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FIFA 17: news, tips, guides, tricks, secrets, tutorials, improvements, release dates information and much, much more all here for your reading pleasure. We’ll also bring you news of gameplay changes and any news we hear about game modes including FUT / Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Seasons and Co-op seasons for both online and offline options on all consoles and formats (PS3 & PS4, Xbox360 & Xboxone, PC, tablet and mobile devices).

With FIFA 17 being released in September 2016, we’re nearing the time when the very first details will start to be announced by EA Sports. They have just said that this years game will make a significant jump forwards, we do hope it’s not a lie like the goalkeepers having 2 years of research and work put into them was!!!


There will be three guides, each priced individually at (see below for price breakdown) with no shipping cost (PDF/ebook will be emailed out). Combine all the three guides for a special bundle price of £9.99, a saving of £2.98 (almost 25% on the original price of the guides combined!!). THERE’S MORE…. Place a pre-order up to 20th September, 2016 and you will get all 3 guides for a price of £8.49 (That’s a saving of 35% on what you’d be paying the week after!)

To place your pre-order your guides, simply click here and follow the instructions (no money will be needed until the week before release of the guides).

FIFA 17 Tips & Guides

Gameplay Guide – £4.99 – Hundreds of pages of the best attacking and defending tips for FIFA 17 (includes detailed button diagrams and visually designed graphics for each area of tips).

Tactical Guide – £3.99 – A breakdown of all the formations to use in the game, our very own custom formations (for Seasons game mode) and custom tactics tips (tactics to suit your team and your playing style for you to copy).

Game Modes Guide – £3.99 – A detailed breakdown of tips for all the major game modes including, FUT, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Seasons and Co-op.

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Please enjoy these pieces of FIFA 17 content and tips as we update you regularly throughout the coming months.

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  1. FIFA Expert says:

    First news that Thierry Henry might be coming to FIFA 17 as a legend!!