FIFA 17 Defending Tips

FIFA Expert’s FIFA 17 Defending Tips
This page will direct you where you want to be if you’ve come too improve your defending on FIFA 17. This is arguably the trickiest thing to get the hang of, even if you’re a veteran of the FIFA series so read on below if you want to read tips on: tackling, slide tackling, standing tackles, push and pull, jockeying, containing, heading, defending crosses and set pieces. Furthermore, there is also information on which are the best formations to use for improving defending as well as which custom tactics and style of play will be best to use to help you defend better on FIFA 17.


Use the links below to get more information and tips for each area of defending.

FIFA 17 Tips

Tackling Tips
Learn when to actually use the tackle mechanic.

Defending Against Skill Moves Tips
It’s tricky defending against people who can use skill moves effectively. We have tips on this for you.

Defending Crosses Tips
Tough to do, find out how to improve here.

Defensive Heading Tips
Lots of aerial duels to be won so make sure you get as good at this part of the game as you can.

Defending Corners Tips
Learn how to defend against the new set piece rewrite.

Formation Tips
What is the best defending formation?

Custom Tactics Tips
Choose the best defensive set-up, tactically.

Jockeying Tips
Jockey becomes more useful each year, make sure your read these tips.

These tips will definitely help you to improve this part of the game. However, if you really want our top tips to master defending and be able to keep clean sheets, then you will have to invest in our FIFA 17 GUIDES (The full defensive chapter list can be seen below).

FULL Defending Chapter List.

5. Defending Tips
– Key for diagrams in the guide
– Controller settings
– The best camera settings
– Tackling Standing tackles Slide tackles
– Heading
– Containing
– Jockeying
– Secondary contain
– Push and pull
– Defending from the front
– Defending with high pressure
– Defending deep (to counter teams using pace)
– Defending counter attacks
– Defending corners and crosses / Stopping crosses near the goal-line
– Free-kicks
– Saving penalties
– Defending the 1-2
– Defending lobbed through balls
– Defending vs quick attackers
– Defending around halfway
– Defending around your box
– Covering short free kicks
– Covering long free kicks
– Right stick switching
– Using your defenders body
– Applying fake pressure
– Mix up defending style to keep opponent guessing
– Using your goalkeeper effectively
– Making their goalkeeper play where you want
– How to man mark

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