Chemistry Styles

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Tips and Guide
Use these FUT chemistry style tips to ensure you’re applying the best types of style to different types of player.

All players will start with this basic chemistry style attached to their card. This, basically, means that an overall increase is applied to your players stats presuming that you’re running decent overall team chemistry links.

Forwards /Attacking styles
Sniper – increases shooting and dribbling stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Finisher – increases shooting and physical stats – position to use on – ST
Deadeye – increases shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CAM, RW, LW, CF & ST
Marksman – increases shooting, dribbling and physical stats – position to use on – CAM, CF & ST
Hawk – increases pace, shooting and physical stats – position to use on – RW, LW & ST
Hunter – increases pace and shooting stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF

Midfield / Attacking & Defensive styles
Artist – increases dribbling and passing stats
Architect – increases physical and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Powerhouse – increases defending and passing stats – position to use on – CDM
Maestro – increases dribbling, shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Engine – increases pace, dribbling and passing stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Catalyst – increases pace and passing stats – position to use on – CDM, CM & CAM

Defenders / Defensive styles
Sentinel – increases defending and physical stats – position to use on – RB, LB & CB
Guardian – increases defending and dribbling stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB & LB
Gladiator – increases defending and shooting stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, CDM
Backbone – increases defending, physical and passing stats – position to use on – CDM & CB
Anchor – increases pace, defending and physical stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB
Shadow – increases pace and defending stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB

Goalkeeper styles
Wall – increases diving, handling and kicking stats
Shield – increases reflexes, speed and kicking stats
Cat – increases reflexes, speed and positioning stats
Glove – increases diving, handling and positioning stats

The chemistry styles that increase 2 different stats rather than 3 will go up between 1-3 points depending on the level of your overall team chemistry. The one’s with 3 such as Anchor and Backbone will go up a maximum of 2.

Use these FUT 15 chemistry style tipsto help make your players improve their performance for your ultimate teams.

For even more chemistry style tips including tips for styles of play and specific position styles, see our specialist FUT guide for FIFA 15 here.

73 Responses to Chemistry Styles

  1. ryan cutajar says:

    thanks for this ………..very helpfull ryan from canada!!

  2. Denis says:

    Agree, Very handy

  3. craig says:

    cheers this helped alot

  4. Yoloer says:

    Helpes a lot #yolo

  5. kijori fc says:

    how about RM and LM? hoping for ur response. tnx!

  6. Stefano says:

    Can I apply more than one chemistry style card so the player can have all green arrows?

  7. BremenBoyDarby says:

    I have a BPL All-Rare team with the following chemistry styles:
    GK: Begovic – Wall
    Defence: G. Johnson – Gladiator, Agger – Backbone, Ferdinand – Sentinel, Gibbs – Guardian
    DM’s: Essien – Powerhouse, Sandro – Architect
    Wingers: Valencia – Deadeye, Assaidi (might get an improvement) – Sniper
    AM: Dembele – Maestro
    ST: Benteke – Marksman
    Spot on about which chemistry styles will be the most expensive though.

  8. Jenzoo says:

    Pretty useful indeed, thanks!
    One thing though: according to the webapp Maestro is shooting (not heading), passing and dribbling.

  9. Harrison Dunn says:

    I thought this was a very handy website, cheers !

  10. Vincenzo says:

    If I want a cm to play more defensively what chem style should I use. Thanks

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Shadow would be a good option. However, it will be work rates that affect the more defensive approach of a CM so look for a high defensive work rate.

      Thanks for all your comments everyone. Keep it up.

  11. Patrick says:

    Thanks, very very useful information.

    Was dozing off in an office meeting when i found this article… Now im all hyped up!

  12. Ricky says:

    Is chemistry only important for your starting 11. Lets say i sub in TeveZ for giggs and giggs had 10chem bc my squad is BPl.

    Will he assume the same chemistry as giggs?

  13. nithin says:

    can we apply to chem cards on a single player ?

  14. Ian Turner says:

    Really useful site! I know I can’t apply more than one chemistry to a player. However, can I apply a new chemistry to a player and re-use the old style on a different player?

  15. Aaran says:

    Is it best to use the chemistry style on your players weakest points so they can improve or they’re strongest?

    • FIFA Expert says:

      We’d say it’s all down to individual preference. If you like to play the ball around and usually have above 55% possession we’d suggest applying passing and dribbling styles. If you like to play with pace on the counter, then applying pacey styles will aid this style of performance. Cater your chemistry styles to your style of play.

  16. yusuf says:

    hey there, i use my wingers to run down the wing and cross and sometimes cut in and shoot, what would you recommend is the best chemistry style for them. thanks

  17. Jar says:

    Is there any point in applying basic chemistry to one of your players ? Doesnt it come naturally with your player ? I am still at loss of what is the point of “Basic” style card. Please clarify

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Yes, there is a point in the basic chem style. IF you’re wanting a +1 across all the stats then use the basic chem style. Of course you’ll need the player to have 10 chemistry with his team mates to ensure a +1 on all items. Thanks for your question.

  18. Jar says:

    Thanks for the reply. So hat would be to convert someone with specialized chemistry (say from backbone) back to basic, I can use one of the Basic cards. Dang I have been selling those for cheap!

    Again that means a defender who is “basic” (all across 1 point) can be better than the one who is “backbone” . I always thought the spcialized skills/ chemistries are better!

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Chemistry styles are there to improve a players indivdual stats. Whether you improve similar ones across the whole squad to suit your style or whether you make the individual player stats more well rounded, is up to you.

  19. East Side Of That London says:

    This has been very helpful as I’ve just got my team together all black & english :D

    Now I’m gonna get my money up and apply these chemistries

    Ps . . Ba is a beast of a player!!

    • CrimsonBluberry says:

      I literally just transferred Ba, then went to this site to see which chem style I should apply to Biabiany. Should have tried him out first… Oh well, sold him for 12.5K, so happy endings anyway!

  20. ryan suffredini says:

    probably to much to ask but i have a celtic team and im wondering what the best chemistry style options are for the players

  21. Sufyan :D says:

    is it a good idea to apply the backbone chemistry style on the LB/RB?

  22. xakkis says:

    about 4-2-2-2 what do i have to do first

  23. foster Rhein says:

    Why the isn’t there a chemistry style that increase pace shooting and passing?

  24. Carl Hiorns says:

    Very handy

  25. Nick says:

    What’s he point of all this chemistry talk when in online FUT a team with 47% chemestry just destroys a hard thought searched and build 100% chemestry team with the same rating?

  26. kyle says:

    Thanks very helpful, helped a lot with my Brazilian team.

  27. Aedan says:

    Thanks. This is amazing!!!

    just 1 question, does the passing stat help crossing?

  28. Haz says:

    Ive seen players with plus 5-10 added to a player with a silver bar across the overall of the player. how do i get to do this?

  29. Haz says:

    Don’t worry found out

  30. thomas says:

    where is the artist card??

  31. dec says:

    when you apply a chemistry card,how long does it take to increase the players individual stats?

  32. bobo says:

    hey i have suuarez and aguero, i play 4-2-3-1and i have rooney as a substitute so both aguero and suarez can change position whether its cam or st as i have them both as cf so chemistry is full. I’m trying to figure out which style is better I’ve tried hawk hunter and thinking of finisher…. can’t find one that works well… any ideas?

  33. Phantom says:

    I want to know what is the difference between CM and CDM. Is there an effect if I assigned the player as CDM while he is CM?
    Because I noticed that CM can play as CDM, CM and CAM, so I thought CM is the best position for midfielder because he can play in 3 positions.
    Thanks in advance.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      CM is best if you’re experimenting, yes. If you have a set formation you love then obviously, pick the correct position or convert into the correct position.

  34. forzajuve says:

    best chemistry style for a 4-1-2-1

  35. Rodolfo Sanzana says:


    I`m starting with FUT on the PS4, can yo tell me WHERE can i buy a chemistry style…in the consumables it appears (shut down)…i need to apply a chemistry style in order to complete my tasks, but i don´t know where to find it..i have tried to buy cards but it does not come in there also… any idea?


  36. Carlos says:

    I’m playing a 3-4-1-2 formation
    Gk – hart
    Cb- jagielka. Cb – terry. Cb- Cahill
    Lm- sterling. Cm- wilshere. Cm- Barkley. Rm- Walcott
    Cam- lallana
    St- Rooney. St – sturridge

    I like to play on the counter and get the ball down the wings quickly just trying to work out chemistry for each player would appreciate abit of help what would u recommend?

  37. Youssef Hossam says:

    I have weidenfeller gk ,Rb:lahm,Cb:dante and hummels,LB:Alaba ‘CDM:Gundogan and javi martinez ,Rm:blaszkyowski ,CAM:Kroos,LM,Muller and striker humtelaar I want to play counterattacking which chemistry style do I apply on my players

    Thanks ,please reply as fast as you can ;)

  38. Aaron says:

    I still do not how understand how you get your chem rating up? Mines still 43 even after apuing the chem cards to the correct position

  39. Kurt Hallam says:

    if I have one player on sniper and the other 10 basic would that affect my chemistry?

  40. tony says:

    hi just a quick question, can i use the chemistry styles of say RW LW on RM LM ?thanks

  41. Arron says:

    I have tevez and no matter what formation I use, he stays on 3 chemistry do you have any advice please

  42. Javier says:

    What chem style recommended for rooney?

  43. Mert says:

    LB : Filipe Luis
    CBs: Vertonghen – Kompany
    RB : Zabaleta
    CMs : Mata – Di Maria
    CDM : Fellaini
    CAM : Rooney
    STs : Falcao – Van Persie

    which chemistry styles should I use on them ? thank you

  44. Kasomy82 says:

    Hey, why can’t I add chem to all players? I know I can but from this guide, It says to only add it to certain positions. But I may need some for a totally diffrent position is there a reason not to do that?

  45. Noah says:

    Hi, I have Ter Stegen in goal and I have the chemistry styles cat and glove, as he is already a shield I was wondering if you think I should use cat or glove on him or just stick with shield?

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