360 degree shielding

Shielding and protecting the ball on FIFA 17 is done by holding L2/ LT. This is one of the new features that EA have introduced and, we’re not exactly sure how much of a different impact it will have, being completely honest with you. If you held down L2 / LT on FIFA 16 it was incredibly hard for the opposition to steal the ball as the AI would turn your the body of your attacker to put their body between the ball and the opposition.

360 degree shielding in FIFA 17

What we do believe, is that this feature will be an extremely powerful tool and is something you must get to grips with immediately when getting started on FIFA 17.

The two main ways to use this new feature will be:

1) When you hold down L2/LT your player will protect the ball and you can then move the left stick to keep control of the ball. You can even back into the defender (as you can see in the picture above).

2) You can also shield the ball when your players are receiving a pass. Holding the LT/L2 button when doing this will make your player protect the ball with his body whilst controlling it with the foot furthest away from the defender (something that is taught and coached at all levels of football). This will allow a lot more careful and methodical build up play, previously, you had to either be in space to receive the ball or flick the right analog stick to knock the ball into space.

This all leads to EA trying to make FIFA 17 a much slower and more patient style of gameplay, something we are keen on and as we say, you’ll need to learn how to do this effectively right from that release of FIFA 17.

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