Attacking Custom Tactics

Getting your custom tactics right for FIFA 17 is something that you definitely need to be able to do to get your team playing the way you want it and to win more games online.

There are 3 main areas for custom tactics and these includ: build-up play, chance creation and your defensive settings. You can set these sliders to whichever level you want depending how you want your team to play. You get to choose a number between 1-100 for numerous different items within the 3 categories we listed above.

For attacking play your main focus will be on the build-up play and the chance creation settings.

Build-up play lets you select settings such as speed, passing style and player positioning.

Chance creation lets you select settings such as passing, crossing, shooting and player positioning.

Defence lets you select items such as pressure, aggression, team width and organisation.

What this achieves is a higher degree of self-control over your team, really. If you want lots of players coming short to provide passing angles or you want your players to go longer, use these tactics tips to get your teams doing so.

We have a huge chapter of tips on custom tactics in our 154 page, FIFA 17 Tactical Guide which features the following content:

Custom Tactics
Section 1 – Build-up play
Section 2 – Chance creation
Section 3 – Defence

Examples of different slider settings for different styles of play
Balanced style
Attacking style
– Defensive style
Counter attack
Possession play
– Compact defence
– Direct play
– High pressure
– Ultra defensive / parking the bus!

Custom Tactics for different game modes

Player instructions

FIFA 17 Tactical Guide

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