Building From The Back

FIFA 16 passing tips to help you learn how to build possession from your defence as all the top teams in the world do. It might not seem like one of the most important areas of the game but, frankly, it is.

These are the basic tips covered but in our FIFA 16 guide which you can read more about here, we provide detailed diagrams of how to build play from your goalkeeper from both goal kicks and their hands. An example diagram from the guide can be seen below.

FIFA 16 passing tips

So, the basics.

From goal kicks
A lot of people struggle with this area of the game and more than 50% of the time will likely struggle to keep possession when, they really should. Only as a last resort should you be keeping your button down for the full length of time possible to launch the ball towards the opposition defenders. In FIFA 16 the powerful defenders who have decent jumping and heading statistics are likely to win the headers the vast majority of the time. This will put you on the back foot straight away and you’ll find yourself defendning again. For several ways to distribute the ball better from goal kicks you need to be looking at our guide though! Use the bumpers and triggers (it will prompt you on screen to call your players shorter or push them further up the pitch).

From the goalkeepers hands
Again, launching the ball long, should be used as a last resort or if your attackers are in great positions on the wings or if they outnumber the defence. There are again, several top methods to build play from the back without risking losing possession quickly which AGAIN, can be found in our guide with detailed diagrams and instructions on how to do so.

If this is an area of FIFA 16 you struggle with, getting access to our tips for this area of the game, in our guuide, is a must. It will help you be so much more successful on the game which will make it more enjoyable for you!

3 Responses to Building From The Back

  1. Enrico says:

    How can I buy a guide?

  2. Rénan says:

    Any tips on how to play against teams who pressure our defence from start to finish. I tend to struggle playing against this kind of team. Their players seem tireless and never stop running at my defenders which often forces me to make unnecessary mistakes in my own half. This is quite frustrating because I can’t get the ball to my lone striker to lay-off the ball to my on-running midfielders.

    • helping hand says:

      my rival plays exactly how you mentioned its very frustrating, they rush at you to make you panic and make mistakes, so if you get the ball and you have no forward option that seems ‘safe’ then pass back to where it came from, he will inevitably chase that player down with that player, then loop it back over him to the original guy you was.

      it’s a game of cat and mouse really, also they come in at angles that seem to block the obvious routes that you naturally want to take. so i find thinking really randomly helps, instead of trying to go forward and passing from one guy to the next, you should include others even if it seem’s like it’s slowing your attack / play down, they aren’t expecting it, they have to destroy certain parts of their shape to chase the new guy, always remmeber you have atleast 2 choices to pass too minimum in each situation. if you watch barcelona they are an amazing example of how to frustrate idiots and i base my fifa style of them!

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