Chemistry Styles

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Tips and Guide
Use these FUT chemistry style tips to ensure you’re applying the best types of style to different types of player.

All players will start with this basic chemistry style attached to their card. This, basically, means that an overall increase is applied to your players stats presuming that you’re running decent overall team chemistry links.

Forwards /Attacking styles
Sniper – increases shooting and dribbling stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Finisher – increases shooting and physical stats – position to use on – ST
Deadeye – increases shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CAM, RW, LW, CF & ST
Marksman – increases shooting, dribbling and physical stats – position to use on – CAM, CF & ST
Hawk – increases pace, shooting and physical stats – position to use on – RW, LW & ST
Hunter – increases pace and shooting stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF

Midfield / Attacking & Defensive styles
Artist – increases dribbling and passing stats
Architect – increases physical and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Powerhouse – increases defending and passing stats – position to use on – CDM
Maestro – increases dribbling, shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Engine – increases pace, dribbling and passing stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Catalyst – increases pace and passing stats – position to use on – CDM, CM & CAM

Defenders / Defensive styles
Sentinel – increases defending and physical stats – position to use on – RB, LB & CB
Guardian – increases defending and dribbling stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB & LB
Gladiator – increases defending and shooting stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, CDM
Backbone – increases defending, physical and passing stats – position to use on – CDM & CB
Anchor – increases pace, defending and physical stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB
Shadow – increases pace and defending stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB

Goalkeeper styles
Wall – increases diving, handling and kicking stats
Shield – increases reflexes, speed and kicking stats
Cat – increases reflexes, speed and positioning stats
Glove – increases diving, handling and positioning stats

The chemistry styles that increase 2 different stats rather than 3 will go up between 1-3 points depending on the level of your overall team chemistry. The one’s with 3 such as Anchor and Backbone will go up a maximum of 2.

Use these FUT 15 chemistry style tipsto help make your players improve their performance for your ultimate teams.

For even more chemistry style tips including tips for styles of play and specific position styles, see our specialist FUT guide for FIFA 15 here.

343 Responses to Chemistry Styles

  1. IrishMUFC says:

    Hi what chemistry style should I put on IF Nicolas Gaitan (LW) ?

  2. Armaanpreet says:

    Plz FIFAEXPERT tell me which chemistry style to use for any LM or RM ?

  3. Shimmy says:

    What should I use on my David Silva?

  4. Paul says:

    What style schould I use for:
    James Rodriguez
    Im playing 4-1-2-1(2)

  5. lloyd says:

    Best Chem style for Suarez and SIF Müller? Both strike

  6. Jake says:

    What chem style should I use on Bale

  7. Miguel Angel Mancera says:

    I just got Casillas; he has the shield chemistry trait do you recommend me switching it Cat? Or is there another Chen trait that would better suit Casillas? Thanks mate.

  8. Lars says:

    Which chemistry style would be the best for sif Menez? I actuallty use him as a striker.

  9. Poop says:

    Best Chem style for Courtois?

  10. Mrtomotron says:

    Hi. Can u plz tell me which is best for the following: Diego Costa, Benzema, David Silva, Iniesta, Modric, Carlos Vela, Alaba, Javi Martinez, Pique and Dani Alves.

  11. Abdul says:

    What would u reccomend for normal rooney

  12. wayne rooney fan says:

    just packed normal wayne rooney I’m thinking of giving him a Hunter card and playing him in cf but what doe you think (also same for david silva)

  13. wolfio says:

    Hi. I massively lucked out in a pack and got 92 ibra. was thinking hunter as chem. any other suggestions? will play him as ST with cavani. txs

  14. Juan says:

    Hi Mr Expert firtst of all you have to excuse me for my English. Is not my first language. So I’m fifa 15 UT fanatic. I’m very loyal to my country. So my formation is the following 433/4 I have played the 352 for the longest time then I try many others but I chose this one finally so I’m trying to dicide what are the best chemistry stiles for my squat.

    Paul Aguilar ,Herrera, Mier and Hernandez
    JC Molina. Carlos Peña
    Brazuelos Zárate
    Raúl Jiménez
    This is what i consider the fastes MX Silver squat help please.

  15. Juan says:

    Hi fifa15 expert what chemisty stile you recommend for Raul Jimenez St

  16. Nathan harding says:

    If a basic card adds 1 point to each stat if you apply a chemistry card are you not taking from 4 stats and only increasing by 2?

  17. Hoodj says:

    Chem style for a cm 86 diego costa and st d sturridge?

  18. Ranesh says:

    Hi which chemistry style should I put on my Neuer?

  19. mo7sen says:

    hi . i need chemistry for
    Aguero . Costa . Rooney


  20. Tommy says:

    How do u make the players better as in worth more to make more money on FIFA 15 I’m seeing players at say a overall of 80 and some 82 etc how do u up them ?

  21. amr says:

    coul i increase any player speed :

  22. Clifford says:

    Best Chemistry style on Balotelli as striker

  23. Kamal says:

    which chemistry do I have to put for, Benzema, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Iniesta, Rakitic, and Sofiane Feghouli please put it in order as I did please.

  24. hugo says:

    I have a marksman chem style. Should I use it with Rakitic, Rodrigo, Paco Alcácer, Parejo, or Busquets?

  25. alex says:

    What chemistry style should I use for regular ST Higuain?

  26. Kamal says:

    Which chemistry style do I have to use for Ronaldo, Benzema, and NeYmar

  27. Barclays PL is the best says:

    Is hawk good for cuadrado? Thx

  28. bob says:

    i got 2 second inform sanchezs, one at RF and 1 at RM what should i put on them

  29. Juan says:

    Please help with Chemistry Stile for Gio dos Santos LM and Carlos Vela RM in a 253 formation.

  30. Juan says:

    Sorry also Oribe Peralta and chicharito St what would be a best Chemistry stile?

  31. Adam says:

    What is the best chem style for messi at striker?

  32. derek says:

    chemistry style for HAZARD at LW

  33. max says:

    chemistry style for di maria at cam and kompany at rb?

  34. jerry says:

    Chemistry style for di Maria at CAM Falcao at ST and kompany?

  35. aeather says:

    Hey, what would you recommend for Team of The Year Neuer, normal Messi (he’s playing striker with Neymar at left wing and Bale at right wing), normal Ronaldo at left mid, and team of the year Robben?

  36. Faisal Sabo says:

    sif muller and if. Lewandowski?

  37. Sonu says:

    Which chem shd i use on rvp, stuuridge,Rooney(cam) and all my cb

  38. aeather says:

    chemistry styles for:
    neymar at LW with messi at ST and Bale at RW
    Robben (TOTY) at RM, Ronaldo at LM, Kroos (TOTY) at CM
    Neuer (TOTY) at goalkeeper

  39. colton says:

    What chemistry card should be put on a sif benteke

  40. Kani Akrawi says:

    what does it mean when the chemistry style change color from green to white??

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