Chemistry Styles

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Tips and Guide
Use these FUT chemistry style tips to ensure you’re applying the best types of style to different types of player.

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All players will start with this basic chemistry style attached to their card. This, basically, means that an overall increase is applied to your players stats presuming that you’re running decent overall team chemistry links.

Forwards /Attacking styles
Sniper – increases shooting and dribbling stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Finisher – increases shooting and physical stats – position to use on – ST
Deadeye – increases shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CAM, RW, LW, CF & ST
Marksman – increases shooting, dribbling and physical stats – position to use on – CAM, CF & ST
Hawk – increases pace, shooting and physical stats – position to use on – RW, LW & ST
Hunter – increases pace and shooting stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF

Midfield / Attacking & Defensive styles
Artist – increases dribbling and passing stats
Architect – increases physical and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Powerhouse – increases defending and passing stats – position to use on – CDM
Maestro – increases dribbling, shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Engine – increases pace, dribbling and passing stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Catalyst – increases pace and passing stats – position to use on – CDM, CM & CAM


Defenders / Defensive styles
Sentinel – increases defending and physical stats – position to use on – RB, LB & CB
Guardian – increases defending and dribbling stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB & LB
Gladiator – increases defending and shooting stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, CDM
Backbone – increases defending, physical and passing stats – position to use on – CDM & CB
Anchor – increases pace, defending and physical stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB
Shadow – increases pace and defending stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB

Goalkeeper styles
Wall – increases diving, handling and kicking stats
Shield – increases reflexes, speed and kicking stats
Cat – increases reflexes, speed and positioning stats
Glove – increases diving, handling and positioning stats

The chemistry styles that increase 2 different stats rather than 3 will go up between 1-3 points depending on the level of your overall team chemistry. The one’s with 3 such as Anchor and Backbone will go up a maximum of 2.

EA have made it even easier for you to fit Legends into your teams this year with the inclusion of Legends Chemistry. To explain, in very basic form, it basically strengthens the chemistry between them and today’s players which means that every player will match leagues with FUT Legends. This means that they will have an orange link with ALL players. Now you only need to pair up the nationality between a player and a legend to create the strong green link on the pitch.

So, to summarise if you are building a squad with all new Legend Giggs (who will be hard to pair up because he’s Welsh, he’ll have a medium connection with Willian but a strong connection with his fellow countryman, Gareth Bale. It doesn’t matter about the league, now.

Use these FUT 16 chemistry style tipsto help make your players improve their performance for your ultimate teams.

For even more chemistry style tips including tips for styles of play and specific position styles, see our unique guide for FIFA 16 with over 400 pages of tips and help, here

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753 Responses to Chemistry Styles

  1. Demon says:

    Benzema – ST
    Martinez – ST
    Isco – CAM
    Kross – CM
    Rakitic – CM
    Busquets – CDM
    Marcelo – LB
    Godin – CB
    Mascherano – CB
    Danilo – RB

    This is my team with formation 4-1-2-1-2 (2), which chemistry style should I use on my players?

  2. Toprak says:

    If I give a player a chemistry style which adds 3+ to his physical, does it apply to all the qualities within physical? If I needed more stamina, strength and acceleration, for instance.


  3. Fifa gamer says:

    help me with my team please.
    4-4-1-1 formation

    GK – De Gea
    RB – Darmian
    CB – Otamendi
    CB – Kompany
    LB – Gibbs
    RM – Mata
    CM – Ozil
    CM – Fabregas
    LM – Hazard
    CF – D. Silva
    ST – Aguero

  4. Ter says:

    Hi, need help for
    Alex sandro

    Also for

    Yaya toure
    De bryune

  5. Saif says:


    Bravo (gk)
    Dani Alves (rb)
    pique (cb)
    pepe (cb)
    Marcelo (lb)
    Sergio Busquets (cdm)
    Arda Turan (rm)
    konoplyanka (lm)
    Modric (cam)
    Martinez (st)
    Griezmann (st)

    Thanks in advance !

  6. David S says:

    Hi would love some help with the chemistry cards, my team is

    playing 4-1-2-1-2

    Smalling (who i find too slow)
    De Bruyne


  7. Lethal says:

    LW Gervinho
    ST inform Mandzukic
    RW inform Candreva
    CM Marchisio
    CM Pogba
    CDM De Rossi
    LB Evra
    LCB Chiellini
    RCB Barzagli
    RB Abate
    GK Buffon

    Formation 4-3-3 (2)

    What chemistry cards would you use on these players Sir? Could you please reccomend a player to add to this team.

    Much appreciated

  8. CKC says:





    TIF Higuain

    This is my team in 4-2-3-1(2) formation. What chemistry styles would you suggest (including the keeper)?

  9. Juan Nieto says:

    I have been using this formation for a wile and it seams perfec for my stile of game I got whatever that would be lol. 433/4 just like to know your opinion on the Chemistry stile on this players. I do ok in the online season but so far I can not pass 3 maybe there must’ve something I need to adjust. I’ll appropriated your advise and time. Thanks Juan.

    So I have St chicharito Fin
    Vela rw Ing
    Corona lw Ing
    Cam Gio dos Santos Fin
    RCM Herrera Artista
    LCM Guardado
    RB Navarro Backbone
    RCB Diego Reyes Anc
    Hector Moreno Anc
    LCB Layun shado and finally
    Talavera Cat.

  10. Stipe says:

    Sorry but could you help me for chemistry of my team? My chemistry now is 81, and i play 4-4-2
    In my firts squad i have
    De bruyne
    Filipe louise
    Tiago silva
    Dani alves

    So,i could replace louise with alaba, or noyer with ruffier but i want all other player to be in first squad, also i have beter chemistry if iniesta play RM and not his original position cm and roben is RF but in my team he plays ST becouse his the best in that position. So could you combine something please becouse i realy want to boost my chemistry. Thank you man 😉

  11. Turkin says:

    Hunter for De Bruyne as cam? tks.

  12. mjagacc says:

    Costa- LW
    Jonas- ST
    Hulk- RW
    Coutinho- CAM
    Ramires- CM
    Gustavo- CM
    Marcelo- RB
    Naldo- CB
    Silva- CB
    Alves- RB
    Alves- GK

  13. Daniel says:

    Which is best for Raheem Sterling in LF. I want to up his pace so he is faster. Thanks

  14. Giovanni28 says:

    Hi what chemistry stiles would you recommend for a 352? That’s not a very popular formation, and can’t find anything about it…here’s my team
    Tevez Dybala
    Di Maria
    Lavezzi Verratti Marchisio Cuadrado
    David luiz Chiellini Barzagli
    The only with chemistry stiles at the moment are tevez(hawk) and marchisio(backbone).
    i really don’t know what to do with verratti… should i try to fix his lack of pace and strenght with chemistry styles, or boost passing and dribbling as much as i can?
    Thanks in advance :)

  15. johnny999 says:

    Hey, what cards:
    GK Howard
    LB Clichy
    CB Mbemba
    CB Kompany
    CM Yaya toure
    CM David Silva
    CM Iniesta
    RW Walcott
    ST Sturridge
    LW Sterling


  16. Raqz says:

    I have Gaya at LB and he’s basic, shall I change it to someone else? If so, what would you recommend

  17. PKBrowser says:

    GK – Begovic

    RB – Darmian
    CB – Rojo
    CB – Ogbonna
    LB – Azpilicueta

    RM – Willian
    CDM – Matic
    LM – Depay
    CAM – Payet

    ST – Martial
    ST – Lukaku

    4-1-2-1-2 Formation
    Which chemistry style should I use on my players please?

  18. Omar says:

    Bacca (st)
    Shaarawy (lm)
    Marchisio (cm)
    Pjanic (cm)
    Cuadrado (rm)
    Lichtsteiner (rb)
    Evra (lb)
    Chiellini (cb)
    Manolas (cb)

  19. Colton Carrell says:

    Chemistry Styles for 4-3-3(5)
    Henderson (CDM)

  20. DrEVOlution says:

    Hi what Chen styles should I apply to the following: 4-3-3

    LW- Neymar
    ST- Suarez
    RW- Messi
    CM- Kroos
    CAM- Isco/Busquets
    CM- Rakitic/inform Turan
    LB- ToTY Marcelo
    CB- Godin
    CB- Pique
    RB- Dani Alves
    GK- Bravo


  21. Marko says:

    What chemystri style can i use?
    I’m playing 4-3-3…
    Gk: lloris
    Rb: clyne
    Cm:david silva
    Cm:de bruyne
    Rw: willian


  22. Pascal says:

    Best chemistry for martial, sterling , wanyama , deulofeu and Payet ?

  23. Claudio says:

    Can you advice me please? Im playing 4-3-3, counterattack and defensive.

    Diego alves
    Jordi alba,
    d. godin, pepe,
    o. de marcos
    isco (koke),
    kroos (kovacic)
    jackson m.,

  24. Mikeybhoy says:

    Best chem for Marchisio CAM? Currently Maestro

  25. Luke says:

    I’ve just built a la liga squad for something different for me, I normally have a bundesliga team and wondering what the best Chem cards I should be giving for this new team. I play counter attack footy and just build the play up, very much like real life but not that boring hahah


    LF – Konoplyanka
    ST – Griezmann
    RF – Bale
    3 CM’s are – Rodriguez, Modric and iniesta
    LB – Gaya
    2 CB’s are – Godin and Pepe
    RB – Carvajal

  26. yournan says:

    what card for hugo lorrise

  27. Juan says:

    Do you have any susubgestion on control settings. For PS3

  28. Daniel says:

    What chemistry style should I use for aguero, I want to have him as a player who will score every game and will beat everyone with his pace and dribbling.


  29. Erio says:

    What is recommended on pereyra he has really high pace for a cm and decent shooting i like trying longshots but also making tiki taka plays should i put eng or mae on him?

  30. Daz wilson says:

    I play 4312

    GK DE GEA (cat)
    LB ALBA (powerhouse)
    CB RAMOS (anchor)
    CB PIQUE (shadow)
    RB DANI ALVES (guardian)
    CM IF KRYCHOWIAK (shadow)
    CM INIESTA (engine)
    CM MODRIC (engine)
    ST GRIEZMANN 88 IF (hunter)
    ST SUAREZ (hunter)

    Would u change any of these and if so what style would you change I like to pass but also like playing counter attack game thanks

  31. Sean says:

    Hi guys,
    I need your help again.
    I have the following La Liga BBVA Squad playing the 4-3-1-2 Formation:

    GK: Diego Alves (Cat)
    LB: Marcelo (Shadow)
    CB: Godin (Shadow)
    CB: Pepe (Shadow)
    RB: Danilo (Shadow)
    CM Krychowiak (Engine)
    CM: Isco (Engine)
    CM Rakitic (Engine)
    CAM: Griezmann (Catalyst)
    ST: Benzema (Hunter)
    ST: Martinez (Hunter)

    Sould I change something?
    I am going to buy Iniesta soon so a recommandation for him would be appreciated.

    As always TIA

  32. Peter John Estillore says:

    Hi footballers, need your opinion.
    I have this squad playing in 4-3-3 formation

    LW- Nasri (man City) / Pedro (Chelsea)
    ST- Muller (Bayern) / Cavani (PSG)
    RW- Lucas (PSG)
    CM- Schweinsteiger (man United) / Matuidi (PSG)
    CM- Iniesta (Barcelona) / Pastore (PSG)
    CM- De maria (PSG) / Verrati (PSG)
    LB- Kurzawa (PSG) / Azpilicuita (Chelsea)
    CB- Terry (Chelsea) / Pepe (real Madrid)
    CB- Cahill ( Chelsea) / Luiz (PSG)
    RB- Lichsteiner (Juventus) /Ivanovic (Chelsea)
    GK- Courtois (chelsea) / Begovic (chelsea)

  33. Karim says:

    Which style for messi Suarez Neymar inesta raktic…4 3 3 formation…like to play passing and shooting alot.

  34. Robbo says:

    Hi! Which style for rakitic-cm & rodriguez-cam playing counter attack?

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