FIFA 16 tips and a SPECIAL EDITION purchasable guide to help you become better at the game. EA have changed many things about the game this year so make sure you’re up to speed by reading our tips and putting them into practice.

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What is FIFA Expert?
First and foremost, we love playing FIFA. We’re also pretty damn good! We first started this out as a ‘bit of fun’ but the support we have received is incredible and so we try to keep growing each year and provide the best guide on the internet to help you get better at FIFA.

We have won the division 1 league title on Seasons, FUT, pro clubs and co-op hundreds of times. We are ranked in the top 1% of players out of (0.74% to be precise and a bit of a geek about it!). We hit over 15 million trade profit last year on FUT (without the use of any real money on packs or coins).

FIFA Expert’s BRAND NEW YouTube channel
Please visit our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for lots of high quality tutorials and game play tips to help you improve your game eve further.

By using our expert tips on the site, you will learn all the basics on how to become better at FIFA 16 or previous versions in the series.  You will also be able to view tutorials and see video’s of ours/others tips being put into practice.

If you want to progress your game even further, then you want to looking at purchasing our guide. Whether its improving your defending, attacking, custom tactics, heading, crossing, 1v1 defending, defending lobbed through balls, to refining your shooting technique, we cover it ALL in great depth with exclusively designed diagrams and research carried out by our expert team. There is a reason why it sold so many copies over the past 2 FIFA’s

If you concede too many goals then you want to be looking at the defending tips. Not scoring enough goals, then  you need to be looking at our attacking tips and guides.  Struggling with a specific area of the game like winning headers, long shots or finding team-mates with crosses then that will be catered for too.
This quote is from one of our readers – ‘I love your site it’s a great read, one of the best FIFA websites on the internet, it’s great how you break each area of the game up in detail. Tips on other sites telling you to watch real football and be patient are very vague and pretty useless.
Regular updates of content will occur so please check back each week to improve your FIFA 16 skills even further. Read our surprise list of player rankings article by clicking here.

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JukeZ FIFA Expert

Hey guys, I’m JukeZ. Most people know me from the EA forums because of my two 4-1-2-1-2 guides on there. I’ve been playing FIFA hardcore since FIFA 09, but I got into Ultimate Team on FIFA 12. I enjoyed the game mode tremendously back then and have been hooked on it since then.

People who read my 4-1-2-1-2 guides wanted to see me play, so I started streaming and have done it more frequently lately. My goal is to keep improving and improving. I hope I can share some helpful tips for you guys.




So, make sure you use the best FIFA tips, tricks, guides, tutorials and expert advise website, on the net to help you get better at the game you love, FIFA 16.

Fifa Expert

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226 Responses to Home

  1. Dave says:

    Try this clan # GET WRECKED

  2. Marshall Dreyer says:

    Hey just purchased all three guides. Was wondering when they be delivered?

  3. Nick says:

    I previously commented on here shortly after reading the trading guide and just want to put a little update regarding my progress. The trading tips in these guides are amazing I currently have over 2.6 million in TRADE profit and currently sit on 1.6 million coins . This is all down to fifa experts tips! I would definitely recommend these guides to anyone wanting to be successful on FUT and the game in general .

    Thanks Fifa Expert

    • FIFA Expert says:

      That’s great to hear, the more we don’t have to give to EA on FUT, the more we can hopefully see improvements to game play and other game modes such as pro clubs. We need to get more people learning to trade so there is less need for FIFA points.

  4. Coops says:

    These guides are awesome!
    Struggled like mad getting to grips with FIFA 15 as it’s the first I’ve bought for a few years, couldn’t compete on FUT really and single player had to have the difficulty low
    Since reading these I’m playing pro difficulty (soon going to world class) and on FUT I’ve had 8 seasons, no relegations including 5 promotions
    Would of had no chance without reading these guides, and I’ve still got plenty of in depth sections to read, looking forward to it
    Great value

  5. Armaanpreet says:

    What are untradeable items ?

  6. Denzel says:

    I bought the guides yesterday, recieved it in 10 min which is great. As for the guides it the best i have ever seen really detailed with more information than i thought i would get. i purchased those primagames guides for past fifa’s, cost me a lot more with no were as much detail. Advise everyone to buy them. Keep up the good work guys.

  7. Nak says:

    Thanks for the prompt email guys, awesome guide :)

  8. Nickkkk says:

    How can i get the guide?

  9. Nick says:

    More great tips in the latest guide reaping the rewards again through trading! Over 450k trade profit!

  10. Hi i just purchased the new fifa 16 guide and was just wondering when you guys were going to send it out.

  11. Sean says:

    Extremely pleased with the guide. Money well spent for me!!! Granted, I’m a bit of a novice, having only started playing about 1.5 years ago (after the world cup). Still, I have gotten so much better already. Simple things, like changing the camera angle and customizing the controller buttons makes the game much easier to play!

  12. Melania says:

    Did buy the guide this morning, i was wondering how much time does it take to receive it. Thanx

  13. Salvatore says:

    Si puo avere la guida in italiano?

  14. Sean says:

    Where can you see the full player attributes, ratings, traits, etc., for the FUT Legends? Thanks!

  15. Fab says:

    Hi I purchases the guide 3hrs ago. May I know when will u guys send it to me?

  16. Matthew says:

    Love the new guide. Was wondering if there is any play with the best work rates in some of the formations. The problem I’m running into is that many of the recommended work rate players fall in the 70 or lower range and seem susceptible to being exploited in the game. This is mainly true of players RM and LM and the RB and LB. It’s really hard to find guys that fit! Any thoughts of a revision or best second option?

  17. Kasper says:

    I bought the guide two days ago and was wondering when i would get my guide?

  18. T says:

    I purchased the 2016 guide over 24 hours ago. Would love to get started. Any eta on delivery time?

  19. Nick says:

    How much of this is related to gameplay. Like online seasons and co op seasons. I don’t play that FUT stuff.

  20. Tiago says:


    I have bought the guides but I did not receive them!
    When are they gonna be delivered?

    Thank you,

  21. Mark Ellis says:

    Hi i bought the guide last night, will i recieve it by email? Thankyou

  22. chris92 says:

    Bought the guide today morning. How long does it take to send the guide ?

  23. Daniel says:

    Just bought the manual. When itll be delivered?

  24. Jack Sanderson says:

    hello mate.

    i started a career on fifa but did it with the wrong controller so its on a guest account, how can i save it so it doesnt just delete it as soon as i log out as a guest.


  25. Cameron says:


    Purchased yesterday, any word on delivery?



  26. elliot says:

    Hi purchased the guide and I’m very eager to receive the goods please email me asap

  27. Patrick says:

    Hey fifaexpert, purchase youre guide yesterday morning but still i have no guide. The guide from last year was really helpfull so im excited to view the New guide!
    When can i expect the guide…?

  28. Sulayman Williamson says:

    Hi Mate, not received these guides as of yet.

  29. cristhian says:

    Hi bro i would like to buy the fifa 16 tips and special edition specially the custom tactics i would like to know if those come separate or all come together

  30. cristhian says:

    bro i would like to buy the custom tactics is it still possible to buy it?

  31. Henry Odalo says:

    Hi fifaexperts,

    Just bought the fifa 16 guide special edition via paypal. When will I get my copy. Am eagerly waiting.

  32. Will says:

    I was wondering how do you look at your missions

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