead of just automatically picking one out that’s 85+ overall. Maybe downloadable updates for what real life scouts have gathered data on. This making sense?

  246. matthew b says:

    They should add an ownership mode where you actually own a football club so you could deal with everything that goes on behind closed doors.

  247. Adam says:

    Add Champions League and Europa League

  248. Paulo André Badéga Silva says:

    Fifa Road to world cup 2014 like Fifa 98!!! My dream *_*

  249. mikeg says:

    Having more clubs/leagues, for example the turkish super lig on ultimate team only has galatasaray in it which limits players, also with Ultimate team include more players, dont leave out “big” names such as drogba.

    And also Ultimate team again. Either give the option to slightly change formations or give the same list of formations as u get in Seasons/career etc instead of the 10 or so u get in UT.

    Mainly 4-2-3-1 in UT is 2 CDMs 2 CAMs , Cf and ST, instead of 2xCDM LM/RM , CF/CAm and ST which would be nicer

  250. erac says:

    The introduction of women football.

  251. jack says:

    My improvements for FIFA 14 would definitely be Online Career Mode, it would be incredibly fun.

    You could be able to start a new league with either your friends or complete strangers, or maybe even a mix of the two.

    You could buy and sell players with different leagues as you can with Offline Career Mode, but also make offers and receive offers from your friends’ teams.

    When it comes to playing matches, you can freely play the ones against the computer (if the computer is in the league), or when it comes to playing your friends, you can invite them to play the game, but if they are not online for the scheduled time, then the computer plays for them.

    Or maybe, on a larger scale, your Online League could interact with other Online Leagues, so that when you play, for example the Champions League, you will play against other real life people. Although, I think this idea might be better if it was placed in FIFA 15 rather than FIFA 14.

  252. Richmond says:

    In fifa 13,players are able to give accurate pass and shots with their weak foot. How on earth is this possible, a player like Ozil in reality find it difficult to even shoot accurately with his prefered left foot. I think in fifa 14, this problem should be rectified. Also stadia such as anfield,bernabeu,emirates and other stadia have the stands closer to the pitch in reality but it is far from the pitch in fifa 13. Again, make celebrations of goals more realistic and improve on how the goalkeepers dive to save penalties

  253. Deano says:

    My suggestions / idea’s for FIFA 14:

    – Create a stadium option like on pes. Choose the name, build the stands and choose the setting for the weather and location.

    – Create a club mode. You can name the club, create the kit and crest. You can also maybe create your own players and stadium for the club.

    – More realistic stories on career mode (using animation to show players signing for a new club and talking to the press). Also create your own youth player on manager career mode and develop him and train him.

    – Also train your own players by setting up a training timetable. For you to control how the players train on career mode.

    – A player of the season option on career mode and the names of the trophy’s players have won on their profiles.

    – Lastly I’d like to see a end of season highlights. It shows visual highlights of the highs and lows of your season. A round up showing your best goals, cup winnings and transfers.

  254. royal says:

    You should be able to see your self on the bench and get to drive home and to training

  255. Murray Macdonald says:

    FIFA challenges in career mode, for example, you take over Wigan and you’re bottom with 10 games left and you have to save them from relegation

  256. Donald Macleod says:

    remove scripting

  257. KhUnZ says:

    sort the commentators out so that they are accurate beacuse they are sooo bad at the moment. also include more scenes leading up to the game like in real life you see players getting into fights and stuff

  258. Ace says:

    I always think something is MISSING in EA-FIFA,

    ###1#### AWARDS & CEREMONY:____________________________________
    [by end of season (will effect player reputation, salary-demand, high/low SALE value, high demand of player (others club interested, difficult to keep hold of player (offering higher salary) etc)]


    LEAGUE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (Golden Boot, Best Goalkeeper)
    COACH OF THE YEAR (League, Champion League, International)

    (Winner of all different continents Champion League Winners, play each other which happen around Nov-Dec every year in Japan)

    ###3####_____Faster Youth Squad development:
    Ability to partnership with other clubs to develop talent example (Football Club-A in England partnership with Football Club-B in Spain, to develop talent, plus talented youth players granted playing time in lower league during loan move to develop whether becomes NEXT GEN STAR OR LOSER

    ####4####____________ BOARD MEETINGS & MEDIA:

    Do you watch REAL MADRID VS BARCELONA PRESS CONFERENCE over past years SO interesting, YOUR COMMENTS AS COACH will hype media +/- comments, your reputation as coach will develop, In current FIFA you cannot comment beside fix 3 statements, no arguments, no criticisms.

    Demanding board to give money or I am leaving, BOARD give you players they want you to sign and if you don’t sign them they want be happy so need to explain why?

    #####5#####________________Transfer Market
    More depth and aggressive market with full of entertainment
    plus player preference on region “I want to play in warm climate league/ cold climate league”

    Thank you for reading, if you agree especially with “AWARDS” by end of season and if you can explain much better please some one let FIFA know, once again thankyou.

  259. Tebogo says:

    If fifa could add the FIFA club world cup to fifa 14 they’ve done it 4 me

  260. Chris says:

    There should be:
    A intro like they have at the start of real games when the players walk towards the camera while they go through the line ups.
    Blue Square Premier teams
    They should change the international manager feature so that you can only manage either country or club not both at once.
    With the manager mode and player mode (unless you choose a player) you should have to start at the bottom and work up. I think this because at the moment you have a 77 rated (my guy) striker starting for Barcalona pushing messi on to the bench (which never happens).
    Do some fan close ups like they have in games.
    And the most important of all i think is to stop the 1cm offside thing which a ref with 20/20 vision couldn’t even spot.
    Only way we will get these on FIFA 14 is if we get ourselves heard so come on.
    If we make a thing about it they will notice.

  261. Louis says:

    I think the my payer career should be a little like NBA2K13 my player, if you have any concerns you should be able to go and talk to your coach and request a move or a loan and watch if the coach says yes or no.

  262. Justin Ronne says:

    you should be allowed to mitch-match between kits like if ur liverpool and against man united you could play put home socks home shorts and away top. or you could have home top then away shorts and then home socks or you could just have home top,shorts and socks depends on the colour of the opposing team. also more goalkeeper kit options where you could do the same thing. we should get ea to read this because it would make the game more exciting and different. and they do this mitch-matching in real life too and fifa are trying to make the game as realistic as possible!!!

  263. Erik S. says:

    Below are some ideas I have for improving the already amzing FIFA series. (disclaimer: I am not a game designer, I just play more than I probably should)
    FUT ideas for FIFA 14:
    1. Be able to make your Virtual Pro from a Career Mode into a card and play/trade/sell him like any other player. With the structure of the EAS FC level and points system, the system is already established to set a level and XP value that could incorporate a career mode player or manager into a FUT card. This would freeze the virtual pros attributes to where they are upon applying the perk. I dont think you should be able to make any created player into a FUT card because there are not point restrictions on that.
    2. Add National Team jerseys to Kits/ badges that can be used (if already incorporated make them easier to acquire.
    Career Mode for FIFA 14
    1. I like the idea mentioned by some previously about having a training/ reserve team game if not selected to the 18. Maybe put in some different attribute bonuses so that you can still improve your player.
    2. I like the sponsors idea some have mentioned previously but I think this was in FIFA 11 (or earlier) and it really did not add anything to the game instead it just made me angry that I won the league and still am getting the same money I did when I didn’t. If it can be tweaked great but still being alotted a certain amount of money for a transfer window takes out some of the clutter of managing.
    3. I really like the idea of being able to change your kit after a couple years or so of being a manager at the same club.
    4. As much as like to micromanage things, the idea of seeing the financial report of a club reminds me too much of accounting class. Where this would be great though would be when you are managing a team from the lower leagues and build them up to the top teir. In that instance I can see how seeing ticket sales go up and maybe a need for a new stadium if it cant hold the crowds.
    5. Team chemistry would be great to incorporate but having players beg to be put on the pitch gets really annoying when I am trying to develop my young talents.
    6. Also mentioned previously was the ability to higher different coaching staff members to add to the team. This too was also in a previous FIFA but it got cut along the way.

    Thank you for reading. And I appreciate the opportunity to contribute my ideas to a game I love playing.
    PS: Has EA ever considered making a DLC for the Men’s and Women’s world cup during those specific years instead of marketing it as a seperate game?

  264. shaun millington says:

    For fifa 14 you should be able to tell the news what team you would luke to play for plus how many years on your contract plus your wages and try nake th crowd look more realistic .

    This is another idea i have but not for fifa 14 i think you should make a fifa like you are a footballer in real life so u could buy your iwn house nd car nd you could drive to th game a bit like grand theft auti

  265. priyank says:

    1) Do some good animation on the clubs manager…like show their frustration…
    2) Allow to design club kits…
    3) Please please allow tattoo on players

  266. Jonny says:

    I think they should have more stadiums
    create your own stadium
    be able to square up to your opponents and retaliate if a bad challenge or your player gets wound up in a match
    have a five a side, beach football and jumpers for goalpost modes
    when using the special tokens eg financial takeover it should be aactive all save not just for the period that you play
    chris kamara with goal updates
    a MOTD style special for highlight modes
    mutual disconnection on online mode so if you agree that a person has had to leave to sort a family emergency then it doesnt count againt ur dnf %

  267. Jonny says:

    also want to add managers should have longer contracts in manager mode rather than just one season and should be able to offer a contract extention

  268. achu says:

    i think if pes and fifa worked together we would get a amazing football game. i love fifa13 i played it for many days, but i bought pes 2013 later, i play in pc.pes13 was graphically very superior to fifa13.gameplay wise both were interesting.
    fifa13 was more realistic in gameplay than pes13.but pes13 was more fun when passing and it was easy to do acrobatics and skill moves.whereas when playing fifa13 i didn’t have time or it felt difficult to do and remember skill moves.
    for me pes 2014 is more appealing than fifa 14.because i play career modes,fifa 13 gave me awards and transfers in text.but pes 13 gave them to me with animation.

  269. Colm Doyle says:

    i think you should be able to manage 2 clubs at the one time in the same career and use one as a feeder club. So like if you were chelsea and you had players you wanted to loan out but get proper playing time aswell you could also manage a team like hull in the championship and use them to play all your loaned out players.

  270. Johny says:

    they should have the Greek league in the game, sure theres a couple Greek teams in the Rest of World category but the entire Greek league should be there. Ive heard rumours about referee mode for a while now, it would be awesome to see that actually happen

  271. edoegklsd says:

    – make all the players have cyber(real) faces. Not just some players on big teams. At least have everyone on each roster in the big leagues have real cyber faces.

    – incorporate fox soccer into the game with a half time show. or espn.

    -create your own kits in career mode. not just the color or design but the maker like nike, adidas, puma.

    – make the champions league a huge deal like it is in reality. first, actually call it THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. then make the champions league presentation like you see on tv. lastly, make the champions league official match ball.

    – create your own celebrations.

    – make the player career mode like 2k does for my player. Have the players life outside of soccer incorporated. also have training sessions at the indoor club pitch.

    -for manager career mode make the youth players have realistic faces and with pictures. Madden 13 did this and it was great. If you did this it would make the game that more realistic.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree EA should fix every players face, specially in the smaller leagues as most people like to play in the smaller leagues and not just Liga BBVA or EPL.

  272. Cathy says:

    They should get rid of the Xp daily cap so you can earn as many xp as you like during your daily gaming session instead of 2,000 as it is currently which gets used very quickly.
    Also be able to be captain of your club & country in career mode, after so many games your pro has played..
    Get rid of the sliders as they are pointless..
    Also be able to get all acheivements with your pro not just certain ones for the position they play.. & they should also start with more stats depending on there position ie strikers & midfielders should have higher freekick stats not like fifa 13 where they start off very low for these positions..
    Sponsorship deals for the players, & they will have to do special matches for these deals..

  273. Javier says:

    They should make wager matches for ultimate team, ex. You face someone you each put coins up for grabs, or players, who knows just an idea

  274. Lewis says:

    What would be excellent is in manager career mode where you get a team promoted for example, say if you get Ipswich town up to the premier league , they still have the championship badges on their sleeves which I feel is a huge let down as you like to feel part of the league you been promoted to and when you’ve been promoted to the BPL the team still has the championship badges on their sleeves. So I think if you can somehow automatically change a clubs sleeve badges when getting promoted or relegated would be an excellent addition.

  275. sisamm says:

    in my fifa 13 career mode as real madrid castilla (moved them to the npower league 2, and have gone all the way up english league to Prem) after 10 seasons, i have a full team of 88+ rated players and £300+million yet i dont need to spend money at all to win every trophy possible. EA should add and bring back several things like:

    the ability to upgrade coaches/stadium etc like in 2008 but with alot more choice and more of a long winded more expensive process to it e.g. in the coaches option, there are 4 types of coaches DEF, MID, ATT AND YOUTH each one can be upgraded up to a limit of 5 stars but can only be upgraded every 6 months (game time)and you can change the type of training at any time but the costs get greater every time you change the type of training.

    also as a manager you should be able to have the choice of choosing a sponsor (or two :D) that pay you an initial fee in the beginning of the year, as well as a fee for when you win matches or any form of silverware. the sponsor should be proportionate to the team in the sense that a sponsor like NIKE would not sponsor a team like Aldershot Town (unless you use them in career to the extent they are a 4*+ team) but a sponsor like some cheap construction business would. this helps teams that are not rich and full of good players to receive a better budget/wages and allows you as the manager to have a realistic chance of landing a future prospect.

    there should be MORE random things happening to players such as career ending tackles, lifetime bans for career ending tackles, player gets diagnosed with a terminal illness and could not POSSIBLY ever play again, some players have their own attitudes e.g. balotelli, pogba are both pretty ignorant but quality whereas someone like giggs is humble, the player could be a bad attitude for your team so you would have to sell them or suffer loss of chemistry etc or they could be a good attitude helping other players reach their full potential and so on.

    youth system should generate less amazing players, youths should only have a 60% chance of reaching their stated potential because too many players have 88-94 potential and they should also demand a greater budget earlier on in their careers if they are playing well. on the topic of youth players, they should add a Youth Team itself based somwhere in you teams capital that has its own starting 11 subs and reserves. the youth teams matches will all be simmed and alot shorter then normal matches but you will have the choice to watch (or not watch) any of the Youth Team matches from a birds eye view like Football Manager

    the loan system works but not to its full potential, when a player is on loan and is one of the highest rated players on the team they should be played more therefore thrive and develop whereas if a player isnt the highest rated and gets barely any play time he grows less and more as his origin team manager you should have a seperate window for monitoring players on Loan if they are not being played enough you can tell the other manager to play him more or you will take him back. they should be able to play bad/good depending on how good they are, what league and opposition they are playing against and lastly how good the team they are loaned to is. too many time i have seen de bruyne come back from loan and score 35+ yard goals because he went on loan to werder bremen and suddenly came back as the next ronaldo.

    EA, as a fan of fifa and playing with lower league teams i would sincerely like to say that not all players in shit leagues are slow and weak… they may be pretty wank at what they do, but physical stats should be realistic because there are definitely players in the lower leagues of football that are faster, stronger, taller and have more stamina then some”big” players.

    there need to be more leagues such as turkish league, maybe one whole league for best club teams in the whole African continent. international wise india need to go and Nigeria, Ghana, Ukraine, Japan, Croatia, Serbia, Wales need to be added.

  276. RUSS says:

    I think when doing pro clubs you should be able to bid on other teams players and get money if you win a game like on ultimate team

    I think when doing pro career if another team bids for you they should tell you how much you will get played like on normal career so you don’t sit on the bench most weeks even if when you come on you score a hat trick

  277. Dtugg says:

    Most of these are career
    1. Be able to run training sessions, in manager mode you can choose what type of training to run week by week and how intense it is. The players attributes will go up if it is higher intensity but their energy and morale will suffer as a result and what type of training you do… Attacking, set plays, conditioning etc. will show up in improvements to attributes.
    2. More realistic AI. Have other teams change their formations and tactics in career as well as your own team when you are on be a pro, kind of annoying when your team keeps out some of its best players just because the formation won’t change.
    Also realistic transfer and loan deals…
    3. Reserve teams as many people have already mentioned
    4. Crowd graphics
    5. Be able to change managers appearance on manager mode, as well as change their “type” like tactician, motivator, disciplinarian, etc.
    6. Much more detailed press and interviews like fm… Be able to mention certain parts of your or another teams tactics and players which affects the way they play in the next game
    7. Be able to change kit design and sponsors, if you can get licenses for more well known businesses you can do this.
    8. Be able to resign and apply for jobs more freely like fm
    9. Detailed scouting options
    10. Player ageing
    11. Alongside your current line up in career, you could have an assistant managers recommended line up based on form, energy, morale and the importance of the game. It would be much easier than going through the whole team and having to change everything yourself

  278. brett says:

    i think that the offside needs to be fixed and i belive that they should put the bluesquare prem on it so if you get relagted from league 2 you keep playing and make the fans look more realistic and also the pitch gets more mud like as the season progresses

  279. jonny says:

    Think they should make it so if its raining or sliding the shirts socks shorts and boots get muddy or if its a clash of heads show blood stains on the shirt (ala stuart pearce, terry butcher and paul ince)
    and make some quips about their mother’s not being happy with their dirty shirts

    should have jeff stelling doing the round up and kammy and Alan McInally.

    should also have the sky sports style presentation when it comes to main matches like man city vs utd, real madrid vs barcelona etc and super sunday and monday night football matches

    id love to see the champions league fromat introduced aswell

  280. brent hardy says:

    add conference league from england and need more stadiums such as elland road sheff wednesday ground and oviously hull city ground when u are a young player on be a pro u should be able to play for the reserves and the crowd needs to be better graphics to

  281. Shaun Mellor says:

    make an add on pack for international teams so its more realistic and make it an option you can turn on or off in career mode, also not having an international offer every 15 seconds would be good, perhaps once a season? scrap the pop up news articles as they are just annoying. fix the glitch that gives you a match on transfer deadline day that automatically simulates and you can not influence. Make it like fifa 11 in the way that you can role your budget over from season to season so you can actually save up for players, in the current system you get granted loads of money for winning the league and cant do anything with it, then get set exactly the same budget regardless the following year its pointless giving you money for winning something if you cant actually use it!!! improve player stories and make it so you cant just change there mind by offering them an extra 5k a week. make it so your players dont go up 10 times faster than everyone else’s making it pointless buying any players. add back into it that players play differently in different positions like fifa 11. either improve and update the players pictures or go back to animated faces like fifa 11. this would be a good start for improving career mode. the idea of being able to edit strips if you want after the first season sounds good as you could do this on sensible soccer 20 years ago. more real stadium’s would also be a winner, as an everton fan i would much prefer to play at goodison park rather than ivy lane, again they had this on fa premier league stars a long time ago. come on ea sort out this basic stuff that lets the game down

  282. JBizzle says:

    Have extra teams in Rest of the World such as Shaktar and Dynamo Kyiv, or just add the Ukrainian league. We are missing out on huge talents like Yarmolenko at the moment.

  283. Sam says:

    Well, here are a few ideas I have:

    1. Add more international teams like Montenegero, San Marino, Ukraine and Malta!
    2. Add the English non-league sides
    3. Put in a ‘referee mode’ and possibly ‘linesman mode’
    4. Add a Under-21 international section!
    5. If you are a made-up player in your career you should be able to play for a national side, if that is already possible then you should either play for the country he was ‘born’ in or you can choose.

  284. Alex says:

    Thereshould be a reseve team on career!

  285. Tomi says:

    A lot of online players look at the full intro and all replays just to annoy you so why cant you choose in game settings that “no intro”, “no replays” and/or no “ending”. Just the game. And all players playing with these settings face eachother. The annoying buggers can play against eachother.

  286. charlie says:

    fifa is slacking big time, think its tome to get rid of the designers and bring in some one new, so many mistakes on fifa its unreal. not going to list them all cos they prob wont listen.

    You want to make 14 better, heres what you do. improve the online pro system, gameplay and ranking scheme. keep the accomplishments, but IMPROVE the ranking scheme, 13 is shocking.
    Heres two useful ideas to improve the game, custom design boots and custom design a goal celebation. U do This, then mybe u keep some customers

  287. James says:

    you should make a real life player experience like being in the dressing room before and after the game and interactive mode like flying around the world like a real footballers life.

  288. Moreno Antunes says:

    I’d love to have an option during the default replay to see the “offside line” to see if the goal was legal or not with the press of a button.

  289. oliver says:

    i think we should be allowed to play as blue square teams since it’s getting boring just trying to do as well if you do that it will be more and cool your race some cash

  290. kiran says:

    OFSIDE this needs to be more accurate maybe let an offside slip every now and again because the refs in real life don’t always get it right but on fifa if theyre even an inch of you get caught
    also I agree with stadium upgrades I miss that so much

  291. sisamm says:

    bring back the “be a pro option” like FIFA 10-12 but much more improved and just generally alot better. also the AI defend like Sauron on some serious speed mixed with Jesus when you play on Pro difficulty or higher. they see pretty much every movement and 5* skills don’t even help it that much because its like they know every single skill and every foot movement, AI should be making much more mistakes depending on the defensive rating of the player and the team in general. I have been Barcelona on Ultimate difficulty career and had to play Wolverhampton in the Capital Cup they took the ball off me on the majority of attacks and i only managed to LOSE 3-1 cause apparently some of their players have the same vision as Pirlo or Xavi -_- and their defenders are on par with Kompany and Hummels DAFUQ!?

  292. ger robinson says:

    sort out the keepers never ever gettin a straight red card when the foul a forward running in 1 on 1. never gets sent off. not very realistic

    • ger robinson says:

      also back passes. the amount of times the defender touches wit his foot and the keeper comes out and picks it up is unreal

  293. goober182 says:

    i think a good feature would be to bring back the indoor pitches like fifa 97 but maybe have the masters tournaments with all the retired players and get rid of some of the leagues no one plays.
    Another idea would be make it easier to create your own teams/ kits ect like pro evo, thats (the) one area pro excells over fifa.

  294. Fenners says:

    The stadiums on fifa are utter crap apart from the real stadiums like man utds etc, they should put more real stadiums on fifa 14 to make it more realistic and on career they should do interviews after the match like they did on pes one time and the transfers are crap and unrealistic they should use the real loan and free transfers because the loan and free transfers carry on from the 31st August.

  295. JackTheRipper-96 says:

    1.) on fifa13 it was too made for people online like with the ea shop where you could buy kits, celebrations etc. on fifa14 it should be changed to little challenges you have to do to earn money to unlock items offline.

    2.) All the FIFA’s have annoyed me with the saved replay theatre, itis so annoying, the screen is way to small and you can not scroll around, for FIFA 14 they should make it like as if you just clicked on instant replay were the camera. is the full screen and you can change through the camera, zoom in and out and cycle through all the players as you would on instance replay in game.

    3.) FIFA 14 should have more of a variety of skill, and should be able to nutmeg (put the ball through the opponents legs) a lot easyier because its virtually impossable to do it.

    4.) The main thing that has really annoyed me about FIFA 13 is that you could not use your virtual pro anywhere like you use to, it use to be fun having a match and using your pro, also if you chose to be a striker you could not change it to me come a midfielder making it impossable to complete all the challenges!! So on FIFA 14 they should make it one of their main objectives to correct this so you can complete all the challenges, change the position of where you play and use your pro in a normal kick off match.

    5.) A main thing I did like on FIFA 13 was the skill games, the only problem was that there was not enough levels and was easy to complete fast, I hope FIFA 14 will have a lot more levels and more new different type, some i think would be good would be eg. Defending, long passing and skill for people who want to try it.

    Please comment on what you think of my ideas, I hope EA sees this and makes the changes!

  296. Rodrigo Ponce says:

    I would like to see like a reserve team for the players you scout so they could improve.
    That would be awesome! Also, bring back some of the stuff from previous fifa games. For example, the sponsors, choosing what practices your team should do during the week, BETTER MUSIC, and better scouting. You can also improve the national team tournaments.

  297. dylan says:

    I think that in career mode that all players should have a buy out clause .

  298. Andrew says:

    There needs to be a lot more focus on game play rather than diverse fancy game modes like ultimate team which is just has too much messing about in it.

    • Player AI is poor as team mates don’t run into a suitable place for you to pass the ball to them. You’re often left running backwards to find a player to pass to. Players seem to get in one anothers way including the ref at times as they appear to just run in a straight line to get the ball rather than running around players, or get under your feet which is common from kick off.

    • Games against the computer should be made more interesting as on a lower difficulty you score to easily while on a harder difficulty there’s too much of a stale mate and you’ll often get players from the likes of Accrington doing fancy tricks that just wouldn’t happen in real life. The computer always has the same tactic of lumping the ball forward to score. Computer players on both parties should make more mistakes and it needs to be made easier to get past players. AI doesn’t help though. Crossing could made simpler along with heading.

    • Career mode needs to be more interesting. You often get the same teams coming up and down which just becomes stale and predictable. There never seems to be enough shocks results or in/out of form computer teams. For example teams like Norwich should maybe give teams like Sunderland or Aston Villa a tough game. They could also have a good run of form by winning a few on the run or beat teams like Man Utd. It seems like the team overall has too much influence on games as teams like QPR, Villa, Sunderland and Newcastle have an overrated overall compared to their real life performance which often sees them brushing teams like Norwich aside in Fifa. A last suggestion here would be to see more activity in the tranfer market.

    • Team and player attributes in career mode should fluctuate more. If a certain player is doing good by lets saying he scored 10 in 20 games and has an overall of 75 then it should go up to 76 and to 77 later still if his performances remain acceptable. Likewise for players doing poorly. A review at the end of the season should be carried out to see which players have outperformed and flopped against players with a similar rating to see if any further overall needs to be changed. An example is player X with a 72ovr has better average match rating than player Y with a 77ovr so player X should increase to to 75 and player Y to 75/74. This could mix things up for teams as they can then become weaker or stronger which can result in them being 16th ish placed team to a top 10 team. I also think just because players get old their overall should not go down. If he scores a lot if goals and helps his team then it’s logic it goes up along with his form. Young players should not gave an increase in overall especially if their form or morale is poor as it makes no sense. If they’re not dping as well as similar players their overall should decrease. A final bit to add is when teams get relegated player overalls should not be all going up. They should go down so that their poor season reflects in the players ability. Good players should also leave more often as that would happen in real life. Promoted teams should also have their players boosted in overall so that it allows them to compete.

  299. Crunchieman says:


    •they should show how many player of which positions are on each side currently – to stop you from having one side with 5 GKs on one team
    •the captain should be able to remove players as ANY as well because too often some idiot starts scoring own goals to make people leave
    •lots more accomplishments, it can get very tedious knowing it will take you another 20 games to get another one

  300. Sebastian says:

    To the Fifa engineers, i have a few suggestions, minor ones but still…

    Ultimate team – possibly add another level of link so there are 3, somehow to incorporate less popular leagues like turkey, belgium, russia etc. maybe club, country, league…

  301. epicthereal says:

    you need a ‘ be a ref ‘ be the best thing in fifa if it happened!

  302. Tom says:

    I’m sure the bugs have been covered (crashing controller etc) so I’ll leave them out of it.

    My feedback concerns Manager and Player modes.

    Player Mode:

    To be brutally honest with you, I’m quite content with the be a player mode. It’s quite fun and keeps me on the game for days on end. However:

    My main greivance with the Player mode is the fact that you’re substituted and then have to play the rest of the game as your team. I believe the option to turn this off and sim the rest of the game should be available. One of the reasons I play Be A Player is because I get sick of playing manager mode and want to do things as an individual for a while. I really can’t be fussed playing as a team again. ‘Be a player’ should be just what it is.

    Even if there was a start menu option called ‘Simulate rest of game’ I’d be happy.

    I set injuries to ‘0’ and still end up limping off when I’m running.

    For the manager mode, there a couple more grievances:

    Player contracts
    This is absolutely ridiculous how this is put together. The fact that you can’t re-sign a player is rubbish (ie “Approaches Blocked”). I lost a player on a free and just couldn’t re-sign him.

    Loan Window
    Please! Have a loan window like in the English league!.

    Finally, I don’t have too much to say about gameplay. I think the developers need to have another look at the offside rule as I’m sure there are some inconsistencies in there. Like for instance, players not even involved in play triggering an offside call.

    Oh and the commentary. Do they seriously think people like listening to Alan “Dubstep” Smith?

  303. Bas de Ruijter says:

    A story mode in carear , like gta you can drive to your training , or you start off as a young player going to training on a bike , and the money you earn with your club you can buy a house and food and stuff like a real life football player.

  304. usman says:

    Fifa 13 ea servers are not very good, they are very poor. hope fifa 14 is way better.

  305. Jack says:

    For career mode they should simply bring back things that used to be there in the old manager mode. I would like to see a stadium upgrade option if you are a smaller club for example Shrewsbury Town, if you gained promotion you could spend money on an upgrade, also with te ability to design it by including the colour of your team. I think a reserve squad would be cool as if you have fringe players that you feel are needed in the future you could slot them in the reserves without having to loan them out. It would be class if you could do swap deals, say Chelsea want Luis Suarez but Liverpool want Fernando Torres+10m as a return. One of the most exciting things would be press conferences where you can manually answer any question that you come across or you could reply to player requests like if they say ‘Im not happy because I’m not playing enough’ then you could reply saying however you felt about the matter like ‘You are part of my plans, however you may go on loan or drop to the reserves for a bit’ Editing players actual apperence would be quite cool so tht your new future star aged 16 doesn’t look like he is 40, by changing hair, facial appearance or furthermore developments. An assistant manager would be good so he could help with every day problems and give you tips. The ability to attend other teams games like cup finals or European matches so you could take notes on them if they are an upcoming opposition or so you could see the performance of a certain player to sign up. Last but not least as a fan of Scottish football I would like the introduction of a second tier so promotion and relation occur or even the challenge of guiding a First Division side to the SPL and competing in the Scottish cup at the actual Hampden stadium not a unrealistic generi version, this would make scottish career modes more interesting.

  306. Jack says:

    I forgot to mention the return of visual simulation and managers can get sacked and appointed by new teams e.g ‘David Moyes has been appointed boss of Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson stepping down’ or ‘Rafa Benitez has been sacked by Chelsea they are now looking at potential candidates for the job’

  307. gustavo correa says:

    Just put more real faces of the players and official Brazil.

  308. Justin says:

    maybe add more national teams, at least like pes with those that are not playable and add a fifa world cup qualifying mode.

  309. reece says:

    Design own boots

  310. HMFC11 says:

    Regenerated players faces instead of just a blank picture, so that if you are ahead into the future it’s not just a team of unidentified players, also the game tells you about a new player saying for example ‘Jake Smith, 16 Everton FC from England is the next Steven Gerrard’ (which would be weird considering Gerrard is a Liverpool legend) and also retired players come back as coaches such as ‘Ryan Giggs appointed assistant coach at Manchester United and Paul Scholes takes charge of he reserve squad’ Also busy ups verbally between managers allow you to type a description of another such as ‘Brendan Rodgers tactics are wrong, he is not fit to manage Liverpool FC’-Roberto Mancini’ with Brendan hitting back with ‘Mancini is an arrogant, selfish man who needs to show respect to people’ Fights during matches would be fun and they could either be really serious or just handbags depending on the situation. The option to manage only nation so the pressure isn’t as tense and if a manager is sacked they may simulate on the calendar until they apply for a job or receive an offer

  311. George says:

    It would be awesome if you would get to keep your ultimate team to FIFA 14. For example my team from FIFA 13 to be tarnsfered to FIFA 14.

  312. Jason Swindley says:

    There should a crossbar challenge mode, or headers and volleys.

  313. riki says:

    Put National Team Of Serbia with orginal kit

  314. Cian says:

    1.They should make the crowd more passionate and more realistic.

    2.On career mode, you should be able to assign a player to individual training. eg, setting your striker to finishing training

  315. dai says:

    Ref mode would be great.You need wales and a chance to play for an international team when your good enough. You could have fights going on in the crowd if the teams hate each other. How each team plays effects what the crowds sing. You could have a chairman mode too. If your a new manager you could become in charge of the teams youth squads and build yourself up into a better manager. There should be the choice to start unemployed for manager mode and for player you should have to do trials against other young players to get in to the sqaud. You could have proper negotiations on how much money you get. If the manager or chairman are performing poorly then you will watch a small scene showing fans marching around town booing and holding signs saying (name) out. A reporter would stand by the fans marching and say how many fans have gone to march against whoever. So what do you think?

  316. dai says:

    Katlego i thought of a life mode before but for some reason it was not addedd

  317. dai says:

    I just thought of something extra. Special events can be organised and you will stand and give autographs have Q and A sessions with fans take photos with fans and show off skills with the fans.

  318. rhys says:

    put wales as an international team

  319. markus says:

    mix pro clubs and ultimate team.

    Be able to play with your friends on a team that you buy the players that play as computers around you. It is very difficult to find 11 good players that are willing to play the defending positions and do a good job.Buying and selling and trading the players that are used as computers in the pro clubs matches would be incredible.

  320. michael mckiernan says:

    on career mode you should star out as academy manager and work your way up to become the first team manager

  321. Chris says:

    They need to fix the Crowd

    Better music

    Maybe create ur own skill move

    When u score a goal u can run to the manager an hug him

  322. Steve Jones says:

    Although the big transfers have reduced and improved there needs to be more activity in smaller and less knows leagues than the big ones such as BPL, BBVA, Serie A they need to have a separate scouting network where you search for real players to sign rather than just regenerated youngsters a bit like what Man United do in real life, so the scout suggests players to sign and tells you there strengths and weaknesses. For example ‘I have a great player for you boss, Luke Shaw, Left back 18 years old at Southampton FC, he is a hardworking left sided defenders who can push forward and provide extra support when attacking however he is sometimes a bit clumsy in tackles as he can be prone to wrecklessley diving in’

  323. Perry Delaney says:

    Make commentary more realistic such as the final minute of the Spanish cup and you score a last minute bicycle kick, instead of hearing the old “what a good goal” have the commentators go mad screaming “goooooaaaaaalllll MESSI!! MESSSSSIIII!!”

  324. Crunchieman says:

    This may have already been said but it’s a lot to read,
    However I have sen many people unhappy with the ANY function on pro clubs,

    MAYBE, what could work better is if we had an ability to do 3 ANYs
    1 for all defence, 1 for midfield and one for all offence.
    If that could be done it might solve some issues

  325. Jamie Butcher says:

    I think it is about time EA fix the graphics and actions of people other than players in the game (Fans, Referees, Managers e.t.c.)I swear the fans are actually still in 2D graphics and EA think that their buyers won’t notice. Also why does it take so long to make a substitution? The camera follows the players for 10-20 seconds before the game lets the other player come on. Another good add on would be press conferences for managers and players after matches, where nearly 90% of the time something different is said. The commentators also say the same thing over and over again if you play for the same team it is so annoying that I changed the commentators to Spanish and could say their lines on time with when they say it. With all the customisation options on making a player, why not let us do the same with managers? And finally make decisions we make in FIFA career mode impact the way the game is played, I don’t know how many times I have insulted an opposing teams manager with no reply. Maybe giving us some more freedom to express and impact the game would result in less cons and more pros. Oh and fix all those stupid bugs from FIFA 13!

  326. Lee says:

    Multiplayer career mode, PLEASE! Mates round every Saturday night to play our career together would be epic.

    Please and thank you.

  327. Con says:

    Base the Game on where the Person lives. Im Irish so Ea Ireland should develop the game focused on the League of Ireland. Have All the Stadiums, Managers, Players, Kits, Commentators that are actually in the league of ireland. Same applies for say, The Scottish version of fifa and the SPL. I agree they need way more leagues. I think they need at least 2 divisions for every country, so that there can be relegation and Promotion. They need: Turkish League, Ukrainian League, Greek League, Argentinan League, Chineese Super League, Japaneese League and more teams in Rest of World. Career Mode needs to be more real, when you sign a contract as a manager, show your manager doing in ect. CHANTS NEED TO BE REAL

  328. dai says:

    Has anyone even read my 3 posts?

  329. dai says:

    Fifa expert i dont like this face change it!

  330. Dan says:

    A dive button should definitely be included, as it is a big part of the game today, but it shouldn’t in a million years be available online because people would abuse it 24-7

  331. Fifa ultimate team needs to have a pinkslip game mode where u can choose an oponents player u want and they choose the player thet want or even team for team you should also be able to have easier chance of winning better players out of packs and cusyomise formations and instead of having players chemisty as international orr same league or team u should be able to build up chemistry by playing games no matter what lrague or team the players play for. And pro clubs the computer players need to be improved or as your pro club improves the better u get the better players u get like if u win ten games in a row then dawson will come play for u and so on but then if u lose a couple of games then they leave

  332. todd says:

    you should add a ‘be a ref’ mode, where you can be the referee or/and maybe even the linesman! also add it to the cereer mode so you can start from league 1 and go up to the fa cup final for example!

  333. More national teams more stadiums.Be the referee change kits.Better graphics for coaches and the fans and fans can get out and the security following them take dives

  334. Jacob says:

    Why not get teams from Championship, League 1 and League 2 the badges

    For example:
    Crystal Palace From Championship to Premier League (have nPower badges change to Premier League badges)
    Arsenal From Premier League to Premier League Champions (have white Premier League badges change to gold badges)
    Rotherham from League Two to League One, Champions (have white npower badges change to gold npower league 2 champions badges)

    CONFERENCE TEAMS MUST NEED! Really want to take a conference team to the PL.

    Loan spells, emergencys.

    Faster subs.

    Team Line Ups show the players face (like on super sunday) and not the t-shirt numbers on FIFA.

    Change kit every season, dont have a selection of kits to change to, you can design it all yourself!

    Half-time subs, make the captain come off and you should select who gets the armband, so I wanted Lampard to get the armband off Terry but when terry went off for Ba, Ba got the armband.

    Have the Youth team and reserve teams, work your way up from reserve manager to the first-team manager.

    Have player’s wage years sorted out, you always gotta offer them 1 more year when boosting their wages up.

    Create own stadiums, have all the stadiums!! IT WONT BE THAT HARD YOU GOT LIKE 1 year to make something of it, have two goalkeeper kits.. tired of having reina and cech in green aswell as Howard and Robinson.

    Career mode needs to stop freezing!

    Bring back VIRTUAL PRO.

  335. Akshay S says:

    in-game videos of real life incidents of famous players !!

  336. reece says:

    design a hairstyle

  337. Parsa says:

    I think in career moded as a player you should be able to get advetised and go into commercials and get payed for it. There should also be a game mode where you could be one of the past legends like Ronaldo, Maradona, Zidane, etc. Another thing is to add all the leagues of the world like Iran’s leagues.

    It would be really cool if this got added into fifa 14.

  338. Paddy 11111 says:

    i think that after a your first season in manager mode you should be allowed to change the style of your team’s kit eg changing sponsors and colour and style e.t.c.

    i think they should also improve the crowd as for me that is currently the biggest thing letting it down. i think they should improve the look of managers and flick on to them as they did in the africa world cup game especially the bigger clubs.

    they should also have physios run on when a player gets injured to stretcher them off.

  339. clint says:

    allow use several gameface

  340. Dean H says:

    Go back to the Fifa 07 idea where you had to actually control your budget, wages are removed each week, ticket sales put in every week etc. and when you could choose the sponsor that you wanted, have the ability to increase stadium size for more ticket sales, increase medic level so serious injuries are easier to deal with.

    and more realistic things like using all subs in friendlies. and holding training sessions etc.

    make the player career mode more like a “Sims” type game, not necessarily walking around your house or going shopping (which would be pretty cool, buying new boots and a better house the richer you get etc.) but at-least where you could actually train or having a meeting with your agent and asking for a transfer, hiring a new agent to get better deals.

    • Ryan says:

      Amen to this comment.should defo have more. Ontrol over budgets sponsors stDiums etc. sik of winning every thing with west ham and only getting a £12m transfer budget after winning 3 trophies,your club should get bigger and bigger and so should your bank balance!! And i agree with goin to meetings and training session this would be awesome

  341. arnab says:

    1) The ball bounces off way too much in Fifa 13. sometimes almost like a rocket 🙂

    2) The graphics is slight “less rounded” ( more artificial) than Fifa 12

    3) Dribbling was better in Fifa 12…players had more control

  342. Ryan Cox says:

    Better servers, not stupid prices on FUT, career online and offline with a referee(linesman?), more stadiums, better arena, realistic transfer market and growth on career and being at home an advantage.

  343. dritan says:

    the stadium should have their real capacity

  344. Grant says:

    i think fifa 14 should have a better selection of hairstyles, and also have the ability to put a tighter shirt on your pro.
    The game is just like basketball, if you touch another player its a yellow card so i would like the referees improved also their movement as they are always in the way.

  345. Grant says:

    Put alot more leagues in fifa 14 like the Ukrainian league and Turkish apart from the irish league which is totally rubbish and boring.
    Also in career the keepers on the team i am controlling just concede every shot taken at them then i have 20 shots straight after but they just get saved somehow.
    when a player has a broken bone,, they would not just walk off the pitch they would need a stretcher, but all you see is him walk off the pitch perfectly fine.
    the subs on the bench should look like the players you actually have on team management.
    commentators such as andy townsend do my head in, all he does is criticise you on everything which is annoying.
    put thermals on players in career and also put tight shirts on them, also update player appearances in ultimate team.

  346. Ryan says:

    Spend more time on career mode this year!!

    1. Have a club bank balance – so if your a team like west ham if you win the league you dont just get parmed off with £12 the following year,the higher you finish and more trophys the win the bigger your club and bank balance gets as this is very frustrating if your winning cups and leagues and still getting a small transfer budget the next season,i think after i won the prem and champs league i only got £16m to spend the next season!!

    2. More hype up to match day – after the animations at the start of the gMe when its time for kick off the crowd are quiet

    3. More player,manager animations,bring the manager into the game more

    4.training sessions

    5. Change kits after a season and get sponsors that give you more money per season

    6. A sky sports center or reporter giving the media news instead of reading the same thing over and over eAch season on the news board

    7.if you beat a player on the wing no matter the pace of the player the defender ALWAYS catches up to get the ball,makes it very hard to do realistic play on the wings i.e beating your man and getting through on goal or through to cross the ball

    8. More player faces!!

  347. totu says:

    Include the indian league….and the uefa champions league and uefa europa league

  348. Adeel says:

    Worldup2010 online play was fun as it was played to win worldcup. similarly if online play should have an option to play for championsleague. it will be fun to play online to win championsleague

    2- no improvements in crowds and manager. mangers in worldcup2010 were good but crowd is not colorful neither original. pls improve the crowds

  349. EduSbeq says:

    Fifa needs more leagues. Turkish League back, also Finlands football league, because I’m from Finland myself 🙂

    Also amazing would be career online with friends, like Be A GM conneced in NHL13.

    That’s all what I wish from new FIFA.

  350. Cathy says:

    In be a pro mode if you are loan listed or transfer listed more teams from other countries should bid for your player not just the same teams from two or three countries.. Managers should be sacked if they have poor run of form.. Players should be relegated to reserve team if there form drops to get there confidence back up so a reserve needs to be added..

  351. Ben Ralph says:

    on career set out the squad editor like ultimate team so its easier to see ratings

  352. Jallen says:

    i like using youngsters and i enjoy watching the acadamy players progress. i think, be a pro, (if aged 14-18) you could play in the acadmy (U-18’s) and work your way to the reserves/u-23’s then the first team. For Manager mode, you should have an average youth (under 18) squad ages 14-18 with 18-25 players. For manager mode, you should be able to send scouts (as usual) for new youngsters but each scout may get 2-3 possible youngsters a month instead of like 7 or 8 like they do now, all eligable to sign, but still only too a squad of 25 at most (meaning you may have to release others) i also feel, you should only be allowed like 5 or 6 academy players of other nationalities in the academy. This would help you produce better players of your nationality and help bring them through.

  353. Bertrand says:

    Firstly there should be a club world cup and also friendlies btn teams in africa the americas and even asia to broaden the experience.
    secondly fan chants shud b improved to make stadiums more intimidating.
    Thirdly they shud introduce ballon d or ceremonies or stuf like that so that curent best players are recognised.

  354. Srki says:

    1. Position training (like in Pes). Player who playes on RW, with training, he also can play on RW or ST.
    2. Problem whit menager is next. If I some player dont put in first team for 2 or 3 games (not in a row), he “talks” that he want to play or he will leave and often player want to transfer him (morale is low).
    3. Kit yerseys maker (maybe sing sponsorship contracts).
    4. In menager mode, in scouting section. If i send scout to search player in select position, i should have 3 or more options whit characteristics i want (for example: speed, jumping, ball control…).

  355. James Weekes says:

    Dominic is right

  356. barry says:

    The welsh team should be added as all of the players are in the english league’s anyways

  357. dai says:

    At least im not the only one with the ugly face right barry?

  358. Jmen4ik says:

    Ukrainian Premier League please)
    or Shakhtar . Dynamo Kiev . Metalist Kharkiv Dnipro in other world)

  359. reece says:

    live the life of a real person in career mode e.g become a professinol footballer live in a house,drive a car.

  360. jonathan says:

    let there be a creation center where you do kits teams and players in the game because the only why to do teams in fifa 13 is online not good for me. also let the manger show emotions when they score goals. let the fans be more real looking. in classic game like Barcelona vs real Madrid let there be fights in between the game. and let all the stadiums be correct; in fia 13 Barcelona’s field is not the Camp Nou

  361. jonathan says:

    let there be more commentators voices in different languages in Spanish like Jorge Ramos and does commentators. and when you create a player insert more names for the commentary name calling.

  362. jonathan says:

    even if the game size gets bigger put more international teams like Belize Iran El Salvador. Also create a creation center within the game not online and let it have more features in hair skin color etc. this would improve a lot fifa 14

  363. Shoaib says:

    on fifa 14 you should bet coin against your friend so for example i bet 100 000 coins and my friend also bet 100 000 coins, whoever win the match take all the coins and add more division in the UT

  364. Katie says:

    There need to be more of a choice in boots wise and every team shoud have their actually official goalkeeper kits and you need to put more countries in the internationals and more leagues. Bring back Virtual Pro because its more fun with Virtual Pro

  365. rok says:

    First I would like to have the Champions League and Europa League.
    Second I would like to deploy to Camp Nou and the other better known stadiums
    Third I would like to deploy it just like the players from the real world as well as judges
    4th and finally, I would like to be a real game that can be suspended due to rain, misconduct fans …

  366. nana says:

    Fifa 13 is really gud but thinks there is more room for improvement……i suggest
    -Ghana and other improved national team like serbia should be added
    -the career mode should be improve by including post and pre match analysis..
    -when players are given red,how they exit must at least be shown

  367. jaay says:

    there should be a be a referee in the game would be great fun.have players and manager careers more lifelike where you can buy your own car and house etc.

  368. wilbert says:

    career mode (manager):
    when a team goes up or down from different leagues i belive the style of numbers on the back of the shirt should change to suit the style of numbers for that league e.g prem to championship, championship to prem.

  369. helloworld says:

    i spend the majority of my Fifa time in career/manager mode. i’d love to have a reserve team and a youth team as only having 11 u!6’s in shocking and as i have a big squad (took portsmouth to best team in europe) where most players are on same rating 78/80 i could do with a reserve team to stop my players b*tching at me when they miss a weekend cup match and a midweek match to be rested for a big match.

    also, the crowd really does need improving as do the chants

    i’d love a kit editor, stadium editor would be neat and being able to ‘age’ a players appearance as they get older would be nice too.

    thank you EA for making a great franchise 🙂

  370. Harris Shaikh says:

    Stretchers ( a player doesn’t walk off if they have a broken leg)
    All the real life stadiums for every team( Who plays at Ivy Lane in true life?)
    3d fans
    Better commentary
    Camp Nou
    Don’t have everyone cheering if an away team score
    Improve offside
    Have a diving buttton
    Be a ref mode

    • fifa leg says:

      I so agree with jinky especially with the fans,they need to be improved a lot,it juss seems like fifa needs to pay a bit more attention to little details cas they really do make the game better

  371. Malizo says:

    Well firstly i got to agree with Muazz intelligent commentary is really needed and it can really change the whole game, it would be epic!….What i don’t want anything to be changed but i was impressed when they added 1 African league in FIFA13 so i would really love to see other African leagues especially the South African Premier league instead of only adding Kaizer Cheifs and Orlando Pirates under rest of world, i would realy love to see the improvement.

  372. moegammad says:

    1. add wales by international

    2. refes that u know not made up ones

    3. show players getting off the buses

    4. a warm up before the game

    5. make fut app on other phones too

  373. Troy says:

    I think there should be some changes to the manager career. I really like playing manager career and I also think it’s pretty great. But could fix the little bit of lag you sometimes get when you go to team management. I would also like players with no faces that you can buy sometimes to have a face. Even if it was just a weird looking computer generated face. Like the face of you player when you start a player career. I would also like you to be able to change a players hair. Bastian Schweinsteigers hair was different from his hair in fifa 11 and 12. I’m so yoused to passing the ball to the guy with that hair. But know his hair is different and I would like to change it back. Thank you to whoever reads this. If anyone does.

  374. Connor says:

    career mode:
    see the players coming off the bus
    do a training match
    pick your own friendlies
    make your own kit in the next year off career
    have a be a ref mode
    in be a manager have a B TEAM and carry on as normal
    I HOPE YOU CAN PUT IN MY THINGS THAT I THINK WILL MAKE THE GAME BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. Chris Hearn says:

    I think be a pro could be more in depth, as well as upping your game playing matches, everyone has problems in life that affect their game too….maybe give us the option to decide on what to do outside the club, such as purchasing houses, or going out with friends, and family/marital problems. This way we can evolve with the player, maturing with them.

  376. UnitedProdigy says:

    One idea has been stuck in my mind, and that is there should be a way when you go onto the fixture/ results list in career mode, you click on the results on a game that just occurred that was simmed by the CPU and they should show the highlights. For example, I just finish my match playing Wigan, but then there was a north london derby happening at the same time. I can just go to fixtures/results and watch the highlights.

  377. gustavo correa says:

    Give more well known players cyber faces; Ex: Eden Hazard, Oscar, Hernanes, THE REAL LAVEZZI WITH BEARD AND MOHAWK

    And a better classic team, Im not asking for Pelé or Maradona, but take out the Korean Cha, Leonardo and others that wasnt that good to put Ronaldo, Zidane, Cannavaro…

    Maybe instead of just buying the kits of some amazing club of the past, we could buy their team, like Galacticos, Paris StGermain of R10…

  378. gustavo correa says:

    Improve the career of Brazilian teams!!!! What is the fun of just playing Brazilian Cup and League???!!!!! Create an weak Libertadores just with Boca, River and just two more south american teams and four brazilian teams, to make it at least interesting and a Fifa World Cup for Clubs

  379. Dear Fifaexpert and EA,

    It would be a great pleasure and exciting addition to the game
    if it were possible to play as any of the 207 nations affiliated with FIFA in the International category.

    Football is growing in popularity in many countries, so it would be in the interest of everyone to be able to play as their national team.

    With people from every country playing FIFA – no matter where they are in the world – this feature will surely be memorable and favorited.

    I understand however, that profiling each team and assessing each player with realistic attributes, skills, and stats will take years of work for the idea to be successfully executed. For example, adding India to FIFA 13 was a great idea, but upon playing with the team, they feel too unrealistically poor.

    Hopefully you all agree that being able to choose from 207 nations would be a fun, valuable addition to the game.

    Perhaps this will be in FIFA 16? 🙂

  380. SHAFT01 says:

    I am a division 3 player and I sometimes beat the shit out of online players. The key word however is SOMETIMES! Most of the times if I score 1-2 minutes into the game the idiot I’m playing will just quit the game, I hate that shit! To add insult to injury, I dont end up with any points. I think if any looser decides to stop the game because his pride gets in the way, he shouldn’t get any points. The player winning the game should, even if it’s just 2 minutes into the game. Perhaps FIFA14 should consider this feature.

  381. pnr8555 says:

    Add more Asian leagues, such as Chinese Super League, Thai Premier League, etc… and also Asian Champions League

  382. sepehr7 says:

    when players take ground shot the ball didn’t
    reach to the top of the net
    in some of stadiums like
    santiago bernabeú distance between pith and fans
    is too much
    and fifa needs uefa champions league

  383. Henry Shane says:

    More stadiums like Hampden Park, Celtic Park, Ibrox etc.
    Have Scottish Divisions like 1st, 2nd and 3rd division like you do in the English leagues.
    Make matchday’s realistic like if it is a normal league game, then don’t pile out the stadium and leave some empty seats.
    Have interviews with managers after games and let them (you) say what they really think.

  384. bowesy9 says:

    In the manager career mode they should include highlights from other games. This could include video replays of goals and misses in the news feed.

  385. Ayan says:

    EA should include the I-League from INDIA.
    More international countries.

    Should let us to change hairstyles of players in manager mode.
    Should include the WORLD CUP and EURO. International events.

  386. Hazds says:

    A quick option on the main menu where you can pick any eleven you like then the CPU picks 11 random players with similar ratings?


    I was unimpressed when I saw that India and other undeveloped teams were in fifa but the likes of Nigeria,Ghana and Cameroon weren’t.

    If good teams ranked in the top 50ish by fifa were in the game it would be much better.

  388. Azz says:

    I think it would be awesome if in career mode you could send back a counter offer with a trade, for example if manchester united wanted to buy aguero from your man city team, you could send a counter offer back asking for 15 million (for example) and ask for rooney as well.

    Also the introduction of new leagues would be brilliant and to be able to allocate specific training sessions for certain players in order to increase their overall, so if you had a young player you could give him training so he would get better quicker.

    As well as these I would also like the welsh national team available on fifa 14, but I have heard that an agreement has been made to include the welsh national team.
    I hope some of these ideas will be included in Fifa 14, and some others I have seen on this site.

  389. mark wheato says:

    I think the whole ut is around making coins, Why not add a loan system where u loan your players out for a fee, say if u had ronaldo you could set a loan fee of say etc 3000 coins per game or 10000 for 4 games, you yourself could set the fee, so if you wanted to loan a player you would go for the best deal, i would make a rule you could only loan out 3 players at any time,the loan system would be great to test players, Are they worth the effort to save up coins for, only to learn that he doesnt belong in your team, anyway just an idea. ta

  390. Grant says:

    Put the african cup of nations into the game for when you do career mode, then all the players from africa are not in the squad.
    Also please please please sort out the referees positioning and movement, he always seems to block me off and get in the way of the pass.
    And have a bigger selection of boots to get you started off instead of having those terrible EA boots that are not even nice.
    In pro clubs make it possible to wear a tight shirt on your pro or just have it in edit player so you can have it on anyone.
    And when i put my game face on, the tan/complexion is over the top, so please let there be a complexion editor on edit pro.

  391. Grant says:

    In fifa 13 players who im against always seem to catch up to a 90 paced player even if they are like 40 paced, just because the CB has 88 strenght does not mean he can catch up to 90 paced player. RIDICULOUS, also the game never goes by ratings it goes by strenght to be honest which is so annoying.

  392. Grant says:

    When people hold down the (A) button its sooo unrealistic as it would never be that easy to stop a player. If i am running with the ball at 90 pace the player who is holding down (A) is jogging sidewards and still manages to catch up with me which is impossible. what is the point in having pace.

    Also if you are a goal keeper, make it possible to have more camera views whilst being a goalkeeper for example first person would be a good one.

  393. Kevin says:

    The real salaries of the players. This will give a complete new dimension to negiotating in the transferperiod. Selling Káka would be impossible, because he doesn’t want to get less salary.

  394. yousuf says:

    Players loaned out not permitted to play against own team! Just used Liverpool against West Ham and Carroll scored twice against me. Shouldn’t happen, really. Fix it EA!

  395. Jacko says:

    Be a referee mode
    Diving, however like moving the wall forwards you get punished some times and get away with it the other
    Designing your own kits & badges

  396. billhicks says:

    Fixing the goalkeeper rating bug in career mode would be a good start. Just bought my first FIFA after a decade of PES and really enjoy most of it.bBut to make a mode where playing as goalie you can get a rating of 4.0 after a clean sheet is ridiculus. Especailly when its only your keeper getting these crap ratings. So on world class mode i have 16 out of 20 possible clean sheets and an average season rating under 6.0, rated as one of the worst in the league. My chances of reachng my seasonal objectives ratingwise, dont exactly feel huge either despite smashing my cleansheet objective midseason. And please I dont need any advice on how to postion myself or anything like that, after scouring the web for any tips on this it clear that this has been a problem since the previous edition and therefore been ignored by EA. I mean the budget for this game must be astronomical but they cant spend the money on letting people test all facits of it before sale. Also seems stange for such a big company to be ignoring all these complaints. The gameplay in itself is alot of fun, making this glitch all the more annoying.

  397. Matt says:

    On manager mode you should be able to do interview after games.
    For example, when the team has played poorly you should be able to rip into them and try and motivate them. Could also complain about referee.
    In lower league, the teams should have real goalkeeper kits, at the moment they just have a random colour.
    When players retire you should be able to offer them coaching roles instead of them disappearing.
    When you send players out on loan, you should get reports of how well they’re playing.
    Referees need to improved a lot, make some really poor decisions at the moment.
    The pace needs to be looked at. Just because a team is better than you doesn’t mean that all their players are faster than your’s. Their centre back is faster than your fastest player.

  398. Grant says:

    This is absoloutly ridiculous, i was just 4-0 down and i got back to 4-3 then in added time i was the only man inside the opponents box including their keeper and i was getting ready for a 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper and as soon as i got ready for the shot, the referee blew the final whistle and it was ridiculous so please sort the referees out and im sure everyone has had the problem with the referee.

    • ed says:

      i agree the reefs are awful i was through on goal in a game 1 0n 1 the reef blows the whistle and they get away with it!!

  399. Sam says:

    I think;
    -All the teams in major leagues such as premier league teams should have there own personal stadium, (ex:west brom:hawthorns) rather than just having the big clubs stadiums such as manchester united and chelsea, it would take a lot of time but it would be so much more realistic
    -When you get promoted from a lower tier to a higher tier (n-power league to premier league) all the kit should be updated such as the numbers,letters,patches much more
    -Crowd should be 3D more advanced more advanced clothing and have them walk into the stadium when teams warm up, this should also be a feature teams actually warming up.
    -More offers on FUT for example more coin boosts,more advanced free gifts such as gold packs every now and then, NO TROLLING IN PACKS! Everyone should get a good player and a bit of profit when they open a pack!
    -Enable players to be on the bench on pro clubs seasons
    -Better nets+net colours, i like the idea of the red nets and the black nets at liverpool+man citys stadiums this should be customised in every stadium such as tight nets large nets etc.
    -MUCH BETTER MUSIC!They have about 2 or 3 well known tracks on each fifa such as on fifa 13 for example Kasabian-Klubfoot, songs like that that are known whould be on fifa 14

  400. Vaughn says:

    Okay I Have had this idea … i recently played NBA 13 which is a basketball game and i was amazed by the commentary it was completely realistic they spoke about the players personal lives and previous matches and it hardly repeated the same speech during other different matches soo improving the commentary would be a good thing if u ask me …. oh and another thing i found to be really cool if you play as yourself like be a pro and you are on the bench u can actually watch the match so like add a type of camera or something and when you are about to be put on u can go warm up on the sidelines ?? Would be appreciated !!

  401. danny says:

    What if fifa will combine with something like gta,ameam to live a footballer career,evert decision you make will affect your. Carrer,an example:you drank too much wiskhey last night and the journalist catch you now you cant play well tomorrow because yo drank too much.It will be a great thing,you wakr up in the mrorning.its 7:30 and you eat,take your clothes and boots go to traiming,after the traiming the coach talks with you and the team you leave the training and then one of your matrs asks you to go out and you accept you have a good time but you are tired and you go home you sleep and tpmorrow you have a match and you know the rest,it will be great

  402. Charlie says:

    1. Add more lower tier leagues in the English Football Association
    2. Change kits throughout the years (new sponsors, new jerseys)
    3. Through the years you should be able to change stadiums or renovate current stadiums.
    4. Im a huge fan of taking a lower tier club(my favorite is York City in the npower League 2) and trying to turn them around and make them the next F.A. Cup champions. My biggest thing is to make it as realistic as possible for management. If you succeed and move up the leagues you should get new sponsors, more money, new stadium and maybe better facilities.
    I can honestly say that if I knew that a fifa was coming out with features that make it as realistic as could be with bringing York City up to the BPL and more management tools that I have stated above, then I would be willing to spend up to 100 dollars. Fifa alone has turned me into a huge soccer fan so if it means paying alittle more for some improvments then im all for it

  403. Bryan says:

    I got two suggestions. It would be great since no football games in the planet has that. Maybe in FIFA 14 we can try to see if there is a backward pass in which the keeper accidentally picks it up leading to free kicks in the penalty box.

    Another idea is the celebrations. I mean yeah we all think that it is good already but somehow in FIFA 06 it does give a nicer experience. Oh, and the gameplay movement is a little too fast that it sometimes feel very unrealistic.

  404. For FiFA 14, i hope admin created asia league for market asia…ex: Malaysia Super League, or all Asia Country…

  405. Harry says:

    To be able to have classic teams. Something that I really enjoyed on PES when it was popular on the PS2. Classic 11 never quite does it for me. They should either have Classic internationals such as France ’98 squad, or club teams that have the best players, of their generation, such as the Galacticos of the early 00’s. Or even all star teams that have the best players to have played for the team over the past 100 years or so, as to have a mix of players from different generations.

  406. Lewis says:

    I think a co-op career would be good so for example if I was a league 2 side and my mate was a premiership team he could send me players etc.

  407. Turnbomb says:

    FIFA 10 has by far the best career mode

  408. sepehr says:

    the ball does not go to the top of the net
    when players take ground shot
    fifa need uefa champions league

  409. Kgomotso says:

    I am a south african fifa lover since it was born, after fifa world cup was hosted in south africa 2010 i was hoping that our beutiful stadiums and our Absa premeiar league was going to be included in the game pls make africans happy in this comming Fifa 14.

  410. Danny says:

    I think there should be more international teams and more leagues and referee mode

  411. Earl Bock says:

    pls provide the option for zoomed in celebrations when a player score a goal. And make real look alike coaches on the bench eg. Mourinho , Ferguson , Ancelotti & Arsene Wenger

  412. Mozzie says:

    What would have been great is for computer generated player during Clubs to be given their own leveling system. Nowhere near as good as Pros of course, but their touches and passes are just horrible, and their pace is laughable, especially compared to pace abusers.

  413. mark wheato says:

    to stop the autobuyers on ultimate team, its killing the game.

  414. Husnain says:

    Add the Blue Square Premier and Blue Square North and South Leagues?
    And try to get every stadium licensed for example – Bradford City stadium would be Valley Parade and not Ivy Lane.
    Maybe I’m asking for too much but this would improve the game a lot!!

  415. Danny says:

    More leagues

  416. Sakhele says:

    In fifa14 they should incluede African league e.g P S L and the players must look real and the commentaters must call all the players and they must not only incluade olando pirate ,kaize chiefs only in AFRICA they must incluede teams like mamelodi sandawns,Ajex cape town etc

  417. Volke von Excellent says:

    FIFA 14 really needs to have much better AI managers in Player Career Mode. Here are some absolutely stupid things they do (or don’t do):

    – Firstly, and this is the worst thing, when you sign for a team, the AI manager of your team sees fit to, for some reason, buy about six other players who play in the same position. And these players are always worse than both you and the other players in the same position who are at the club already. For example, I started a career as a Right Back and played for FC Zurich. There was already a right back there, Koch I think, who had a rating of 65 or something. But the AI manager bought four right backs in the summer transfer window and another two in the January one. Only two ever played any games throughout the entire season – one who could play also play as a left back, and one who came on as a 90th minute substitute in one match after my guy went off injured and Koch was already injured.

    – They rarely replace players who leave. I started a career with IF Elfsborg as a defensive midfielder, and the only two wingers, Ishizaki and Hult, both left in the January window. The AI manager’s response? Buy three more defensive midfielders who never played, and play the two best strikers in the wide positions.

    – They make the same substitutions at the same time in every game. In every game, the manager substitutes a central midfielder early on (50-60 minutes), and then later on a striker and a wide player or another midfielder (70-90 minutes). It’s always the same players (except in cases of injuries). There is NO creativity here. It makes even less sense when wingers stay on despite having no energy left because there aren’t any on the bench, and the AI manager will NOT substitute them for a central midfielder who can possibly play out wide as a secondary position. The worst thing about this is that if you start a career as a central midfielder of some sort, you get substituted around the 55th minute in EVERY…SINGLE…GAME!

    – They never rotate the squad. Most players don’t ever play unless the squad gets badly hit with injuries. Sometimes someone will get rested for being too tired, but the thing is, the AI manager senselessly plays them until they tire out regardless of fixtures, meaning it’s possible for a half-tired first choice starting 11 to be starting against Bogmoor Boggers FC from League 2 in the Capital One Cup one day and then all being rested for the Champions League tie vs Barcelona two days later.

    – They never start your Virtual Pro on the bench. You can’t be on the bench and be brought on as a substitute in games. You either start the game, or you’re out of the squad completely. I activated a glitch once to place my player on the bench, but you can only Sim the matches your player doesn’t start, and the match still got Simmed (he even got substituted on). In FIFA 12, you could player matches in Career mode that your VP wasn’t in the matchday squad for (a brilliant feature, considering the Sim Match feature is terrible and almost always ends in a 2-1 victory for the team playing at home, or a 1-1 or 2-2 draw if the away team is a real toughie). Bring back the option to play matches your VP isn’t starting, and make it possible for him to be named on the bench. He doesn’t necessarily even have to come on in every single game.

    – They force you to go on the loan list unless you’re good enough to be in the starting eleven. The loan system is a great addition, don’t get me wrong. But once you’re on it, 90% of the time they won’t take you off it, meaning you have to endure e-mail after e-mail of loan offers during the transfers windows, which moves slowly enough without them. You should be able to discuss with your manager how you want to approach the season. Perhaps you’d like to fight for your place and play every now and then on the fringes of the squad. Also, you are never transfer listed by the club, unless you request it.

    – They almost never play you out of position. I say almost never, because once or twice the AI manager moved my CDM into a CAM position when my team was fighting for a late equaliser. To be honest, though, this is down more to the fact that you can only choose one position for your player, and no secondary position (i.e. many CAM players can also alternatively play in LW or RW positions as secondary position options, but you don’t get the option to have secondary positions).

    Also, sort out the lag that sometimes occur in online play. I’ve lost a game or two due to bad lag. Additionally, start banning the wimps who disconnect from matches because they are losing, and make it possible to continue playing against CPU opponents if your online opponent disconnects. I was really annoyed once because I scored a brilliant goal and wanted to record it in my replay theatre, but couldn’t because my opponent disconnected.

    One last thing…sliders. You should be able to alter the CPU’s Strength, and also you should be able to alter CPU Defence and CPU Attack separately, because they are totally imbalanced. For example, I want to alter the Sprint Speed and Accel of CPU defenders, because they catch my attackers on the break far too easily (a big slow clogging idiot like Ryan Shawcross catching up to Theo Walcott to tackle him perfectly isn’t my idea of realism), but the CPU attackers are fine in that department, and as I play on Pro difficulty the attackers are already a little bit stupid and I don’t want them to get worse.

  418. Chris says:

    I would really like to see some attention turned to the youth team, all you get at the minute is a name and rating that you scout and then after a few weeks the rating drops completely or they move, you should have to watch youth games and set training, your youth team manager should recommend players to you and they shouldn’t leave after a week because you haven’t signed them also have a development team for under 18s and then an under 21 team, and a reserve team that your first team players who have been injured can play for. have team talks before the game and at half time, have post/pre match interviews, if you have won the league before the end of the season say that you have, you should be able to organise pre season tours/matches
    in be a pro you should play one game at the start and then depending on how you play determines what club offers you a youth team contract (like being scouted) and then you get to choose your team and work your way up through the youth system from say under 14, also you should be able to play for your country at school boy level and then under 21. have a lot press about the excitment of the young talent coming through. sort out the fact that it still says your making debut for your country after 3/4 games.
    make it so you can just manage internationally

  419. Rifki says:

    They should also add Turkish to the list of commentary languages…

  420. Rifki says:

    Sorry, also something different will be to have a career mode as a referee..

  421. Joel says:

    Should be able to change your myplayers morale to affect performance, game time and the likelihood of getting transferred

    • Joel says:

      Your pros morale , and it should be different to make your person better , if u kick goals but don’t do through balls , u shouldn’t be punished

  422. Alex says:

    a referee mode? like manger and player but your a referee and linesman and in FUT their shouldn’t be contracts haha

  423. A.j. Shrestha says:

    FIFA Should also imply the Fixed Stick Configuration OR PLayer View Configuration Option For SKill Moves Like In Pes Titles. . . . . . . . . .

  424. earlbock says:

    pls ADMIN let EA provide gamers the option to ZOOM IN celebrations… thats all…

  425. Miked says:

    Career Mode:

    There should be a historic histoy for every player so that when you buy a player you can see what clubs they were previously at, assist stats each season, goal stats each season similar to how wikipedia list out stats for a player, gives you much better idea on whether to purchase a player or not… there should also be reserve teams for each club so that you can play people in simulated reserve matches, you should also be able to back room staff like coaches with different star levels so the better the coaching the better players will develop at the club, assistant manager to manage reserves etc.

    thats about it love career mode and feel a lot could be done here, perhaps managing the press conferences better and actually have more responses similar to fifa manager… also develop the stadiums/training grounds etc. it really needs to be more inclusive with these details 🙂 or alternatively create fifa manager 14 on xbox 360/720 and i will be happy 🙂

  426. Anonymous says:

    1. There Should Be A Club Boss Mode Like In PES12 (i.e.: give instructions to manager, hire manager etc.)…

    2. You Should Be Able To Organize Friendlies…

    3. All The Players in The Best Five Leagues i.e. BPL, La Liga, Ligue1, Serie A & Bundesliga Should Have Preset Faces…

    4. You Should Have A Youth Academy, Which Can Be Made Better and Better By Investing More and Youth Team which will play in a league… for which u can also sign players…

    5. There Should Be Training For Players To Earn More Positions…

    6. There Should Be Buy-Out Clauses in Contracts, You Can Also Sell Players With The Option to have the first refusal on them if he leaves that team And Buy-Back Clauses…And there should be as above discussed by many to have more drama, talking on any transfer and many things….

    7. Factors in winning a match Should Be 1.FORM, 2.MORALE, 3.FATiGUE, 4. Manager’s Impact, his tactics etc…

  427. Toonz says:

    Camp nou is needed.you can’t have the worlds best team without a home stadium.it takes away from the game,barca fans only play fifa 13 because they love fc barcelona.how dare u guys treat the world best player and team with such disrespect.FIX IT AND GET IT RIGHT IN FIFA 14 PLEASE.

  428. ivan says:

    Add two or three best teams from each European league that is not included in Fifa 13 ( Serbian league, Greece league, Croatian league…) in rest of world.
    And better atmosphere on matches, flares on stadium…

  429. kai says:

    i think there should be a betting service for ultimate team.it would work by having 5 games from the top 5 leagues for example england, france, italy, spain, and germany.EA could make the odds and players put bets going up in 1000 a time.

  430. Azz says:

    In Fifa 14 the refereeing decisions should be sorted out, it is ridiculous what can be given for freekicks and penalties in Fifa 13, I’ve seen penalties given to near no contact, and the good tackles are severely punished.

    Also in Fifa 14 the skills available should be in a tutorial so that all players understand how to use them.

    The EA servers need to drastically improve and also in career mode it would be good if you could give specific training sessions to some players, for example you could train the pace of a player and he would quickly increase his speed. Also it would be good that when you loan players out you could request for them to be played more often. Also something I would enjoy is the ability to be able to change a players position, I think this would be very useful and a great addition to an already brilliant manager mode.

  431. CammyDoIt28 says:

    Need to bring back manual player growth so that even if an older player playing well they could still improve and not go down. Also, improve scouting system so get players which could start in bigger clubs

  432. Emil says:

    The should add: Swedish superettan to fifa 14!

  433. James says:

    In manager mode you should be able to upgrade your doctors and other staff. If I am a poor team (like a npower league 2 team) my doctor would be 1 star therefore the injury will take its expected recovery time (or even more) but if I was a rich team (like PSG) then I should have a 5 star doctor so the injury time will be reduced a lot. Also you should be able to upgrade them and they all cost different prices.

  434. Ricky says:

    PLZZZZ put Peter Drury on fifa 14. He is the best commentator by far. PLZZ

  435. John LFC says:

    Add a match of the day feature on career mode from your and the other matches in your league, and skip it if you want. Also you should be able to edit players hairstyles and include managers.

  436. callum says:




  437. Liam says:

    All Premier League stadiums
    Real Premier League refs
    Real time weather
    Shirt pulling
    Injured players carried off

  438. Ferdinand says:

    You should have African countries especially Ghana. Also on career mode players that have moved clubs in real life in the summer cannot be bought as they have just joined the team e.g Hugo Lloris and Thiago Silva. Please change it as it gets annoying not being able to buy players that have recently moved. Lastly on manager career mode managers should be given offers from other clubs if they are doing well and when they accept an offer to coach a national team they only manage the national team and be able to quit their current job.
    Thank you

  439. benadams says:

    1) weather= like when it rains puddles apear on the ground and when u run through them or slide through them it leaves ur kit drenched andafter a while it turns to mud.

    2) challenge goal keeper while going for a cross instead of him just getting it all the time

    3) option to edit stadium very much like LMA manager u pick a terrace to start on and u see building work being done and then after 6 months say its unvailed to you and the fans

  440. ed says:

    ea could you please put the lower leagues of english football into fifa 14 because teams like luton town and hastings utd. did really well in the fa cup this year, also add the turkisk league to the game. 🙂

  441. fifa4life says:

    Put be the referee in
    do online career modes
    10 free gold packs (ultimate team) even with normal games
    choose what online games you go to
    Put Mainly Do BE THE REFEREE Mode
    Put these in

  442. ryan says:

    be the ref and be the ball think about that also make packs better in ut all u get is shit no matter how many you buy make it better

  443. A7LFC says:

    I have got loads of ideas for FIFA 14.

    1. More realistic media, instead of the little news boxes for breaking news, do a proper report like an interview an Sky Sports News piece. For small news like injury for 2 days put the box.

    2. Kit Customization!

    3. WAY more leagues!

    4. More realistic fans, like them chanting “Suarez! Suarez” If he scores. And they sing the club anthem. And arguments, arrests and Pitch floods, such as when you win the trophy everyone fills the pitch.

    5. Contract Clauses, Say if your West Ham signing Hernandez because he didn’t play for UTD they would have to sell him if they get relegated, or they can’t sell for more/less than a fee.

    6.Schedule training, not like have to watch it, but schedule what they work on every training session.

    7. If international manager you should get emails saying stuff like, ” Alex McCartney has impressed over the following weeks/months/years. It could help the team to call him up.

    *8. Managers can swap around, say if Rafa Benitez got sacked from Chelsea, somebody should be able to take his place, like Martinez from Wigan. And you should be able to hint interest for the job, it would be good if the fans take reaction by this and chant “OUT!” or hold up banners saying out.

    9. Should be able to send out scouts to players to see how they perform, like if you are Liverpool interested in Ashley Williams, you should be able to send out a scout to report form, Pros and Cons.

    10. Should be able to quit a team halfway through the season, but not have to move straightaway.

    11. Should be able to talk to players individually about form and worries, and say if you are selling or loaning them.

    12. In Pro Career, should be able to watch match from stands, react to performances and get interviewed on your happiness at the role, location and form of your club.

    13. As well as having clubs going rich, put teams into administration, like seeing UTD in League 2 because of lack of funds.

    I have more ideas but can’t remember them at this current time :s

  444. owen Doyle says:

    Make A Training mode with no keeper
    Have Rewards In Career Mode
    Put Fut And Carrer Together and u can open packs with players in for your career team COME ON FIFA DO NUMBER 3

  445. Markamillion says:

    Ok i’m from trinidad and tobago in the caribbean, can you please add some concacaf teams in fifa 14 please?

  446. Kevin Fisher says:

    Improvements to the online server are still needed because lagging is still an issue for many users

  447. Ross Gibson says:

    I dunno if there are others who have mentioned this but the basis behind fifa,nhl,nba,madden etc etc is that its a simulator. So it should be more realistic. A manager is not by himself. He has backroom staff so it would be good to be able to hire medical staff, assistants and the like. The thing i have always wanted is buy out clauses. I mean ive seen sunderland get relegated and i doubt if that happened that sessegnon would stick around. So u should be able to get relegated stars either as free agents or on the cheap.

  448. Zenaido says:

    What you guys should do is if you come in last place in the liga mx your team fets sent down to ascenso mx and

  449. Hadderz says:

    Be a Ref Mode! This would be a great inclusion and very fun.

  450. Cathy says:

    EA I suggest that for your pro career you could allow your pro to be able to select as many traits as you like for your players style of play, & have more items in catalogue that improve your pro not just stuff for online… Improve heading, & CPU intelligence for your pro team mates, instead of playing the ball to someone who is clearly offside when they have 3 or 4 different players they could pass to..

  451. willda says:

    Enable editing player ages! It was such a cool feature because people could enjoy their favourite players longer in career modes! I think it was a really bad idea to disable it.
    Lot of players like Ronaldo, Falcao, Iniesta, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, and so on are only “usable” for 1 or 2 seasons and they start to decrease..

  452. Kyon Soons says:

    For Fifa 14, I would very much like to see the following changes to the Career / Be A Pro mode:

    – Player History / Affiliation: It would be amazing to be able to indicate which club(s) you have an affiliation with during your career. For example having the opportunity to return to your old club when you reach the end of your career as a player / manager (the club you started or a club you’ve played for many years during your career). Being able to change these afiliations and ‘wishlists’ for future clubs / job offers during the course of your career would greatly improve the immersion of the Career mode! Being able to indicate your ‘dream clubs’ as a player and the wish to help your former team in the later stage of your player and / or manager career would greatly improve the longevity of the career mode.

    – Appreciation / Proper Career Continuance: Instead of pretending your pro is a newbie or rookie each season both internationally with every game being your ‘debut’ for the national team, and in club competitions where breaking goal record after goal record won’t get you any extra appreciation or acknowledgement of excellent performance, it would be nice if the game kept track of your player’s performance and if winning title after title (and European Cup after European Cup) would lead to some sort of recognition.

    – Player Position Customization: Players change, and so do the preferences for which position you like to play and which role you’d like when transferring to other clubs (think for example about how Robin van Persie only become a ‘striker'(traditional number 9) after so many years of playing as a winger / playmaker etc). Not being stuck in a single position on the field would very much improve the variety in career mode and prevent you from excluding world class players because they are linked to that same position (as a career player I effectively ended Messi’s career at FC Barcelona because the manager wouldn’t use him or myself in alternate positions, allowing us to play together, maybe even as a striker duo!) In other words, player position flexibility would be greatly appreciated!

    – More Cinematic Cutscenes / Trophy wins: Clinching the Title or winning the Champions Cup is amazing in real life (I imagine), but doesn’t feel that way in the game, mainly because there’s only 1 single cup win celebration cutscene after each win (despite the difference in prestige between winning a Champions League title or a domestic League title). Also, having short cutscenes that illustrate your career player winning a Golden Boot (both in your own league as well as the European Golden Boot that Messi has a patent on these days) would greatly improve your motivation to keep being topscorer, winning titles, European Cups, International Tournaments etc.

    In short, the immersion factor in Career Mode (Especially as a player) could do with some improvement!

    P.S. Please remove the constant interruptions on your Career Mode HUB with ‘Audio Scores and Upcoming Fixture’ anouncements!

  453. Pavely Menga says:

    I think more have to come from the career mode in FIFA14:
    1. Stories outside pitch have to come accross(Players refusing to traine, bad comments from managers must affect opponents or even own playersetc)
    2. Transfers shouldn’t be anymore exclusive to players only! Managers too! ( I think it will be very good if for instance after 3 years Guardiola becomes Chelsea’s manager)
    3. Players after retiring may come back as manager (Good to see one day Messi becoming Madrid’s coach on game)
    4. All goals and played matches must be recorded so that when retiring the players profile will be displayed on the last game of his career.
    5. Fans idea must be accounted to make the game more realistic. (Fans not approving on arrival or departure of players).
    6. For international selections, numbering must be between 1 and 23 for tournament! (Weird to see a player wearing 45 like Balotelli on world cup)
    7. Acknowledging best player in the world!
    8. For very important matches, Rival’s manager may comment on your profil!
    9. The bench must be improved in order to see real players seating not emplty or fake players!
    10. A touch on the build up match will do instead of having a player running all over the pitch alone!
    11. Referees mistakes must be accounted that may lead the crowd to react and also players! Not fight but quarrel between players upon bad judgment!
    12. It’s not all club that give coach opportunity to become manager!
    13. The manager salary always fixed how can St Etienne and Madrid pay the coach the same salary! If on contract paper the salary changes from offers likewise for players!
    14. And lastly, When a player retired may he comes back as a manager! It will be a joy to see Lampard becoming Chelsea’s manager! And also players who has leaved a club even for 2 years be stated by commentaries!

  454. Asgarian says:

    Add the real youth teams in career mode.
    For example Milan primavera team has young promising players but they won’t be found in career mode.
    So add real youth teams in career mode.

  455. Jason says:

    There are a lot of problems I had not just FIFA13 but the previous games I think need to change.
    1-Make the ref’s better they have been awful and bias for a few years now giving your opponents free-kicks for the slightest touch and when you get taken out in the box nothing.
    2-(Be a pro) The AI in be a player needs to be improved for your team, when I played FIFA13 weather I was playing for Madrid with my player or some polish team I was loaned to my teammates were always awful yet when I played against them their great.
    3-(Be a pro) Every time you ran out of fitness you pull up and then your player is out for a few weeks, with as I said in the previous statement with the awful AI team-mates it forces you to run around way more then you should.
    4-The rating system is rubbish you can’t get a good rating unless you score or assist a goal, even if you played really well not making a single mistake if you don’t get a goal/assist the best you can get is about a 7.
    5-In be a pro theirs a bug that keeps saying your player is about to make his international debut even if you played more than 50 times for your county.

    My ideas to make the game better are:-
    1-Show the manger from time to time weather it’s just some quick animation during the game or talking to your created player on the training ground it would feel more lifelike instead if a quick massage every 3 or 4 months.
    2-Add a press conference before and after the match from time to time or even after a training session, it would add something new to the FIFA experience being able to interact with your manger’s/player’s fans or comment on transfer speculation to either put off or force a move.
    3-(Be a pro) Add something for the Player to do with their money having a huge salary is kind of pointless right now and it would give the player something to aim for.
    4-Add some players/player, player/manger confrontations we know that some players are troublemakers (Joey Barton is the most famous one) or get don’t get along (like Chelsea) so adding them as a problem for a manger or even as a player in be a pro would be a great giving the game a bit of a mean streak to it.

    All in all I think FIFA is a good game (7/10) but it needs to get itself sorted so it can become a great game like it is meant to be (9/10 or a 10/10 game).

  456. Eonn says:

    You should get to change the sponser on the kits an get certain layouts of kits that you can choose. Etc if man utd change to adidas an samsung u should be able to add this to the kit but only in certain areas of the kit to make it look real.

  457. Stuart says:

    1.So that you can design your own kits the next season .
    2.Make it that on career mode when you sim a match then to make it realistic with like shock results now and again and also that sometimes you get big bargains in the transfer market .

  458. Clearly the most important thing for FIFA14 to fix is that when playing the computer and you are pushing on, and really attacking the opponent, in this case the computer, every time the make a clearance in a really push backed, stressed way, it always, and I mean always, lands perfectly on the feets of a team mate of his, the computer. That rarel happens in the real world of football. If you are clearing, you are clearing, not making a perfect pass up the middle of the park to forward, who can easily bring it down, with almost no one around him. Fix it not please!

  459. Theo says:

    In career mode (manager) , it would be really cool if you could choose what your manager looks like, the same as you do with the players. You should not only be able to change how they look but also what they wear and you could choose if they are the kind of manager that is often standing up during the game or likes to take a more relaxed approach, sitting down. This would make it more realistic.

  460. Ross says:

    Player physics should be upgraded e.g if a player takes a ball to the face full power on fifa 13 he just takes it, in fifa 14 if they want to make the game realistic the player should act as he would in a real game e.g fall on the floor/be disorientated as most people would do after being hit in the face full power.

  461. Celtic supporter 13 says:

    i think if they were to put in the northern irish premeirship and the blue square prem then you should be able to make your own club also if they wont put the ni prem then at least last years winner like this year it would be clifftonville

  462. elgo says:

    I would like the conceding of free kicks sorted,it seems 9 times out of 10 when you win the ball you concede a free kick, its far too sensitive. Also you should be able to make free transfers outwith the transfer window as in real life, more real stadiums, also when managing an international team you pick a squad of 25 yet you can only pick from 15. When in player mode your wages never rise plus even though you dont request a transfer a bid always gets accepted and its always the same team, i hope these get implemented in fifa 14 as i was hugely disappointed with fifa 13.

  463. Kieran GM says:

    I think in FIFA 14, you should be allowed to talk to your players in career mode over an arrange of topics i.e. Playing time, Contracts, Transfer Requests, Form. You should also be allowed to change the design of the kits with out removing any sponsorship deals, even if that’s not possible after a season or two you should be allowed to change the colour of the away and third kits without changing the design. What else should be included in FIFA 14 is the Be A Referee Mode which allows you to take charge of exhibition matches or even a referee career. Also crowd effects and chants should be modified and made more realistic along with the scoreboard. During matches when a player is injured you should be allowed to see the physios coming on to deal with the player and if its really serious they should be stretchered, also there should be a red-card challenge button combination, what I mean by red-card challenge is a 2-footed tackle or off the ground challenge to add an extra insensitive to the game. FINALLY, there should be a diving button in which you’re penalised for blatant dives.

  464. ? says:

    I reckon that the Blue Square bet league should be there
    plus the Scottish division 1 2 and 3
    and the welsh league
    and the europa league and champions league should not just appear on manager mode but also appear on fifa 14 as normal modes in themselves
    they should also include the chinese league
    greek league
    argentina league
    uruguay league
    bulgaria league
    chilean league
    croatia league
    japanese league
    finland league
    lower german and spanish leagues
    israel league

    keep turkish league there forever instead of just putting galatasaray in the rest of world every few years

    more rest of worlds
    serbia league
    south african league if not that then a few south african teams can go in rest of world
    ukranian league because of shakthar donetsk

  465. nathan says:

    you should have wager matches on ut

  466. Matteo Farrugia says:

    I would remove the Rest of World and instead I make the Greek, Turkish, Argentinian, Polish, South African leagues and I make Ghana, Japan, Nigeria and Serbia as National Teams. In gameplay if a player is injured for example a broken ankel and has to be subtitued, he need to get off with a strecher because on the game he get off on his feet.

  467. Justin Ronne says:

    shinguards (eg f50) should be included with boots so eg with f50 boots you get f50 shinguards different shinguards have different designs it would be cool.

  468. tyla norman says:

    whats up, i am a crazy football fanatic from South Africa, where we hose one of the biggest football leagues in Africa. for the past while, in Fifa only Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, and in 2008 (i think) mamelodi Sundowns have been featured. i was wondering is it not time that Fifa essentially invests in adding the actual, Premier Soccer League called the Absa Premiership on the game. Fifa already has a huge following in South Africa…. it would be an even bigger marketing strategy to include the actual league to also be available in manager mode…… what do you think?

  469. ARYA says:


  470. Justin Ronne says:

    How about we bring back virtual pro out of career back in as well as you have your virtual pro in manager, this was so fun in fifa 12 and they should bring it back in fifa 14.

  471. Justin Ronne says:

    they should have the proper official kits for some national team like Brazil’s kit, one of the best national teams has a “fake” kit. Nike would give the licensing. also how about being able to download old kits as well like fc barcelona’s 2008/09 kit. or even the 2012/13 kit.

  472. Justin Ronne says:

    Ever been designing your virtual pro and you can’t find your surname? how about being able to send in your surname with correct spelling and your say what the correct pronunciation (obviously you would pay) there are so many ways you can do this we can either send it in before the game comes out or after and then when you download the update it would be there and martin tyler or whoever your commentator is will pronounce it correctly. either everyone can download it or just you.

  473. Justin Ronne says:

    you should be allowed to choose which celebration your virtual pro does like you could choose to point fingers to the sky and then slide. you know when you normally press the A/X button on ps3 or xbox. also update Messi’s celebration please he looks awkward and he only points fingers to the sky after he’s run around.

  474. Cory says:

    They should have goal of the month and season in career mode and make it more realistic like interviews with players and managers, also full customisation of mangers and they need to fix the referees I hate it when you get the ball and its still a foul stupid lol

  475. Elia says:

    Please a online carrier mode so you can play and trade with your friends

  476. P.F93 says:

    Well i’d like to see some rainy matches that turns into sunny, you know, changing weather and something like that, and of course improving of goalkeepers AI.
    Thank you!

  477. Rampage says:

    In Career Mode, You Should Be Able To Sign A Player Before The Transfer Window On A Pre-Agreement.
    Also, As The Manager, You Should Be Able To Control An Actual Training Session With All Your Players At Least Once Or Twice A Week. That Way You Can Control Their Fitness Levels, How Fast They Improve Etc.
    Plus, It Would Be Great If You Could Answer A Question Or 2 In A Press Conference Or Some Sort Of Interview Before Big And Important Games.

    It’s A Bit Of A Long Shot, But What About Being Able To Control The Referee And Take Charge Of The Match?
    It Would Certainly Be Interesting.

  478. James says:

    What would you think about a new system in the game that goes alone side career/manager mode call it FIFA Community for example an offline and online campaign where you are on the commity for a local amateur club.

    The aim of the game is to move your club up the ranks for example getting council approval for new lights, facilities, grounds and so on until your club can break into the professinal world. You will also play regular seasons and such each year not full 38-48 rounds but a low number so 18-20 rounds each season. The reason for this is to build your fan base.

    Once reached a professinal stage you will feed into your career/manager mode and begin from the bottom of any league in the world you wish to choose. Once in the bottom league you can grow your stadium, fan base, squad(s) and proceed to the top.

  479. Justin Ronne says:

    fifa club world cup mode in career like and then if you win club world cup you get the badge in middle of players jerseys like real life

  480. Justin Ronne says:

    fifa 14 has to have the catalogue really cool to get new stuff

  481. Callum says:

    I think they should change the back of the shirt when they get promoted to premier league or get relegated to the n power championship and they should also change the back of the shirts when they play in the Europa league or champions league, they should also have a Europa league football and a champions league football. You should make Wales international team and a career mode with galatasary and you should be able to quit the club and say you want to manage a certain club

  482. Charlie McNabb says:

    Hi I think fifa 14 should add referee mode to career mode because we know about the managers and the footballers we should see how the refs have to play the game that would complete the career mode for me and hopefully for other people I have lots more ideas I hope you use my idea or take it into consideration.

    thankyou for time,

  483. Niko says:

    If the player brokes his ankle, how can he walk out from the field.

  484. Kaine says:

    I actually have a question for you guys as I do not own fifa 13 (only the prior games) and in fifa 12 if I had my virtual player added in my squad in manager mode, if i sold him/ managed a new team at the end of the year, my player would disappear and I could not buy him back from the team he was at as he vanished from the game.
    Does this happen in Fifa 13 as well?

  485. PLEASE on seasons…have a better check on the color of kits! The number of matches where the teams are both wearing white or black is getting crazy! If the same teams are playing program an automatic change of kit so they are different!

    Less important but would be nice— if you could still save highlights to Replay Theater or EA even if opponent quits…..don’t know how many great goals I have lost ( can’t record) because the opponent quit.

  486. Seth says:

    More Centroamerican teams… Honduras El Salvador Panama??

  487. david says:

    you could not give ridiculous penalties all the time when the defender clearly wins the ball????

  488. Jimmy says:

    In career mode, as a play they should go into the player’s personal life e.g girlfriends, going out clubbing,rivalries and charity events. (like in the game Soccer Life on ps2). Also in manager mode; you should be able to change your kit each season, have the option to play a half season ( where you only play each team once) because sometimes it gets a bit boring. Also you should be able to have reserve teams so if you don’t play a player for a while or if they get injured and they are 80% match fit, they can still keep in form for the reserve team, also you should be able to do post match interviews and you should be able to pick your pre-season warm up matches, and at the beginning of the season like in Fifa 07 you should be able to pick a sponsor. Also youth teams will be a good addition and have tournaments like the youth fa cup. Also in player mode you could start as youth player and go to trials for teams and play in a match, and you have to get a a certain match rating to get through. Also more focus should be but on African football as there is a lot of talent there and they should add Nigeria and Ghana back into the game. Deliberate diving and fights on the pitch ( should be asked if you want to turn it on before the game, with an age rating). Adding a lot more international teams would be more interesting. Also the conference league being added in would make a great addition. Also beach football would be fun. Classics game would be great to play with classic games from the 70’s,80’s,90’s and 00’s and bringing Lounge mode will be great especially when you’ve got friends over.

  489. ivan says:

    Can yall make a better intro like in FIFA 06 that clip was beutiful.
    Why cant yall Partner up with DICE on graphics or go back to FIFA 09 graphics where the players dont look scrony like FIFA 11 .12 13 hopefully not 14 if yall cant do it for FIFA 14 do it for 15 PLEASE.
    Also the faces on the players faces have no emotion or sweat on them .Take it too the next level and put blood when they they get elbowed in the face.
    More Emotion in the crowd Goalkeeper commentars and manager.
    PLEASE include the UEFA and EURO on FIFA 14 also more leuages like korean teams turkish teams BLUE Square leauge!!!!
    One last thing put ADAM TENSTA-my cool on FIFA 14 track

  490. jonathan says:

    fix attitude of some players they get unhappy fast

  491. Chikimilan14 says:

    i think a good idea would be in player career mode when a team buys you, you should be presentated like in pes

  492. Matheus says:

    – More latin leagues.
    – When someone tackles you, sometimes the referee let the match run and doesn’t give the free kick. I’d be cool if in these situations we could dive to get the FK.
    – Focus on a deeper player career.
    – Libertadores and FIFA World Club Cup.
    – Create and player career mode with your own team.

    I love FIFA since 99. I just can’t stop playing!

  493. Bantu Bonke says:

    Please upgrade the graphix of the game

  494. Jonny Blaze says:

    I think fut13 coins and player’s should be available to pass over ti fut14. .I know ea won’t di this as loss of money and I know players may change teams in transfer market but having to start feom scratch everytime is a nightmare. .please ket us keeo coins and players to transfer to fut14 I promise to still buy oacks and brin ea money..

  495. FifaGod says:

    A normal career mode but with an online feature so each person picks a team does transfers and plays matches but put several different non-computer players in the league so there is a bit more competition and fun.

  496. Justin Ronne says:

    you should be able to respond to players when they ask eg to be played you could say that you are resting them. or if eg they ask to be sold you can influence their decision by saying something like we need you etc.

  497. David says:

    ive read through some of these comments and have seen some fantastic ideas, for example:

    1.) the blue square premier league should be added and as a feature as well in career mode as seen with clubs like, Accrington, Wrexham and Barnet maybe add a Player/Manager mode as well?

    2.) choosing your own kit designs after each season may be a possible thing to search, you dont have to change all 3 kits (if you have a 3rd kit) or dont have to change any at all, keep the sponsor (or teams like Celtic and Barnet add your own sponsor like a previous career mode with the airline company or pizza company, and when you wear the logo for each season you get money off the sponsor) and kit maufacturer.

    3.) leagues like the turkish league and cypriot leagues are growing in stature because of the CL/EL performances by there clubs.

    4.) lounge mode is also a great idea.

    5.) maybe add ‘Online Career Mode’ i can challenge my friends career mode teams and we can compete for the league or battle relegation.

    6.) more stadiums for lower league clubs, maybe have individual clubs stadiums downloadable from the EAS catalogue? for instance if i wanted to play at my teams (Bury) stadium, i could just go on the catalogue and download ‘Gigg Lane’.

    would love for some of these to be added to FIFA 14, would make my (and a lot of other people’s) game experience more fun and enjoyable.

    thanks for listening 🙂

  498. Jesper says:

    I think that the makers need to lay more time at the players faces, its so myck cooler when the player looks like it do in reality, like they’ve dome i PES, please do Raphael Varane and Jesé rodriguez!!!!, Espacially Real Madrid players please!! Then in career mode ehen you play with barca or Real etc, that have there second team also in the game, tou should be able to pick up and put down players to the sexond team without buying or selling for money. And also in career mode you should be able to respond to the messages you get from the players. And when players want to be sold, you should never be forced by sombody else in the club to sell him.
    Pleeeeeease make these changes!!! Put much time on player faces!!!!! Sergio Ramos needs to be changed with his new haircut!!

  499. Jesper says:

    Many things in the career mode can be improved, make things more realistik like when tou sign a player it will be presented at the stadium and that the transfers the other clubs you not play for only do realistic signings, its not realistic that messi wants to be sold and goes to man UTD.. And please try to get the rigths to have champions League!

  500. steve says:

    you should be able to carry over a % of player value and what coins you have on FUT as you spend a whole year building up your team to have to start of all over again with no reward.

  501. CJadwat says:

    Please consider improving the keepers for Ultimate team as the Keepers are awful and let in the most ridiculous goals and this can be frustrating as whenever someone will cross into the box they will always score with a header. Also can you consider stopping the Near post goals always going in and make it more difficult to shoot at the corners. Also being able to switch to play as the keeper would be good as that way you can attempt to save the shots. Could you also make it so that ‘Sweaty goals’ are counted as offside as they technically are off and please please please improve the refs decisions.

  502. Brian Muraya says:

    You can start as an International Manager then get offers from clubs. You can have an option to do it Vice Versa when your any team (CLUB) then you get reasonable offer from country’s based on your form and team

  503. Justin Ronne says:

    with the form it should not make the whole teams form go down when they lose because even if some players don’t play their form still goes down fairer form please

    • Justin Ronne says:

      find this unfair because if a team loses in real life why does the entire teams stats go down! not everyone on the team even plays in a match.

  504. Justin Ronne says:

    why at the end of a season if you win the league or cup do they not show the lifting of the cup? why do the cups look different to the one in real life fix please.

  505. Mattman says:

    In FUT I don’t think you should be allowed to buy coins. There’s no sense of achievement in that. Players should only be allowed to win coins by winning games and then get bonus coins for various other achievements. Building a great team from scratch is a better idea than someone just buying the game and half an hour later putting together their own Brazil XI through buying coins.

    • Justin Ronne says:

      what if a pack costs 500k. people on ps3 get to buy these coins or they some people buy coins online i don’t care about achievements i want a good team that’s my opinion on the matter.

  506. Dannydangerous says:

    Think with fifa 14 that gold packs in ultimate team shouldn’t be able to repeat players pack after pack I opened 4 packs in a row a received rob green in each pack which is shocking. Also if you have won a player and he performs well that week or gains man of the match that should automatically reflect on your player via updates rather than having to use all your hard earned coins to either buy them or try get them through buying packs. This should also apply to loss off form if your player has had a shocker in the week the players overall score should drop by a piont or 2.

  507. Roche says:

    Hi there,

    Just from my side I’d like more stats available, like a table with the players image that shows how many tackles, passes, touches, and goals etc during the season. This needs to be available in career mode too, and have goal scoring records that can be broken in the league where commentators talk about it. This needs to remain with the player so that you can see what he has achieved to date in his career.

  508. Bradley Harris says:

    Use a real life manger, like say if José Mourinho returns to Chelsea, use him, instead of creating a new manager. If Chelsea win 2013 UEFA Europa League Final, they should play in the 2013 UEFA Super Cup on the game, in your first season. Teams should play in The Champions League in the manager’s first season in charge. And it should be called the “Champions League”, not the “Champions Cup” and have the proper trophies, not ones that are slightly different. If a team win the Champions League, in the next season, they should play in UEFA Super Cup and Fifa Club World Cup.
    And whatever competition the clubs are in, they should have the competition badge in the like in the Champions League, they should have the Champions League badge on the shirt. And if the club wins the Champions League, they should have Champions League winners badge and multiple winner’s badge.
    There should be more awards:
    Premier League awards: Player of the Mouth, Manager of the Mouth, PFA Players’ Player of the Year, PFA Fans’ Player of the Year, PFA Player of the Year, FWA Footballer of the Year, PFA Young Player of the Year, PFA Team of the Year, Barclays Player of the Season, Premier League Manager of the Season, Barclays Golden Boot, Barclays Golden Glove, Premier League Goal of the Season, Barclays Premier League Fair Play Award, Golden Boot Landmark Award 10, Golden Boot Landmark Award 20 and Golden Boot Landmark Award 30.
    UEFA Awards: UEFA Club Forward of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, European Golden Shoe, Golden Boy (award), UEFA Best Player in Europe Award.
    FIFA Club World Cup awards: The FIFA Club World Cup Champions Badge, Golden Ball, Sliver Ball, Bronze Ball, Golden Boot, FIFA Fair Play Trophy and Most Valuable Player of the Final Match Trophy.
    Fifa awards: FIFA Ballon d’Or, FIFA World Player of the Year, World Soccer Young Player of the Year, World Soccer Player of the Year and Onze d’Or, IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper.

  509. Justin Ronne says:

    if ea manage to put the champions league in fifa 14 they should have that cool champions league stadium you know with the stars all over it

  510. Justin Ronne says:

    if you win the league your badge on sleeve must turn into champions badge like e.g. barclays premier league champions badge is gold etc.

  511. kian lewis-fowler says:

    1.on manager mode they should be able to customize the kit each season.
    2.unlock more classic kits e.g The burgundy arsenal kit from 2005/2006
    3.call up legends to come back from retirement to help the club for a season or 2, e.g like when scholes came back to help utd, u could call up vieira for arsenal for example…
    4. u should be able to email the player you would like buy for details, e.g arsenal could call henry and say ‘henry, you are a legend at this club and i think you should finish ur carear where u are loved the most’ or something like that.
    5. you should be able to choose to be an existing manager instead of creating ur own one…
    thankyou! please make these happen…

  512. Kevin says:

    Career Mode
    -Bring back the option of Player/Manager
    -Be able to edit Pro position or add positions
    -Focused skill growth of players between seasons
    -Requests for loans/moves to specific club list
    -Common sense for AI manager in transfer decisions
    -In-game player rating bonus for correct marking,keeping ball away from your side/attacker
    -Recognition of defensive tackles by running into the path of player instead of using the jockey/slide buttons

    -Make a permanent FIWC option in seasons, so you can play as your favourite team and have an even chance instead of everyone exploiting the a few underrated teams.
    -Able to view leaderboards by country, state, 300/50 mile radius.

    Home Screen
    -Be able to chose your Pro player as the main character
    -Choose main character from full squad list

  513. Matts says:

    1. Pass and Move: There is an issue when you hold down the LB trigger to initiate a pass and get the passing player to start a run in the same action, where the ball is played with exaggerated power that human player did not input, this causes several inaccurate plays and can discourage manual players from using the pass and move feature at all for fear of occurrence and therefor limiting the gameplay experience for them.
    2. Power Bar Configuration: (Mainly Manual Controls) The power bar sensitivity slider is a good idea however it is very much an “all or nothing” approach and not granular enough to encompass the entire control set. For example, I like to play a short passing game so I like to have a low setting to better cater for that but the downside of that is when in a crossing position I have to hold the power button for too long to generate the power I need to get a cross into my desired position and I am then tackled regularly. The solution is to have a sensitivity setting for each attacking control button. Take ground passing for example, you could then set a low setting for the standard ground pass button to cater for short intricate stuff and maybe a much higher sensitivity setting applied to your through ball button to allow you hit quicker medium to long range passes without the need to power up so long and evade getting closed down in the process

    Gerneral Ideas
    1. Show for ball: The LB used to trigger a nearby player to make a forward run is useful but often times, it is a) not what you require, and b) they make headless runs into areas marked by defenders. Would it be possible to incorporate a “show for ball” element where a button trigger could be configured to pull a free player towards the ball carrier (a very common action in real football) rather than away from him, this would open up a lot more variety in the game and combat the sometimes “staccato” feel to proceedings. If the requested player is close to you he could just loiter in the vicinity, it may also be useful to just hold the player around sometimes as an option as on a number of occasions players tend to make AI generated runs away from you just as you commit to a pass, they run in behind defenders and the ball is easily intercepted.
    2. Let Ball Run: Although there is a gameplay option to “dummy” the ball through your legs, when in a situation where you need to let the ball run and then spin quickly turn onto it, the move is cumbersome and only effective in a minority of situations, most of the time you cannot keep the required control of your player. One of the best introductions to the PES series in PES5 was the ability to hit a trigger button as the ball was approaching you and your player would shift aside and let the ball run into space but it allowed you to maintain a good level of control over the ball and the nearby space. It can quickly open up space, offers a sense of creative input to the user and again offers variety to the sometimes repetitive feel you can get from the ground passing system.

    3. Lob Pass: There are 2 types of lob pass, driven low and lofted however it often times feels like you need another option, a more lofted long distance trajectory, the default lofted lob pass does not generate enough height to cater for all situations and often hits the first man in your path or doesn’t achieve enough height to clear a number of players in the ball’s travel path. Ideally you could manually control the exact height, power and direction of each lob pass but if this is not an option, there definitely feels like there is room for a third variation of the lob pass in the game.

    Cut the cut scenes! I like my game to flow, I don’t want to see lengthy cut scenes of goal celebrations, opposition players getting substituted, automatic replays of goals and shots, fouls and offside decisions, if it is offside it’s offside, it is a laser guided line across the pitch so the cpu must be right, I believe you… I don’t want to see it thanks. There is a comprehensive replay feature that will allow me to review any situation if I want so why these things are forced on you by default… I am sure some people will enjoy the fluff that is cut scenes but to cater for all, could we not have the option to skip them, in a game menu or a button press to instantly skip.

    Sound effects: The sound effects of ball strikes and post and crossbar strikes are low, it adds rhythm and excitement to have these more exaggerated.

  514. MrBish says:

    First and foremost I love FIFA, have done for years. I do however think these three main things would improve the game no end in my opinion.

    1) More reward for mannual controls i.e. xp points online or cash in career mode. Nothing is more frustrating than not getting nothing back for trying to do things yourself. Also I don’t need any “error” put into my passing thankyou I do that enough myself lol.

    2) Online pro clubs. Can’t there be a Clubs League without the pro bit? It is stupid having a 4ft nothing player running up and down all game at 80 mph and still out jumping and muscleing a meat head CB.

    3) FIFA nights with the boys. Could there not be a stats page for individual players? Some times there could be more than 6 players on one xbox who all have different settings, if we could select a sign in programme then it would save a lot of messing about before each game.

  515. Fifa 14 yolo says:

    In player career you should start off as a b team player play matches then get called up for the a squad, when you buy or get transferred there should be a meeting with the player and the manager also get to choose number when your transferred in player career. in player career at half time you should be able to walk into the changing room and have a pep talk, if your on the bench you watch the match like your there(stretch before coming on). in manager career you should be able to email your players and others.

  516. JD says:

    I think the crowd animation and sounds really need to be improved, as well as the commentary. For example, if a player pulls out a 30 yard screamer in to the top corner, the crowd and commentators react as if it is a normal goal. Really ruins the moment sometimes.
    Also, I’d like to see more of a game build-up like on the NFL games. It’d be good to see players coming of coaches and walking in to the stadium, managers talking to each other and their players, etc. In addition to that, they need to make the games look as if they’re being broadcast by a sport channel. Bad/good tackles, shots, passes often get replayed on Sky Sports/ITV to be analysed by the commentators. Doesn’t happen on FIFA.
    Gameplay wise, FIFA is brilliant. However, to make it perfect, they just need to make everything else a bit more realistic.