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FIFA 16 defending custom tactics and getting them right is a great way to get your team set-up and playing exactly how you want them. Many of the experienced players who play online seasons, FUT and Pro Clubs will use these tactics to their advantage. It only takes a couple of minutes to set them up then and you can easily change the whole strategy of your entire team to suit whichever style of play you suits you or the game scenario you find yourself in best.

There are 3 main items here which are build-up play, chance creation and your defensive settings. You can set these sliders to whichever level you want depending how you want your team to play. You get to choose a number between 1-100 for numerous different items within the 3 categories we listed above.

For defensive play your main focus will be on the defensive settings but by altering the build-up play and the chance creation settings effectively this can make your teams even stronger defensively.

Build-up play lets you select settings such as speed, passing style and player positioning.

Chance creation lets you select settings such as passing, crossing, shooting and player positioning.

Defence lets you select items such as pressure, aggression, team width and organisation.

So, as you can see, you get a wide variety of choices to set your teams up a certain way. By adjusting these slider settings you can get your team defending deep and breaking quickly when in possession to achieve that counter attacking style to perfection. If you want to pressure the ball high up the pitch to try and win the ball back quickly as teams like Dortmund and Barcelona do this can also be achieved. The options are limitless.

We have a huge amount of detail on Custom Tactics and player istructions in our guide which is available to buy, today. Click here for more information on this.

We hope you found these FIFA 16 defending/tackling tips useful and you can put them into practice and help to stop conceding as many goals on FIFA 16. For our more advanced defending tips complete with detailed diagrams then please read below.

For a full range of defending tips from our guide (which can be bought through the site), see the chapter list at the bottom of our defending tips page OR click on the picture of the guide below and it will take you to a full chapter list for the entire guide!

FIFA 16 tips and guide

FIFA 16 custom tactics gives you the capability to change to these styles within seconds as a real manager could achieve. For example, you need a goal or two and it’s the 75th minute. By simply applying one of your (or our!) attacking custom tactics you can pressure high up the pitch and make your players attack more efficiently and in greater numbers to try get yourself back in the game.

We hope you can use these basic FIFA 16 custom tactics tips to get more success from the game and really take control of your team on the pitch.

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9 Responses to Defensive Custom Tactics

  1. andrew says:

    hi i cant get fifa 14 i was really good a fifa 13 but i cant defend at all in fifa 14 i keep getting caugh with ball over the top even i put my defence on ultra defence and still get caught out and hoe do i get my defenders to attach the player more quickly

    • stephen says:

      im having the exact same problem. i even put in a sweeper to sit in behind my defensive line but for some reason he doesnt stay there and just goes off on random walks, its starting to really annoy me lol

  2. selwyn kotua says:

    Hi i just brought your guide can i have van persie cover

  3. prince says:

    Setting zoom to 0-2 can help defensively in regard to those over-passes

  4. hellrokr says:

    Just ordered the guide mate…
    Please send it to me too.

  5. i have been reading tips about fifsa for long but i still lose murches with friends in i still dont get it

  6. tell wat to do cause fifa 15 is on the way

  7. Graeme G says:

    For those struggling to defend, set your custom tactics to sit deep and not pressure the attack, that way your back 4 wont be sat at the half way line, its the best method to defend the over the top chip, also set your speed and build up play to fast settings so when you win the ball you can counter really fast.

    Im by far not that great at fifa, but in 15 this method was very deadly for me getting me up to Div 2 and winning all the online trophies before i upgraded to fifa 16

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