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93 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Dennis says:

    VERY nice page! Can’t wait for your shooting guide since I often have problems scoring. Especially one on one with the goalie. He saves 80% of the time even though it should clearly be a goal in real life. I play everything on manual setting, even shooting.

    The inability to score on great chances cost me a lot of games even though I usually dominate on the field….

  2. admin says:

    Thanks very much, appreciate the positive feedback Dennis.

    I will endeavour to help you out with the shooting guide asap. I have a big section planned on shooting as it’s obviously one of the most important aspects of the game.

    Expect to see it broken down into smaller fragments such as :- one-on-ones, long range, finesse, lobs etc.

  3. Paul Di Resta Driving God says:

    were thy facebook page

    • admin says:

      We haven’t got the facebook page up and running as yet as we’re concentrating on getting as much content on the site as possible as our priority. Will be with you soon.

  4. Al Simpson says:

    The penatly bar is now just a black rectrangle,there is now no bar moving along.
    Any idea what has happened?
    Even tried to reinstall the game using a different user profile on my ps3 and bar is still not working

    • admin says:

      This is the first I have heard of the bar still showing but just as a black rectangle. I have had instances where the bar doesn’t show in the arena but never in game play.

      My best suggestion is to place your problem on the ea official forum and go from there. Hopefully someone else has encountered the same problem and you can get it fixed.

      Cheers, sorry we can’t help no further.

  5. kenneth says:

    so impressed with this site!
    ive been trying to find this info so many places!! its exactly what gamers are looking for.
    fifa’s official site only tell what the game offers, but no detail on how to do them.

    thanks again for the time and effort you put in man.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for this comment, really appreciate the feedback.

      • kenneth says:

        welcome mate.

        can I ask some questions(sorry bit long hopefully u find the time).

        1)what team do you suggest/recommend playing with in fifa 13?
        I use bayern munich, basically because i play in the FIWC and since all players are 85 I thought might as well get the height advantage…but now im finding them too slow.i’m thinking of Brazil next.what do you think?

        2)when I got fifa 13 i started scoring many headers, the crosses where always pinpoint, but now the crosses are going everywhere accept where I want them to go.I use assisted setting but also tried semi with no luck.any tips?

        3)my teams are always too slow, I tried different teams but my players just dont run fast enough.for example if im through on goal with ribery a defender closes up with every stride, if its the other way around and im defending the attacker will just run by me and I cant catch him.

        4)I read your tactics section and hopefully you solved my problem…my defence is always exposed to quick counter attacks but after reading your artacle im sure my tactics are messed up and will try again with your advise and let u know how it goes.

        • kenneth says:

          oh and another thing! I might just be the only player on the planet still using the arrows instead of the L-bumper to move the players pretty good and win most matches but Im starting to realize just how much I am limiting myself and need to get up to speed>what are your views?

  6. chuchu says:

    I did not care much before until I just got my behing handed to me..

    1. Why can’t I use my customized formation during online lobby game play.. I have like 7 different customized formations which I cannot see as options when I go played customized games. I only see them when I play season.. Am I missing something?

    2. Why on earth can’t I have my team sit back and defend compactly.. I am always caught on the counter because my players are all up front.. I have tried since Fifa 12 to fix this and it is still a problem..

    • admin says:

      Should be able to use custom formations online, contact ea support would be my suggestion. Also you need to use custom tactics to set up your team compactly. Writing an article on it today.

  7. Jorgen says:

    Hey! I got a problem, playing fifa on xbox360. In career mode, when i get to 2 season, i cant loan out/sell or buy players. When i try, it just freeze, why?

  8. RORY says:

    I Sold Rooney for 300,000 coins and i havent got the money . why:/

  9. kenneth says:

    been following this site regularly since i found out about it but I must say the lack of activity is a turn off. no new posts/comments, replies etc etc

    • admin says:

      We are working on our ultimate guide, hence the lack of posts. It’s 60 pages worth of content! Also, I have a job and that takes preference unfortunately!!

  10. Norton says:

    Hi I would like to know why Wales are not included, when even a 1 star rated India and New Zealand are lol !

    me and my mates are even considering not making any further purchases.
    I look forward to your reply.

  11. andre says:

    My friend add a player and I can’t find? !
    I use exatly what I did and I cound’t find his player that hi is selling !!
    I looked for price and only for the time name but no way to find him on trade pile !
    Why >????

  12. CoMi says:

    Hey guys! I spent so much time searching for a page like this. It is awesome.
    I have one problem , and I would appreciate if someone would help me.

    I play fifa a lot.I play world class level and I very good.I know how to attack , how to score , and all that , but I dont know how to defend.I mean , i know that contain stuff and all that , but I dont know how to defend good.

    I have been thinking , you know a situation when you are leading by one goal at the 80′ minute , and then your opponent keeps pressuring you than you cant pass the ball.
    I want to my players press opponent like that.

  13. Gary Taylor says:

    I would just like to complement your site and I have just ordered
    Your guide and really look forward to sleepless nights dreaming of killer

    Best wishes

  14. Chris says:


    Do you sell FUT coins for PS3? If so how much per 100k?


  15. CoMi says:

    So listen , are you interested in making serbian version of this page?

    I mean , there are lot of people who play Fifa in my country , and they need help.

    If you agree , you can contact me because I am very interested.

    Best wishes

  16. faris abdoh says:

    well a good idea is be a referee mode and keep easfc in fifa 14 this will be great and if somebody wants to play a match keep the online and offline squads olso keep the skill challenges and seasons and add be a referee mode with player and goalkeeper mode and please keep career mode


  17. wellington says:

    Hello, guys!

    First of all, I want to congratulate you for this very informative website. It is one of my favourites. Great job!

    I have a doubt that is more or less the following. I would like to know if it is possible to protect/shield the ball like defenders use to do. I mean, I know that we can protect the ball holding LT/L2, but that is not the situation I’m trying to protect the ball. I would like only blocking the opponent to get the ball during a long pass while the ball goes away the pitch. I’m not sure if I get to be clear, because my English isn’t so good. What I would like to know is how to protect the ball, without possessing it, untill it goes away from the pitch and you can get its possession back.

    Thank you very much for that.


  18. Marcelo Estrada says:

    In my ultimate team i use a 4-2-3-1 formation i have Neymar and Robben as my Wingers and I have Iniesta as my CAM i have Torres as my ST but is good enough or should i get someone else if yes then who???????

    Please Reply

  19. Tim says:

    Do you gents ship the Fifa experts guide bundle to USA? I want to make sure before I buy. Cheers!

  20. Luca says:

    hi, can you sell the ultimate guide on amazon?

  21. Hi, I would like to buy your FIFA EXPERT GUIDE BUNDLE by today,
    So If I pay today, when can I get it? tHNKS
    I’ve got FIFA 14 tournament in 2 days

  22. Aydro says:

    Hey Guys i love your website and the Advice you gave me its helped alot, I have just Bought Rooney and wanted to know what Formation best suits him. Thank You!

  23. Mike says:


    Is it possible for you too follow us on twitter, XBCLfifa as we are a FIFA league for Xbox 360 and Xbox one. We have been running for 4 years now and are looking to bring more members over. Currently we have over 500 members, the site is very active.

    All we ask is for you to retweet a few of our tweets and in return we will advertise your site, twitter and Facebook on our home page?

    Please let me know either way



  24. linda abbott says:

    bought the guides paid 4.99 by paypal still waiting for guides

    linda abbott

  25. Kevin M says:

    I have a problem with FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. I just finished a World Cup with Belgium. I’m in a menu where I can still go to team management but there are no more fixtures to be played. When I leave the save to the main menu it still says ” continue world cup” and when I open it I end up in my finished Belgium save again. In other words how the hell do I start a new World Cup??

  26. Rat says:

    For the “Secondary Contain”, do you mean “Team Contain”? If not then where to assign the secondary contain button?

  27. Rat says:

    Im referring to the PS4 version and the default setting of the “Left Stick” should be the directions (I swapped to use the arrow for player movement directions instead). Anyway, as you mentioned the “Left Stick” does it mean the direction command?

  28. Keith Mcguinness says:

    I would really like to no y in fifa14 on the ps4 an in every game in every year that in the comentry it fails to say r no alot of players names wich I find v v annoying as the game now costs close to £60, players like emre can, raheem sterling, sergi roberto, lazar markovic, alberto moreno, isco, the list goes on! Lazy comentry!! The game shud say every players name!! An I hope fifa 15 is not the same!!! Kan I find out if this wil b the same please!!???????????

  29. Bryan says:

    Hi do you know if Fifa 15 will have Creation Centre on PS3?
    I have spent way too much time creating accurate classic teams and would love to still be able to use them in Fifa 15.

  30. trevor says:

    how can i register to your site
    its says free members ship but i cant do it
    and i have purchased your offer for three guides i give feedback when i get in to them

  31. Ndica says:

    Curious on the time frame for this order. Thanks

  32. Joseph says:

    Just wondering when the order will be delivered. Thanks

  33. sammy says:

    will you be able to help me?
    need tactics for FENERBAHCE….

  34. mick says:

    i know that the black cards are TOTW and blue are TOTY so if I have them players who have qualified for TOTW but are gold cards do they turn to black because you have them in your squad?

  35. Mark says:

    Why is the Fifa 15 ut transfer market unavailable.

  36. Souhel says:

    Hi Just bought your guide very excited to see it how long does the shipping take?!?!

  37. Even Hansen says:

    I bought the guides but cant seem to find the mail. Could you send it to me? Im sure im registered somewhere in your system…

  38. Adam says:


    I have just ordered the fifa 16 guide and dont understand how i get it?…is it sent by email?



  39. Paul says:

    Hi – How do I purchase the guide? I want to buy it today. Can you please send me a link or point me in the right direction?


  40. Lee Sweeting says:

    Hi I ordered the guide and was just wondering how long it takes to receive the confirmation email? It came up on screen that the purchase had been completed but not received confirmation email yet

  41. chris says:

    how long does it take???? i need some fifa 16 advice

  42. chris hewitt says:

    there isn’t any ‘fifa expert’ player instructions for 4231???? can you help me on this

  43. saeed says:

    hi i dont have pay pal i have visa card only i can pay by visa card please help me

  44. Kuberg says:

    I wanted to get a membership (and buy your guides) but these fields at the right side dont work. Either on Firefox and K-Melon (Browsers) it always reloaded the webpage.

    I want this free membership, my email is on this replay.

  45. Christiano Assis says:

    Hi folks,
    I have just buyed the fifa 16 guide.
    Follow the id: 633174437M074702K.
    When can you send me the guide?

  46. ROY FOSTER says:

    I have purchased your Fifa15, & Fifa16 guides, and there are a lot of good things to say about them.
    I am having a problem with Lazy Players no matter which team I play with in Fifa 16,
    and I was wondering if you could suggest which tactic settings and instructions I could use to stop lazy play, and make the team play as a unit, i.e track back when losing the ball, and defenders tackling their opponents instead of just running right past them, and not even make a tackle/challenge for the ball. I want the team to play as a tight unit and support each other when out of possession and to attack when we have the ball. Need help urgently as I am losing a shack of games, and very frustrated with the game now.
    Your help would be much appreciated .

    • FIFA Expert says:

      New tactical guide for FIFA 17 will help to achieve your wishes. Will be announcing more details soon.

      Thanks for your continued custom. You can pre order your copy now, if you do so wish.


  47. Dan says:

    i bought the tactical guide but i didn’t any confirmation that you took my order so i want a refund .


  48. Ruggero says:

    Nice guide and useful too …BUT It’s a bit disappointing that is not possible to print out an hard copy : 200 and more pages are not so easy to be read in a digital format.
    Can you implement the printing option ?
    Thank you

  49. Thomas says:

    I got the 2016 last year. How is 2017 from 2016?

  50. Abdulrahman Almasoud says:

    Hi guys. I have just purchased the Fifa 17 guide. can you please tell me when can I expect to receive its delivery?


  51. William Garner says:

    Hi I purchased a guide yesterday and never received it.

  52. yzeed alqahtani says:

    I’ve purchased FIFA 17 Tactical Guide I do not know how to get them
    So how and when

  53. Paul says:

    Hey guys,

    Made a purchase for the pack of all three guides. How long before they are sent.

    Very happy last 2 years of guides.


  54. CSGreiz says:

    if you purchase the guides are they sent to the email via pdf? I just bought all 3 guides and not sure if they are shipping or you just get to download them in my email. I can not for the life of me win games in D1. Can’t wait to get to learn more and hope to becoming a better player.

  55. Enoz says:

    Waiting for my pdfs send..just bought lastnight…

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