FIFA 17 tips AND THREE purchasable guides to help you become better at the game. EA have changed many things about the game this year so make sure you’re up to speed by reading our tips and putting them into practice.

These pages will help you on all game modes and help you win more games, particularly important for FUT Champions this year.

FIFA 17 Tips & Guides

 What is FIFA Expert?
First and foremost, we love playing FIFA. We’re also pretty damn good! We first started this out as a ‘bit of fun’ but the support we have received is incredible and so we try to keep growing each year and provide the best guides on the internet to help you get better at FIFA.

We have won division 1 titles in every possible game mode since FIFA 12 and we were ranked in the top 1% of online players on FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 so we definitely know what it take to become better at the game.

If you want to progress your game even further, then you want to looking at purchasing our guides. Whether it’s improving your defending, attacking, custom tactics, heading, crossing, 1v1 defending, defending lobbed through balls, to refining your shooting technique, we cover it ALL in great depth with exclusively designed diagrams and research carried out by our expert team. We have sold over 10,000 books since we started them back on FIFA 14 so don’t miss the opportunity to read these guides.

If you concede too many goals then you want to be looking at our defending tips pages. Not scoring enough goals, then  you need to be looking at our attacking tips and guides.

This quote is from one of our readers – ‘I love your site it’s a great read, one of the best FIFA websites on the internet, it’s great how you break each area of the game up in detail. Tips on other sites telling you to watch real football and be patient are very vague and pretty useless.

Regular updates of content will occur so please check back each week to improve your FIFA 17 skills even further.

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Career Mode Stars is a great source for all your Career Mode needs. They have a great following on twitter (click here to be taken to their twitter page) and you should definitely be following them to pick up some great tips going forward into FIFA 17.

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They have a great following on twitter and you should definitely be following to improve your Fantasy Football chances this season.


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A great website with all the latest news you’ll need for FIFA.

JukeZ FIFA Expert

Hey guys, I’m JukeZ. Most people know me from the EA forums because of my 41212 formation guides on there. I’ve been playing FIFA hardcore since FIFA 09, but I got into FUT on FIFA 12. I enjoyed the game mode tremendously back then and have been hooked on it since then.

People who read my formation guide wanted to see me play, so I started streaming and have done it more frequently lately. My goal is to keep improving and improving. I hope I can share some helpful tips for you guys.




So, make sure you use the best FIFA tips, tricks, guides, tutorials and expert advise website, on the net to help you get better at the game you love, FIFA 17.

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236 Responses to Home

  1. Redpizzi says:

    Looking good, great work helping me out a lot. Thank you

  2. Ryan says:

    Great website. Really enjoying all the hints and tips. Please keep up the good work. Maybe we could have a game some time and I can get beat by the master!!

  3. Daryl says:

    I think in fifa 13 (career mode) players of the game should be able to play international major tournaments such as world cups and the Euros and also be the managers of international teams.

  4. conor tohill says:

    can i transfer my old players from ut 2 my new team

  5. Adrian says:

    One question: why are the division one winnings lower than those of the second division? you get for the title in division 2 10k coins, but for division one only 8k coins. and u need 17 points for the second div. title, 21 for the first div. title. is that a bug?

    • Matsfut says:

      For the title in division one you are rewarded 8k AND a gold pack, so you could say you earn 13k by winning division one while you win 10k by winning division 2.

  6. Gav says:

    Hi guys I’m new to FUT and just wondering how I can make coins fast to buy the top players so that I can compete with the big guns. I know a little about trading but I’m finding it so slow. Any advise or tips to make 100,000k in a week would be fab.

  7. Glenn says:

    Does anyone know why I cannot control my player in pro seasons, but my friends can control theirs in the same team? My name appears above the player but its the computer that controls it instead of me?

  8. Lish Johnson says:

    I must say I´m extremely disappointed on the game, sometimes it have happend that I´m loosing a number of games, falling two seasons back just like that, my players seem to slow, and somehow my whole game mode seem “infected”, what kind of bad feature have they built into the game… its extremly annoying, almost get me to stop play the game… and its not like I´m in the 10th season and a new comer…, I´ve normally play in season 2-3.

  9. Terry Allgold says:

    Excellent site, loving the new graphics.

    Very helpful site. 🙂

  10. Marcus Benson says:

    I have made a payment for the guide can you let me know eta for it please?


  11. Razor says:

    Hey can any one help me my fifa 13 flickers and crashshes every time like,it flickers upto 4 times and crashes a big dump file is then left in my fifa13 folder i minimized my window and while it doesnot crash it flickers a lot and says windows driver no responding.Can any one help me.Any help would be amazing 😀

  12. samantha says:

    How do u join your friends pro club team

  13. sinan says:

    Hi – bought the guide and paid for by papal last week but haven’t received it – please can you send?


    • admin says:

      You paid by echeque so i’m waiting for it to clear. It’s saying Jan 31st so you’ll have to wait a few more days im afraid. As soon as it clears I will send.

  14. Brad Burchill says:

    what a site well good information well structured out to say its a 1 man runnning it.
    shout out for kieran hick.

  15. chris belshaw says:

    How do I create custom tactics for use in online seasons, nowhere does it tell you how to do it properly. Thanks.

  16. Nick Loughlin says:

    Hello – just paid, checking – do you post or PDF email it out?

  17. rogers mayengo says:

    There is one thing that i hate of these FIFA 13 game manufacturers.
    am new to the game, bt there are basic tutorials to follow inorder to perfectly learn the game.
    I hate the way the players control the ball bt i guess its just me who doesnt know hw to do it.
    I wish someone can help me with an all beginners tutorial.
    I have played soccer games before bt it was PES on PS2.
    so if any one can help me with the dos and donts. the must avoids, i will be very happy.

  18. livbri81 says:

    Quick question guy’s
    How do i change the ball on PRO CLUBS?
    Coming up against teams that have it changed but can’t seem to find out how to do it thanks

  19. he1terske1ter98 says:

    Just received my guide really helpful and a bargain !some nice tips for every game mode

  20. Kevin Larsen says:

    What are your controller settings? Don’t tell me that you play assisted like everyone else online

  21. Richie Brettell says:

    How do I reset Fifa 13 on PS3? I want to start from scratch again??

  22. bunch says:

    is there any way to find out the amount of transfer funds you earn for first place in all of the leagues?

  23. bunch says:

    also does anyone know how much you earn for first place using a league from creation centre in career mode?

  24. Ben says:

    I just purchased the guide, when can I expect it? Thankyou.

  25. Career Mode
    1. add more commentators
    2. bring back sponsors
    3. bring back da activating of a goal keeper during free kick so i can position him myself.
    4. add strecthers for wen a player is injured.
    5. proper cup celebrations, make da atmosphere of a cup final more different dan league games or knockout stages.
    6. make da substitution more realistic.
    7. make a player be able to dive
    8. be able to continue play while player is lying down injured.
    9. add training days,fan day

  26. FIFA Rules says:

    FIFA 14 has been announced and still i think ea messed up FIFA 13 servers. It lags big time and it looks like sometime ea dont want me to win, and sometime they dont want me to lose. its insane. does anyone one else feel that fifa 13 some times favours you and sometime the opponent ?

    • FIFAEX says:

      Yes, i agree with you totally. I think it is because when you lose, they try to place you with the people at your level.But then if you win too much they bump you up with better people. That is what I think. Also, the game is badly designed.

  27. Shrinath says:

    I am in my third season of career mode,in my first two season there was no problem in transfer of players,but now as i approch to buy a player in third season the game crashes..i can sell a player but crashes when i try to buy a player..If i dont the game runs smoothly..
    Please help me to fix the pblem…

  28. ed says:

    Are your tips any good for people who use alternate controls? i cant seem to do the dribbling at speeds that others can do. i am so used to old school sprinting and find it really difficult to not hold down the sprint button the whole time.

    will the guide be any use to me?

    • admin says:

      The tips in the guide will still apply for all controls as when we describe tips we often say the shoot button or the lobbed pass button rather than actual buttons as we know lots of people change the buttons. We do too.

      The guide hasn’t had one complaint as yet and has received great feedback.

  29. Shrinath says:

    I am in my third season of career mode,in my first two season there was no problem in transfer of players,but now as i approch to buy a player in third season the game crashes..i can sell a player but crashes when i try to buy a player..If i dont the game runs smoothly..
    Please help me to fix the pblem

  30. Aditya says:

    in the practice arena messi is able to perform all the tricks but when i play a match the players are not able to perform any tricks
    why is that???

  31. brooklyn_923 says:

    In FIFA 13 my accomplishments keep disappearing and decreasing, same with my skill level does anyone know how to fix it

  32. DD 77 says:

    I just purchased fifa 13 guide when am I getting it?

    • admin says:

      The guide has just been sent DD. Around 10 hours after your purchase.

      We endeavour to send guides between the time of purchase to 24 hours although from time to time it can take 48 hours. 99% of orders aree usually dispatched within 12, as yours was.

      Kind regards

  33. GoughAFC says:

    Hello guys, great site. My problem is that I get to level 2 and get relegated straight away it’s so frustrating. Does it help to play counter attack or high pressure and plus does it help having the bar on attack?

  34. ntckfit says:

    Great guide. Increased my game play n move up a league in a few games. Good times!

  35. aditya says:

    hey guys,

    I am facing a problem with my fifa13. After starting the game , it runs flawlessly for about 5 mins ( i am able t start match and play it) but after that it slowly becomes slow and voice of the commentators start to crackle …..an then eventually it becomes unplayable……………..my laptop config is i7 2nd gen, 8 gb ram, 2gb nvidia gt540 m. i have updated the driver of my graphics card……but nothing seems to help……….pls help.

  36. Goga Adrian says:

    Hey,admin.i just pay.hope i get soon the package..tks

  37. Agendra says:

    I have not yet played online……
    i just wana ask a simple question, I have deafeated all 5 star teams at legendry in intenational group with bortrussia dortmund…!!!
    what is my level of play…..?????
    my game includes— NO skill moves just perfect passing, aerial throughballs and perfect shooting as simple as that…!!!!
    i m a bit low on my confidence on this….
    plzzzz help me out by answering it…!!!!

  38. Agendra says:

    dat will surely and has boosted up mah confidence….!!!!
    one more question….
    how to tackle against player with great dribbling skills…??
    often i fail against a player with good dribble, he just dribbles around and scores a goal….!!!!!!!
    help me out with that plz…!

  39. Kinerey says:

    In Career Mode, it always seems like Messi and Ronaldo don’t score many goals like they do in real life and it’s bothering me because it doesn’t feel real, so I was wondering if EA could do anything about it. It also seems like Messi wants to leave Barcelona a lot and some other loyal players want to leave too, I think EA should do something about it, like a loyalty graph or something where it’s really hard for loyal players to leave. It would be amazing if there are more International teams and tournaments added to the game!

  40. Tom says:

    Does anyone know how the team rating in FUT is calculated? When I replace 79 rated Zabaleta with 83 rated IF Ivanovic, the overall rating of my team drops by one…

  41. samuel says:

    why is GHANA not included in any fifa game

  42. Oliver Parker says:

    To put so you can be the chairman or owner in career mode. you can chose the manager.
    To have the real Premier League and championship stadiums like carrow road and the city ground

  43. jonathan1002 says:

    I have played fifa 13 ultimate team and i wanna check in on web app fifa 14 but I cant… . Who can help me ?

  44. jay says:

    Is it possible to create private online leagues to play with your friends on FIFA 14? I believe this was an option in fifa 12. Have they brought it back?

  45. Ryan says:

    Just got my guides, totally awesome! Thank you

  46. Nikki says:

    Can somebody tell me. When you buy Fifa14 ps3 you get a pass code thing inside. Can you use more than one of these codes for one account? Asking on behalf of my son. We bought a code off ebay and it doesn’t work, but the one in the game box does. Ebay seller is blaming us, but we’ve done nothing wrong 🙁 Thanks

    • Daniel Rakic says:

      i dont think you can..i dont know what code you got but some codes you can buy on the psn store like fifa 13 needed a code to register so if you wanted to play on other account you could get a code on the psn store for it
      hope that helped

  47. Meka says:

    Just made a payment for the Bundle guide, although I could find a place to pick delivery method when making the payment, please can you confirm this will be deliveredd via pdf and if the 24hrs eta is stil the case – thanks

  48. David Brennan says:

    When purchasing these coins, are they available to use on attributes for online pro or just FUT?

  49. Fred says:

    Bought the bundle guide yesterday, when Will i Have the pdf version?

  50. Stuart says:

    Hi, just ordered bundle pack. Looking forward to receiving Pdf
    Can you confirm that you received alternative email address to send it to as the one use with PayPal is a spam magnet. Cheers

  51. jordan says:

    How do i make offers for players in manger mode some one please help

    • unbelievablejeff says:

      you go on transfers, buy players then search the right conditions to narrow the search down and find the player you want. press a on that player and go to make a bid – sorted.

  52. garry says:

    how do I play fifa 14 online seasons in fast mode cause slow is bad

  53. Daniel Rakic says:

    hi i just order the tactical guide how long before i get it ?
    Thanks Dan

  54. mohammed nadeem says:

    payment sent on 15.10.2013.
    Can u confirm that you have received the payment?
    when can i expect to have the guide on pdf?

  55. Khamies says:

    can i pay with normal visa without having paybal account

  56. ross says:

    hi….after going through your guys guide…i manage to improve my play a lot..thanks to your general custom tactics and i able to tweak it accordingly to my style play…especially the in-depth formation section…help me to pick suitable formation to play with….thanks guys..appreciated it…if there a new guide or update of the guide and tactic…do let me know…well done!

  57. Mkhamies says:

    It’s really wonderful guide and the tactics section are unbelievable
    I have improved a lot since I started applying the guide tips
    Thanks fifa expert team

  58. Ryan says:

    Hi, payment have been made via paypal for the bundle guide on 6Nov 13. Till date i’ve yet to receive the guide.

  59. Charles says:

    Hi there. I just bought your Fifa bundle. Looking forward to getting it in my email. I have an arch rival I want to beat. Hopefully your guide will help me achieve that.

  60. sam says:

    Hi, My other half is having a problem with fifa 14 on xbox 360 everytime he plays and then saves it and comes back to it he ends up playing the same spurs v Chelsea game is there something his not doing? Please Help!

  61. Darragh Martin says:

    I recently purchased both guides and I’m amazed at the level of attention to detail. It’s a lot to digest at first but pick a few areas you need to strengthen first and then after you have mastered that then move on. I was at a level on FIFA where I knew I wasn’t going to get any better and I knew I needed to adapt in order to better myself. I have started implemented some of the tips in these guides and I can already see a difference. Don’t get me wrong I’m losing a lot but it’s because I need time to adapt my gameplay and implement these new tips and all but believe me there is times in the game I’m doing some great things that I never did before and it’s giving me a lot of satisfaction but after a while with continuous play, it will pay off. U want to better yourself and know how to beat your friends, online etc, then these guides are for you.

  62. joshua steel says:

    My sister orderd the Christmas bundle for me last week and still hasn’t received an email or anything just wanted to know when would arrive thanks

  63. trevor says:

    what formation you guys use to win game because I cant win a game and I brought this guide .all I get from my opp is 10-0

  64. Jonty says:

    Hi I just ordered the guide but forgot about the cover could I please have Ronaldo 🙂

  65. Cas Sheik (@Castona_10) says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great guide, and massively useful. One bit of feedback. The guide is written like it is aimed at returning FIFA players. For someone like me, leaving PES to play FIFA as a noob, I think the guide would have been alot more useful if you accompanied the button presses more, even alongside tips that would (seem) obvious to veterans.

    eg. When speaking about complete dribble or precision dribble, it would have been very helpful to include the relevant buttons rather than my having to google them afterward..

    Also..a few years back, i bought a PES manual that had an accompanying cd that showed the various tips along with button presses (timing, duration etc). would be great to be able to see these tips in action.. both in how to pull them off and how they look when they work.

    Overall a gr8 guide tho and I would highly recommend this purchase to anyone looking to take their FIFA gaming to a new level.


    • FIFA Expert says:

      Hi Cas

      Thanks so much for the feedback. This is only the second version of the guide we’ve produced so we’re always looking for constructive feedback about where and how to improve the guides so we continue to offer the very best value for money.

      We already have great plans for our new guides for FIFA 15 so thanks for this.

  66. Mark says:

    When we create custom formations on xbox one. They disapear is there a way we can get them back or stop them disappearing in the first place. Otherwise it’s pointless spending hours customizing only for them to disapear within a day or two.
    In fifa 13 we used to be able to go to the hub to get them back, but doesn’t seem to be a hub on fifa14

  67. mark says:

    hi when you save formations on xbox one they always dissapear within a day or two, and as there is no hub to back them upthere is nowhere to get them back,
    can you offer and help on this problem ? thanks

  68. Darren Clements says:

    Hi I have brought both guides again this year they do really help with the changes but I keep getting muscled off the ball how can I adjust my custom tactics to pressure their players without leaving me short at the back

  69. bixente says:

    hey. i read your guide but there some things that i dont know what you mean :
    under “shooting” section “1vs 1 finishing” it says:
    “double tap shot”
    just click twice on shot ? what does it do ?
    there is also “dink shot”. what is dink shot? and how does i perform dink shot?
    same for “big touch”,”square ball” and “scoop ball” – what is it and how do i perform it?

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Double tapping the shoot button obviously takes away the power but ensures the ball stays low, very good for slotting the ball under the keeper.

      Dink shot is tapping the lob shoot, this dinks the ball rather than hitting it high over the keeper, perfect for the dinking the ball over the onrushing gk.

      Big touch is using the right stick and sprint, square ball is passing across to an unmarker player. Scoop lob is done by tapping L1 and lob button with players with flair to scoop the ball.

  70. Rahul says:

    I am getting an error on my fifa 14.
    The game crashes on opening and when i try to open fifaconfig it asks me to install .net framework 3.5 even though i have the 4.5 version installed.
    Any help would be appreciated…Thanks

  71. Matt says:

    Got my copy of your guides and they are quality, so many great tips. Would highly recommend it to anyone who plays fifa

  72. Kev says:

    With regards to your formations guides, is the number in brackets the ranking of what you rate the formations in and what’s best to use?

  73. Shuvrangshu says:

    Just ordered online and made payment Please send RVp man U cover.

  74. trevor says:

    can you please tell me how to attack with the 4321 formation i cant seem to get it right

  75. dan neamtu says:


    i purchased yesterday the guide (can find me via my email), can you please send it to me?


  76. Dean Stainthorpe says:

    Picked up some great tips that definitely helped many thanks

  77. Bo Naser says:

    If i write too much i guess nobody will read and think that i am advertising ..

    I was struggling in div 9 in seasons the super accomplishment was reaching div 8 and drawback to 9 again..

    After reading the guidence i knew how to defend, create chances and score from anywhere and

    here we go am at div 6 at the moment moving smoothly to div 1 😀 😀

    Thanks alot fifa expert for such a guides!!!

  78. Michel says:

    Will the prices of normal bundesliga players increase or decrease after their TOTS launch tomorrow ? I have a team with ROBBEN REUS LEWANDOWSKI SCHEINSTEIGER GOTZE AND NEUER. Should I sell them now and re-buy them tommorow or will their price increase tomorrow?
    Thanks in advance.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      They should have already started to drop in anticipation of the release so you may have missed the boat, they should drop a bit more but hard to call at this late stage. Before any of the TOTS would have been the best time to sell on.


  79. trevor says:

    hi its me again, i just want to know what camera set up you guys use

  80. Mark says:

    Not received my package and ordered it last week . ?

  81. Scott says:

    Can i ask about the leagues, im not online so playing the normal league and cup matches, do those change at all for example the requirements in each cup, or are they the same all the time, hope this makes sense!??

    • FIFA Expert says:

      We think we know what you’re getting on, we presume on FUT. Yes cup requirements change etc

      • Scott says:

        Sorry yes FUT, thanks for that.
        ANother question this time regarding players, how many players should i have, im new to this and have way too many players but should i keep them for the very reason that the league and cup comps require different requirements?

  82. pemba the slasher says:

    If I started a carear mode with chelsea who can I replace torres’etoo and ba with…

  83. pemba the slasher says:

    Who can I replace torres etoo and ba with

  84. pauljames says:

    hi i ordered both packs, how long will it take to get here ? im eager to read and review thanks 🙂

  85. james todd says:

    How do i increase my xp on fifa 14

  86. Tim says:

    What does the transfer deadline do on player career mode? Also is it possible to have a player career and a manager career going at the same team and if yes how?

  87. soccerjunk says:

    how do i get a five star team in pro clubs.

    me and my mate have reached division 1 but we still have a 4 star team.


    • FIFA Expert says:

      You need to reach 5000 club points on the ranking pages (think that was the threshold we reached). It honestly makes no difference at all to your club though. The AI players are still awful and play nothing like their suggested rankings.

  88. Jordan says:

    hi I’ve paid for the guides how long will it take to receive it

  89. mike says:

    Fifa 15 ps3 career mode player

    How do i upgrade my player attributes faster? Im in form potential to Be special but my attributes are stuck they aren’t growing anymore. Second season now. Only 78 overall..

    What’s the best way to to this?? Any tips?

  90. i3rink says:

    Hi Guys,

    How do I share an FUT squad to help unlock my manager task?


    • chris says:

      in the squad page, above the manager there is a button that says squad actions I think, and share is one of the options

  91. Caio says:

    First of all, congratulations for the guide! Much better than the fifa 14s version….

    The quality of the information really improved comparing to previously editions!

    I ´ve one a question: on the guide you mentioned your favourite formations for FUT. I ´m curious: how do you guys play in FUT regarding custom tactics? Wich style? Fast buid up, short passes, counter-attack, etc?

  92. chris says:

    Does anyone feel the passing and crossing on this game is subpar?

  93. bryan says:

    I have just bought the full guides how will I receive these via post or email thanks

  94. bob goal says:

    How do you trade players with your friends on fut 15.

  95. Emil Popov says:

    Just bought all three of the guides and i cant wait for them to come, really looking forward to reading all three. How long does it take for it to come

  96. MerlinMal says:

    Very impressed with this site, Fifa Expert you have done a top job!

  97. Ben says:

    Absolutely great guide, well worth buying, flown from div 6 to div 3 because of the guide, very recomended.

  98. Junaid mahmood says:


  99. Lew says:

    Hi, purchased the FUT 15 guide earlier. Can’t wait to read it when I get home!

  100. Darragh Martin says:

    This is my second time buying the guides after Fifa 14. This is the most detailed yet. It’s a must for everyone looking to improve their game. I thought if there was one section like a recap to show you what buttons to press for attacking and defending. I just feel the info can be very overwhelming at times. I would love to see some videos of buttons you are pressing to pull off moves and like how to defend etc and have the joypad appear on screen showing what movements and buttons are being used as right now I am all over the place and it’s frustarting but appreciate the work and time ye put into these guides.

    • FIFA Expert says:

      Thanks so much Darragh, really appreciate the kind words.

      YouTube is something we don’t have the time to do at the moment, once we continue to build the site we’ll look in to this.

  101. Dave says:

    Try this clan # GET WRECKED

  102. Marshall Dreyer says:

    Hey just purchased all three guides. Was wondering when they be delivered?

  103. Nick says:

    I previously commented on here shortly after reading the trading guide and just want to put a little update regarding my progress. The trading tips in these guides are amazing I currently have over 2.6 million in TRADE profit and currently sit on 1.6 million coins . This is all down to fifa experts tips! I would definitely recommend these guides to anyone wanting to be successful on FUT and the game in general .

    Thanks Fifa Expert

    • FIFA Expert says:

      That’s great to hear, the more we don’t have to give to EA on FUT, the more we can hopefully see improvements to game play and other game modes such as pro clubs. We need to get more people learning to trade so there is less need for FIFA points.

  104. Coops says:

    These guides are awesome!
    Struggled like mad getting to grips with FIFA 15 as it’s the first I’ve bought for a few years, couldn’t compete on FUT really and single player had to have the difficulty low
    Since reading these I’m playing pro difficulty (soon going to world class) and on FUT I’ve had 8 seasons, no relegations including 5 promotions
    Would of had no chance without reading these guides, and I’ve still got plenty of in depth sections to read, looking forward to it
    Great value

  105. Armaanpreet says:

    What are untradeable items ?

  106. Denzel says:

    I bought the guides yesterday, recieved it in 10 min which is great. As for the guides it the best i have ever seen really detailed with more information than i thought i would get. i purchased those primagames guides for past fifa’s, cost me a lot more with no were as much detail. Advise everyone to buy them. Keep up the good work guys.

  107. Nak says:

    Thanks for the prompt email guys, awesome guide 🙂

  108. Nickkkk says:

    How can i get the guide?

  109. Nick says:

    More great tips in the latest guide reaping the rewards again through trading! Over 450k trade profit!

  110. Hi i just purchased the new fifa 16 guide and was just wondering when you guys were going to send it out.

  111. Sean says:

    Extremely pleased with the guide. Money well spent for me!!! Granted, I’m a bit of a novice, having only started playing about 1.5 years ago (after the world cup). Still, I have gotten so much better already. Simple things, like changing the camera angle and customizing the controller buttons makes the game much easier to play!

  112. Melania says:

    Did buy the guide this morning, i was wondering how much time does it take to receive it. Thanx

  113. Salvatore says:

    Si puo avere la guida in italiano?

  114. Sean says:

    Where can you see the full player attributes, ratings, traits, etc., for the FUT Legends? Thanks!

  115. Fab says:

    Hi I purchases the guide 3hrs ago. May I know when will u guys send it to me?

  116. Matthew says:

    Love the new guide. Was wondering if there is any play with the best work rates in some of the formations. The problem I’m running into is that many of the recommended work rate players fall in the 70 or lower range and seem susceptible to being exploited in the game. This is mainly true of players RM and LM and the RB and LB. It’s really hard to find guys that fit! Any thoughts of a revision or best second option?

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  120. Tiago says:


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    When are they gonna be delivered?

    Thank you,

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    hello mate.

    i started a career on fifa but did it with the wrong controller so its on a guest account, how can i save it so it doesnt just delete it as soon as i log out as a guest.


  125. Cameron says:


    Purchased yesterday, any word on delivery?



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    When can i expect the guide…?

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  130. cristhian says:

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    Just bought the fifa 16 guide special edition via paypal. When will I get my copy. Am eagerly waiting.

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