Chemistry Styles

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Tips and Guide
Use these FUT chemistry style tips to ensure you’re applying the best types of style to different types of player.

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All players will start with this basic chemistry style attached to their card. This, basically, means that an overall increase is applied to your players stats presuming that you’re running decent overall team chemistry links.

Forwards /Attacking styles
Sniper – increases shooting and dribbling stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Finisher – increases shooting and physical stats – position to use on – ST
Deadeye – increases shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CAM, RW, LW, CF & ST
Marksman – increases shooting, dribbling and physical stats – position to use on – CAM, CF & ST
Hawk – increases pace, shooting and physical stats – position to use on – RW, LW & ST
Hunter – increases pace and shooting stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF

Midfield / Attacking & Defensive styles
Artist – increases dribbling and passing stats
Architect – increases physical and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Powerhouse – increases defending and passing stats – position to use on – CDM
Maestro – increases dribbling, shooting and passing stats – position to use on – CM & CAM
Engine – increases pace, dribbling and passing stats – position to use on – RW, LW & CF
Catalyst – increases pace and passing stats – position to use on – CDM, CM & CAM

Defenders / Defensive styles
Sentinel – increases defending and physical stats – position to use on – RB, LB & CB
Guardian – increases defending and dribbling stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB & LB
Gladiator – increases defending and shooting stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, CDM
Backbone – increases defending, physical and passing stats – position to use on – CDM & CB
Anchor – increases pace, defending and physical stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB
Shadow – increases pace and defending stats – position to use on – RWB, LWB, RB, LB & CB

Goalkeeper styles
Wall – increases diving, handling and kicking stats
Shield – increases reflexes, speed and kicking stats
Cat – increases reflexes, speed and positioning stats
Glove – increases diving, handling and positioning stats

The chemistry styles that increase 2 different stats rather than 3 will go up between 1-3 points depending on the level of your overall team chemistry. The one’s with 3 such as Anchor and Backbone will go up a maximum of 2.

EA have made it even easier for you to fit Legends into your teams this year with the inclusion of Legends Chemistry. To explain, in very basic form, it basically strengthens the chemistry between them and today’s players which means that every player will match leagues with FUT Legends. This means that they will have an orange link with ALL players. Now you only need to pair up the nationality between a player and a legend to create the strong green link on the pitch.

So, to summarise if you are building a squad with all new Legend Giggs (who will be hard to pair up because he’s Welsh, he’ll have a medium connection with Willian but a strong connection with his fellow countryman, Gareth Bale. It doesn’t matter about the league, now.

Use these FUT 16 chemistry style tipsto help make your players improve their performance for your ultimate teams.

For even more chemistry style tips including tips for styles of play and specific position styles, see our unique guide for FIFA 16 with over 400 pages of tips and help, here

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783 Responses to Chemistry Styles

  1. ryan cutajar says:

    thanks for this ………..very helpfull ryan from canada!!

  2. Denis says:

    Agree, Very handy

  3. craig says:

    cheers this helped alot

  4. Yoloer says:

    Helpes a lot #yolo

  5. kijori fc says:

    how about RM and LM? hoping for ur response. tnx!

  6. Stefano says:

    Can I apply more than one chemistry style card so the player can have all green arrows?

  7. BremenBoyDarby says:

    I have a BPL All-Rare team with the following chemistry styles:
    GK: Begovic – Wall
    Defence: G. Johnson – Gladiator, Agger – Backbone, Ferdinand – Sentinel, Gibbs – Guardian
    DM’s: Essien – Powerhouse, Sandro – Architect
    Wingers: Valencia – Deadeye, Assaidi (might get an improvement) – Sniper
    AM: Dembele – Maestro
    ST: Benteke – Marksman
    Spot on about which chemistry styles will be the most expensive though.

  8. Jenzoo says:

    Pretty useful indeed, thanks!
    One thing though: according to the webapp Maestro is shooting (not heading), passing and dribbling.

  9. Harrison Dunn says:

    I thought this was a very handy website, cheers !

  10. Vincenzo says:

    If I want a cm to play more defensively what chem style should I use. Thanks

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Shadow would be a good option. However, it will be work rates that affect the more defensive approach of a CM so look for a high defensive work rate.

      Thanks for all your comments everyone. Keep it up.

  11. Patrick says:

    Thanks, very very useful information.

    Was dozing off in an office meeting when i found this article… Now im all hyped up!

  12. Ricky says:

    Is chemistry only important for your starting 11. Lets say i sub in TeveZ for giggs and giggs had 10chem bc my squad is BPl.

    Will he assume the same chemistry as giggs?

    • Sam says:

      I saw a youtube video comparing three versions of the same striker, one with 10 chemistry, one with 0 chemistry at the RB position and one at the RB position as a substitute. The test consisted of the striker running from the edge of the box from their half to the next half so it was basically a speed test. The test found that the ST with 10 chem ran the fastest with the substitute ST playing at the RB position finished pretty much at the same time with the 0 chem ST finishing a few meters behind, pretty much showing that individual chemistry seems to not make a difference for substitutes.

  13. nithin says:

    can we apply to chem cards on a single player ?

  14. Ian Turner says:

    Really useful site! I know I can’t apply more than one chemistry to a player. However, can I apply a new chemistry to a player and re-use the old style on a different player?

  15. Aaran says:

    Is it best to use the chemistry style on your players weakest points so they can improve or they’re strongest?

    • FIFA Expert says:

      We’d say it’s all down to individual preference. If you like to play the ball around and usually have above 55% possession we’d suggest applying passing and dribbling styles. If you like to play with pace on the counter, then applying pacey styles will aid this style of performance. Cater your chemistry styles to your style of play.

  16. yusuf says:

    hey there, i use my wingers to run down the wing and cross and sometimes cut in and shoot, what would you recommend is the best chemistry style for them. thanks

  17. Jar says:

    Is there any point in applying basic chemistry to one of your players ? Doesnt it come naturally with your player ? I am still at loss of what is the point of “Basic” style card. Please clarify

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Yes, there is a point in the basic chem style. IF you’re wanting a +1 across all the stats then use the basic chem style. Of course you’ll need the player to have 10 chemistry with his team mates to ensure a +1 on all items. Thanks for your question.

  18. Jar says:

    Thanks for the reply. So hat would be to convert someone with specialized chemistry (say from backbone) back to basic, I can use one of the Basic cards. Dang I have been selling those for cheap!

    Again that means a defender who is “basic” (all across 1 point) can be better than the one who is “backbone” . I always thought the spcialized skills/ chemistries are better!

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Chemistry styles are there to improve a players indivdual stats. Whether you improve similar ones across the whole squad to suit your style or whether you make the individual player stats more well rounded, is up to you.

  19. East Side Of That London says:

    This has been very helpful as I’ve just got my team together all black & english 😀

    Now I’m gonna get my money up and apply these chemistries

    Ps . . Ba is a beast of a player!!

    • CrimsonBluberry says:

      I literally just transferred Ba, then went to this site to see which chem style I should apply to Biabiany. Should have tried him out first… Oh well, sold him for 12.5K, so happy endings anyway!

  20. ryan suffredini says:

    probably to much to ask but i have a celtic team and im wondering what the best chemistry style options are for the players

  21. Sufyan :D says:

    is it a good idea to apply the backbone chemistry style on the LB/RB?

  22. xakkis says:

    about 4-2-2-2 what do i have to do first

  23. foster Rhein says:

    Why the isn’t there a chemistry style that increase pace shooting and passing?

  24. Carl Hiorns says:

    Very handy

  25. Nick says:

    What’s he point of all this chemistry talk when in online FUT a team with 47% chemestry just destroys a hard thought searched and build 100% chemestry team with the same rating?

  26. kyle says:

    Thanks very helpful, helped a lot with my Brazilian team.

  27. Aedan says:

    Thanks. This is amazing!!!

    just 1 question, does the passing stat help crossing?

  28. Haz says:

    Ive seen players with plus 5-10 added to a player with a silver bar across the overall of the player. how do i get to do this?

  29. Haz says:

    Don’t worry found out

  30. thomas says:

    where is the artist card??

  31. dec says:

    when you apply a chemistry card,how long does it take to increase the players individual stats?

  32. bobo says:

    hey i have suuarez and aguero, i play 4-2-3-1and i have rooney as a substitute so both aguero and suarez can change position whether its cam or st as i have them both as cf so chemistry is full. I’m trying to figure out which style is better I’ve tried hawk hunter and thinking of finisher…. can’t find one that works well… any ideas?

  33. Phantom says:

    I want to know what is the difference between CM and CDM. Is there an effect if I assigned the player as CDM while he is CM?
    Because I noticed that CM can play as CDM, CM and CAM, so I thought CM is the best position for midfielder because he can play in 3 positions.
    Thanks in advance.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      CM is best if you’re experimenting, yes. If you have a set formation you love then obviously, pick the correct position or convert into the correct position.

  34. forzajuve says:

    best chemistry style for a 4-1-2-1

  35. Rodolfo Sanzana says:


    I`m starting with FUT on the PS4, can yo tell me WHERE can i buy a chemistry style…in the consumables it appears (shut down)…i need to apply a chemistry style in order to complete my tasks, but i don´t know where to find it..i have tried to buy cards but it does not come in there also… any idea?


  36. Carlos says:

    I’m playing a 3-4-1-2 formation
    Gk – hart
    Cb- jagielka. Cb – terry. Cb- Cahill
    Lm- sterling. Cm- wilshere. Cm- Barkley. Rm- Walcott
    Cam- lallana
    St- Rooney. St – sturridge

    I like to play on the counter and get the ball down the wings quickly just trying to work out chemistry for each player would appreciate abit of help what would u recommend?

  37. Youssef Hossam says:

    I have weidenfeller gk ,Rb:lahm,Cb:dante and hummels,LB:Alaba ‘CDM:Gundogan and javi martinez ,Rm:blaszkyowski ,CAM:Kroos,LM,Muller and striker humtelaar I want to play counterattacking which chemistry style do I apply on my players

    Thanks ,please reply as fast as you can 😉

  38. Aaron says:

    I still do not how understand how you get your chem rating up? Mines still 43 even after apuing the chem cards to the correct position

  39. Kurt Hallam says:

    if I have one player on sniper and the other 10 basic would that affect my chemistry?

  40. tony says:

    hi just a quick question, can i use the chemistry styles of say RW LW on RM LM ?thanks

  41. Arron says:

    I have tevez and no matter what formation I use, he stays on 3 chemistry do you have any advice please

    • Joey says:

      Put people with the same country (Argentinian) and/or the same league (Serie A) into the spots that have links with him. Also, make sure he is in the correct position.

  42. Javier says:

    What chem style recommended for rooney?

  43. Mert says:

    LB : Filipe Luis
    CBs: Vertonghen – Kompany
    RB : Zabaleta
    CMs : Mata – Di Maria
    CDM : Fellaini
    CAM : Rooney
    STs : Falcao – Van Persie

    which chemistry styles should I use on them ? thank you

  44. Kasomy82 says:

    Hey, why can’t I add chem to all players? I know I can but from this guide, It says to only add it to certain positions. But I may need some for a totally diffrent position is there a reason not to do that?

  45. Noah says:

    Hi, I have Ter Stegen in goal and I have the chemistry styles cat and glove, as he is already a shield I was wondering if you think I should use cat or glove on him or just stick with shield?

  46. Ryanth2112 says:

    Best chemistry style in your opinion for falcao?
    I’m playing 3-4-3
    Gk – de gea
    DEF – Kompany , Cahill , kosclieny
    MID – LM hazard , RM Jesus navas , LW silva RW Sanchez , CM’s Ramsey & ferdandhio
    ST falcao.

  47. Liuhh says:

    Hi, just asking can I apply Engine on ST, LM, RM?

  48. Liuhh says:

    Just asking, I have Tim Krul as a goalkeeper. Should I apply cat or shield on him?

  49. AC says:

    FIFA Expert, I have Raúl García, who appears in the game as a RM, but his best stats are passing, dribbling and physical, I think it would fit best for him Architect and use him as a sub in a CM or CAM position, what do you think?

  50. mateen Khan says:

    how to bring GK in attack on IPAD during corner in FIFA 15 UT?
    and how to do one two move?

  51. Grant says:

    How does individual player chemistry affect your substitutes? Lets say for instance I bring on a RM to play in a CM position.

    Will the RM automatically take the individual player being replaced, in this case the CM’s chemistry? ie: if it was 10 the new player is also always 10? Or will there be a change based on how the new player would link up with the remaining squad around him?

    • Boom says:

      Very interesting question. I think it will change back to how the new player would link up. No one actually knows. But if you want to know how the new chemistry will affect the new player’s progress (based on its chemistry style), look here:-

    • devansh says:

      hi, the new player’s chemistry doesnt depend on the old players chemistry at all, it will depend on how well the player is related to the players around him. eg. if you place LM as ronaldo and have a CAM as kroos you will get full chemistry. chemistry affecting factors = country, club, nationality, leagues and postion.
      if you the similar configuration as above but if you place ronaldo as RM you will have less chemistry(like 8 or 9) because ronaldo’s pre dominant position is LM or LW.

    • dylan says:

      Bringing on subs doesn’t effect chemistry mate even if the player’s aren’t in there proper position.

  52. Alec says:

    What Chemistry style should I put on the goalkeerp for Chelsea, Courtois?

  53. Shafy12m says:

    I can’t find hunter?

  54. Logan says:

    What style should I use on Oscar

  55. hk23hritik says:

    what chem. style should i put on cb sergio ramos (Real Madrid)

  56. hk23hritik says:

    what chem. style should I put on sergio ramos cb (Real Madrid)

  57. walker says:

    what chem style for lewandowski, ramos, and gotze?
    Lewandowski came as a hawkeye, ramos is artist, and goats came as maestro

  58. Theta says:

    Loic Remy. Finisher or Hawkeye?

  59. blair says:

    Hello there lad , i was wondering what chemistry style would best suit Giovani dos santos? he is a striker and currently has engine on him , but his lack of pace sorta annoys me so i was thinking i would give him the hunter chemistry style. Thoughts?

  60. Mac says:

    Please help!! What chemistry style iteam should I put on van persie and Wayne Rooney, I’ve been looking forever now, thanks:)

  61. Eric Martinez says:

    How can my players overall increase? What do I need to do. In ultimate team

  62. joe says:

    I play ozil in a ST position, on the ball he is phenomenal but really lacks the pace off the ball, I currently have hawk on him, is there a chemistry style that would be better for pace?

  63. LFCSturridge1515 says:

    What chemistry styles would you use on a LF or RF, and if you apply a postition changer on a player does that effect what chemistry style you should choose for that player??

  64. Filip says:

    How do the chem style effect on the players?
    If I have Hunter on Agüero, does his basestats change? Pace 88 > 91 and shooting 86>89?
    Sry for my poor english 😛

  65. thomas says:

    Hey just wondering what the best chemistry style for inform Aubameyang was. Cheers 🙂

  66. Giovanni Martinez says:

    Do position changes affect players at all, I’m thinking of changing James Rodriguez from CAM to CM, also what chemistry style works best with him?

  67. fifa fifteen says:

    I have a 4231 squad gk courtois Lb felipe luis cbs cahill and terry rb ivanovic cdms matic and fabregas cam if oscar Lm hazard rm willian st diego costa what chemistry style do you recommend for each. Thank You.

  68. Nevil says:

    What chemistry style should I put on Neymer?
    And for Bale?

  69. ez says:

    What do you recommend for palacio,?

  70. Martinsen says:

    I realy ned to know what chemistry style i should put on 95 rb Lahm and 82 Alaba.please!

  71. Boateng says:

    Yo thanks for this website helped a lot, I was just wondering what chemistry style should I put on boateng?

  72. Danny says:

    What should i put on coutihno? And what happens when i use a maestro and an engine on one player?

  73. Ali hasan says:

    Hi i am using a 4-5-1 with 2 cams.My team is as follows
    St- Tevez
    Left Cam- mertens
    Right cam- callejon
    Cm- pogba
    Lm- Sherawy
    Rm- cuadrado
    What chemistry style should i get on each of these players
    plus what is good for cavani, lucas, lavezzi, mouthino and cabaye

  74. Fifa gamer says:

    which chemistry should i put for de gea, david silva , muller

  75. Luke says:

    What chem style should i put on a striker partnership consisting of 83 Sturridge and 82 Balotelli ? thanks

  76. Bushwick FC says:

    What would you advise for Falcao?
    I was thinking hunter for counter attacks

  77. Rubenr30 says:

    hey, what chemestry styles would you guys recommend on this team:

    zabaleta rb koscielny cb kompany cb filipe luis lb
    toure cm santi cazorla SIF cm
    di maria cam
    willian rw costa st hazard lw

  78. Carlo says:

    Hi, i play a 4-3-3 (4) formation and upfront i have Neymar, Suarez and Bale. Which chem styles should i use on them? I’m no crosser, mostly i just use combinations to attack.

  79. Pyrozone says:

    I have TOTY Kroos and he’s rlly good except that he’s rlly slow so what chemistry style do you recommend for him?

  80. Hinay says:

    What would be the best chemistry style for my aguero? He seems to be slacking with hawk on

  81. razvan says:

    How chemistry I should use at Alaba ? It say’s it have 3 chemistry and I don’t know how to make big. Please help me

  82. CR2411 says:

    Which one should I use for Robin Van Persie in FIFA 15? He has 90 shooting, 74 Pace and 68 Physical
    Finisher or Hawk ?

  83. Hunter says:

    What would be the best chem styles for Eduardo Vargas and Welbeck? I put Deadeye for both of them.

  84. Ravi says:

    Which chemistry style should i use on Leno: wall or cat?

  85. Jovino Recendez says:

    I need a lot of help

    David Silva (Spain LF) –
    Jesus Navas (Spain RF)-
    Cesc Fabregas (Spain CM)-
    Diego Costa (Spain CM)-
    Xavi (Spain CM)-
    Thanks 🙂

  86. Junaid says:

    please tell me the best chemistry styles for steven jovetic, edin dzeko , juan mata, nasri ,markovic,fellaini, baines , laurent koscielny 🙂

  87. Liam says:

    What chemistry style should I use on Paulinho

  88. Liam says:

    What chemistry style should I use on Diego costa 41212 with sturige strike partner

  89. Fifa Squadddd says:

    What chemistry style should i use for my offense: Reus (LW) Lewandowski (ST) Robben (RW). I would really appreciate it if someone could help 😀

  90. Eden Mccall says:

    so if i have a finisher chemistry style on diego costa will the rest of his stats be affected at all (pace dribbling etc)

  91. Nauman says:

    Hi.. I have a bpl team and I was wondering what would go will my CAM Mesut Özil??? Place reply soon

  92. Andy says:

    what would be the best chemistry style for robben? i have him at 7 chem at striker and currently have engine on him. that +1 to pace,dribbling and passing is real nice but his shot may be off? i rly like high dribbling and pace but sometimes he doesnt finish. would hunter or sniper be more suitable? ty

  93. Haychdee says:

    Hi, thanks this was really helpful but What do these chemistry styles do? Do they increase the players stats or just make them better? If they increase stats then what stats do they increase and by how much?

  94. Haychdee says:

    Also on some chemistry cards there are 2 green arrows and on some there are 3 green arrows what does that mean? And for some cards there are white arrows what do they mean too?
    Thanks, sorry for asking soo many questions but i am really unsure and ill really appreciate it if you reply.

  95. IrishMUFC says:

    Hi what would you recommend for Enzo Perez? (CM)

  96. Chelseafan101 says:

    What chemistry styles for wings Hazard and Cuadrado on the wings and also TOTY Di maria at cam

  97. Andy says:

    thx but if i may ask, in what way would hawk be better than hunter or engine or even finisher on 7 chem robben? im rich so money isnt an issue lol

  98. chetan vanker says:

    hi i got augero rooney hazard maria yaya toure sanchez kompany clicy zabaleta and cahil and courtois. what would be the best chemistry styles for them all?

  99. Moheb says:

    What would be for kroos as a striker I used hawk is it right???he is not playing good as he did as a cm,too slow
    And what does chemistry style actually do???

  100. Hans says:

    What do you think i should use for Kompany, Koscielny, & Zabaleta ?

  101. Alvin Cunningham says:

    Hi FIFA Expert, what will you recommend for toty Kroos (LCM) , sif Isco (CAM) and sif Rakitic (RCM) ?

  102. alejanddro says:

    if i was to put one on for all my team and these are the players who would you recommend for what. Bravo, Pique, Masherano, Juanfran, Sergio Busquets, Xiavi or Rakitic, Isco, Griezman, Hernandez (aka chicharito), ,Mandzukic

  103. Chris says:

    Say you got a player with 5 or 7 in chemistry and the chemistry style only have 2 and 1 point of the style, will it be better to go basic or does chemistry style still give good/positive effect?

  104. Andy says:

    Just recently packed SIF aubameyang!! so hyped!! what would be the best chem style for him? Sniper? TY

  105. Arshan says:

    Hi fifa expert. What chemistry style is the best for at takers, mids, defenders and keepers.

  106. Suryansh Singh says:

    What do you suggest for Schurrle,Walcott,Clichy and Debuchy

  107. Carl says:

    Hi. What card would you recommend for st rooney? I have tevez with a hunter and he’s insane. Think rooney needs a boost of pace.? Thanks in advance

  108. Rey says:

    I packed a Courtois, and I want to know what the best chemistry style would be best for him, Thanks.

  109. ISukat FIFA says:

    I’m struggling with the whole chem style thing and don’t have the hours to put into the game anymore. Could you recommend chem styles for the following players?

    Legend Neville
    Alexis Sanchez
    YA YA Toure
    Legend lineker

    Would be much appriciated

  110. Chemistry Style Noob says:

    If possible fifa expert, could you tell me the best chemistry styles for 1.Leno 2.Piszcek 3.Boateng 4.Benatia 5.Ricardo Rodriguez 6.Lahm 7.Gundogan 8.Gotze 9.Schurrle 10.Lewandowski 11.Reus. Thanks

  111. Mason says:

    I recently bought Neymar, Messi and Bale. What is the best chemistry style for these players?

  112. Alex says:

    IF caceres
    James Rodrigues

    Thanks Fifaexpert

  113. IrishMUFC says:

    Hi which chemistry style should I put on Iturbe (RW) ?

  114. Jeffor says:

    What world be the best chem style for sif lacazette?

  115. FUT beast says:

    What about v.Persie?

  116. Rahul says:

    Boateng 86
    Götze 86
    What would be the best chemistry style for them?

  117. Simon says:

    Packed 99 Ronald’s still have him what should I do

  118. Sam says:

    What do I use of filipe luis, di maria, yaya toure and alexis sanchez?

  119. Rizwan says:

    These chemistry styles are permanent or only for 1 match? Pls reply.

  120. Dan says:

    Hi….what chemistry style should i use on neuer ? Which one is the best ?

  121. K Huang says:

    What do u recommend for 84 Pogba

  122. John says:

    I just got Vidal what should i put on him?

  123. K23 says:

    Is this like training cards meaning does it go away after a match? Also, can you apply more than one to a single player?

  124. BIG D says:

    Can you use midfielder style’s on defenders or any other combo of chem style? ??

  125. Max says:

    What would you suggest on tevez and gervinho?

  126. Rhydian says:

    Hi, I just got morco rues as a LF in a ST position, what would you recomend as the chemistry style for him? Thanks!

  127. joe says:

    Hey what chemistry style would be good for Neymar Jr. he is a LW

  128. isaac cargile says:

    I just got Tevez what chemistry style should I put on him?

  129. Daryl Caruana says:

    what chemistry style would you recommend for Suarez & Benzema?

  130. Harry says:

    Can i use maestro and hawk for all LM,CM,ST,RM, CAM in my 3412 squad?
    What should i use for Neuer, Degea,Courtois,Joe Hart, Bravo and Ruffier?

  131. Hasnat says:

    Hey Fifa Expert. My team is all liga BBVA, except for Zlatan who is from ligue 1, which makes my chemistry go to 90, so what chemistry style should i put on him to make my chemistry higher.

  132. Hasnat Zaheer says:

    Just packed Zlatan, which chemistry style is good for his type

  133. nicklas says:

    Hi fifa expert, best chem style for non if thierry henry

  134. bing says:

    does your player get worse in the other things if you use chemistry styles?

  135. joe says:

    Hi I’m about to build a hybrid squad, I have 100 team chemistry but my CAM and CDM only have 7 individual chemistry, would this affect my players?

  136. TheNeonEnergy says:

    What Chen style for sturridge in strike and schurrle LF and William RF?

  137. Daniel says:

    Hi FIFA Expert. Just want to know what chemistry style would you recommend giving a GK. Thanks

  138. Simon says:

    I Just bought Koke, Mandzukic, Godin, and goalkeeper Oblak all from Atletico Madrid what chemistry styles should I use?

  139. Andy says:

    Hi expert…Which chemistry style is the best for Marco reus ? Thanks

  140. Taylor says:

    What would you recommend for Gervinho (LW) Doumbia (ST) Ibarbo (RW)
    and 84 Handanovic (GK)

  141. Emilio G says:

    Hey fifa Expert, what chemistry style should I use on TIF David Silva LW

  142. Staboi Hills says:

    What will you recommend for sam (LW) German.

  143. Sacha says:

    I got messi as my striker, what ahoukd I out for him? thanks !

  144. joseph says:

    hey, is it okay if i use a Forward chemistry style on a Central midfielder? will it screw up the player?

  145. Buğra yaman says:

    What do you recommend on suárez in cam position?

  146. Derek says:

    What should i use for edison cavani and weasly sjnieder

  147. Harry says:

    what do u recommend on 2if lacazette

  148. James brown says:

    What would you recommend for Wayne roony

  149. Matthew says:

    What’s the best style for Willian RM,

  150. Armaanpreet says:

    Which chemistry style should I use for any LM or RM ?? and I also want to know what happens to my earlier chemistry style if I apply new chemistry style on a player who already has one ??

  151. IrishMUFC says:

    Hi what chemistry style should I put on IF Nicolas Gaitan (LW) ?

  152. Armaanpreet says:

    Plz FIFAEXPERT tell me which chemistry style to use for any LM or RM ?

  153. Shimmy says:

    What should I use on my David Silva?

  154. Paul says:

    What style schould I use for:
    James Rodriguez
    Im playing 4-1-2-1(2)

  155. lloyd says:

    Best Chem style for Suarez and SIF Müller? Both strike

  156. Jake says:

    What chem style should I use on Bale

  157. Miguel Angel Mancera says:

    I just got Casillas; he has the shield chemistry trait do you recommend me switching it Cat? Or is there another Chen trait that would better suit Casillas? Thanks mate.

  158. Lars says:

    Which chemistry style would be the best for sif Menez? I actuallty use him as a striker.

  159. Poop says:

    Best Chem style for Courtois?

  160. Mrtomotron says:

    Hi. Can u plz tell me which is best for the following: Diego Costa, Benzema, David Silva, Iniesta, Modric, Carlos Vela, Alaba, Javi Martinez, Pique and Dani Alves.

  161. Abdul says:

    What would u reccomend for normal rooney

  162. wayne rooney fan says:

    just packed normal wayne rooney I’m thinking of giving him a Hunter card and playing him in cf but what doe you think (also same for david silva)

  163. wolfio says:

    Hi. I massively lucked out in a pack and got 92 ibra. was thinking hunter as chem. any other suggestions? will play him as ST with cavani. txs

  164. Juan says:

    Hi Mr Expert firtst of all you have to excuse me for my English. Is not my first language. So I’m fifa 15 UT fanatic. I’m very loyal to my country. So my formation is the following 433/4 I have played the 352 for the longest time then I try many others but I chose this one finally so I’m trying to dicide what are the best chemistry stiles for my squat.

    Paul Aguilar ,Herrera, Mier and Hernandez
    JC Molina. Carlos Peña
    Brazuelos Zárate
    Raúl Jiménez
    This is what i consider the fastes MX Silver squat help please.

  165. Juan says:

    Hi fifa15 expert what chemisty stile you recommend for Raul Jimenez St

  166. Nathan harding says:

    If a basic card adds 1 point to each stat if you apply a chemistry card are you not taking from 4 stats and only increasing by 2?

  167. Hoodj says:

    Chem style for a cm 86 diego costa and st d sturridge?

  168. Ranesh says:

    Hi which chemistry style should I put on my Neuer?

  169. mo7sen says:

    hi . i need chemistry for
    Aguero . Costa . Rooney


  170. Tommy says:

    How do u make the players better as in worth more to make more money on FIFA 15 I’m seeing players at say a overall of 80 and some 82 etc how do u up them ?

  171. amr says:

    coul i increase any player speed :

  172. Clifford says:

    Best Chemistry style on Balotelli as striker

  173. Kamal says:

    which chemistry do I have to put for, Benzema, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Iniesta, Rakitic, and Sofiane Feghouli please put it in order as I did please.

  174. hugo says:

    I have a marksman chem style. Should I use it with Rakitic, Rodrigo, Paco Alcácer, Parejo, or Busquets?

  175. alex says:

    What chemistry style should I use for regular ST Higuain?

  176. Kamal says:

    Which chemistry style do I have to use for Ronaldo, Benzema, and NeYmar

  177. Barclays PL is the best says:

    Is hawk good for cuadrado? Thx

  178. bob says:

    i got 2 second inform sanchezs, one at RF and 1 at RM what should i put on them

  179. Juan says:

    Please help with Chemistry Stile for Gio dos Santos LM and Carlos Vela RM in a 253 formation.

  180. Juan says:

    Sorry also Oribe Peralta and chicharito St what would be a best Chemistry stile?

  181. Adam says:

    What is the best chem style for messi at striker?

  182. derek says:

    chemistry style for HAZARD at LW

  183. max says:

    chemistry style for di maria at cam and kompany at rb?

  184. jerry says:

    Chemistry style for di Maria at CAM Falcao at ST and kompany?

  185. aeather says:

    Hey, what would you recommend for Team of The Year Neuer, normal Messi (he’s playing striker with Neymar at left wing and Bale at right wing), normal Ronaldo at left mid, and team of the year Robben?

  186. Faisal Sabo says:

    sif muller and if. Lewandowski?

  187. Sonu says:

    Which chem shd i use on rvp, stuuridge,Rooney(cam) and all my cb

  188. aeather says:

    chemistry styles for:
    neymar at LW with messi at ST and Bale at RW
    Robben (TOTY) at RM, Ronaldo at LM, Kroos (TOTY) at CM
    Neuer (TOTY) at goalkeeper

  189. colton says:

    What chemistry card should be put on a sif benteke

  190. Kani Akrawi says:

    what does it mean when the chemistry style change color from green to white??

  191. Liam says:

    What chemistry style should I use on di Maria CM In a 41212(2)

  192. Ethan says:

    Which chem style for SIF 85 rakitic at CM?

  193. Chetan says:

    best chemistry style on Ramos. Please help

  194. Speedster says:

    Hi just packed normal tevez ,alexis sachez and juan cuadrado I need a lot of help I have for sanchez engine tevez I am not that sure and cuadrado I don’t want do ruin his brilliant card.

  195. moazzam says:

    hello can you plz tell me the best chemistry style for Sergio Busquest (CDM)

  196. Fer says:

    What would be the best chemistry style for IF 85 Terry and Hazard?

  197. John says:

    What Chem Style should I use on Tevez?

  198. Jason Church says:

    Which chemistry style for courtois?

  199. Taz says:

    What is the best chemistry for


  200. Juan N says:

    Pleas help with chemistry stile for Carlos Vela RM ?

  201. Toufik Hossain says:

    Is the chemistry style something like it will increase my chemistry ?
    One more question is there any way i can have 11 players from different teams with 100 chemistry ?? Pls reply

  202. laurent says:

    Hi, what is the best chemistry for robben tif (in st position) reus (in st position) and muller sif (cam)?

  203. Speedster says:

    I have actually packe 4th if Ronaldo what chem style should I put on him?

  204. vvrujr says:

    could u pls tell me what’s the best chem style for gary cahill

  205. Speedster says:

    Now I’ve done 3 comments on this websites and nearly got instant replies excellent
    I’m loving it and thx but I’m wondering what would bee the best chem style for juan cuadrado

  206. kim m says:

    Which Chem styles should i use for
    1.inform mertens as left forward
    2.inform candreva as right forward
    3.inform nainggolan as cm
    4.inform hernanes as cm
    5.pogba as cm
    6.tevez as striker

    Playing 4321

  207. Joost says:

    what is the best chemistry style for De Gea, Ramos, Javi martinez, Piqué, Jesus Navas, Iniesta, Xavi, David Silva, Mata, Diego Costa and Negredo?

  208. Jon says:

    What is the best chemistry style for Roman Weidenfeller??

  209. Bundesbuilder says:

    If I put a LM as CM, would a chemistry style for LM or CM be the best?

  210. Ravnil Singh says:

    What chem style I use for resus

  211. Ravnil Singh says:

    Chemestry style for terry please

  212. yolo_toure says:

    Hi I’ve got IF ST Walcott and I put hunter on him, will that now effectively give him 99 pace and will it increase his 88 finishing?

  213. michaelolrod says:

    What chemistry for fabregas cm 90 tots, and matic 88 cm 88 cm tots please

  214. Sukinkumar says:

    How do I change the chemistry of a player from basic?

  215. Sukinkumar says:

    What style should I put on them
    1.Diego alves
    2.David luiz
    4.Dani alves
    6.Oscar in cam
    8.luiz Gustavo
    9.Neymar in LM
    10.willian in RM
    11.Hulk in St

  216. lecia howard says:

    what is the best chemistry style for an in form theo walcott

  217. Robbio says:

    Hi! What styles would you recommend for Isco-cam, Rodriguez-cam & Modric-cm?

  218. Kean says:

    Hello, What would be the best chemistry style for 84 Lacazette?

  219. Bobby says:

    What chem style for ander Herrera

  220. Robbio says:

    Thanks for your previous reply. The best style for alexi sanchez at RW?

  221. Caleb says:

    What should I use on Ibra and Lacazette?

  222. badboylw says:

    Hey there,

    Can you let me know which is the best chem style for Ricardo Quaresma, David Luiz and Miranda?

    Thanks in advance…

  223. badboylw says:

    Just to share, I recommend Falcao as Finisher xD

  224. HashtagGamerz says:

    Hi, what is the best chemistry style for:
    1) Leno (GK)
    2) Reus (LF playing ST)
    3) Aubameyang (RF playing ST)
    4) Götze (CAM)
    5) De Bruyne (CAM)
    6) Schweinsteiger (CDM/CM)
    7) Lahm (CDM)
    8) Bernat (LB)
    9) Boetang (CB)
    10) Sokratis (CB)
    11) Piszczek (RB)

  225. Glennnn says:

    Hello, I have these players in my starting 11 and I have done what I have read on the chemistry styles to the players I think it will help my team and I was hoping you can help me if I have it right or if it needs to be changed to a different chemistry style if that’s okay? Thank you 🙂

    GK: De Gea – Cat
    LB: Gibbs – Sentinel
    CB: Smalling – Gladiator
    CB: Jones – Anchor
    RB: Rafael – Backbone
    LM: Nasri “sub” Young – not sure to to give them LOL
    CM: Fellaini – None
    CM: Blind – Anchor “sub” Juan Mata – None
    RM: Walcott – Architect
    ST: Rémy – Deadeye
    ST: Defoe – Marksman

    Hope it’s okay not a lot to read and type back for you

  226. Josh says:

    How come you can buy some players with certain chemistry styles by default, but they’re stats are the exact same as a basic player card? These players are always an architect for example, but they’re stats aren’t increased despite they’re chemistry style. Please explain

    • FIFA Expert says:

      People apply the cards to the player and then sell them, the base stats always appear the same but if you press right and right analog then you can see which stats are increased.

  227. James says:

    How do I remove a chemistry style from a player?

  228. Fede says:

    Which ones for: neuer, martinez, benatia, boateng, lahm, ribery, schweinsteiger, robben, Alonso, gotze, lewandoski? Thanks

  229. Tipsy-Turtle says:

    What is the best chem style for higuain? P.S if some of the arrows are white instead of green before applying a chem style card does that mean there stats will go up 1 less for those stats?

  230. Abin Joseph says:

    I played Neymar as LF which one is the suitable chemistry style for him…. plz replay

  231. Tipsy-Turtle says:

    What are the best chemistry styles for these players?
    TOTS verratti

  232. Oskar says:

    I am buying tots jonathan soriano, who has some insane stats such as 99 finishing and positioning and 98 heading accuracy. Will a chemistry style such as sniper be able to improve these stats?

  233. Adrian says:

    What’s the best chemistry style for Purple Pantilimon and why? Thanks!

  234. David says:

    Hi, i’m having some issues with TOTS Muller and MOTM Ozil in a 4312 formation with Aguero upfront, what chemistries to use??

  235. Berkay says:

    I have Bolasie TOTS which chemistry to use ?

  236. Sean says:

    GK Cech Glove
    LB Clichy Anchor
    CB Koscielny Anchor
    CB Cahill Anchor
    RB Walker Anchor
    CM Ramires Anchor
    CM Fernandinho Anchor
    CAM Di Maria Hunter
    RW Walcott Hawk
    LW Schürrle Hawk
    ST Sturridge Hunter

    Is it okay like that or should I change something? TIA

    • Sean says:

      CM Ramires Anchor changed to Gladiator
      CM Fernandinho Anchor changed to Gladiator

      Not sure about Di Maria maybe Engine is the better Chemistry.

      I actually test out different formations so I also have Cazorla LM Engine and Mirallas RM Engine and Fellaini CDM Powerhouse.

      What do you think?

  237. NoWomanNoCry says:

    Hi i’ve just completed my bundesliga and now i need to add chems styles. The formation is 4-5-1:

    Gk – Neuer
    Lb – Alaba
    Cb – Boateng
    Cb – Hummels
    Rb – Piszczek
    Lm – Reus
    Cm – Gotze
    Cm – Lahm
    Cm – Gundogan
    Rm – Robben
    St – Lewandowski

    Hope you can help me. Thanks 😉

  238. Kamal says:

    Which chemistry style did you use for I met Casillas in formation 433(2)

  239. Joost says:

    Hello, I have these players in my starting 11 and I have done what I have read on the chemistry styles to the players I think it will help my team and I was hoping you can help me if I have it right or if it needs to be changed to a different chemistry style if that’s okay? Thank you. I am playing a 4-2-3-1 by the way
    GK-De Gea-Cat
    CAM-Di Mari-Architect

    Thanks in advance

  240. Jarra says:

    Is engine a good for for LM Reus?

  241. Rob says:

    Wat about St suarez

  242. Daniel says:

    hello, which chemistry style would you recommend to put on TOTS James Rodriguez?

  243. Abrar says:

    Hey whats the best chemistry style for 87 ST Agüerez? Thanks.

  244. Peter Griffin says:

    What should I use for Neuer

  245. Mikko says:

    what about these
    1 cavani
    2 lavezzi
    3 lucas
    4 iniesta
    5 isco
    6 özil
    7 marcelo
    8 silva
    9 luiz
    10 alves

  246. Vangelis says:

    hi which is the best chem style for inform goalkeepers?
    Cat or glove? In other words cat vs glove. which one is better?

  247. Trajce says:

    Chemistry style for Boateng CB

  248. Ajay says:

    Hi. Which chemistry style would you recommend for Marcelo at LB? I’m playing him next to Miranda w/Shadow.

  249. CJ says:

    Hi, can I get some help please?
    Formation: 4-3-2-1
    1. ST: Lewandowski
    2. LF: Schurrle
    3. RF: Muller
    4. CM: Schweinsteiger
    5. CM: Lahm
    6. CM: Gundogan

    Which chemistry style suits these players best?
    Thanks 🙂

  250. LFCSturridge1515 says:

    What chemistry styles should I add to each of my Liverpool players in my team..
    Formation 4-1-2-1-2(2)

  251. umair says:

    sir plx tell me how i assingn itms ….

  252. RMA says:

    Hey which chem for bale? Thx in advance

  253. jack stokes says:

    what chemistry style should i put on nif ronaldo to make his finishing better? He misses everything for me.

  254. Raul says:

    hello , what chemestry styles should i use for this legends (formation is 4-1-2-1-2):
    Brian Laudrup (left ST) chem style = …. ?
    Gheorghe Hagi (right ST) chem style =…..?
    Michael Laudrup (CAM) chem style = ….. ?

  255. Ajay says:

    Hey. Any recommendations for TOTS Payet?

  256. roy says:

    Hey which chem style for van persie

  257. Harsh Bavishi says:

    Please tell me which is the best chemistry for Sergio Bequests and Iniesta

  258. Hesham says:

    Which chem style for huntelaar?

  259. jorge says:


    what chem do you recomend for TOTS Icardi?

    thank you

  260. Aas says:

    What is the best chemistry for fahramann tots ?

  261. MO says:

    Can any one help me ??? my players got too slow and its stamina is always 99

  262. jd says:

    Chemistry style for TOTS Herrmann?

  263. MrEzWilder says:

    Hi, I need a recommendation for TOTY Kane (ST) rn I have him equipped with hunter

  264. Patrick says:

    Wich chemistry style for casillas

  265. Jlow says:

    Can u please tell me what I should use for Kompany,Thiago Silva, Alaba,zabaleta,schweinsteiger,David silva,Sanchez,Tevez Neymar and Roony,


  266. Deepak Chandran says:

    Can you please suggest good chemistry for Kevin De Bruyne (in form)?. My version of him is CAM.

  267. Juan says:

    Sorry I’m sure you get these question a lot. How do you know what basic chemistry to apply.

  268. Juan says:

    What chemistry stile for a Rm. and LM please

  269. Sizco says:

    Can you add more than 1 chemistry ?

  270. Metruriel says:

    Hey dude. What do you think’s the best chemistry style for Rakitic MC ?


  271. Lindsay Palmer says:

    Yo. Which Chem for Ahmed Musa and Obafemi Martins?

  272. Tim says:

    Which chem should I put for lewandowski?

  273. Samer says:

    I have a question about those attributes. I added dead eye to Salah, but when I look at this shooting and passing they’re the same just like any other basic Salah. Do the attributes only work for one match?

    Same thing for my GK, the diving went up for one game and after that, it went to normal.

  274. Sean says:

    I use Remy with Finisher chemistry style. Should I use a different chemistry style on him? TIA

  275. Erick says:

    What chem style for GK Victor Valdes, CB John Terry, and RM Juan Mata ?

  276. Grey says:

    What Chem Style for:
    Aubamayang ST
    Muller ST
    Vidal CAM

  277. Sean says:

    Anyone know where to see full player attributes, tendencies, special traits, etc., for FUT Legends?

  278. Daniel says:

    Hey i use modric with maestro, you think it will be better if i use engine instead also i have a cam isco i was thinking of meastro or hawk.

  279. C.J says:

    What chem style for CAM koke?

    And what chem style for konoplyanka playing at LM?

  280. jan doedel says:

    What chem style for depay?

  281. Rollins says:

    What chemistry style to put on ekici?

  282. Tim says:

    What chemistry should I put for my goalie Tim Howard. I put him on cat, should I change?

  283. Noah Logan says:

    hi fifa expet, can you please advise which chemistry to use on this lineup: (french league, formation 4-1-2-1-2 (2)):

    GK Anthony lopes
    RB Aurier
    CB M’Biwa, Umtiti
    LB Coentrao
    CDM Tolisso
    CAM Boufal
    RM Lucas
    LM Ntep
    ST Beauvue, Fekir

    Thanks in advance!!

  284. Raunaq says:

    Hey i play Lacazette and Griezmann up front with Di Maria in behind in a 4-3-1-2, which chem styles would you recommend? I currently use Marksman, Catalyst n Deadeye respectively but after a few matches, theyve become a bit inconsistent/ineffective

  285. Silver says:

    What should I put for Chem for dybala morata at st pereyra at cam insigne jose callejon and jese at cm? Running a 4-3-1-2 formation

  286. joao says:

    Lukaku, mane, fernandinho and ramires plz

  287. Chris says:

    Marco Reus (LW) and Arturo Vidal (CM)

  288. Brad says:

    Just wanted to know how much of a buff the chem styles give. If i have a player with 79 def and i make him a guardian what would it make him play asif he had 85 def or less?

  289. ... says:

    what chem styles for this team: playing 4-3-3

    De Gea
    Kroose (CDM)
    James (CM)
    Isco (CM)

  290. Jessy says:

    What Chemistry style should I use for
    Nolito -LCM
    Vitolo RCM

  291. Kieran says:

    Best chemistry styles for theses players please:

    Diego Costa
    thiago (Bayern)
    Douglas Costa
    Dani alves
    IF Laporte
    IF Navas GK

  292. Fahad says:

    Wats the best chemistry style for
    1) diego costa
    2) david silva
    3) de gea

  293. Italo says:

    How many chemistry style can a player get in one time??

  294. Tim says:

    What chem should I put for Nuri Sahin? I put him on artist but he needs to work on pace and physical.

  295. Skillzaa135 says:

    Hey dude what chemistry style should I use on Fernando Torres, Ramsey, Roberto Firmino, and Zouma?? Plz tell me

  296. Mike says:

    What chem styles should I use in formation 4-3-1-2?
    Di maria

    Thank you:)

  297. Berk says:

    hey there,

    what are the arrows when apply the cards, someone are green someone are white. i cant understand them.

    and i have james in 4-3-3 which card should i apply ? so same on sturridge which card should i apply ?

  298. LINKAN says:

    Hello, im using the 4-3-1-2 formation with:

    ST: Rooney and Aguero
    CAM: Kevin De Bruyne
    CM: Santi Cazorla, Schweinsteiger, Yaya Toure
    LB: Azpilacueta
    RB: Kyle Walker
    CB: Koscielny, Otamendi
    GK: Courtois

    what chemistry style should i use for them?

  299. Kevin says:

    What is best for Darmian? Was thinking shadow but would appreciate your input!

  300. Tim says:

    What chem should I put for my gk handanovic?

  301. Neymar says:

    Carlos Vela
    Filipe Luis
    Diego Alves

    what chemistry styles thx in advance!

  302. Edison says:

    Hi there.
    May i know
    RB piszczek
    LM podolski
    RM Douglas costa
    ST Muller
    Thx a lot bro.

  303. LSynwa says:

    What chemistry style for IF Paco Alcacer?

  304. Fifa metalic says:

    Assist me on perfect chemistry for my team.
    *Formation : 433


  305. Ginger says:

    Hey what do you recommend for Çalhanoglu(ST)?

  306. Edison says:

    Sorry bro disturb again.
    Mayb i know
    Cdm lahm
    LB Rodriguez
    CB sokratis
    Thx bro

  307. Kah ooi says:

    May i know
    CB hummels. LB Rodriguez. CM vidal.
    Thanks mate.

  308. Ødegaard says:

    Hi.. what about this team??
    Piatti – rodrigo – bangoura
    Kovacic – rafinha
    Nacho – Rami – bernardo – de marcos
    Diego Alves

    What chemistry styles should i use on them? Ødegaard is the one i am really unsure on what i should do with so if you dont want to tell the style for everyone just take him

  309. Chris.Jr says:

    Hi may I know what Chemistry to use for

    Toni Kroos CM
    Rakitic CM
    Griezmann ST

    In a 4-3-3 (4) formation

  310. james down says:

    Using the 4-3-3 need same help woth Chemistry.

    Matic or rooney=basic?
    Fabregas or özil=basic?

    Plz e-mail me the best things to have

  311. Tim says:

    What chem for aguero? I put finisher on him and he run so slow?

  312. Owen says:



  313. Berk says:

    “hey there,

    what are the arrows when apply the cards, someone are green someone are white. i cant understand them.”

    i said but you didnt see i think 🙂

  314. CM says:

    I use a 4-3-3 formation


    They all have basic. What are the best chemistry styles for each? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  315. Jane. J says:

    What will you recommend for James Rodriguez CAM in a 4-3-3 (4)?

  316. Juan says:

    Hi there may I know what would be good for this formation 352

    CB’S Aguilar Moreno Layun
    Vasquez and Herrera
    LM Corona and RM Vela
    Gio 2 Santos and Hernandez
    Thanks I hope is not to much to ask.

  317. Juan says:

    Hi there Rodrigo
    this is my MX team i use in UT formation 352 ok
    please fell free for any tips you may have.
    Talavera (GP Glove)
    Paul Aguilar (rcb Sha)
    Hector Moreno (CCB Anchor)
    .M Layun (LCB Sha)
    H Herera (RCDM Pwr)
    Gallito Vazquez (LCDM ANC)
    C Vela (RM Hun)
    J Corona (LLM Hun)
    A Guardado (CAM Mae)
    J Hernandez (RST Hwk)
    G 2 Santos (LST Hwk)

  318. jerry says:

    Hi, best chemistry for benzema, modric and isco?

  319. Rollins says:

    What chemistry style to put on CAM Eriksen
    Cm Fabregas
    And lamela please

  320. Jocke says:

    Maybe you could help me with:

    GK: Joe Hart
    RB: Clyne
    CB: Kompany
    CB: Otamendi
    LB: Azpilicueta
    RM: Alexis Sanchez
    CM: Yaya Touré
    CM: David Silva
    LM: Hazard:
    ST: Aguero
    ST: Sturridge

    Sub: De Bruyne
    Sub: Matic
    Sub: Ramires
    Sub: Mata
    Sub: Bony
    Sub: Bolasie
    Sub: Sakho

    Would really appreciate it

  321. Cpt N3M0 says:

    Wayne Rooney – ST
    Diego Costa – ST
    CescFàbregas – CAM
    Mesut Ozil – CAM
    Yaya Toure – CDM
    David Silva – CDM
    Baines – LB
    Kompany – CB
    Terry – CB
    Zabaleta – RB
    Peter Cech – GK

    This is my team in 4-2-2-2 formation.
    Which chemistry style should I use on my players sir ?

  322. turkin says:

    Which style would fit James Rodriguez best in ur opinion?

  323. Alec says:

    What should I use for Pedro and cuadrad there both basic but I think basic is fine on cuadrado

  324. FIFA Expert says:


    No problem

  325. FIFA Expert says:

    Sent us a shortened list and we’ll reply!!

  326. Alec says:

    How about on candreva

  327. Eli Cruz says:

    What are the best chemistry styles for a
    Would really appreciate it thanks

  328. Cpt_N3M0 says:

    Wayne Rooney – ST
    Diego Costa – ST
    CescFàbregas – CAM
    Mesut Ozil – CAM
    Yaya Toure – CDM
    Matic – CDM
    Baines – LB
    Kompany – CB
    Terry – CB
    Zabaleta – RB
    Peter Cech – GK

    This is my team in 4-2-2-2 formation.
    Which chemistry style should I use on my players sir ?

  329. Jubaer says:

    Hello brother
    My squard 4-3-3

    St- aguero
    Rw- Alexis Sanchez
    LW- Memphis depay
    CM- Fernandez, toure
    CDM- lahm
    LB- Philip luiz
    CB-Kompany & Hummel’s
    GK- Courtois

    Please which chemistry style would be best for them???
    Thanks in advance

  330. Matt says:

    Lacazette- ST
    ibrahimovic- cam
    Di maria -cm
    Lucas -RW

    4-3-3 (4)

  331. James says:

    What about Rakatic and Marc Barta?


  332. Sean says:


  333. Donny says:

    Can I use Rooney on RW? Or Change his position?

  334. Char says:

    What’s the best formation?

  335. GoldFire5 says:

    Can you recommend player instructions for 4-3-3(4). Tnq

  336. Scott Gibson says:

    Mate be a start and give me a heads up on these please.
    Diego Alves
    Maicon Pereira Roque
    Luis Gustavo
    Alex teixeira
    Jonas oliveira

  337. Luis Hernandez says:

    i play with a 4-3-3 (5)
    i have Hulk as my RW, but he seems to run too slow and only has 2 goals in 16 games.
    what chemistry do you recommend applying? he currently has marksman chemistry.

    alex sandro- LB anchor chemistry ok?

  338. Cpt_N3M0 says:

    Wayne Rooney – ST
    Diego Costa – ST
    CescFàbregas – CAM
    Mesut Ozil – CAM
    Yaya Toure – CDM
    Matic– CDM
    Baines – LB
    Kompany – CB
    Terry – CB
    Zabaleta – RB
    Peter Cech – GK

    This is my team in 4-2-2-2 formation.
    Which chemistry style should I use on my players sir ?

  339. Jawz says:

    Hi, any suggestions for yaya plz?

  340. Juan says:

    Formation 433/4
    Any suggestion on a chemistry stile for this squat I just got it last week. Is the best squat I got and is all I can afford.
    ST Diego Costa
    RM Willian Borges da Silva
    RCM Ramires santos nasclmen
    CAM francesc Fabregas
    LCM Nemanja Matic
    LB Azpilicueta César
    RCB Gary Cahill
    RCB Jhon terry
    RB Branislav ivanovic
    GP Thibaut courtois

  341. Hemnt says:

    Which style would be best
    St:van persie

  342. Juan says:

    Formation 433/4
    I have these players like this what you think?
    ST Diego Costa Hwk
    RM Willian Borges da Silva. eye
    RCM Ramires santos nasclmen Anc
    LCM Matic . Anc
    LW Carlos Vela Hunter
    CAM frCancesc Fabregas Sni or Oscar

  343. Hemnt says:

    Which style would be best
    St:van persie


  344. Kenblank says:

    Peter cech- GK
    Otemendi – CB
    Kocienly – CB
    alberto moreno- LB
    Daniel Clyne – RB
    Yaya toure- CDM
    Fabregas- CDM
    DE bruyne- CAM
    Eden Hazard – LM
    Shaqiri – RM
    Augero- ST

    in 4-2-3-1 formation
    What shd I apply ?? Thank u so much

  345. Max says:

    Chemistry style for:
    James Rodriguez (cam)
    Walcott (rf)
    In a 4-3-3(4) formation?

  346. Randy says:

    Any suggestions for Mueller Ozil Kroos Reus Lahm Gotze Vidal

  347. Piet says:

    Hello, what is the best way to use chemistry styles? To improve/compensate the bad stats of a player, or to make his good stats even better? Thanks

  348. Daniel Minelli says:

    Could you help me too?

    4-2-3-1 (2)

    Courtois – GK
    Coleman – RB
    Otamendi – CB
    Koscielny – CB
    Azpilicueta – LB
    Touré – CDM
    Fernandinho – CDM
    Wilian – RM
    De Bruyne – CAM
    Hazard – LM
    Aguero – ST

    Team 2
    Same Formation

    De Gea
    D. Costa

  349. Ken says:

    How about Eden hazard as LM in 4-2-3-1 formation ?

  350. Simmo says:

    Hey man, what chemistry style do u think is best for Diego Costa?

  351. Demon says:

    Benzema – ST
    Martinez – ST
    Isco – CAM
    Kross – CM
    Rakitic – CM
    Busquets – CDM
    Marcelo – LB
    Godin – CB
    Mascherano – CB
    Danilo – RB

    This is my team with formation 4-1-2-1-2 (2), which chemistry style should I use on my players?

  352. Toprak says:

    If I give a player a chemistry style which adds 3+ to his physical, does it apply to all the qualities within physical? If I needed more stamina, strength and acceleration, for instance.


  353. Fifa gamer says:

    help me with my team please.
    4-4-1-1 formation

    GK – De Gea
    RB – Darmian
    CB – Otamendi
    CB – Kompany
    LB – Gibbs
    RM – Mata
    CM – Ozil
    CM – Fabregas
    LM – Hazard
    CF – D. Silva
    ST – Aguero

  354. Ter says:

    Hi, need help for
    Alex sandro

    Also for

    Yaya toure
    De bryune

  355. Saif says:


    Bravo (gk)
    Dani Alves (rb)
    pique (cb)
    pepe (cb)
    Marcelo (lb)
    Sergio Busquets (cdm)
    Arda Turan (rm)
    konoplyanka (lm)
    Modric (cam)
    Martinez (st)
    Griezmann (st)

    Thanks in advance !

  356. David S says:

    Hi would love some help with the chemistry cards, my team is

    playing 4-1-2-1-2

    Smalling (who i find too slow)
    De Bruyne


  357. Lethal says:

    LW Gervinho
    ST inform Mandzukic
    RW inform Candreva
    CM Marchisio
    CM Pogba
    CDM De Rossi
    LB Evra
    LCB Chiellini
    RCB Barzagli
    RB Abate
    GK Buffon

    Formation 4-3-3 (2)

    What chemistry cards would you use on these players Sir? Could you please reccomend a player to add to this team.

    Much appreciated

  358. CKC says:





    TIF Higuain

    This is my team in 4-2-3-1(2) formation. What chemistry styles would you suggest (including the keeper)?

  359. Juan Nieto says:

    I have been using this formation for a wile and it seams perfec for my stile of game I got whatever that would be lol. 433/4 just like to know your opinion on the Chemistry stile on this players. I do ok in the online season but so far I can not pass 3 maybe there must’ve something I need to adjust. I’ll appropriated your advise and time. Thanks Juan.

    So I have St chicharito Fin
    Vela rw Ing
    Corona lw Ing
    Cam Gio dos Santos Fin
    RCM Herrera Artista
    LCM Guardado
    RB Navarro Backbone
    RCB Diego Reyes Anc
    Hector Moreno Anc
    LCB Layun shado and finally
    Talavera Cat.

  360. Stipe says:

    Sorry but could you help me for chemistry of my team? My chemistry now is 81, and i play 4-4-2
    In my firts squad i have
    De bruyne
    Filipe louise
    Tiago silva
    Dani alves

    So,i could replace louise with alaba, or noyer with ruffier but i want all other player to be in first squad, also i have beter chemistry if iniesta play RM and not his original position cm and roben is RF but in my team he plays ST becouse his the best in that position. So could you combine something please becouse i realy want to boost my chemistry. Thank you man 😉

  361. Turkin says:

    Hunter for De Bruyne as cam? tks.

  362. mjagacc says:

    Costa- LW
    Jonas- ST
    Hulk- RW
    Coutinho- CAM
    Ramires- CM
    Gustavo- CM
    Marcelo- RB
    Naldo- CB
    Silva- CB
    Alves- RB
    Alves- GK

  363. Daniel says:

    Which is best for Raheem Sterling in LF. I want to up his pace so he is faster. Thanks

  364. Giovanni28 says:

    Hi what chemistry stiles would you recommend for a 352? That’s not a very popular formation, and can’t find anything about it…here’s my team
    Tevez Dybala
    Di Maria
    Lavezzi Verratti Marchisio Cuadrado
    David luiz Chiellini Barzagli
    The only with chemistry stiles at the moment are tevez(hawk) and marchisio(backbone).
    i really don’t know what to do with verratti… should i try to fix his lack of pace and strenght with chemistry styles, or boost passing and dribbling as much as i can?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  365. johnny999 says:

    Hey, what cards:
    GK Howard
    LB Clichy
    CB Mbemba
    CB Kompany
    CM Yaya toure
    CM David Silva
    CM Iniesta
    RW Walcott
    ST Sturridge
    LW Sterling


  366. Raqz says:

    I have Gaya at LB and he’s basic, shall I change it to someone else? If so, what would you recommend

  367. PKBrowser says:

    GK – Begovic

    RB – Darmian
    CB – Rojo
    CB – Ogbonna
    LB – Azpilicueta

    RM – Willian
    CDM – Matic
    LM – Depay
    CAM – Payet

    ST – Martial
    ST – Lukaku

    4-1-2-1-2 Formation
    Which chemistry style should I use on my players please?

  368. Omar says:

    Bacca (st)
    Shaarawy (lm)
    Marchisio (cm)
    Pjanic (cm)
    Cuadrado (rm)
    Lichtsteiner (rb)
    Evra (lb)
    Chiellini (cb)
    Manolas (cb)

  369. Colton Carrell says:

    Chemistry Styles for 4-3-3(5)
    Henderson (CDM)

  370. DrEVOlution says:

    Hi what Chen styles should I apply to the following: 4-3-3

    LW- Neymar
    ST- Suarez
    RW- Messi
    CM- Kroos
    CAM- Isco/Busquets
    CM- Rakitic/inform Turan
    LB- ToTY Marcelo
    CB- Godin
    CB- Pique
    RB- Dani Alves
    GK- Bravo


  371. Marko says:

    What chemystri style can i use?
    I’m playing 4-3-3…
    Gk: lloris
    Rb: clyne
    Cm:david silva
    Cm:de bruyne
    Rw: willian


  372. Pascal says:

    Best chemistry for martial, sterling , wanyama , deulofeu and Payet ?

  373. Claudio says:

    Can you advice me please? Im playing 4-3-3, counterattack and defensive.

    Diego alves
    Jordi alba,
    d. godin, pepe,
    o. de marcos
    isco (koke),
    kroos (kovacic)
    jackson m.,

  374. Mikeybhoy says:

    Best chem for Marchisio CAM? Currently Maestro

  375. Luke says:

    I’ve just built a la liga squad for something different for me, I normally have a bundesliga team and wondering what the best Chem cards I should be giving for this new team. I play counter attack footy and just build the play up, very much like real life but not that boring hahah


    LF – Konoplyanka
    ST – Griezmann
    RF – Bale
    3 CM’s are – Rodriguez, Modric and iniesta
    LB – Gaya
    2 CB’s are – Godin and Pepe
    RB – Carvajal

  376. yournan says:

    what card for hugo lorrise

  377. Juan says:

    Do you have any susubgestion on control settings. For PS3

  378. Daniel says:

    What chemistry style should I use for aguero, I want to have him as a player who will score every game and will beat everyone with his pace and dribbling.


  379. Erio says:

    What is recommended on pereyra he has really high pace for a cm and decent shooting i like trying longshots but also making tiki taka plays should i put eng or mae on him?

  380. Daz wilson says:

    I play 4312

    GK DE GEA (cat)
    LB ALBA (powerhouse)
    CB RAMOS (anchor)
    CB PIQUE (shadow)
    RB DANI ALVES (guardian)
    CM IF KRYCHOWIAK (shadow)
    CM INIESTA (engine)
    CM MODRIC (engine)
    ST GRIEZMANN 88 IF (hunter)
    ST SUAREZ (hunter)

    Would u change any of these and if so what style would you change I like to pass but also like playing counter attack game thanks

  381. Sean says:

    Hi guys,
    I need your help again.
    I have the following La Liga BBVA Squad playing the 4-3-1-2 Formation:

    GK: Diego Alves (Cat)
    LB: Marcelo (Shadow)
    CB: Godin (Shadow)
    CB: Pepe (Shadow)
    RB: Danilo (Shadow)
    CM Krychowiak (Engine)
    CM: Isco (Engine)
    CM Rakitic (Engine)
    CAM: Griezmann (Catalyst)
    ST: Benzema (Hunter)
    ST: Martinez (Hunter)

    Sould I change something?
    I am going to buy Iniesta soon so a recommandation for him would be appreciated.

    As always TIA

  382. Peter John Estillore says:

    Hi footballers, need your opinion.
    I have this squad playing in 4-3-3 formation

    LW- Nasri (man City) / Pedro (Chelsea)
    ST- Muller (Bayern) / Cavani (PSG)
    RW- Lucas (PSG)
    CM- Schweinsteiger (man United) / Matuidi (PSG)
    CM- Iniesta (Barcelona) / Pastore (PSG)
    CM- De maria (PSG) / Verrati (PSG)
    LB- Kurzawa (PSG) / Azpilicuita (Chelsea)
    CB- Terry (Chelsea) / Pepe (real Madrid)
    CB- Cahill ( Chelsea) / Luiz (PSG)
    RB- Lichsteiner (Juventus) /Ivanovic (Chelsea)
    GK- Courtois (chelsea) / Begovic (chelsea)

  383. Karim says:

    Which style for messi Suarez Neymar inesta raktic…4 3 3 formation…like to play passing and shooting alot.

  384. Robbo says:

    Hi! Which style for rakitic-cm & rodriguez-cam playing counter attack?

  385. Robbo says:

    which style for toni kroos-cm & lucas perez-st playing counter attack & 4-3-1-2. Thanks again

  386. Robbo says:

    Thing is I like to switch to possession based style of play sometimes when considering the above so what sryle for ineista?

  387. Filipe says:

    Hi can you give your opinion to witch card i put in st pauleta and cdm danilo tots to stay back i play in 4-3-3 (2) don’t like my cdm go forward.

  388. Daniel says:

    Hi, I play 4231 (2). I play very defensivley and struggle to get the ball up the feild. Could you please give me tips to improve my team, my team is.

    GK- cech
    LB- azpilicueta
    CB- Terry
    CB- Mertesacker
    RB- Ivanovic
    CDM- schneiderlin
    CDM- Matic
    CAM- Payet
    LW- IF Pedro
    ST- Defoe/Benteke
    RW- Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain.

  389. Invictus says:


    What do you think of this:

    GK Lloirs glove
    CB Otamendi Shadow
    CB Koscielny Gladiator
    RB Walker Sentinel
    CM Payet Hunter
    CM Carzola Artist
    CM Fabregas Engine
    CAM Silva Deadeye
    ST Rooney Hawk
    ST Sturridge Finisher

    Formation is 4-3-1-2 counterattack/high pressure

    • Invictus says:

      forgot my LB Clichy with shadow

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Looks very good. Would maybe change Kos to Anchor and Sturridge plays really well with Sniper, too.

      • Invictus says:

        Thanks for the help:)

        What thoughts do you have about this team(same formation/style)

        GK Buffon shield
        RB Bruno Peres basic
        CB Barzagli Shadow
        CB Chiellini basic
        RB Alex Sandro Basic
        CM Guarin Catalyst
        CM Marchisio Catalyst
        CM Nainggolan Architect
        CAM Pereyra Anchor
        ST Dybala deadeye
        ST Higuain Finisher

  390. Shaun Ellis says:

    How much will each stat change on a GK with full 10 chemistry and full 100 team chemistry with a “GLOVE” chemistry card?

    Thanks in advance.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Although it’s still fairly vague, and research by the community stats with 3 chevrons would increase stats by 5 or 6 points. See our page on chem styles to understand more.