FIFA 16 Guide

The best tips for FIFA 16 including: Gameplay, FUT, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Seasons, tactical guides, trading tips, co-op and much, much more. Please read below for a full chapter breakdown of the 424 page guide coming for FIFA 16 ! ! !

Our guide has been reviewed by a superb write who writes for >> You can read the review of the guide here.

The guide includes full detailed tips, button explanations, diagrams and much, much more in the following areas (also see video above for more information).

1. Introduction
– Our other guides
– Our website
– About us
– What to expect from the guide
2. Game Modes Tips
o FUT / Ultimate Team
– Chemistry styles
– Team maintenance
– Best formations
– Trading guide
o Career Mode
– Introduction
– Youth academy and youth scouting guide
– Youth academy tips summarised
– How to build a 5* team from the lower leagues guide
– Virtual pro tips
o Seasons
– Seasons explained
– Types of opposition
– Assessing the opposition
– Best tactics/style to employ
– How to stop a losing streak/bad run of form
o Pro Clubs
– Introduction
– Best custom tactics
– Best formations to use
– Unlocking accomplishments/Upgrading your pro
– Styles of play to use
– Traits to have for different positions
– Play as a team
– How to easily unlock GK accomplishments
– Summary of Pro Club tips
3. Tactics and Formations
4. Attacking Tips
– Key for diagrams in the guide
– Controller settings
– Sending teammates on runs
– Shooting/Finishing
– Corners
– Crossing
– Receiving the ball
– Dribbling
– Skill moves
– Possession play
– Passing with defenders
– Build-up play & playing out from the back
– Heading
– Using the 1-2 effectively
– Using midfield runners
– L1 Lay-off passing
– Best way to build counter attacks
– Clearing accurately to attackers feet/chest
– Free-kicks
– Scoring penalties
5. Defending Tips
– Key for diagrams in the guide
– Controller settings
– Right stick switching
– Standing tackles
– Slide tackles
– Heading
– Containing
– Jockeying
– Secondary contain
– Push and pull
– Using your defenders body
– Mix up defending style to keep opponent guessing
– Using your goalkeeper effectively
– Defending from the front
– Defending with high pressure
– Defending deep (to counter teams using pace)
– Defending around halfway
– Defending the 1-2
– Defending lobbed through balls
– Defending counter attacks
– Dominate quick attackers
– Defending corners and crosses
– Stopping crosses near the goal-line
– Free-kicks
– Saving penalties


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  1. Jon darling says:

    Hey mate! Great site and very cool info.
    I’ve pre ordered FIFA 16. Tell me what you know. Keep up the good work!

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Good stuff, what we do know so far is what has been released at E3. More info will be released at gamescom and with any betas we get hold of.

      You will be able to pre-order our new, special edition guide, if that is something that interests you also.

  2. Tony George says:

    Would the 3 guides for Fifa 15 still work as efficiently for Fifa 16

    • FIFA Expert says:

      They would definitely help, we are adding over 150 pages of brand new content as well as adding and updating all the other tips for FIFA 16. It’s your call.

  3. Carlos Rios says:

    I would like to pre order the. Full guide, where can I do that and when is going to be available?

  4. trevor says:

    hi I purchase the FIFA 16 guide do you know when I will get it ?

  5. Eno says:

    Hi,i just purchased fifa16 guide today,when i receive the ebook?

  6. trevor says:

    got it thanks

  7. Brett says:

    Great guides, bought them on the brilliance of last years, didn’t expect the amount of info that there is on 16, great value

    Time to get reading, thanks

  8. Caio says:

    Hi. There Will be a Tactical guide foi FIFA 16, like the One for FIFA 15? Or the chapter 3 of this guide Will approach everything about this Subject?

    Thanks in advance

  9. paddy says:

    IS this guide going to be available online or is this just a hard copy?

  10. I have bought fifa guide book when will i receive it?

  11. Lou says:


    Where can I buy this guide from?

  12. Tirus says:

    Where is the link to buy

  13. Paul says:

    I’m on my mobile and I can’t find where to buy the guide. Please help.

  14. Paul says:

    Finally worked out how to buy the guide. Can you please e-mail it to me asap, so that I can print it at work?

  15. Tirus says:

    The number one question everyone asks but just wondering if it’s been sent yet I know I need to wait upto 48 hours but plz give me an update on wether it’s been sent or not.thank you

  16. dan says:

    I have bought fifa guide book this morning when will i receive it?

  17. steve mullins says:

    Hi, i would like the guide but the link i click on wont allow me too.


  18. Barry Stevens says:

    How do I purchase the guide?

  19. Leon bimpson says:

    Would love a copy of this so I can kick my friends butt help please fifa expert u legend

  20. Brian says:

    I tried too to buy the guide but link doesnt work?

  21. Regg says:

    I purchased the guide today, how long does it take for me to receive it?

  22. Mark liffen says:

    Interested in buying the guide but unfortunately I can not find a link to do this ??

  23. Calvin says:

    Is the Fifa 16 guide a actual book you can hold?

  24. Rob W says:

    How do I purchase this guide?

  25. Rob Wheelhouse says:

    I’ve sent the money through PayPal but have not yet had the guide

  26. Raja says:

    Is this only print or there is a digital format available?

  27. ahmed says:

    I paid for the guide, I would like to ask whether I will receive soft or hard copy?

  28. Martin Eastmond says:

    Where can I buy the guide booklet please?

  29. Dean says:

    It seems the current paypal link is outdated just to inform you. Is the book finished at this time? and it’s a shame its only an online version as i would love to order a hard copy of this book.

  30. Michael says:

    Hi I want to
    Get the FIFA 16 guide how do I do that

  31. Gilbert says:

    Hi. Need a link. Would love the ebook. How much is it in US dollars. Thanks

  32. ROY FOSTER says:

    Hello Guys,
    I purchased your Fifa 15 guides, and looking at the Fifa 16 video at the top of the page ,the items and team set ups you are describing for Fifa 16 are the same as the Fifa 15 guides . Would there be any significent differences between the two guides that I would benefit from to entice me to buy your 16 guide. ??
    Best Regards

  33. FIFA Expert says:

    As stated, it can take anywhere between 0 – 48 hours. It was delivered for you on the same day. Enjoy!

  34. AZX says:

    I just wanted to find the best custom tactic for the 4-3-3(2) and its instructions with the work rate recommendations

  35. NICk says:

    Hey what about the single player career mode?? How do you keep your players potential good, so you can get more points training him/her?

  36. Ruffneck01 says:

    for the new fifa 17 this what I would like to be done to the guide
    1.if their is a new Op formation, I think the people who buy this guide need to get an email update on that OP formation and player instruction.

    2.when a patch comes out and effect your playing style like the pass etc .we need an email send to the buys on how to get over that hump.

    3.we also need Op formation weakness on what formation is best to use to beat that OP formation.

    after all, if you want us to be on top you need to give us the top tips

    • FIFA Expert says:

      This is something we’ll be able to do far easier this year with our integration of Shopify. Because we handled all purchases ourselves this year it is hard to go through 1000’s of emails and send updates individually. There will be updates this year for our FIFA 17 guides.

  37. Ruffneck01 says:

    also get a forum

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