FIFA 16 Guest tips

Professional and competitive FIFA players are watched lots and obviously, know their stuff when it comes to this EA Sports game whether it be previous versions of the game such as FIFA 13, 14 & 15 or the next and soon to be current, FIFA 16.
We have been lucky enough to get some of these players (and kind gentlemen!) to provide you with some of their top tips to either get you started (if you’re a beginner) or get you to increase your win % (if you’re already a decent player).

These FIFA TIPS come from some of the best players in the world so be sure to take the time to read their tips. They have also contributed to several features and sections in all 3 of our PDF guides which you can buy from September
These are the players we have on board thus far. Enjoy and make sure you go follow their various links as this will only help you improve your game.





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